Struggle With No Reward - Battle of the Factory Fields Pt. 1


Hiroyasu, Hiei, Nori

Date: June 2, 2013


Nori is given a mission to go evacuate an old man at a Factory that is in the path of a moving TFM army. Hiro, Hiei, and Nori all go to save the man, but the old man doesn't want to evacuate. They reason with the man (only for Hiei to knock him out) and exit to find the TFM is there. Pt. 2 to follow

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle With No Reward - Battle of the Factory Fields Pt. 1"

Land of Fire

The day after the debacle with the spiders, Nori was back in Konohagakure, resting at the wall. He was technically on duty, but the whole owl mission thing had been done on his free time, so now that he was back on duty, he was a bit tired. Of course, he was doing his best not to let anyone else notice the bags under his eyes. It would all be worth it though if the owl got its elders to agree to a summoning contract. Nori shakes his head and clears his thoughts, trying to make sure he was focused. They had been attacked once. He wouldn't be the guard that let them come without noticing if they came again at all.

Hiroyasu is frolicing down the street, it wasn't all that long ago that they put to rest many souls just outside those walls. He comes sliding to a stop when the flicker of a familiar spirit is nearby. His eyes narrow and he looks left and right, the coast is clear. Stealth practice commence! he leaps into a bush lurking towards the direction that he thinks is someone he knows. He leaps out of the Bush and gives a very convincing goaty shout "Mnaaah!" before seeing that he had miscalculated that had just shouted at a ox which blinks at him ( probably in disbelief) "Very sorry, Mr Ox" he glances "errm Ms. Ox!" before leaping back into bush this time popping out at his intended Target, the sullen nori-san "Mnaaah!" he bleats.

Nori looks up at the first sound of bleating and raises an eyebrow. "Was that just…" he shakes his head, "Nah." Then Hiroyasu does it again, not but a few meters away from Nori and the young Yamanaka cracks a smile, "I thought that might have been you. What in the name of the ancestors are you doing making goat sounds at oxen for?" He snickers. Nori rubs at his eyes for a moment before refocusing those brown irises upon Hiroyasu. "Hey, I wanted to say thank you again for helping with the owl thing. That was cool of you…and the whole Kumogakure team really." Saying thank you the next day is a Japanese tradition after all.

Hiroyasu flushes slightly rubbing the back of his head "a slight miscalculation in the distance" he look serious furrowing his brow "But you should have seen it, I think it will rue the day it tangled with the mighty goatman!" he points a finger sky "Bwahaha" he emotes in a false deep laugh. His observant eye, every observing, noticing the change in nori's generally appearance "The tree's keep you with their singing of sad songs?" he asks moving to sit next to his friend and conversation partner "I am humbled that you would extend your hand both in need and thanks. We honor us and your land" he says clapping his hands together and bowing his head to show he meant it.

Even though the temperature was getting a little on the chilly side, Hiei liked it. It reminded him of home. Hiei is currently running around the inside of the wall of the village. He liked running. Not only was it good exercise, but it didn't take a lot of concentration and it gave Hiei a chance to reflect on his inner thoughts. He's dressed in a pair of running shorts and a tank t-shirt. He was completely unarmed and he also wasn't wearing his forehead protector. His body is leaned forwards and his arms draped out behind him as his legs move like a machine, propelling his body forwards at a decent speed. He wasn't sprinting, but he was moving pretty fast. He moves between obstacles and people on auto-pilot while his mind dwelled on Kumogakure. He nears the area of the wall where Nori and Hiroyasu are talking. He'd be easy to spot due to the cloud of dust that billows out from behind him.

Nori just stares at Hiroyasu as he brings up the goatman thing. It is one of those long akward stares where the boy doesn't know what to say. Was Hiro joking or being serious? Hard to tell? Poker-faced silence is the answer!
So, Nori is happy when the subject is changed to his appearance. "Nah, just that all the running around we were doing was on my off hours pretty much. I'm basically working a triple shift here." He shrugs. "It's not bad, but I do eventually need to get some sleep." Nori bows back to Hiroyasu. When Nori un-furrows from the bow, he spots Hiei thinking…errr…running. Everyone knows Hiei doesn't think. Pfft. Nori calls out, "Hey Hiei-san, stop making me look bad. I couldn't run like that if it meant life or death."

Hiroyasu says "I can alleviate some of your burden, if you wish. As you can imagine, with our team dynamic, fatigue is something we confront often. I have techniques which can extend your longevity. And I would more than happy to share with you the joy jokely called Instant-Nap Jutsu!" he claps his hands together and begin to glow green in the tell-tale sign of medijutsu. "Can I interest, Good Sir in an Instant Nap, It's like a lazy nap on a summer day by a babbling brook." before looking at Hiei who is called over "Ramen-breath! Tell Nori-san about the Instant-Nap Jutsu!" he chides playfully.

Hiei was lost in his own thoughts, so he didn't hear Nori or Hiroyasu call out to him at first. When he does, he puts on the brakes and stops. "Hi guys." He doesn't comment about the ramen breath from Hiroyasu but he does say. "The Insta-Nap is pretty cool. One touch and it feels like you got several hours of rest." He flexes his bicep a little. "I rarely need it though. I'm in perfect shape..unless I'm throwing around lightning." There must be some truth to that since he doesn't seem to be out of breath from all that running. He leans against the wall proper and crosses his arms over his chest. "So, what are you two up to? More talk about sensing chakra? You two need a hobby."

Nori looks at Hiroyasu, again trying to decide if he is being serious or not. He's not heard of this 'instant-nap jutsu'. When Hiei has apparently been told of it before though, Nori just shrugs, "Ano, I guess I can try it. If it takes the edge off and won't like…put me to sleep for an hour. I'm kinda on duty." Nori stares over at Hiei, "Must be nice. You throwing around lightning is like me throwing around earth…only that's the only fighting style I have. Add sensing chakra constantly too, and it tires me out even more." He shrugs, but pipes up defending Hiro and he, "And, no…we weren't talking sensing. We were talking about goatman." He stares at Hiei to note his reaction.
Just then, someone comes up to Nori and asks, "Hey, you have some time to go check something out for us? I'll cover your post. This is from the mission's office." Nori errs, "Ano, sure?"

Hiroyasu shakes his head at Hiei's caustic tone and sharp words before looking back at nori "It doesn't put people to sleep, or cause any long term issues." he claps his hands together into a prayer steeple and they begin to glow green "Alright, now you may feel a slight warming tingle, so people think they do." before grasping nori by the shoulders the glow transfers from his hands and slowly wreathes him in a thin green aura before the energy seems to be drawn inward giving tired muscles a feeling of relief almost instantly, the bags under the eyes reduce and general feeling of as if one had awoke from a power nap. He snaps his fingers "There, you go, insta-nap jutsu!" he mewls.

Hiro looks down at himself and then at Nori. "I have nothing pressing on my schedule. It'd be a pleasure to help you out. I just need to go to my place and gear up. Won't take me but a couple minutes." He flexes again, stretching his muscles. "I'll meet you guys at the front gate in five." And with that, he rockets off towards his dwelling, leaving a gust of wind and a trail of dust in his wake.

Nori nods to Hiei and bows as the boy runs off. "He's getting too speedy for his own good. He'll be like Ataru-san soon enough. That's when your sensor training will come in handy. Otherwise he could be spying on you, run away, then come back when you aren't looking again…or worse, do that to the girls at the hotsprings." Nori chuckles.
When Nori usually wakes up from a power-nap, he tends to feel groggy and even worse than when he went down for the nap…but it only lasts for a few minutes and then that refresher kicks in…so, when he actually feels good, he blinks, "That doesn't feel like any nap I've ever taken. I like it though, I actually feel…good." He smirks, bows deeply, and finally says, "Well, I guess when Hiei-san returns, we head out." The mission's office directive comes in the form of a scroll. Nori reads it and states, "Looks like we're headed back to that darn Factory we came from. Konohagakure scouts were sent to watch it for a bit and it looks like there might be a TFM army headed its way. We need to make sure that old man is okay as he's actually been on our friendly supplier's list. Hopefully that isn't why the TFM is headed for him?""

Hiroyasu clears his throat "Yes, but who would do such a demeaning thing to the women of Konoha" before looking off the side "Oh, well most people find it pleasant like a nap. I guess your naps are not typical. It's useful in both social and missions, I plan to eventually master a transfer of Zen too." before stretching waiting for Hiei to get his things in order. "Didn't that factory flood?" he asks in earnest.

Five minutes later, Hiei shows up clad in his usual shinobi outfit and gear, complete with sword. He tightens the bindings on his headband and then looks from Nori to Hiroyasu. "I'm here." He announces. "I overheard a little about the mission parameters. That factory isn't far from here, let's get to it." He pats them both on the shoulder before turning to head out. "It's a shame. Sometimes, Nori, I wish that you had been born in the land of lightning. I'd love to have you as a permanent team member." That's high praise coming from Hiei.

Nori just winks to Hiro as he asks who would demean the girls like that. Nori shakes his head, "Well, your jutsu did feel good, but my naps typically don't." Nori looks at the scroll, reading it over again, "Yes, it was flooded, but there doesn't appear to be too much damage. Hopefully we don't get there and the old guy hates us for flooding his factory while his son was gone." Nori sweatdrops a bit. Then Hiei slaps him on the shoulder and Nori jumps a bit. "Oh, eh, thank you. I wish you guys were born in Konohagakure so you could be a permanent member of my team. You'd just have to make sure Hiroyasu-san didn't join. He's a bad team member." Nori chuckles and then starts running before Hiroyasu can hit him. As he runs, he calls back, "And he smells funny too…" Seems he thinks he's funny.

Hiroyasu shouts "Yeah well, I wouldn't want to join your team! It's lame!" as he chases after them both, not really going full speed more like just fast enough to barely keep up. "He couldn't make it in Kumo, he doesn't have what it takes.. and and.. there aren't any tree's, so he he'd had no one to listen to him.." he says in quick huff.

Hiei laughs as he listens to Nori and Hiro. "Honestly, I don't think I'd function well on a Konoha team. They're too lazy. I'm built for action. I'd die of boredom around here." He also isn't running full speed. He's only running fast enough to keep up with Nori and Hiroyasu. With his arms spread out behind him, he easily keeps pace while talking in normal conversational tones. "So, what's the plan? I don't think I met the old guy last time. What can you guys tell me about him?"

Nori ahs, "Yeah, that's right. You were all," and here he switches voices to try and match Hiei's more closely…it isn't perfect, but it isn't bad either, "Let's go diving into rocks with my eagle life preserver," and he switches back, "when we met him. He's an old man. His son was taken by the Levy army for the Daimyo and he was left to run the factory by himself. He didn't look like he was doing that great of a job. I'm sure running that factory requires at least two people. I wonder if all the other people left because of the wars?"
Nori visibly slows as he continues to talk. While Hiei and Hiro might know better, he still plays up the getting winded thing. It is either mental or he thinks people could be watching. It doesn't take too long to reach the factory. As they all pull up to stop and watch, Nori asks, "Hiroyasu-sna, check for zen signatures. Hiei-san, do a perimeter sweep and see what we're dealing with for terrain and cover, assuming the TFM comes soon and we need to hold them off while we get the old man out. He might just let us carry him, but chances are he won't. I know Father wouldn't let me carry him."

RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…30

Hiroyasu nods his head "I think the thin crisp air would not bode well for the /easily/ winded either" added emphasis to the word easily before adding "and the goat-ogre would likely eat his owl friends" before clapping his hands together into the prayer steeple and calming himself before reaching outward "I feel the old man, at least I think its what an old soul would feel like. but…" he says pausing for a moment trapped in thought it seems "I don't sense any other souls in the area with noticable Zen" he says breaking the prayer steeple and resting an idle hand on his pouch.

RP: Hiei makes a Tai and Int roll and got 15 and 10, respectively, for a total of 25.

Hiei nods to Nori and disappears in a burst of speed to do a search. He's gone for perhaps ten minutes before he shows back up. "Alright. The north side is open wheat fields for a long ways, we have the river to the west, of course. To the east there is a forest with thickets of rose bushes. If I were a betting man, I'd say that the south is the way they'd come from. There's a road following the river. They might have a hard time passing through the forest, but it's possible." He looks to the braniacs for indication of their next move.

Nori sticks out his tongue at Hiroyasu in a playful manner as Hiro obviously takes a jab at Nori. Nori doesn't even bother checking himself as Hiroyasu says he feels the old man. "Great. I'll stay here and wait to see if the TFM comes up. I'll make sure to keep my eye on the road Hiei-san. Thank you. You two go in and convince the old man he needs to come with us. Remember, time is of the essence." Nori bows, "Good luck."

Hiroyasu seems incredulous at the suggestion that they have to go inside, "Yeah, you do that" he pulls the door handle and walks in before waiting for Hiei "I think he wants us to do the hard work since he already flooded this guys source of income the last time he was here." he whispers to Hiei with a cupped hand. This factory is a maze of narrow passageways and blind corners with a lot of dangerous machinery, however Hiroyasu had a solid lock on the position of the old man and on nori, using the two he managed to triangle his position without getting too lost before knocking on the door in which he thought the man was "Excuse me sir, We have urgent business with you!" he looks over his shoulder "be ready just in case." he says over his shoulder.

Hiei follows along behind Hiro. "I can't blame Nori for staying outside. I'm sure the old man would be less inclined to listen to us if he were here. However, I have to wonder if he'd listen to a couple of foreigners as well." Once they get to the door, he lets Hiroyasu do the talking. Afterall, he had the silver tongue, and Hiei's way of handling this would be to bonk the old man on the head and drag him out.

Nori doesn't say anything. He's gone into sensory overload mode. Once the two foreigners reach the old man, he turns and moves his glasses to focus on Hiroyasu's face. "Wait, you're one of the kids who was here earlier that fixed my machine. I hate to say it, but that machine isn't working again. Nothing's working. The whole place was flooded shortly after you left. The dam just broke. I know the True Fire punks prefer fire, but I think they did it." You're safe!
The old man scans over to Hiei for a moment and asks, "Who is this one? He hear to punch the machine again in place of the girl?" The old man shrugs, "I didn't like her much…reminded me of my late wife. So, what can I do for you boys then?"

Hiroyasu nods his head "Speaking of them sir, we have reason to believe they are heading his way en mass. I would be honored if you could accompany us back to town, konoha has sent out the evac notice, afterwards I'm sure they can spare someone to help you restore function back to your machines. But we have to go sir, they might come through at any minute." he brings his hands together into his prayer steeple and gives him the most big goaty eyes he can.

Hiei looks at the old man. "My name's Hiei. I'm his teammate." He motions towards Hiroyasu. He glances around at the machinery and then smirks when he mentions a girl. He must have been talking about Misaki. "I have no technical prowress, sir, but I'm sure Konoha will send someone to help. Right now, time is of the essence. We need to get you out of here right now."

The old man listens for a bit as Hiroyasu speaks. Before Hiro can finish though, the old man already has his hands up in the 'hold on' manner. "Now, listen here boys. I've been alive long enough to have lived through the Senju and Uchiha clan wars, the random incursions from the other rogue bandits and Lands, and plenty of ration tins of beans to make my backside a more potent weapon than my late wife's yapper. I'm not afraid of the True Fire Movement. I'm selling to all parties in this war. They don't like that, they can kiss my pale, wrinkled, flabby white backside." Seems the old man has the evacuation-shmacuation syndrome. To Hiei, the old man nods, "You boys did your jobs. You bring your technical prowress guys after and I'll be so warm and fuzzy I'll feel like I'm inside a summer peach."

Hiroyasu sighs "They aren't taking prisoners sir, they are barricading doors then burning people alive in their homes" he's stretching the truth but it seems a likely thing "Or worse any place even seen within a mile of a True fire band is assumed to be by the Damiyo as expendable, sir. Please return to us, the Hokage doesn't want harm to be fall to the people caught in the middle of this. So Please come with us , we can't leave without you so if you stay we have to stay as well." he looks over his shoulder at Hiei "Orders are orders" before looking back the old man.

Hiei listens to the old man talk and then sighs faintly. "We don't have time for this." When the man says that he's not going, Hiei replies. "Unacceptable." He blurs towards the old man suddenly, aiming a punch at his jaw. Hiei makes sure to pull his punch as much as possible, only seeking to knock the man out, not do any permanent damage.

The old man doesn't seem to be listening to Hiroyasu anymore. He's gone back to doing whatever it was that he was doing in this backroom before Hiei and Hiro showed up, perhaps taking inventory. Nori's voice is suddenly in Hiroyasu's head. ~They're coming. We have, five minutes…maybe less.~ Then Hiei goes and knocks the old man out…from behind no less. What a jerk! Still, with the old man now limp and in Hiei's hands (hopefully), they have to get out of there before the TFM gets in of there (yes, the of was on purpose).

Hiroyasu say "I'll carry him, I need you ready. Nori says they are ETA 5 minutes" he says taking the man off of Hiei's hands literally. "Remind me, to teach you the combat medic carry" he says position the old man over both his shoulders cradling his hands with he guys neck and hips, it's not pretty but it distributes the weigh evenly. "Go quickly, I'll be right behind you" he says with a grunt. This was really going to chafe his 100 yard dash time.

Hiei catches the old man before he hits the floor. He mutters. "Sorry about this, we don't have time to argue." Then Hiro tells him that they have incoming and he passes the old man off to him. "Got it. Nori is going to need backup." He turns on his heel and rockets off, moving through the facility at high speed. Once he emerges from the entrance he moves towards Nori and slides to a stop in front of him. "Hiro has the old man. You and him should get out of here, I'll hold them off while you run." He places a hand on his sword before looking towards the south.

When Hiei comes out, Nori looks a little fazzled. That whole five minute thing was probably more like 2. The army is practically on top of the factory. They aren't quite within bow range yet, but it is close. Their fires can be seen easily, flickering in the chill afternoon air. Nori shakes his head, "Hiei-san, probably better to just make a run for it no? I don't think they've noticed us yet." A firey arrow shoots through the air. "Or maybe not."
Nori sighs. "Don't get hurt." And so Nori makes his way to help Hiro. Maybe he shoulders half the weight of the old man before taking off into the wheat fields north. They are moving away from Konohagakure, but the forest is too hard to pass according to Hiei, so…north it is.

Hiroyasu gladly accepts the help, this old badger weights more than a sack of boulders "Don't work too hard, Hiei" he says as him and nori move past him and head northward to escape the raging wildfire of hate that encroached.

Hiei's fingers go through some hand seals before there is a burst of chakra around his body that dissapates almost immediately. He looks over at Hiroyasu. "I'll do everything in my power to make it out alive. But if I don't, tell my father I died fighting in a cause that I believed in." He also felt that he would sacrifice himself for people that he cared about. His friends. While the other two prepared to leave, Hiei drew his sword and ran towards the army. To draw their attention to him, he yells. "Hey you crankshafts, the Daimyo says hello!"

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