Battle as Friends


Kazuhiko, Neku

Date: June 3rd, 2010



"Battle as Friends"


After Working with his partial transformation in Hueco Mundo Neku heads to the human world to test out his improvement on that Blackstar character again, but he can't seem to locate him. It was a stary night and the moon shined bright and full. Under the night sky Neku stood atop the mansion just gazing up at the moon. His face was stoic but in his eyes one could detect a hint of something. "Perfect." he says as he gazed at the moon. He was caught up in it's beauty unlike anything else he has ever seen. "Its power is perfect…"

As he walked he had a tune in his head as he thought about the matched at waited for him tomorrow. As he walked down the street he placed his hands ina cup shape and rested his head. <Damn….I'm either going to face Raziel or Hisao tomorrow both of them are really powerful.> He paused as he stood there he was lost in thought. "Damnit!" is said with and a drapped head as he didn't know what to do.

Looking down to his left a bit Neku can hear Kaz. Looking at Kaz briefly with emotionless eyes Neku had almost forgotten about the Quincy. Neku decides that he will do instead of blackstar in terms of testing his new found abilities. Without waring Neku fires off a speeding Bala from his mouth, nind you he is in his Tres Colas transformation to become more relaxed and adaptable with it. After shooting the bala Neku hops down and lands on his two back legs. His white fur shined with the moon light hitting it just right and his three tail flared out yet still looked relaxed in thier movements.

Trying to dodge the bala that he felt coming his way he was hit. As he looked to see who have done it. Kazuhiko found out it was Neku he smirked at Neku as he looked him over and saw that he looked like a new Neku. "What the hell happen to you?" is asked as he switched to a defensive stance and started to heal himself as bit. "Not tonight Neku I have a big match tomorrow." following that was a yawn that he had and mixed thoughts about the match.

Neku paused for a moment before he would attack again and tilt his head at Kazuhiko. "I have reverted partially back to my orginal form, ironically it makes me a bit more powerful now." Neku explains in a dull voice. "Match? Is there a battle going on somewhere.?" Neku's tails swayed with interest as he would like very much to test out his skills.

Neku smirked a fiendish smirk. "Really now, interesting." Neku chuckles boastfully as he is a bit overjoyed with what he has heard. However he quickly returns to his stoic attitude and replies "I am the same, but I'm also different than I was before." Neku fired off another speeding bala from his mouth enhancing its speed with his reiatsu a bit.

Neku tries to dodge the first arrow using his reflexes but is hit in the shoulder, he successfully sonido's the second but the third barely catches him. "You've change too I see, you're arrows are the same as the spikey silver haired Quincy from a while ago." Neku crouched down to all fours and dug his claws into the ground as he howled under the moon light. Settling his eyes back on Kaz Neku charged at him with speed faster than the eye can follow and stuck at his mid section with a slash of his sharp nails. Vanishing after attacking the first time Neku again strike with a speed enhance kick to the side of Kaz's neck. Bringing on the finale whether the previous attacks hit or not Neku vanished into the sky and fired a lesser bala from his finger enhance by his reiatsu to increase it's speed. Placing his hand down back at his side he responds " I don't get mad."

He dodged the first and his neck slipping got him hit by the last two. "Ouch that hurt." He smiled as he fired two more bows at Nelu before switching into a defensive stance and healing himself. "Are we done playing yet?"is asked with a smile on his face.

The body still took some getting use to as far as defense goes. Neku returns to his stand and laughs "Amazing…" He gazed at the moon again. "This will be as far as I take it for now." Neku vanished again leaving behind nothing but a trail of dust and a static sound. He had seen what he wanted and is now formulating a skill in his devious little mind.

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