What If? Switching Sides - Battle of the Jinchuuriki


Chitose, Kiyoshi, Mushi, Naru, Ogosokamaru

Date: November 20, 2013


This is for the what if “switching sides” challenge. The Jinchuuriki have gone banded together and gone too far. Shinobi from the various hidden villages are sent to hunt and defeat them in an epic confrontation of life and death.

"What If? Switching Sides - Battle of the Jinchuuriki"

Unnamed Village

Much had transgressed in the past several years. When the rogue shinobi began hunting

the Jinchuuriki down one by one, at last Mushi brought them together. They formed a

counterstrike, and slaughtered their enemies. But more came in waves, and one time the

Jinchuuriki went too far-much too far. Their enemies slaughtered, but also innocent villagers. It

was too late to turn back, and now all the hidden villages were out for their blood. Some because

of the harshness of their methods, and others because they feared the political and militaristic

power of a group of Jinchuurikis. More fell on both sides, and as their numbers dwindled, they

formed a counterassault.

For some of the Jinchuuriki it was merely a strategic move to weaken their opposition.

And for others it was vengeance. They had gone too far to turn back, and now they were bearing

down on a village that had supplied aid to their enemies. Mushi didn't plan to leave any of them

to continue their support or let them spread the word. But word might have gotten out already,

and she wasn't unprepared for opposition. Plus, she had some of her comrades with her, as ever.

They had learned quite a long time ago never to go as a single wanderer.

"Burn their houses to the ground," she says flatly to her younger comrades. "Don't let

any of them escape. I can take care of these villagers." She looks much the same as she did in the

past, though with her hair a little longer, and her button-up hanging open to reveal a green

tanktop underneath.

Arisu hadn't done much with the hidden villages for years… Not since they had begun to

really hunt down the Jinchuuriki, But it was pretty hard to ignore what had gone down in the

recent years… even as a ghost, living alone, away from the reach of living people, the fact taht

the wholescale slaughter of anyone shinobi or innocent villager bothered the ghost girl… and

then there was the fact that this newest fight was happening in the very village where she had

taken up residence in one of the older abandoned houses.

The ghost girl stood in the upstairs window, looking down at the outskirts of the village

even as the Jinchuuriki had begun to bear down on it. She sighed darkly and turned away from

the window after a few moments, then started to phase through the floor, heading into the

downstairs area… It looked like she was going to have to fight back against the recent attacks

afterall… How disappointing.

Looking at the village before them, Chitose has grown but her outfit has stayed the same.

Her hair bounces as she looks at the village and then looks over toward the others here. Idly she

focuses her chakra and smirks, "Well, they wanted this little war." She nods her head, "They will

get it." She glances at Mushi, "Time for them to die it seems. Last time though, we make this so

devestating they won't want to see us again." She nods her head, "Ever." Chitose looks ahead, "I

am through with them."

Kiyoshi drew to a stop and lifted his head up a little higher. He would remain this way

for a few extensive moments before lowering his gaze and begin moving on. That's when the

voice decide to give him a start by speaking again.

Kiyoshi managed to hold in check a growl, but a scowl still made its way to the surface.

The spring-haired young man is spared further contemplation by the command given by Mushi.

It was time. Time to show the world once again that a person can only be pushed to far. This

counted doubly so for a band of living weapons of mass destruction. Triple, in Kiyoshi's case,

because of the simple fact that the boy's spiteful nature has only grown with age. "Mmn.."

Quieter. Stockier. Taller. The years have been kind on the boy physically. And while he did

seem to stick to same code of dress wear since he first joined this ban of outlaws, mentally he

was practically a different character.

Things seemed to have taken a turn for the worst, what started out as a mere hunt for

Jinchuuriki had evolved into putting the villages in the state of constant fear from the amount of

destruction they could cause. Word was given to Uchiha Narusegawa that a village was

imminently going to be assaulted, with the amount of chaos building up throughout the region

the plan wasn't necessary to defeat the Jinchuuriki, but rather hold them and perhaps steer them

off course. Spotting the village up ahead she sprung forth, body garbed in a long black cloak,

much of her body obscured from the shadows of the cloth. She managed to find a high point i

nthe village, surveying the area to find just where these Jinchuuriki was coming from, the vibrant

gilsten of her radiating sharingan would make that easier….This experience…was going to be

tough… For the Jinchuuriki she was clearly visible.

The Kumogakure deployed forces were among those that had seen the might of the

Jinchuuriki group. The Raikage himself, Reizei Ogosokamaru, once again bullheadedly in his

youth as a village leader had taken up arms to personally see to the end of the Jinchuuriki threat.

Communique, scouts, and deployed teams of medics were still tirelessly en route to the newly

discovered target of the Jinchuuriki team, as Ogosokamaru himself sped with inhuman ferocity

towards the village. The might of Kumogakure's forces would stay home, in case sights were set

upon the Village Hidden in the Cloud. He had said his last goodbyes, that played over and over

in his head, saying them as thought he expected not to come home standing up.

He lands with a crinkle of dirt beneath his feet is all that is put out from him as he lands

next to the Uchiha female he knew from so long ago. "It's been quite a long time, Narusegawa,

that we fight alongside one another again." He's gotten older, a little wiser, but definately more..

grumpy and aggrivatable. His hand to his sword handle to rest there and wait for the right

moment, a little lower in the same area as

Of all those gathered here, of all those who happened here by luck or fate, he was the

only one seeming shaken. He also was attempting to keep out of sight. Yoshomaru Toji had

come along with Naru out of his own curiosity. He had no idea what he was going on until word

of the impending attack spread. That's when the panic originally set in, but now it has passed to a

dull nervousness. Thankfully enough, Kasumi's own training was keeping him mentally in

check. His hands weren't shaking anymore, and he had planned ahead. He was robed, tied tight

this time and for good reason. His entire robe on the inside was lined with sand, stones, sticks,

anything he could grab…and he was crouched behind Naru with his lips shaking a bit.

"They really are coming, aren't they…"

He says this as if he knows his own answer, even his chakra shows he doesn't believe himself


Mushi's dark green eyes move slowly over the area, taking in the people stepping out to

confront the Jinchuuriki. Her gaze flickers behind her, as if expecting someone to leap from the

shadows and ambush her. But it seems many are bravely and foolishly coming at her head

on. "Beware of traps," Mushi says in that same flat, cold tone. her voice is terrible though

quiet…no fear, no hesitation, no uncertainty. But at the same time no joy, no ferocity, only a deep

undercurrent of pure bitterness. Her eyes promise blood.

And then Mushi calls out, "Some might say 'If you value your life flee!' But everyone

who is here, who stands before us, will die. You've already made your choice when you stepped

into our boundaries. There will be no middle ground." And then a cloak of chakra swirls around

her, in the shape of wings and a tall horn. Wind blasts sharply out from the force of the chakra,

flattening the ground, and blowing away any loose objects. At the same time she's drawing

reserves of chakra to her in torrents.

Watching Mushi for a moment, Chitose merely crosses her arms before saying, "I think

this is the time." She looks around, "I have a feeling those who have been sent are of great

power." She nods her head, "Let us not play games." SHe chuckles and immediately presses her

cloak outward, purplish opaque energy flowing around her and covering her whole form as 8

tentacles flow out around her legs. She crosses her arms still and smirks, "Well, shall we begin?"

The dual voice coming from her seems deeper than prior.

Those who could detect irregularities in chakra would likely spot Arisu first as her chakra

cloud phased through the walls of her home, and out into the streets before condensing once

again into the shape of the young blonde girl, dressed in the blue kimono, and holding tight to a

large blue parasol.

"Wrong…" She stared towards Mushi and the other Jinchuuriki with a bored

expression, "…You stepped into mine." And then she turned around and faded away, rejoining

her chakra cloud, and vanishing from the reach of anyone present as her cloud shot towards the

hills, where the non-Jinchuuriki had gathered.

There, her chakra cloud condensed again, into her usual shape, "…I assume you're the

ones who are supposed to be defending my village…" She looked up at the others present, her

eyes briefly flickering towards Naru, and then away again. "…I fear that I'm going to have to join

you. I would appreciate it if you didn't try to kill me in the meantime." She considered briefly

adding the words 'Not that it'd help you' but decided not to bring it up, "I might suggest going in

sooner rather than later though… I don't think they'll be holding back for very long." She snaps

her parasol shut, and lets it fade back into her chakra cloud to give herself a little bit more energy

to play with… Then her eyes slowly turn black, a color that starts to spread through her face like

a roadmap of black crossing lines as she turns back toward the village in question.

A few last minute checks are given. Then it is time to start the mission. Just as Kiyoshi

had begun to prepare for the leap that would propel him well towards the center of the village, a

figure cloaked in black grabs his attention and gives the young man pause. Crimson eyes give

away the blood that had to flow through the hooded figure's viens. "Great." He mutters darkly as

he slipped a hand up to grab the handle of the zanbato at his backside. That is when others

appear in view — full and partial — adding to the enemies numbers. Even after recognizing that

one was none other than the Raikage, for his part, Kiyoshi did not lose his nerve. If anything, the

boy appeared more invigorated. That is if his body seemingly swelling beneath the overcoat gave

anything away.

"Hai." Kiyoshi returned tonelessly with a curt nod given. Afterwards Mushi takes the

forefront of the group and offered their would be adversary one last chance to 'try' and flee

before they swept through them just like the did the last poor fools to oppose them. Then came

the wind that ripped past and chitose, causing hair to dance and the air to grow just a little bit

harder to breath for a moment. He hated whenever Mushi and Chitose did that. Out of spite, he

was the first to charge the line, heedless of any protest. The only thing that 'mattered' was to be

the first to reach their targets, chakra being built up along the way. It was a long shot but the

youngest was to be his first target.

"Odo-kun…" Narusegawa respond softly as she sets her sights on Ogosokamaru, it had

been quite some time since they lost fight along side one another, years even but here they were,

together after all this time. "It's nice to know that I will have you at my back… I don't think I've

ever fought a battle which could lead to so much uncertainity. She then turned her eyes to

Yoshomaru, someone she was a bit familiar with, she had no idea why he was brought along, but

with todays events…everyone was needed. The sudden spike in chakra forced Naru to take a

knee and cover her eyes, extremely sensitive already.

Eventually she too began to force more chakra from her body. A seal upon her neck

began to rapidly spread and encompass her body, altering her skin into a rusty crimson hue, her

chakra surged to higher levels, not nearly as much as the jinchuuriki but enough to do what she

needed to do…. Wings skeletal frames began to rip from her back, imbuded with this azure like

chakra, nearing the completion of her transfomation her scelera had become as black as obsidian,

toes and fingers becoming more taloned. " We won't be moving out of the way…this ends now…

Normally I would ask you to turn yourself in…but you have killed to many others already, you

all deserve to die…" Narusegawa spat rather bluntly, it appeared as though her main attention

was on Mushi however. " You are going to have to go through us… all of us…" (Right Yosho?


A simple sigh comes from Ogosokamaru. "Yes. We will see what the other has learned,

and if we make it through this, I'll invite you over to see Yuzuna and meet the kids." With an idle

sniff, he pulls outward, and his sword emerges from it's sheath at his lower back with a singing

ring from the metal, a single glint of light from that would probably be visible to all the

Jinchuuriki. His voice roars forward, "Jinchuuriki! This is where your fight ends!" And with that,

the front of the group of Jinchuuriki would be his target, his full ability of his kekkei genkai

erupting in a white transluscent mist falling from head to toe of his body, and a resounding crash

like thunder would rage through the entire village as the Raikage takes the first measures of

battle against the Seven-tails.

The sting of chakra that's beyond him fills the air, and his eyes narrow. Whelp, it's all a

mental process from here to keep from panicking further. If you panic, you make mistakes, and

with what he does you simply can't make a mistake. Yoshomaru stands up behind Naru as she

begins to shift, and he…stands still.

"I have to just stop them…right?"

How can he ask that so confidently, to Naru? His face isn't shifting, his chakra isn't

surging. He's not going into some out-of-this-world state or into some four legged crazy stance.

He's just standing there beside Naru as the assault begins.

He's quiet. He's quiet. He's looking between each of them…knowing he doesn't stand a

chance in a face to face conflict even against the one with the fewest tails. He purses his lips…

And he waits.

He waits.

The sting of chakra that's beyond him fills the air, and his eyes narrow. Whelp, it's all a

mental process from here to keep from panicking further. If you panic, you make mistakes, and

with what he does you simply can't make a mistake. Yoshomaru stands up behind Naru as she

begins to shift, and he…stands still.

"I have to just stop them…right?"

How can he ask that so confidently, to Naru? His face isn't shifting, his chakra isn't

surging. He's not going into some out-of-this-world state or into some four legged crazy stance.

He's just standing there beside Naru as the assault begins.

He's quiet. He's quiet. He's looking between each of them…knowing he doesn't stand a

chance in a face to face conflict even against the one with the fewest tails. He purses his lips…

And he waits.

He waits.

Mushi gazes at Arisu's flight as she takes some vaporous form and drifts away, despite

her bold words. Though Mushi suspects she will return just as quickly. Standing there at the

front of the lines, Mushi starts to make her way forward. It seems she's going to waste no time in

razing this village, when someone blocks her path. She's never met Ogosokamaru before, but

even she knows the Raikage by appearance. She looks at him with slight amusement. It's fitting

that the people she most wanted to slay, the kages, had come before her, at least one. Though

with a kage and probably the other shinobi, they would have forces coming to back them up

soon. Mushi hadn't anticipated such a quickly assembled force, but she doesn't seem worried.

That's when the Raikage would come at him like a monster with the roar of lightning

behind him. Mushi makes a few quick seals and a torrent of seals flood forward, arranging into a

wall. The force of his blade would be absorbed by the seals, converting the power to nothing. As

quickly as it came, it'd dispel. Chakra now forms around Mushi's arm, clear and solid, in the

giant replica of a glove, massively big which would sweep down to smash Ogo into the ground,

and then swat him aside through a building.

Honestly, Chitose wasn't really wrathful or angry. She wasn't some monster. She almost

looked, as if she could be dressed in a business suit the same as standing there in full chakra

form. She watches Mushi and Ogo clash and looks to Yoshomaru rushing forward. After a

second she simply rushes off with incredible speed right for Arisu and thrusts her arms back…at

first this wouldn't seem odd till one notes her arms thrusting forward with sudden speed and

power and elongating like a pair of vicious whips, "Don't take it personal!" She whips one arm

down and follows with the other, "This is just business."

Arisu's body flickers slightly as the first whip aimed at her from Chitose manages to hit

nothing but air… the second strikes her semi-solid body cleanly though, slicing into her skin in a

way that SHOULD have drawn blood… but the wound just closes up as Arisu turns around

slowly, and frowns at the girl… Then she flickers again, and appears next to her, "…What exactly

do you hope to accomplish by attacking the dead?" Her head tilts unnaturally to the side, her

neck cracking unsettlingly as her seemingly empty black eyesockets stare at the girl.

The ground began to shake a bit as spectral hands began to crawl their way up from the

ground, accompanied by the deafening noise of unearthly screams as the semi-transparent, and

half rotten corpses of hundreds of different people began to pull themselves through the earth,

turning their attention on the attacking Jinchuuriki before surging forward with one thought in

their mind… Consume the chakra of their enemies, and deliver their chakra to the user… and of

course, making things that much easier on Arisu.

The ghost girl flickers back from her original target as the ghosts start to rush at her, and

turns her attention instead to the ringleader, the air around Mushi growing suddenly cold, and a

distinctly unsettling sensation most likely coming about, giving early warning to the rapidly

solidifying air around her… The ghost was trying to take hold and keep her from moving, making

it easier for her attackers.

Rage. Kiyoshi dances upon the precipice between sanity and blind anger in order to tune

out the battle taking place with the others. Distraction on the battlefield — the killing field would

only get him killed. Or so his experiences have taught him that on more than one occasion.

Another good rule of thumb would be to NOT attack an Uchiha first… Unfortunately,

Yoshomaru didn't look likely to leave her side anytime soon. An idea thankfully strikes him just

as he took hold of the blade at his back. One that meant charging straight >through< a build or

to, leap through the roof, shattering it with that thick head of his, and hopefully if he took the duo

by suprise as he intended, lash out with a shallow swing of the heavy blade. Followed up by a

powerful spin kick to try and knock him away from Naru. After that, it is just him and the uchiha

clan head. Less of course she cared more about taking care of the bigger threat than playing

protector of a kid.

There was a horde of zombie-ghost-hybrid-things that >did< slow him down along the

way and made him look a little silly trying to keep from being touched… BUT nobody was

watching that right? Not while there's an epic life and death struggle between a high class

Jinchuuriki, ghost, kages, and hent—tentacle monsters, right? >.>

It was apparent to Narusegawa that Ogo had things under control, it would be up to her

and Yosho to deal with the others, she was quite hopeful that thigns would stay in their favor.

For now it was hard to determin ewhat was what but finall the fighting did start with the

thundering of Ogo's blade, he was quick, almost impossible to keep up with. As Arisu beared

down upon Chitose, Naru set her sights on the jinchuuriki striking the genin next to her, he

attempted to push him back away from her but she maintained close proximity. She ducked and

planted a hand into the ground as they crossed paths, summoning a massive slithering white

snake to wrap about Kiyoshi and restrict him instantly, Hit or miss the devil of an Uchiha

smirked and unsheathed the glistening blade at her back side. " Where do you think your going?"

She mocked, with one twist of her wrist she attempted to drive the edge of her blade down into

his foot in order to pin him down….

The hand coming down to Ogosokamaru after he was stopped by those tag thingies that

seemed to create an almost wall around the seven-tails host, he was immediately out of the way,

probably out of the line of sight of everyone for a split second before he blurred right towards


His aim was to get around, over under or through those tags surrounding her and with his

large hand (he'd grown a little in the last years, maybe half a foot or so, even at his early twenties

body age) aim to grab them by the face, and turn, lurching his body around, and straight down at

his feet in a great earth-rending trajectory worthy of probably Atlas himself with a great

bellow, "You will not throw me!! I'll show you how!" That is, if he could make it to them in

the first place.

No such skill.

Yoshomaru's eyes go wide the moment he realizes he's been made an immediate target.

Reflex kicks in, and he attempts to swerve his body away from the blade but is still slashed right

across the shoulder. His face tenses a moment, snapping out of reflexes that have been pounded

into him and more into Kasumi's mindset. The contact was enough for him to simply fade into

nothing when Kiyoshi attempts to knock him away from his security blanket. Genjutsu, and yes

he was not shy about using it. He knows one thing, if these things have a ton of chakra…it has to

be exhausting anyway to keep it up. Yoshomaru's real location is to Kiyoshi's rear right, and he's

already shoving a hand forward towards Kiyoshi's side.


This would be a delicate, dangerous enough situation to use it after all…his open palm is

aimed right for Kiyoshi's sword shoulder, but what he really wants is simple.

He's being sneaky…a kunai launches from his robe's wrist holder due to the momentum

of his strike.

And if his strike hits…well…Boom.

Mushi is looking around to assess the various threats coming towards her. However,

when the ghostly apparition tries to wrap around her, it'd instead find itself dissolving within her

chakra cloak as if the chakra is made of fire that is burning and consuming. Mushi then glances

to the side to notice that Kiyoshi is being hard pressed by a formidable opponent.

And then she's blocking many attacks. Ghost clones. Ghost tentacles. What the heck is

this fight!? She successfully blocks Ogo's attack, or so she thinks. He simply powers through her

cloak to grab her and hurl her. There's the sensation of a strong arm, then air as she flies through

it, and then a jarring blow to the head. One that leaves the world spinning as she climbs to her

feet in an attempt to gather herself.

The ghost passes through Chitose and she is unable to avoid it. She shudders from the

draining power of the clone and then shakes her head before turning her attention to Naru as she

interferes with the fight between Kiyoshi and Yosho. A frown at the lack of ghost to atack so the

8 tailed beast simply turns its attentions to Naru and sends three simple attacks her way, "You

really ought to let the two fight it out. You have problems of your own!"

There was no time to think and even less to act upon. Yosho's nicked, but by the time he

spun around for the kick he fades into non-existence. Speed? Likely, but… Too much thinking

and not enough acting. As a result the boy is paralyzed and crippled in short order. He does not

cry out. He could not even if he wanted to. Meruin's training all those years ago was just that

effective. Although if Naru bothered to listen closely enough she would hear the subtle grunt of

pain from the initial shock. Instinct dictated that he made a grab for the blade or sacrifice the

limb in the process of trying to get away. It was not as if the damage would be permanent.

Kiyoshi however does not choose either option. Yoshomaru had certainly saw to that in his own

way by taking that first step too loudly.

He bows, dodging both strike and blade in one smooth action.

"Kokuo." The front of his jacket is ripped open under the force of the chakra cloak

exploding into being. One tail quickly joins two… then, the roof will come down on all of them

thanks to both being slammed into it, unleashing a shockwave meant to disrupt Yosho's footing

long enough for him to come crashing into the wreckage along with him. During the last few

moments he catches sight of Chitose out of his peripherial, but by that point it is too late to warn

her to abadon the roof.

COMBAT: Kiyoshi attacks Yoshomaru with BIJUU-CHAKRA-TAIL-SWIPE…30

The simple attacks was met with instant retaliation. She kept close proximity to Yosho,

there was no way she was going to allow him to fight a jinchuuriki alone. Pulling her flesh

sketetal easily out of reach of chitose. The swirl of her now violet sharingan twirled with each

tomoe, pulling Chitose into a brief hypnosis as they made eye contact. "How about you /kneel/?"

Narusegawa commanded, her attempt to bring Chitose down upon one knee and prompt for

Yoshomaru to have an advantage. " Go Yosho-san!" She then calls out, turning on her heel she

threw her arm towards Kiyoshi, without her blade she relied on her snakes, propelling out from

under her sleeves armed with venom tipped blades… Perhaps this would slow down his advance.

Ogosokamaru sees his target in a daze, but still she's gotten up from his previous attack.

He wields his blade with two hands, quickly running at her, and past her while his blade is aimed

for her upper left chest and shoulder area. Ogo aims to do as much damage as possible to that

area of the body, maybe even immobilize her arm completely if it's deep enough a slice into her

abdomen and vital bloodflow and muscle groups(If, up to consent to lose a limb). But he's ready

for more, as well making momentarily certain noone is coming at him from odd angles or

unexpected directions, squaring up to Mushi for another round against the seven

tails. "Narusegawa! Status!" He yells to his Uchiha Clan Head counterpart in this massacre of


COMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks Mushi with CLEAVE…56

Yoshomaru hears Naru's orders, and it was what caused him to hesitate. He suddenly

feels the searing pain of being swiped hard and clear across the ground…but he grabs his fingers

into the dirt to catch himself. He skids maybe another five feet before vaulting back full force.

There's something different this time, and it's clear from the start. Yoshomaru takes orders well.

Sandles suddenly fly through the air…sandles. One landing near Chitose's feet

harmlessly while the other lands nearby Kiyoshi.

That's the key, as the somersaulting Yoshomaru lands between the both of them, he has

two pebbles in his palms. With his hands forced towards both Chitose and Kiyoshi, his eyes go

wide a moment.


He pushes the pebbles outward, and immediately they blast a powerful, fiery explosion

in both directions!…

This tandem event though has a spin…the sandels suddenly detonate a second later!?

Yoshomaru planned a chain explosion from the start, something he picked up on from his father,

and he knows how to make a racket! ><!

Mushi grunts as Ogo's blade penetrates her side in a splash of blood. He's a skilled

taijutsuist…perhaps the best she's ever seen. No wonder he worked his way up to the rank of

Raikage. But at the same time as her plight Mushi is noticing her team is very hard pressed

around her. And if this goes on they won't have any energy to destroy this village. By now

Mushi has shaken off her daze and she's running away from Ogo! No, not away from him, but

towards that Uchiha bullying both of her comrades. Her chakra cloak flares around her, writhing

like a living behind, and shooting forward to consume Naru in clear, bubbling chakra. But one

that would drain her so rapidly and severely she'd find it difficult to move an inch.

Looking to Naru, Chitose simply opens her mouth and bites her lower lip with a grin as

blood flows into her chakra cloak. She hten shakes her head as she simply jumps out of the

explosions created by Yosho. She then looks to Naru and hmms, "Fine th en." She simply jumps

aside as she hears the incoming Mushi and then shrugs, "Seems you have your own

problems…and so does your genin." She then turns her eyes to Yosho and starts attacking him

with purpose, her arms bend at such severely odd angles that it is somewhat harder to defend

against these otherwise normal punches, "Come on, explosion artist. Show me how brightly you


The roof holds. Mostly. An unexpected even to say the least. Even so, he still had Yosho

off balance… right? In a few mere moments Kiyoshi's hopes die upon being attacked on too

fronts. Angered, the boy drops his sword and doesn't even bother to try and evade the strikes at

his backside. He needed more power. More than what he has been drawing on thus far. Naru

gave him no chance. The boy… too a degree, even less. Snakes tear through his cloak and find

their purchase they demanded before being incinerated by the cloak. Poison now cycles through

his veins along with his blood. Such matters are far from Kiyoshi's concern.

Moving to the best of his ability, the first explosion is evade. The second catches him in

the injuried leg, sending him flying a short ways back from the others. He hits the ground rolling,

instinct once more guiding him towards reducing the damage to the best his ability until the time

came to get back on his feet. By that point a third tail has joined the last two, awakening more of

the creatures will and granting the teen a second reprieve in the form of that same rush of energy

restoring wounds, and by extension mobility first.

Narusegawa was quite nimble, especially with her affinity for lightning. Mushi's attack

didn't quite meet it's mark. As the attack ran the Uchiha through her body fizzled out in a burst of

lightning, skittering closer towards Yoshomaru giving her ample time to slip away one of the

bent arms of Chitose, "Stay alert…" Narusegawa demanded training her eyes on both Chitose and

Kiyoshi, she wasn't going to give them the opprotunity to build up their strength. Summoning

chakra into her lungs she expelled a sphere of raging fire chakra in seperate streams, each of

them getting a dose of a massive explosion.

Yoshomaru expected them to go on the offensive the moment he started bringing out his

Kekkei Genkai. It's what he hoped for…and even knowin when they were closing in on him, and

then Naru attempted to protect him, they were coming right into the center of the 'weakened

area.' His eyes close…and he's smashed hard. Both blows land heavy on the boy's body, and the

ground buckles beneath him. His eyes open immediately after Chitose's final blow.

"Those were my sandles…You do the math."

Yoshomaru's eyes go wide, and an almost insane grin crosses his face. No, he's not nuts,

it's intimidation…

Intimidating enough is the fact his bare feet detonate the very surface beneath them,

opening up a chasm of fire and debris below. His eyes stay wide, more detonations happen all

around Chitose and himself…

Chitose got too close to him.

Mushi turns her attention to what may well be the larger threat. Apart from an instantly

fatal blow, physical attacks mean less to her than this one. "What's your name?" she asks Naru

curiously, almost politely. Every shinobi with a bingobook knows hers, but Mushi seems to be

interested. Interested, that is, as she's forming up for another attack, making a series of seals.

And then rising up from the ground like pools of black ink are wide, circular seals under the feet

of all her opponents. The instant they were fully formed, the seals would suck the chakra and

energy of each person down.

A blink as she looks at Kiyoshi rush into the fireballs, Chitose merely snorts, "Fool." She

then turns and her eyes go wide as she feels pain start to well up from the attack of Yoshomaru.

As the first wound wells up on her, a hand goes to it but as she holds a hand over the wound,

squeezing to try to hold it shut, the pain causes her brain to kick in, as it has been trained to in

the past. As more wounds well up she squeezes harder, nails digging in and actually welling up

blood before she stands up straight and stares at Yoshomaru, "No no." She states and shakes her

head before she rushes him to send two whipping arms down upon him.

Again. It's happening all over again!! Without thinking Kiyoshi rushed head long into

the fire, revealing to all just why the Gobi was naturally the fastest bijuu. He didn't care if he

looked like a fool, what came after, or even his own pathetic shell of a life at this point. He

wanted — needed to protect to his allies. The shinobi who did not share the same burden as they

did…. who knew not what it truly meant to be hunted down for a power they did not even wish to

have. Nothing —


The explosion sent him flying… but the charger refused to stay down that easily!


When next he goes flying, the teenager has all but cleared through a building along the

way and ragdolls the rest of the way. Hell was just a word before that moment. Now he truly

knew what it felt like to be in its earthly equivalent. The only thing keeping him standing at this

point is the Gobi goading him to stay conscious, to rise if only into an all four stance, and shakily

remain standing while it tried to heal the damage. With the poison coursing through his system

still, the task is easier said than done. Nevertheless, it would try its hardest. Neither of them

could afford to lose again.

Never. Again.

It seemed as though things were quickly spinning out of control. Mushi's constant

assaults began to wear down at her, not quite as much as Mushi had hoped but it did assist in

brinign her down just enough to fail her counter chitose's attack upon her genin, "I'm… not sure

how Long I can keep this up…" Naru exclaimed to both Yosho and Ogo, using this as a moment

to take a giant leap back, she needed some time to prepare for what was to come. lightning began

to wrap about her talon like fingers, forging right at her finger tips….

Yoshomaru only narrowed his eyes at Chitose as the next blows came. His eyes

suddenly go blurry though. His body was going numb quickly, he had been focusing far too

much on the two nearby that he didn't see what else was coming his way. Yoshomaru goes cold

to the touch immediately as the seal takes effect, being closer to a Genin than anyone else. It was

too much for the young boy to bear at that moment. Two to deal with, a third with an unexpected

attack, he's immediately overwhelmed. The seal does it's damage, and outright pulls the life clear

out of the boy as he falls face forward right over onto Chitose. He didn't even have time to even

make a sound, he was just gone.

The seal hits Ogosokamaru like a sack of.. something really heavy.. mountains. We'll go

with a sack of mountains. The last few moments he was disturbed by the sight of the body of a

child killed in the destruction they were causing right here in this village. Those that couldn't

make it out, were doomed to suffer.

That little girl there couldn't be any older than his own daughter with Yuzuna. This

redoubles his fervor, and through the drain of the seal, he grips his sword tightly. All on the

battlefield may see a glint of light, a sliver thick flicker between where Ogo is this moment, and

where he is in the next. On the other side of Kiyoshi by several feet, blood spattering out in front

and to the side of Ogosokamaru, his sword held out straight in front of him from the end of the

slash that was aimed directly for the neck of the jinchuuriki of Goku.

A moment later, the jinchuuriki that was on all fours, was now flat on the ground as his

head rolls lifelessly away from his body with a clean, precise cut.

"A good death, indeed." He flicks the blood from his weapon and turns towards his next

intended target with an animalian snarl.


Mushi looks around at the battlefield, but she's too late to stop it. The Raikage reaches

Kiyoshi first, and a moment later his head is rolling on the ground, just as hers had drained the

life from the other one. Another Jinchuuriki down—how can she bear the weight of this on her

soul? There's only one answer. Kill everyone besides other Jinchuuriki who witnessed Kiyoshi's

death, who saw his last moments, who brought about the end of his life. Only their blood would

appease her.

"You'll die," Mushi says quietly, and then in a roar: "YOU'LL BOTH DIE!" And then the

chakra around Mushi is bursting like a solar flare, climbing higher and wider, engulfing her in a

hill of boiling, seething chakra that hardens in the form of a giant that turns the sun red. And then

she would be falling, aiming to make a crater in the ground that would not only crush Naru and

Ogo, but also practically a fourth of the small village.

And Yoshomaru would fall toward her and Chitose for her part? Would just step to the

side and use a hand to push his lifeless body to the ground, "Well, that's about that, huh?" She

looks to Kiyoshi's head on the ground and then looks over at Mushi as she goes wild. "Well,

seems this dance you have planned for me will have to wait." Chitose looks at Ogo, "Enjoy."

And with that Chitose departs a fair distance away. She isn't running away per se…she's just

getting out of the way of the falling Mushi, "So flashy." She chuckles as she moves.

Being in the way of this attack was a bad idea, Narusegawa made absolutely sure she was

as far away from the blast radius as possible, a mix of lightning and forging propelled her off

into the distance, just enough to escape the cratering of the ground while focusing the last bit of

chakra into her attack, the electricity built up along her hand had finalized into a surge of

massive long claws of electricity visible upon her finger tips…. "We ahve to end this

quickly…before more people have to die…" Naru whispered softly to herself, not even aware as

to what Chitose was doign at the moment, Naru was focused on preperation…Yosho was down

for the count…but there was no looking back….

Ogosokamaru looks at Chitose, then up as the sun is blotted out. Their own fell, the

young Yoshomaru. They had felled one of the jinchuuriki though. As much as he hated it, "We'll

be back for your bodies, warriors.." he says to both of them, kneeling and speeding away to

safety, caught in the cloud stirred up by the giant landing, and Ogo was now facing Chitose..


"Now.. where were we?" He had sheathed his sword to move like that, and it takes him a

moment through labored breaths, but he draws his weapon again, eyeing his target once again.

Ogosokamaru looks at Chitose, then up as the sun is blotted out. Their own fell, the

young Yoshomaru. They had felled one of the jinchuuriki though. As much as he hated it, "We'll

be back for your bodies, warriors.." he says to both of them, kneeling and speeding away to

safety, caught in the cloud stirred up by the giant landing, and Ogo was now facing Chitose..


"Now.. where were we?" He had sheathed his sword to move like that, and it takes him a

moment through labored breaths, but he draws his weapon again, eyeing his target once again.

His chakra pushing to balance out what little reserves he has left to make the most of his last

moments, possibly in this life. But it's already all worth it.

The cloak is rapidly vanishing but it leaves behind a huge dent in the ground—maybe not

the fourth the size of the village. But still sizable nonetheless. As everyone is recovering from

the chaos, Mushi looks over her shoulder to see how Chitose is doing. Good, she seems fine,

though just as tired as everyone. Speaking of tired, she's going to drain these pieces of trash dry.

It's strange—for a death match people don't seem to be in bad condition. It's the lack of stamina

that is eating away at them.

Mushi takes in a deep breath as if gathering herself, holding her breath in. And then she

spits outwards in a hissing torrent—a huge spray of acidic venom aimed to cover Ogo. It'd burn

on contact but then rapidly harden to the point of metal, imprisoning him there. Like much of her

other chakra the venom would have draining properties, as it not only leeched him of his

strength, but transferred just a little of it to Mushi.

"I believe we were at the portion of the show where you die." She nods to Ogo, "Feeling

so confident are we?" Her dual voice, a deep reverberating voice and the voice of a teenaged

girl, "Were you so confident when you cut off Kiyoshi's head? He was a child!" She states, "I am

a monster!" And she rushes forward…though she turns before getting to Ogo and rushes straight

at Naru, "You first!" And she flips foward, landing on her hands flipping in the air, both arms

stretching out and then aiming to whip right into Naru, "Lets finish this!"

The lightning claw was still buzzing in the Uchiha's hand as she moved swifly through

the barrage of attacks, her chakra happened to be running a little low however, forcing her more

into a fleeting retreating position rather than on the offensive. Ogo seemed to have things under

control, or at least if the attack aimed upon him didn't hit it's mark. For Now there was nothing

Narusegawa could do other than set back and build up just a little bit more energy.

The leeching length of chakra latches onto Ogosokamaru, causing him to fall to a knee,

sticking the tip of his sword into the ground below him as he grunts, attempting to stand and face

Mushi. But it was just no use as his chakra is drained, and precious energy he still has left is

slowly being pulled from him.

Mushi looks pitilessly at Ogo. "Are you going to beg for mercy, Raikage-sama?" she asks

coldly. But she doesn't seem to expect it and probably won't hear it—this isn't the type of man to

grovel, even if it's his life on the line. And instead of trying to damage him once again the seals

would be spreading out along the ground, to encircle Ogo. They'd drain him of all his energy,

while Mushi keeps a close eye on her comrade and the woman she's facing. That Uchiha is out of

her league—it's an accomplishment to last that long. "I'll be there soon," she mutters. Mushi

wouldn't let everyone die, not in a place like this.

A glance to the side at Ogo and then back at Naru, before she hmms and looks at Naru

again, "Well, seems this little test may have come to an end for your friend. Do you let the

Raikage die to her or do you finish me." She tilts her head, "Or is both in your plans?" She

simply throws a serious of attacks, her arm seeming to bend and move in ways that it shouldn't,

almost as if she had no bones at all in those arms, "Come on then! Kill me! If you can!"

"Narusegawa held her stance, dancing between each strike until finally she through

herself foward. " The Raikage isn't dying!" Upon those words she beelined straight for Mushi,

launching herself over Chitose with the help of her azure wings and then pulling herself to hone

in right into Mushi, while she was preparing her attack upon Ogo she herself planted the power

of her forged lightning claw, an attempt to impale her straight through the heart with an array of

intensely focused lightning chakra. " This is going to be the end of you!" Naru pushed up, hit or

miss more chakra was begining to develop, this time along her opposing left hand.



A whisper in Ogosokamaru's mind. Thirst. Blood.

The attack of the draining seal comes at Ogosokamaru like a pang. That blade. The one

he kept inside his jacket for the last seven years.

It screams in his mind, the thirst for blood. The red gem in the hilt glowing it's dim, soft

blood-red, faint little light.

Ogosokamaru stands after being drained of just about everything he had, and yet he still

had more. Worthy of the title of Raikage? Let's hope it's true. And now, he stands up, reaching

into his jacket, and removing that red and black blade. The faint aura of red mist starting to flow

from his head to toe. "C'mon then, little missy." He was talking different, too, after drawing that

sword in tone and vileness of demeanor. No wonder he kept it hidden for so long.

Mushi is drawing up for another attack when Naru comes at her in a blur. There's her

own strangled cry, a splash of blood, and the woman's hand is sticking out of her chest—not quite

near her heart. She leaps back to get some distance, clutching at the open wound. And while

she's doing that she's drawing chakra to her, breaking down what little energy she has left to use

it as healing chakra. Chakra flames gather around her fingertips and she stamps them on her skin.

A coil would unravel and sink into her flesh, infusing her with powerful healing chakra. But now

Mushi is panting—badly. Man she's tired. She can take out the Raikage, but she's far less sure

about this thrice-cursed Uchiha dog.

Watching as Mushi is attacked and Ogo is busy facing her, too. Chitose does what she

does best in these situations…survive. She smirks and shakes her head, "Have fun." SHe

whispers softly to herself and simply attempts to slip away from the fight as the others prepare to

finish Mushi off. Who here was truly the evil one? Hmm…

Even as Mushi pushed off to heal her wounds Narusegawa was determined to press the

attack. The Claw which pierced her before flickered out of existence however in the other hand a

blade of raging vibrant chakra took form, extending out into a blade of pure chakra…. She kept

up the speed and truly did intend to finish of Mushi if she could. Naru wasn't entirely concerned

about Chitose just yet…not unless she was planning on hurting Ogo… "Lightning Release…

Forged Lightning Blade!" With her left hand she extended the blade out towards Mushi,

attempting to impale her and engross her in a massive and mighty explosion of zappy energy.


Ogosokamaru's heartbeat thudded through himself and the blade as he noticed the one

trying to sneak off. Predatory, injured and weak get eaten first.

With both blades in hand, he goes for the one trying to get away, and towards Chitose he

gains ground, a resounding crack with his straight blade, and the second blade the slice (if it hits)

she would feel part of her lifeforce being sucked away along with the damage it would naturally

cause from the metal tearing into flesh. (Again, if it hits)

Mushi has just managed to heal herself, and of all the things she's shown, even the

abilities of her bijuu, her healing might be the most impressive one. Gaping wounds and burns

simply vanish, leaving whole, healthy skin. However she's exhausted, with her sweat burning up

in the heat of her bijuu cloak. And even that seems to be weakening. When Ogo comes at her

with his desperate attack Mushi would try to evade, but her body doesn't respond very well. And

she'd be caught by Naru's unmistakable attack, falling back. She lets out a sigh—regret, sadness,

anguish?—and then falls, drained of her life before she hits the ground.

Despite it all, the eight tails still seems to be holding form, it's likely all that is holding

that creature together. Chitose feels the blades rip into her and she can feel the fact that she is

near her end. Her body stumbling and she finally does the only thing she can think to do at this

moment. She stops, turns around and grins as she lets the beast flow back inside of her. She is

bleeding but surprisingly low on pain and damage. SHe looks up at Ogosokamaru, again a little

girl who he had cut up. She looks up at him and gives him her best, smile, pulling her mask

down and letting him stare right into her eyes. If he was going to kill her, he'd better be ready to

look that little girl in the eyes when he cuts her life oh so short.

Naru hit her mark… Mushi had fallen victim to her lightning blade and it seemed almost

assuredly that there wouldn't be a second burst of chakra to heal from this one, she carefully after

Ogo's following attack, no retaliation, simply taking the full brunt of the attack it wasn't going to

be long now until she was completely out of energy… This drew her attention towards last

jinchuuriki, someone who had already been cut down by Ogo but not quite out of the fight just

yet. "Just a little more chakra…Kaminari!" Naru incanted trying to manifest and maintain her

energy, focusing her eyes upon Chitose as if she was locked on. IN a single instance she

attempted to ignite her in a barrage of torrmenting crimson red lightning, a powerful force which

would eplete the remainder of her energy and end her life. It would hopefully eat and zap her

flesh until there was nothing left… These beasts had to die..

Watching as Naru turns on her, she looks straight toward Naru and screams out, "DO

IT!" She is then hit by the power of teh pure lightning. Her body twitching and spasming as she

screams out in pain and is burnt nearly to a crisp. The thing about all that damage and pain is that

Chitose is of Sunagakure. A girl who fought thorugh the harsh desert since a very young age. A

girl who has been through pain and torment and suffering. As she is burnt up the screaming

subsides and then all that is left is a fully burnt girl who's head is down. SHe looks slowly up at

Naru and grins white teeth out of her charred black skin and then laughs softly, "Ha ha…ha…"

and blood drips over her teeth as she falls back down to the ground, unconscious.

Ogosokamaru lifts both of his weapons to effectively use them as scissors to lop her head

off. But she smiles sweetly up at him, and a vision of his own daughter is there, staring up at him

in ten years. He pauses, just long enough for his Konoha compatriot to deal basically the final


After the attack is said and done, Ogo drops to his knees in front of Chitose, tears

streaming down his face and, almost pathetically, gets down on all fours and crawls the last

couple paces to her, getting up on his knees and pulling her up to him to hold her like a parent

holds a child.

From out of his jacket comes his tanto. Thirteen inches of forged steel. His breath bated,

he whispers something into her ear as he pulls her close, pushing the blade right into her heart.

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