Barbecue Battle


Noab, Sosuke, Fudo, Yuzuna

Date: April 5, 2013


The Akimichi clan is giving away barbecue! Too good to be true? Of course. ;)

"Barbecue Battle"

Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]


The Special Genin Training ground, in Training Area #26, is designed to suit all of a Genin's training needs. As well, it serves as an excellent place for Jounin to teach their Genin team members. The area is mostly a large expanse of grassy field, surrounded by forest, with a nearby lake, and various poles and tree trunks for practicing attacks on. There are boxes, carefully camoflauged, containing supplies of shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, and similar basic ninja equipment, as well as racks nailed to a few trees, with weapons stored on them. They are all covered to be protected from the environment, and regularly checked to make sure they are clean and in good condition.
There are also medical supplies hidden around the area. Most of this equipment can't even be found by most Genin, since their containers are meant to be known to and used by Jounin only, but a Jounin teacher may point out the location of a few for when he or she isn't present and the Genin want to train anyway.


The news has spread all over Konoha — the Akimichi clan is sponsoring a huge BARBECUE in the genin training area, and the whole village is invited! Leave it to the Akimichi make such a big deal about food, of course, but hey, everybody likes a good barbecue, right? And the Akimichi are giving away the food, so they're being pretty generous. Most of the people attending the event have managed to acquire a little something by now, while the chefs labor diligently over their grills, quite a few of them wearing expressions of grim determination. Must be hard on them having too cook so much and eat so little. #.# Even Noab, the clan head, stands at one of the grills, methodically flipping strips of meat and doling them out while wearing an apron that says 'WHAT'S YOUR BEEF?'.

Well he had thought he'd get some work done but Sosuke nearly forgot that the event that would be going on today. The BBQ would be occupying the genin training grounds though in all actually Sosuke was probably to adept to be training there. Still he liked the simplicity of the grounds. Ishida urges Sosuke to participate which is why he showed up. The exact reasoning behind Ishida's command didn't come clearly to Sosuke but he supposed it wouldn't be a wasted trip if he got some food out of it. The clan holding the BBQ is particularly knowning for their culinary prowess…and their girth, altered or otherwise. Sosuke wanders the grounds navigating between people and cooks. He comes to a cook wearing a rather amusing apron which makes him smirk. "I get it." he comments to Noab. To most it probably wouldn't mean much but Sosuke has an ineptitude for certain jokes, trends, and the like.

Summer is here, which could only mean one thing (or several in this case). Fun under the sun. Food, games, and water sports. This being the first official party of the summer (casual or no), it just wouldn't do if there wasn't at least one representative of the Hyuuga clan attending, so Yuzuna took it upon herself to make an appearance. Dressed in her short, pale summer kimono, the young woman moves through the gathering crowd, offering muted smiles (if anyone is lucky to get so much as that from a Hyuuga) to familiar faces and glancing over the variety of carefully prepared meats on the numerous grills.

Noab waits until pretty much everybody seems to have gotten some barbecue into their stomachs. Then he gives a hand signal to the other chefs, who nod and close down their grills. Noab clears his throat, then gives a subtle call for the crowd's "TEEEEEEN-SHUN!!!" Okay, not so subtle. x.x "Thank you all for attending today's training exercise." People in the crowd glance at each other quizzically. c.c "What, you thought we'd occupy the training grounds just for people to stuff their faces? Now here's the premise of the exercise. All of you who've been eating our food have been drugged. Might even say poisoned." Noab holds up a hand to quiet the horrified murmuring. "Nothing deadly, not even too painful. Let's just say that if you don't get the antidote, you might be kept up tonight by an upset tummy." >)
The chefs behind Noab are busy pulling out baskets while he speaks. "Yes, there is an antidote prepared. It's cooked into some more barbecue, held in these baskets. But, I've instructed our ninja chefs here not to make getting a piece too easy. And while there are probably just about enough doses for everybody here, I wouldn't blame our hard-working chefs for munching down a few." >) Before too many people can get the idea to rush the chefs, Noab raises his arm and bellows, "BEGIN THE EXERCISE!!!" >D The chefs barrel off in every direction, carrying the baskets of medicinal meat to the far corners of the training area.

As Sosuke continues to walk around the BBQ he notices quite a few tempting dishes. He's partake in a few, not over eagerly but curious towards the flavor. He would continue to do such until Noab starts to make an announcement. He figures he's going to thank everyone and do the usual host thing. But it turns out that is far from what was intended for this activity. "Training exercise?" Sosuke repeats. He looks around noticing the alarm on the faces. It seems this wasn't popular knowledge amongst most. Sosuke continues to listen to Noab explain what the exercise entailed. "Poisoned…" Sosuke remains calmer than most. He wonders if Ishida knew about this.
Once the antidote was revealed Sosuke nodded and gave himself some chakra to work with. These cooks weren't the average cooks he was guessing. Of course not their Akimichi cooks and shinobi most likely. When they take off Sosuke heads for the closest one.

Taking part in the early summer Barbeque Bash as it were, Fudo would have enjoyed it lightly, not due to being overly cautious about his weight, but due to being someone who savors food instead of inhaling it. Unlike an Akimichi, he couldn't quite figure out how to do both at the same time. It was enjoyable, and he would stick close to Yuzuna, whom was the only person he truly knew there. He talked with her lightly as he ate his meal and was some what awed by just how many people came here to show off their cooking of meat. Of course… it was then noted it was drugged. Fudo let loose an exassperated sight before he would simply state towards Yuzuna, "Too good to be true… always." with a light smirk. "Does it feel.. humid out here to you?" Fudo would suggest a course of action as he stood up, activating his sharingan. He wouldn't be able to see through the mists if she created it, but he would be able to react to movements a bit easier, and possibly detect closer masses of chakra. If she however did not provide mist as cover, Fudo moved towards the trees, swiftly disappearing in to one of them for the time being.

Yuzuna lifts her pale eyes up at Noab as he calls out over the crowd, silent already while others become more hushed with his attention. Listening, she quirks a brow at the announcement that the food was poisoned, surprised somewhat that the Akimichi actually went out of their way to poison their precious meal. Well its a good thing she hasn't had anything to eat yet. The Hyuuga kunoichi didn't feel like competing for the antidote in any case.
Her soft lips part with a small sigh as Yuzuna turns her raven head to glance at Fudo, arching a brow with some amusement while he smirks. "Its summer, of course its a little bit humid out here." Maybe he was just more keen to temperature than most, though she gives him a curious glance when he begins to move towards the trees.

Sosuke's chef displays surprising grace for an Akimichi, deftly hopping through gaps in the crowd and evading attempts to snatch a piece of meat from the basket. Not perfectly of course, it'd be just about impossible for even a highly-skilled ninja to keep an open basket of goodies protected against so many grabbing hands, especially when many of them are from other ninja. Interestingly enough, though, the other ninja seem to manage a successful swipe less often than civilians, particularly kids. ;) He must be focusing more on keeping the basket out of reach of those who could be expected to earn their antidote. He's not sticking around to hand out freebies even to the non-ninja in the crowd, though. He breaks through the bulk of the mass of people and heads into the trees.
The nearest target to Fudo seems to be a somewhat younger Akimichi. He stampedes around the trees with a small group chasing him, a chicken drumstick stuck in his mouth. "'eave 'e a'one!" he shouts around his chewing. "'ou guys a'rea'y ate, I'm gonna 'ave my fi' 'efore giving 'ou any!" >.< There might not be much left from that basket if something isn't done soon. X)
Meanwhile, some of the people who don't believe they have much chance of getting the antidote on their own (or don't want to exert the sweat to try) attempt to appeal to Noab. Not all of us are ninja, they say. How could he do this to so many innocent people, they say. Just wait until the Hokage hears about this, they say. Noab remains stubborn in the face of all the begging, cajoling, and threatening. "An enemy wouldn't spare any of you your lives! If you're not strong enough to save yourselves from the awful fate of tummy cramps, then go ask those who are strong enough!" >P A few of the complainers wise up and start seeking aid of the non-Akimichi ninja present. ;.;

Sosuke chases his surprisingly agile and graceful chef. As he suspected these chefs were not ordinary. "I probably won't be able to out manuever him." Sosuke surmises. As he chased he began to mold chakra and handseals. He focuses on keeping the chef in his line of sight. Sosuke waited until the chef cleared the crowd. "So that's your game." he notes softly after seeing how he evaded shinobi verses civilians, more notably children. Sosuke finishes gathering his chakra and directs it towards the chef. Should his genjutsu prove successful the chef would be blinding by a glorious light that would overload his vision and halting him. Should it fail, fighting off the genjutsu should slow him down at least a little.

Yuzuna wasn't going to help him and Fudo just had to accept that. He would smile silently, though his focus would go towards a target of opportunity. Below him was a young one that was running away while eatting, distracted by pursuers. In that case, Fudo would use the opportunity to corral his movements. Two clones were sent out, one that would leap ahead of him and another that would flank him from the right side. This left him with one route to take if he was trying to avoid contact altogether, and in that direction would be heard and seen the sudden hiss of disorienting smoke.

Sosuke's target grunts and flinches as his vision (at least mentally) is blinded by bright light. "What the — ! Hey, no fair using genjutsu while my hands are full!" >.<; 'Course, Noab would say fairness has little place on the battlefield and taking advantage of an enemy's inabilities is a Very Good Thing. ;) Several people use the opportunity to catch up and grab their shares of the remedy, but the chef manages to shake off the illusion before Sosuke can get there. As he resumes running, he pushes one arm through the basket handles, using partial expansion to make it long enough to reach through them both, so that he can use his hands without dropping the basket if need be from now on.
Fudo's target proves a little more difficult to deal with, at least compared to Fudo's skill level. He discerns Fudo's use of clones right away and simply bulls straight through the insubstantial things. :P The smoke trap Fudo attempts goes to waste, as he failed to steer the Akimichi into it. The chef finishes gnawing on the drumstick and spits out the bone. "Hah, you'll never catch me when food is on the line!" >D He stuffs a strip of beef into his mouth and chomps triumphantly. >3
Noab, despite his stern words earlier, always did intend to ease things for the non-ninja present once the shinobi had put in some effort to catch the mobile medical meat. He fires up his grill again and cooks a few more items, slathering them with the 'special sauce' that can cure tummy ills. "HEADS UP!!!" Noab flicks the barbecue into the air over the crowds' heads. Can't make it too easy even for them. >) If they can't catch it before it falls on the ground, too bad, it'll build character for them to have to spit out a little dirt for once.

Sosuke sighs softly "Almost had him." It seems the man threw off the genjutsu before he reach him. At least others were able to recieve the antidote, Sosuke could take solace in that. But at the same time he needed his rest and a sore stomach wouldn't allow too much of that. He continues his persuit. He notes the maneuver the chef performed with the expansion jutsu. Sosuke woould need more chakra to hold him long enough, however he can't do such and continue to chase. He'd have to buy time. His hand slips into his tool pouch. He find only three shuriken. A soft sigh escapes him and he looks around for something less expensive and necessary to toss at the chef. Sosuke manages to pick up a few stones that can inflict minor damage when thrown correctly. He whips them at the chef while his chakra returns. He aims for the head as anywhere wouldn't provide the desired effect.

It seemed that the chef he was after was more clever than Fudo originally gave him credit for. Alright, so he'd have to end this quickly. Since clones themselves didnt' seem to be a deterrant, Fudo would take the direct approach of chasing him down from his currently location. Drawing a few shuriken as he pursued the younger chef, he would toss them from behind and aim at his legs using them to either wound or cause the chef to manuver and lose his lead. Keeping track of his movements, he would try to leap and intercept the boy, shifting his weight low in order to strike at his knee and immobolize him.

Chef #1 hears the whiff of something being tossed and brings up his free hand. He manages to catch the first stone Sosuke threw, but the second one beans him in the noggin. Suddenly, with an exaggerated flail, he flops down on the ground. "D'oh, I'm beaten! My tasty treasures are yours!" ;) A flock of townsfolk cheer and move in to claim meat strips from the basket. The chef makes sure to keep one for Sosuke. It would stink to earn everyone's prize and then miss out in the feeding frenzy. X)
Chef #2 feels something whiz by his legs as he runs. He turns to look at the object as he runs past the point where it falls. "What the — is that a real shuriken!? This is supposed to be a training exercise, you're gonna hurt someone like — OW!!!" The distracted chef falls prey to Fudo's sneaky knee strike. He drops his basket and hops on one leg, clutching his injured knee. >.<; The basket is soon swarmed by other chasers, though doubtless Fudo can get a piece before it's all gone.
In the end, nobody goes home without getting a serving of remedy barbecue, though a few people have to swallow their pride along with some dirt from a dropped piece. XP Some people later surmised that maybe the barbecue wasn't really poisoned in the first place. Others said they had stomach cramps later on despite the antidote. And Noab? Well, if he gave away any secrets, he wouldn't be able to arrange surprise exercises like this in the future, now would he? >9

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