Battle of the two nobles, Battle of fire and ice!


Fudo, Sakuryu

Date: August 14, 2013


After a short conversation and boasting two noble ninja an Uchiha and a Shirayuki clash in a respectful battle matching blow for blow before ending with a respectful nod.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Battle of the two nobles, Battle of fire and ice!"

Konohagakure-Hantsuki Clearing

Sakuryu sighs as she wafts the fan quickly over the flames to make the smoke and flame billow over her skewered salamanders. "Can't believe that this village doesn't have swamp frog or salamander..>"

The written exam portion was almost over by this point, and Fudo had turned his questions in early in order to focus on more pressing matters such as jutsu work, continuing missions, and relaxing with the few friends he had. But this time it was once again time for him to look in to training. He walked along the path towards the grounds, noticing someone cooking over a camp fire as he would pass, causing him to glance their way and wonder about that.

Sakuryu sighs "Why can't they just disqualify those who don't turn their answers in before a week." She grumbles and stands. She appeared to be a tall teen girl, long cascasing white hair held back by a blue bandana wearing what look to be the clothes of a pirate though altered here and there for better movement. "They should just promote me now."
Shun has arrived.

"Ah…" Fudo stated as he looked to the girl murmuring to herself. He himself appeared to wear a lot of leather, or at least what looked to be leather. His hair close to medium length for a boy and raven black. "… and why is that?" Fudo would ask her about her feelings that she should just be promoted already.

Sakuryu looks over to the boy with a stretch before smirking. "Because I'm going to pass my promotion exams easily anyways, so why even bother making me attack the others?" She smiles warmly before snickering.

Fudo would smirk at the girl. "That's quite a bit of confidence you have there." he would say smoothly as he'd turn to face her completely. "Don't let your lizard burn." He'd warn, as he may have distracted her a bit with his intrusion. "Still… confidence is not a bad thing. I've been known to have some myself."

Sakuryu nods and flicks her heel, letting her skewer flip up to her hand before taking a bite out of it. "Tastes fine to me." she chuckles a little bit before licking her lips. "Hmm confidence without a means to back it up is merely boasting."

"And many more people are fond of that than they are of proving themselves, I have found." Fudo would agree as the young girl snacks. "So, do you believe that the only reason that you are here is to show your power? Is that what your village expects of you, and nothing more?" Fudo would ask, now interested in just what this girl was thinking was her sure fire success in these exams to come. But also, wanting to learn a bit about her mentality about this whole thing, beyond her confidence.

Sakuryu munches her lizard with a little stretch before grinning a bit. "Hmmm well power is not everything no, but I have recently had an increase in that after just being a genius of ninjutsu I have aquired a power for physical fighting as well." She smirks

"A genius? I am not sure i've ever met one of those." Fudo would smirk back as he raised a brow slightly. "Might you impart some of your talent so that I may bare witness?" Fudo asked of her then, cordially inviting her to display such high self praise in a manner that perhaps he could comprehend. "When you are done eatting of course." he would add, not to be rude.

Sakuryu sighs a little bit before stretching out lightly. She cleans off the salamander before tossing the skewer like a senbon, burying the tip into the tree. "Hmmm fine, what are you up for?" She asks with another stretch seeming kind of lazy….and pirate…-y? for a Ninja."

"I leave that up to you, as you are the one with talent to spare." Fudo would say with a bit of a roguish smile. "I will try to keep up." He would affirm, as he drew closer, only to take a look at her fire pit and the bit of a camp site. He still wondered why she was camped along the forest path like this, but not enough to ask. "What is your name, as well?" he would ask then.
Sakuryu seems to get serious very fast, an icy glint in her eyes as she prepares and goes for her bag. "Shirayuki Sakuryu, Daughter of the current snow prince, Kunoichi of Kirigakure and next inheritor to the Shirayuki throne!" She says before stepping back quickly, focusing in on herself as the air around her shifts, the air getting colder, a biting frost spinning around her as her skin turns ghostly pale. The light blue eyes of the girl become even more like her treasured element and as she readjusts her stance frost starts to spread out from her feet like a quickly weaving spider web.

"Shirayuki Sakuryu. I see… another one." Fudo would state before he'd simply keep his gaze upon her. "Fudo." he would reply with his name and nothing more. He didn't have titles or inheritances or claims to thrones, and his surname, while it was important to everyone else, was not what he knew himself as. He could tell that she had prepared chakra and she gave him slight memories of Katsurou, so he thought already that this would be quite interesting. Focusing a bit of chakra himself, he would not let her out of his sight for anything it seemed.

Sakuryu smirks "Another? You could have only faced Aoi or Katsurou, and you still breath so you did not face Aoi." She smirks a little bit before looking him over slowly. "If you expect my cousin…you're sadly mistaken…" She smirks and jumps to the trees forming handsigns fast as she can before letting out a quick volley to cover the area with ice made senbon.

Casually leaning and ducking around and away from the projectile volley, fudo would say, "Aoi… hmm, sounds like someone I should meet some time." Fudo mused with a slight smirk as he would use a hand seal and attempt to force the girl to her knees as he would twirl a single kunai in to his grip and toss it towards her after, both to snap her out of it as well as to inflict a small wound if she had succumb. "You are correct however, Katsurou is who I have met."

Sakuryu sees the kunai and tries to dodge it not noticing the genjutsu as it overtakes her, the girl fighting it as she falls to her knees, the kunai swiping by her causing her cold flesh to burn with the heat of her blood. "Burn it, and I woudln't fight her, she is a seven swordsman." She pants a little and adjusts her shirt a little before reaching behind her. She seems to glow a light blue as her chakra moves into what looks like a crude bone and ice Kusari gama, the barbed blade growing into a long nasty blade before Sakuryu whips it at Fudo in a twisting arc aiming to tear at his torso before twisting the chain in the air to draw it back in another wicked arc towards him.

Ducking low under the first sweep of the blade, Fudo kept his eyes o nthe girl as he'd take a step back and leaned when the second sweep came around. "A seven swordsman. From what I understand, that is one of the best in your village, right?" He would say to her with a bit of a cant of his head. Though this didn't last long before he'd fling two shuriken at her, seemingly having palmed them while she was taking swings at him, They would head towards her in an arc as well, though simultaneously as the moves to intersect with her in the middle. They continued on however after that, moving to wrap the razor wire that was connected to them around her as he'd leap from his position to send a kick towards her chest.

Sakuryu pulls the blade back, letting the chain whip to knock the shuriken out of the way though her fleet footed move after is not enough to dodge the wire that binds her. "D…deepfreeze." She fights it and takes the kick, tumbling back before standing up again to look him over with a huff. "Yes, the best of the best!" She narrows her eyes before forming more handsigns pushing her chakra into the ground to make the needles burst forth into prisons of ice moving to encase him in a beautiful lotus made of ice. Whether it hit or he dodged Sakuryu would still move into the forest, cutting her thumb open before slamming her hand onto the ground discreetly summoning forth her ace in the hole.

Hopping back from the forming crystals that began to bloom at his feet, he would see quite the interesting jutsu form. Something else he didn't want to make contact with any time soon. She had quite a few ice jutsu, certainly denoting her talents as he would watch her disappear in to the woods. "I can see why you are so confident." Fudo would state as he'd stride after her in to the forest, in no rush to catch her or to fall in to a trap. "But to become a Chuunin, you do realize that there is more to it, right?" He'd ask, though he didn't see her directly right now.

Sakuryu smirks and leaps from above with a grin, letting fly another volley of needles, when she hits the ground she whips out the scythe blade out again before cracking it back at neck level. "It takes enginuity, technique, fleet movements, observation, knowledge and the ability to speak." She chuckles and rolls away signalling to Yuki secretly.

This time, Fudo wasn't able to just slip away from the icy barrage, the terrain making his movements more confined, and the fire more focused. A streak of red would be seen upon his shoulder now as well as a cut along his cheek as he would smirk a bit, seemingly ignoring the damage for the moment. "All of that is true. And I assume that you are confident in yourself in all of those abilities as well?" He would ask before reaching in to his pouch and gathering a hand full of tools before tossing them in to Sakuryu's path, the Makibishi and smoke bombs getting in her way as Fudo himself moved to slip in to the cover and out of sight.

Yukihana knew the deal, she was a small fox with a dark coat and could easily slip away. While the boy was distracted with Sakuryu she would use her power to haunt his dreams sending the image of a demonic Fox bounding from the forest, destroying the trees and brush to pounce the boy raking it's sword like claws into the shoulders and stomach of the boy before biting in with its dagger like teeth biting, gnawing and tearing at him for it's next meal. As the fox tears another situation encroaches a terrible storm of ice and wind comes through, whipping and tearing into the area to blow and whip around, the cold of the air settling into the boy to eat down to the bones to cause him to tremble, shakes and feel as though he was in a frostbitten nightmare.

Sakuryu hoped Yuki was in position and her momentary lapse caused her to not move in time the Makibishi hitting her feet. "Agh you and your traps." She chuckles, seems she was having fun. "You'll get yours don't worry!" She smirks and tries to get out of the trap, soon pulling a kunai out to help. "Frost these traps." She grumbles as she tries to work her way out

Glancing over towards the fox, he would catch it just in time to fall in to the genjutsu of it attacking as a dire fox like form ripping in to him, clawing and biting savagely, having successfully hunted him down for the kill. And then he was left there, bleeding and disfigured as the bitter winter would come, biting in to him in a completely different way, leaving him numb, frozen, petrified as he lay there helpless in his genjutsu hell. Of course, he was merely standing there in reality, and his eyes seemed vacant, nearly glossed over as he experienced the false reality.

Yukihana chuckles and dashes away carefully and hides once more, sneaking down into the deep and dark underbrush after sneaking behind Sakuryu to toss her a little firey fox love. Soon burrowing back down into the brush.

Sakuryu grins and gets out of the trap seeing that the strange boy was dazed and glazed over she gets ready to move into position again, feeling the cooling fire wash over her body to knit and form her flesh back together. "Thanks, now go hide!" she grins

Yukihana Skitters off before seeing the boy still lost in her hellscape. "Here's another Saku-Sama." she grins and tosses another flame over to her before bouncing off a branch to scatter off into the brush again.

Sakuryu sighs and feels the flame wash over her again. "Thank you very much Yuki, now be more careful he might come out of it soon." She says before dashing over and letting that deadly scythe fly, moving to decapitate the boy, before arcing to just incapacitate him with the sharp sickle. While retracting the blade and chain she moves, anticipating him re-awakening before tossing out a field of those deadly needles.

The strike against his form causes the scythe end to shatter against him, leaving behind the hook of the blade that struck him in his chest. His wits come about him quickly as he is suddenly shocked from one icy hell to a much more minor, but also much more real form of it. Plucking the shard of ice from his chest, the damage was already done whether he realized it or not.
It would take Fudo a moment to figure out exactly what was going on again, but after a blink or two, he'd be up to speed. "That… was unexpected." he would exhale as he grunted from the pain. However, his exhale was not ordinary in the least. A near invisble gas would be let out in to the air as just prior to him tossing a trio of shuriken out, which would spark agaisnt each other and ignite the gas, flooding underbrush and general area before Sakuryu with flame, trying to flush out Yukihana as the shuriken themselves would move to pin Sakuryu against a tree, hard.

Yuki sees the flame and puts up a hard flurry of snow around her, the snow melting but the fire not hurting as much, she keeps as stealthy as she can move she dashes about quickly before her tails glow once more the fox trying to hit him with another vision of her demonic form and deadly blizzard to overwhelm him.

Sakuryu quickly flashes through handsigns rapidly forming an ice double which gets pinned to the tree, the being struggling and fighting as if it were here. During the distraction she would let fly another volley and hook combination to work them him over

"Hmm… that is enough of that." Fudo would state rather calmly as he would gaze up at the girl as his eyes would show crimson, three tomoe swirling around in his eyes as he'd gaze at her deeply. And from there, the genjutsu would fall away entirely, not even coming close to touching his mind. Her attacks would leave her sluggishly, allowing him to almost ignore them as he would barely move out of the way just in time for each attack, but with nothing resembling a scratch from them at the same time.
"As entertaining as it was, and as talented as you are, this is not enough." Fudo would state simply as he locked his gaze upon Sakuryu once again. A blast of searing fire would be loosed from his lips, moving to engulf her as he glanced over at Yukihana, attempting to force her to kneel in the bushes where her chakra signature would give her away to his sharingan.

Yukihana feels the Kuppuku strike her and tumbles across the ground hard. Panting she looks at Sakuryu. "I..I Can't… I have to leave." She bows her head as Sakuryu nods to her. Yukihana stands still and with a poof she dissapears back to her dimension.

Sakuryu quickly forms those handsigns again and when the flames engulf her she screams in agony before…melting?" The girl looks down at him with an icy glare. "I think we are at an equal stance. I call stale mate." She says as she perches on a branch, setting her Kusari-Gama onto the holster on her back. "If we are to match in the exams I feel the audience might even get bored from the length of the match." She smiles her icy smile.

Fudo would smirk back at her. "Perhaps that will be the case." He stated as the slight tinge of pain remained in his chest. "I always seem to have trouble with you ice users. It always seems to end essentially in a draw for one reason or another. If that is all that you have to show me, I will be satisfied with that decision." He'd keep his calculating gaze upon her longer however, to see what she would decide.

Sakuryu smiles. "It's always best for a lady to keep a few things to herself. " She sighs and relaxes , her body soon warming back up to normal temperatures. She falls back off the branch and lands a sloppy flip with a grin before hitting her knees with a tremble. "Fuel it…" SHe starts to pant and clutch her sides, her eyes screwed shut as she tries to catch her breath, shaking all over

Fudo would move to put an arm around her shoulder and brace her arm for stability and to help her stand straight. "I hope a lady also does not mind help from a gentleman every now and then as well." He would say to her as his sharingan would slip away and return to normal. "I guess if it comes down to it, you should save those things to put on a show for the crowd then?" Fudo would suggest lightly.

Sakuryu trembles and nods as she accepts his help. "To an equal adversary I accept any help." She smiles as she tries to take in deeper breaths. "I have an inborn problem." She says with a closing of her eyes. "I need to win…to show the Mist that I am fit to be a chuunin, to be more for the village maybe even an Anbu….. then I can show my family I have the right to become the Snow prince like my father!"

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