Second Promotion Exams - Battle of Sharingan against Shikot: Naru vs. Tsiro


Naru, Tsiro, Kuoroke, Taiki, Hinotori, Ogosokamaru

Date: December 17, 2012


Naru and Tsiro face off during the semi finals of the Second Promotion Exams. Kuoroke is the Proctor.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Battle of Sharingan against Shikot: Naru vs. Tsiro"

Dammed Arena - Floor [Kirigakure]

At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.
The afternoon sun has managed to warm the humid, thick air around Kirigakure at least somewhat already, but overall, it's still dreary, chilly, and occasionally rainy. In these conditions, Kuoroke finds himself in the position of a proctor in the Jounin matches. He huddles in his cloak, leaning against the wall of the arena, with his arms crossed, until the public becomes at least a bit quieter. He's not in the mood to shout over their noise. Once he sees an opening the speak, the Kuroki moves to the center of the Arena, and looks over those gathered here to watch.
"Ladies! Gentlement!" he announces loudly and clearly, "I welcome you all to the arena, for the next fight in the exams hosted by Kirigakure. The next fight will be part of the Jounin exams: two promising young shinobi of the Great Villages will fight and shed their blood on this ground, to prove who of them is worthy, in the eyes of their villages and superiors, to be promoted to the rank of Jounin!" Kuoroke leaves a pause, and uses it to quickly wipe the moisture off his glasses with his gloves, so he can see at least something of the audience. "Allow me to introduce those competing here today. On this side," his right hand is extended to motion to the girl, "We have Uchiha Naru, a member of the well-known Uchiha clan of the Land of Fire. On the other one," he similarly indicates Tsiro, "We have Kaguya Tsiro, from the no less-known Kaguya clan of the Land of Water!" He waits for any cheers or other reactions to die down, and then finishes with, "May they both show do the best they can. Enjoy the show, ladies, and gentlemen!"
Having spoken to the audience, he addresses the combatants. Briefly, dryly, formally. "Alright, here are the rules. The fight starts when I say so. It ends immediately if one of you surrenders, or I deem one of you incapacitated or dead. Speaking of the last one, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't kill each other." The Kuroki folds his hands behind his back, turns his back to the combatants, and begins walking away, dropping almost as an afterthought, "You may begin."
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
It appears as if Taiki somehow made it just in time. He and his entourage make their way quietly to some empty seats, sliding into them. He seems quiet compared to his normal self, if not a little… uncertain. As he hears the fighters announced, his eyes narrow toward Tsiro. Taiki remembers this man quite well actually, and his demeanor shifts toward his normal self. "Okay Naru…" he says quietly with a slight smile forming on his face, "Let's see you own this guy…" While the competitors below certainly would not hear him, the entourage around him would, and save for his own ninken, they would all turn to look at him in shock.
Tsiro entered the arena at the sound of his name. He had been dreading this fight since he and Kitaru took Naru's scroll in the survival portion. That jerk always was draggining him into something he'd pay for later. Now it seems the time for collection was drawing near. Either way the competition looked tough. There were no more easy opponents.
Though Naru and himself had fought many times, Tsiro had never imagined it would be a fight quite like this. If memory served correct he was up by a win in the standings. Those battles were different. He had fought her many times elsewhere. Only once really in his own home land. Tsiro raised his hand as he continued to walk out into the arena. These were his people, even if most of them were beasts. His eyes looked towards Naru.

It must had been fate's intention to bring Narusegawa against one of her long time rivals. The two shinobi from distant villages had been long time arch enemies ever since the second war between Konohagakure and Kirigakure, they were literally growing up together constantly being conditioned battle. Of course they were different people before, the tides of time had definitely changed them. As their names were announced and called into the arena Narusegawa quietly moved from outside the staging area. Loose locks of raven hair spilled down her back and hugged against her lightly blushed cheeks.

Despite the cold temperatures Narusegawa kept herself lightly dressed, adorned in a black tank top and a matching pair of shorts, it was going to allow her to remain quick on her feet. Aside from the clothing she sported a long katana sheathed along her back and a basic ninja tool wrap along her right thigh. Her pumpkin hued eyes had began to darken, melding into the involvement hue of her crimson sharingan, three tomoe each forming an alignment with her pupils. The glare of her Sharingan casted a vibrant illumination, and also was a lighter hue than those might be accustomed to seeing.

As Kuoroke spoke and informed them of the rules she nodded in return, " I understand the rules," she replies back while then focusing her attention of Tsiro, the words of beginning had prompted her to focus a bit of chakra throughout her body. " To think that we would fight here of all places… I would say this would be the time to settle our scores, but I'm not sure if I care much about that anymore," Narusegawa commented taking a light step back, already she would appear to be on the defensive. " And it looks like I finally get to catch your name, Kaguya Tsiro,"
"I never quite thought you would let the rivalry go." Tsiro states as he pulls something out of his pocket. It was a headband, one made for a young genin from Konoha. "Since I took it, I use to stare at it day and night. I saw your face and your eyes in it. It was a symbol that allowed me to focus my hatred and remember the pain you caused me." the young Kaguya states before tossing it forward to Naru. "It has been stashed away for a while now. I moved on a while ago." There is a moment of silence as Tsiro glances around the arena.
"So why dont we do what we do best?" he asks as his chakra starts to build. His hand reaches back to his spine. With a sick yank, he pulls the spine from his back. This was not going to be a long drawn out fight. These two had always been made for battle. That much was within their core.

"Perhaps that rivalry is finally good for something, I have grown very tired of this hatred however… If I stop hating you i would just have to hate something else won't I?" She queried, the gust around continued to pick up as she focused a bit more chakra throughout her body, her eyes did notice the head band he had clutched within his hand, that was the very head band she had started with ever since she had became a shinobi.

"But, I will need that back… If there is anything important to me in this world it would have to be that head band, I have long since gotten a new one but I refuse to wear it," Naru commented, sliping back into a fighter's stance, tensing her body briefly, her eyes carefully observing for any sudden movements. " We will fight and do what we do best…" Her voice trailed off finally, biting lightly upon her bottom lip, it was time to begin the battle.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Oh, does Taiki remember that alright. He well remembers Naru's feelings when she told him about her headband being taken. And to think, Tsiro had it all along. While he never quite connected her description to the man in front of her now fully, he understood what this meant. His smile goes slightly feral as those memories return. Memories reminded him of past times he had put behind him, memories made bittersweet with the passage of time…
The return of those memories seems to set a fire under Taiki as he glares at Naru's opponent. A large part of him wishes he were down there with Naru, fighting right alongside of her. Oh yeah… reminding him of this made it personal in Taiki's mind as his inner conflicts settled in this moment in time. "Teach him a lesson Naru-san!" he calls out, letting her know that he stands behind her, if he can't stand beside her. Even her response doesn't seem to phase him, though mere weeks ago they would have angered him tremendously. His guards seem to not believe what they're seeing.
Tsiro's eyes watch as the headband hits the ground. It was almost like Naru did not want to pick it up yet. While Tsiro knew a forhead protector meant a lot to people, he never knew she would go as far as she did for it. Now things no longer mattered. The protector was on the ground and she could claim it any time she wished. They were here to do battle. Tsiro whips his spine forward towards Naru attempting to wrap her in it. His crimson eyes stared directly at her.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Rushing, crumpet he's late and Hinotori told Naru he would be there for her bout. He isn't letting her down. Leaping up the steps and running along the walls until he finds the area where he wanted to be. Leaping onto the railing over a empty seat, HInotori smiles and only has missed the opening attacks, his eyes scans for Naru and sees her. "Come on Naru-chan!!!" he calls out to his cousin.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
A face familiar to the arena has arrived. Ogosokamaru makes his way through the stands to the front, finding an open seat and lowering himself down easily, apparently still a little residual pains and aches from his last bout wearing him down, but if he really felt like it he could still do something, just transformations would be an issue.
A look to Hinotori as he shouts for who was competing. Did that catch Ogo's attention? He was definately now leaning forward a bit more, showing more interest in the match than he did when he first arrived, when he hadn't even looked to see who was fighting. But now he's paying attention to the Uchiha female who is competing now, with a quiet urge for her under his breath, "C'mon, little girl." His nickname for her a long time ago, in another life within this one.

As the headband had dropped to her feet there was a sly grin forming along her lips, his followup attack however had hit home, the spine wraping along her form, digging against her flesh blood instantly churning from her wounds. "Tea it…" Narusegawa cursed quietly under her breath, struggling against the bindings that kept her in place… She wasn't able to move but she still continued to struggle, the burning of her sharingan continued meld into a darker hue, her hands clenching against the vice gripe of the bones. She could hear fragments of her name over the roaring of the crowd, causing her to force a grin upon her lips. " Are you sure you want to start out this way… Tsiro-san?" She was almost begging for him to continue. Still she was going to have to push herself to get out of this.
Kuoroke finally reaches a safe watching distance, folds his hands behind his back, and turns around on his heels to, for the first time, pay attention to the fight. And it has already progressed considerably. For the first time since he has arrived on the scene, the Councilman's face expresses anything at all: in this case, it expresses curiosity. After all, the abilities being shown here are not something he gets to watch every day. From behind his glasses, Kuoroke watches every movement, every single saccade of the combatants.

"In the last exam, I told you I take you seriously. I wanted to knock you out of the competition to avoid this. Someone else intervened." The words came hard for Tsiro. He knew full well the difference in their power. He did not expect to win just by taking her seriously. Soon his other hand formed bones around it becoming a drill. In his own way, he was showing her that he respected her abilities. "In all of our fights, we have gone the distance. If I am to get beat here, then there is no better opponent for it." He then plunges the drill towards her. He was not sure what was up her sleeve, but he was half expecting her to escape the spine before becoming impaled.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
A low, almost-sibilant hiss escapes the normally quiet lips as Naru is trapped. But Taiki knows Naru, even though blood is pouring from her, she is far from out of this. Instead his hands clench into fists, the desire to go help her is strong, but it would only hurt her. "Go get him Naru," he growls. Again those words would not make it out to the arena, but the message is clear. This is her fight, and it is time to teach this… thing… a lesson he will not soon forget.
Shinobu and Nozomi both are tensing up as well, fully understanding their partner's feelings. Shinobu lets loose a loud "a woo woo woo" while Nozomi howls equally as loudly. Together they sit before Taiki, bracketing him on either side. They also are tense, and seem just as into this match as their human partner is. Both of Taiki's guards look at each other, and then back at Taiki, and one whispers, "I thought he hated her…" The other shrugs and shakes his head, giving a shrug of the shoulders as if indicating he doesn't have the current score. Their dogs, however, were watching the crowd closely. With all the pent-up emotions running rampant up here, this would be the perfect time for someone to attack Taiki. He'd never see it coming.

Her ensnarement finally began to give out. Electricity began to crackle about her body, giving her move leverage, even the darkening of her sharingan aluded that the Uchiha before him wasn't going to hold back either. It took some time but eventually she broke free, releasing herself from the bondage of the vines, the tomoe within her eyes began to swirl about her pupil, taking in his quick movements it would all play out to her in slow motion despite it all happening in a matter of seconds. Skillfully her body swayed to the beat of his technique, her eyes briefly locking with his own. Digging her heels into the surface of the battle ground, she launched herself with an elegant flip over his form, completing their dance as she skid on the opposite side of him.

" That was a little close, but you know as well as I do it's a mistake to look into these eyes…" Narusegawa taunted, her hypnosis already begining to take it's effect. Tsiro would find himself shrouded in a world of darkness, a black void capturing him in a prism of dark energy. From within that prism it began to rain, blades upon blades of chakra, millions of blades attempting to lacerate his body from head to toe. The pain from this powerful genjutsu would be immense and quite capable of keeping him from any more sudden movements… If he was going to throw out his best techniques Narusegawa wasn't going to disappoint.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
His own eyes able to read teh movements of the two, he could already see what Naru was doing and a smirk plays on his face. "Alright Naru-chan!" he calls out to here again. Letting his voice be the loudest if that is even remotely possible. He turns and looks over at Taiki and his Nin-dogs and he gives them all a thumbs up.

Tsiro knew she was toying with him. It was inevitable. As assumed, she would draw on her Genjutsu. It was the one thing that prevented her from being the perfect opponent. She was not the most physical type. He hated that. As the darkness and blades came forward, Tsiro was unable to break the genjutsu. There was a great deal of pain and he knew the fight was soon to be over.

Tsiro was caught in her genjtusu! The attack had given her just the edge she needed to push the battle into her favor. The darkness which shrouded Tsiro began to give away, allowing him to take a view of the arena and his opponent not to far away from him. Narusegawa was hopeful that her genjutsu continued to wear away at him, rendering him unable to defend against her attack. It was then she began preparation of her follow up, streaks of electricity forming along her finger tips, bending and compressing into brilliant vibrant light.

" I can't say I didn't expect you to push as hard as you can… I will need to assure that I make it into the finals, I can't afford for you to run me through this time," Narusegawa spoke softly as she took light steps towards him, the forming stream of chakra emitting along her finger tips pointed in his direction, and finally it ignited. The crackling stream of electricity condensed into a solid spear of lightning chakra, extending out in his direction attempting to impale him through his shoulder blade. If hit the burning electricity would relentlessly scorch against his flesh and burn away some of his built up stamina.
There were many around. There were many cheering for Naru. He could hear her name being shouted. This was not how he planned to lose. He was already feeling his lack of stamina. It was no surprise. As he embraced his anger, his limbs began to move. Out of instinct his hand came up throwing a bone shield to the side of the spear knocking it off its course. Now free he knew he needed to deal her some damage. Even if it was for not. Deep down he knew his ninjutsu was not enough to hide from her eyes. The choice was easy to see. Give it all he had or admit defeat. There was still a little bit of time and people watching. He could not give up just yet. Once more Tsiro drew on his spine and whipped it towards Naru attempting to wrap her up. In his own mind this seemed to be the breaking point of the match.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
While Taiki didn't have magic eyes, he did have a strong working knowledge of how Naru did what she did. When it seemed that all fighting stopped therefore, he knew she was weaving genjutsu. He didn't have to know which one to know that she was playing to her strengths. He yelled, "Oh yeah, now /that's/ how its done!" His dog partners howled in unison, cheering her on. Taiki seems to be concentrating on the match, but a growl from one of the other dogs causes him to look over at Hinotori and give a smile and a nod in recognition.
He turns back in time to see Tsiro break out of the genjutsu, which causes him to frown a little. But this was a minor setback, even when the spine snakes out again. He knew Naru could do this, it was just a matter of how…

Those vines seemed to be more or less impossible to avoid, she found herself yet again restrained by the spine whip which dug into her flesh, she attempted to resist against the bindings yet again. Twisting and pulling her body against the binds she was going to have to do something quick or else she would have no choice but to fall victim to his attack.
This time Tsiro was quicker to form the drill with his opposite hand. He was using what little stamina he had left to try and put the hurt on her. Due to the Genjutsu it was becoming harder and harder to move. He did not know if the move would end the fight or if she might evade it once more. Either way, it was going to decide what the mass of people watching thought of him, possibly even the match.
As a heavy, potentially even decisive blow is about to fall, Kuoroke's interest continues to grow. He steps forward a bit, and begins pulling off his gloves in a preparation to save lives, should it be necessary… and, to be honest, unavoidable. The cloak falls onto the ground and Kuoroke keeps steadily progressing, gathering a bit of chakra.

It seemed as though Naru was easily being undercutted by his Taijutsu, she wasn't able to slip away from the vines and found herself falling victim to his attack this time, the drill bone pierces into her flesh splattering blood through the arena, forcing Narusegawa to pull back away from him and dropping herself to one knee. Her condition was absolutely terrible, beads of sweat trickling down her brown as she clutched her stomach, blood dripping along the tip of her lips, still she managed to keep herself up in an upright position, her eye's shifting to Tsiro, while she was wounded she could tell his stamina was dropping, did he even have the strength to truly end this fight. " You…seem to be running out of energy. Is this really the best you can do…?" She taunted coughing heavily into her hand as she attempted to regain her composure.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Taiki leans forward, watching as Tsiro goes for another solid blow. "How much…" He stops there and shakes his head clear of the impending question as Naru is trying to regain her composure. He won't give in to worry, he won't. But how can she continue on… "Come on Naru…" he says earnestly, his fists turning white from gripping so hard. He doesn't know what he's cheering her on to /do/ exactly, but he is cheering her on.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Ogosokamaru still sits quietly, as he has through the entire fight. He might notice from time to time his toes lifting from the floor beneath him as his leg tenses gradually, occasionally letting it calm back down adn lower his foot back onto the stone beneath his foot. "Come on, little girl… don't die, you're too stubborn for that.."
Kuoroke watches with worry, biting is lip - but with one almost falling unconscious and the other almost dropping dead, it's impossible to call a victor. So, the Kuroki simply continues takes another few steps closer, waiting to see the strength of the next blow. He does remind Tsiro, however, that, "I did ask you not to kill each other. Keep that in mind."
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Eyes narrowing slightly he sighs and knows that Naru is more capable then this, why is she holding back? There is no holding back right now, "COme on Naru-chan!" he calls out to her. "Stop playing around!" he shouts out at her. Hinotori knows his cousin, but then he goes quiet, he starts to shake his head.

Tsiro raises the spine upwards in his hands. His eyes scanned over her form. This was a reminder of their previous battles. He still had the upper hand, though that may have been a belief caused by the lack of stamina in his body. His ears heard the words from Kuoroke. If he tried again with the spine it risked killing her. Any other move, she seemed too quick to be hit by. He had been placed in a bad situation. A mission he was unable to finish within the criteria given. "Proctor, the match has come to an end. Please declare one of us the victor. Neither of us can barely stand, yet any attack risks killing us both." Tsiro knew full well she was going to hit him with a genjutsu attack that would drain his stamina and place him in a coma. He had all but conceded the match.

It was true things were really on the edge, but it was obvious that Narusegawa wasn't going to give in yet, not until she knew without a doubt that she wasn't going to be able to defeat him. With a hand clutched over her stomach finally she began to rise to a stand, her eyes glowing with malice intent, "You need to make a move right now Tsiro-san… Our next technique will more or less decide this very fight," Narusegawa taunted while her chakra began to shift and increase drastically, it was 'almost' visible to the naked eye.

"If…you are not able to subdue me then you have lost this battle yet if you catch me again I have lost," Naru explains, there was a sudden manifestation forming along Narusegawa's pupil, each three tomoe began to merge then seperating into a pin wheel with 8 bladed points, the awakening of her Mangekyou Sharingan comign forth… She could hear it from the stands that she shouldn't hold back. With this her chains were broken.
"The match is over." Kuoroke declares, quietly at first, for the ears of the competitors alone. Chains or not, he has rules to uphold and those rules involve not getting anyone killed… sadly. And with the way this is drawing out, he has no excuse for just letting her bleed out. Unwillingly, almost with regret, he continues, "I won't have either of you dying on my watch. Furthermore, you are barely alive, which is in worse condition than your opponent. You probably shouldn't be standing at this point. Carelessness won't win you the battle." he turns to the crowd. "In the interest of the safety of the competitors, this fight is now over! It is a close fight, but Uchiha Narusegawa has suffered more grievous wounds. As proctor of this match, I declare her unable to fight, and as such, though they have both fought valiantly, victory goes to Kaguya Tsiro!"
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Blinking and his eyes going wide, "Naru-chan….." he stammers. There is only one person he knew well enough who has those eyes, but now Naru is the second. Hinotori watching her chakra changes as the Mangekyou Sharingan activates.

With the way these two seem to be bent on destroying the other even if it means going down with them, Kuoroke decides not to take any chances. The change in his body, though visible to all, should be most impressive to those with eyes like Narusegawa's: chakra flows out form inside his body, filling out the lines along his limbs, strengthening them, and causing them to glow a bright, white light.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Taiki leaned forward, not sure if he was happy she wasn't about to give up or not. Either way, his own senses were blaring, allowing him to hear every word said. He both admired and hated that determination of hers. No, it wasn't determination, it was out and out stubborness that easily equaled his own. As the match was called he slumped, his breathing labored as his muscles all but gave out. After looking at Hinotori for a moment, he gets up and walks to him. Leaning over, he whispers something in his ears, then stands up and just stares at the man for a moment, either waiting for an answer, or waiting for some other response.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Standing up from his seat, he looks to Taiki and shakes his head, then looking to Naru, "Calm down." he calls out to her. Hoping his voice reaches her, "Not here." he calls out to herself.
Tsiro had known it was a gamble to put the fate of the match in the proctor's hand. The hesitation would cost him if he did not decide it. That was even more evident by Naru's change of her pupils. She had held back the entire fight and now Tsiro knew it.
In his own mind he was certain the proctor would refuse to call the match. If he had, then Tsiro was prepared to flat out concede. He was unsure if he would make a comment about being screwed by the rules, but to his shock, Kuoroke declares him the winner. The crimson eyes of the boy close as he finally lets his guard down. The whip falls from his hand as he takes a knee. He knew that in past battles at this point, Naru would have hammered him. Now he was uncertain. "Take the forehead protector. It's always been yours." He then opens his eyes focusing on the trinket that they had fought over for such a long time.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Taiki nods and settles his face as Tsiro stops at the referee's call. He then turns, ready and waiting to see if Naru will stop. At this point, he wants to see her get help. Even though he may not be allowed close while they're working on her, knowing that someone was would be a relief in his mind to say the least.

Apart of Narusegawa had looked over Kuoroke, she eye'd the fluncation of his chakra, she even gritting her teeth basking in the entrenched hatred that was begining to come over her, her fists clenched tightly along one another out of heightened irritation. Even her eyes began emit a strang intensity as she focused her vision on Tsiro, putting him in clear sight of using her ninjutsu if she truly felt like using it, she definitely had her sights on it. " So you wish to call it like that proctor? What changed has changed your mind from your original decision?" She questioned him curiously. "I'm bleeding out… But he is shaking to even keep himself awake," Narusegawa commented, she was interested in hearing about why he swiftly decided to chang ehis decision, but nevertheless she decided not to act on her hidden intentions.
For a few seconds, Kuoroke squints at her. He's not a big fan of explaining his decisions, but decides to indulge her. "A few reasons, but mainly because the only think that kept him from taking your head back there was my intervention. If he has pushed you as close to death as the rules will allow, that means he has won. Or in simpler terms, because I ended up having to stop him, not you." With that, Kuoroke moves towards the cloak he left on the ground and picks it up, calling out, "MEDIC!"
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Hinotori stands up seeing that Naru is questioning the proctor, he walks down to the railing already waiting to see what would become of this, "Naru-chan, stand down." he calls down to her. "You've done a good job, he has rendered his decision." he tells her.

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