First Promotion Exams - Battle Tactics, Two Against One! Naoki and Mizuru vs. Rise


Naoki, Mizuru, Rise, Sora, Uma

Date: January 16, 2012


Exam Scroll Battle

"First Promotion Exams - Battle Tactics, Two Against One! Naoki and Mizuru vs. Rise"

West Shiren Caverns

It would be night fall and the desert would become cold and quite as he rested inside of the cave he would try and get a small fire going. Naoki shirt would be off as his bandages that where across his torso and his forehead, Naoki thought would be on the guy that caused him such pain. His thought would be on Keiji, "As Naoki would rest for a moment only after he got the fire going he would place his back on to the cave wall before using his Bykugan to scope out the place. Sighing he would close his eyes and became tossed into his deep thoughts.
Sora had nearly had a panic attack when she heard where the exams were taking place. Caverns? Caves? Stalactites where Megami could bang into and break a wing? For awhile she'd considered not even entering, but then she came up with a simple solution. After fending off an irritated, pecking bird she went by herself. Down into the lightless, thankless, most god forsaken caves. Naoki wouldn't have much trouble finding her. Even a Genin wouldn't, since Sora is sitting quite openly on a walkway muttering to herself about birds and rocks and idiot exam makers. "What was with that stupid written exam anyway?" she complains, and the word 'anyway' echoes over the vaulted ceilings. Perhaps her exposure is intentional, but to all eyes she'd just look like a girl out in the open and easy pickings.
Mizuru would toss a few logs onto the fire and sigh. He looks to Naoki and observes the boy's movements. "How are you feeling?" he asked. Mizuru was a bit worried now. Naoki had lost his scroll which means that he'd need to get two more to pass. -I've got one. I can't lose it. Otherwise we'd need four totals to pass. Not to mention Kizuken.- Mizuru groans wondering where Kizuken is. The young genin looks back to Naoki and stands. He was feeling the tension and only on the first day but he wouldn't show it or rather it wouldn't get to him like it did others. "Ok let's check you out." Mizuru moves behind Naoki and hovers his hands over his wound. He administers a bit more healing. "That should hold you over the night." he says.
After spending, what was it now.. ten hours, yes, TEN, FREAKING, HOURS building traps and what have you around her own little entry way into the exam grounds, Rise become fed up within ten minutes of no bites until finally she left with an audible haughty "hmph'.
Leaving the safety of her nest didn't prove to make things much better either. At least not at first thanks to Sora's own words luring her like a mouth to the flames. "…Hm?.. Shoot--" Quick as lightning at the sight of the teenager, Rise ducks back around the tunnel corridor. Her heart jack hammering in chest as she slowly peered back around the corner to see if Sora noticed her. "…okay, just gotta do this right 'n I'll be all clear.." She murmered, quietly drawing out a shuriken, leveling it just right, then whipping it around the corner -straight- for Sora's neck!
The sounds of combat would be coming in from all sides as he sighed and focus his byakugan he would scope out the place, as he started to make out who it was he owuld notice Rise." What the hell?" is said at a low voice to himself as he sighed to Mizuru before writing it down on a piece of paper. Naoki would start to gather chakra and for now would just watch at a distance. "Tsk…this is so weird…almost must be my lucky day after all." Naoki would start to put on a new pair of cloths this time nothing that was smelling of blood or nothing. However the outfit of choice would be dark blue ninja gear with a scraf that drapped down to the groun, his bandages would start at the arm and works their way up to the elbow. They would also be around his neck down to the mid-section. "Naoki eyes would be burning ready to try and save the day like a hero however for the moment he would just try and keep a low profile.
"And if…huh?" Sora turns a little too late as Rise comes springing out like some mouse of death. Sora leans away. The shuriken grazes her cheek, leaving a small red line. Sora seems more surprised than hurt as she looks Naoki up and down. "Hey you're just a kid," she says, never mind that she's fairly young herself. She stands up. Her gaze moves to take in the symbol of Naoki's village, and she says, "I'm in the Jounin Exams, not your division. Aren't you a bit outta your league?" She touches her cheek and glances down at her fingers which come away a bit red. Sora frowns and then flings out her arm, sending linen strips unraveling to wrap around Naoki. And then knock her off the edge. Albeit held up by her grip on the bandages.
Mizuru blinks looking to what Naoki has written. He inclines his head as he doesn't know what to make of the situation really. Sitting and watching seemed like a good idea. Their area was secure anyway, no need to leave it. Let Naoki observe and waiting to make a move seemed like the best thing to do. Mizuru never heard of this Rise but apparently Naoki knew her. He shrugs and waits for Naoki to keep him updated. "We'll this is an odd turn of events…."
"Jounin Exams?", She questioned, but in seeing the strips come flying at her the rest of her questions die in her throat as she dived rolled out of the way. A bad, bad, baaaad mistake since the ground was a teensy bit too unstable to avoid getting punted off into a hole after trying to leap away again.
She didn't scream, not even after hitting the ground hard enough to break most people's back. Rise -did- however gasp, moan a bit in pain, but eventually rolled back onto her feet and peer up the hole. "…. Oh! Jounin Exams! Hmmm…. Ooooooohhh--" She tapped a balled up fist into the opposing palm. "--I forgot those were being held here too!", She exclaimed before clamming her hands over her mouth, then look around for a different tunnel to use to keep up her search for prey.
Uma is lurking in the shadows, watching from afar while keeping herself crouched low to the rocks. She moves silently like the trained shinobi she is while utilizing her her Byakugan to strategically keep herself out of the immediate way of any of the shinobi visible? Her mission. Gain intelligence on opposing shinobi forces.
Naoki would notice the sudden fight making it even faster ending as he spoke softly to Mizuru "its over its now or never for she is heading this way…we have to strike first and hide. Narrowing his eyes a slight sigh would escape his lip as he toss a barrage of kunais this time aiming for Rise as he tossed it, the would take more of an arc path to avoid Sora at all cost. (Well that didn't last very freaking long) shaking his head he would pull out another set of kunais these wouldn't be like the last for many reasons the one's in his right hand had bells on the ends while the other set of shuriken didn't have any thus hidden in the shadows of the one's before. Afterwards Naorki would smirk as he faded from view trying to hide from Rise to get out another set of attack without here being able to do much of anything.
Sora sighs as Rise stands down. And in the meantime she reaches up to wipe away the blood with her sleeve. If her father could see her now, she might wilt from embarrassment. Actually nicked by a Genin. "You little brat," she says, glaring around to see if there might be any more. "If you know what's good for you, you'll--huh?" She blinks as she looks around once more as if searching in the darkness. "Hmm…nah, never mind. What's your name kid?" She sits back down, winding her bandages back around her arms to be used for later occasion.
Mizuru looks to Naoki wondering how Rise and the other were fairing. "Is anyone hurt?" he asks. When Naoki gives him the update Mizuru is a bit reluctant to attack. He hides first using the terrain to his advantage. He didn't separate too far from Naoki but far enough so that if either of them were spotted the other's position wouldn't be given away. Mizuru's eyes scan the area as he tries to take refuge in it. He would let Naoki draw Rise's attention and wait possibly for the advantage.
"Nope… Na-ah… Nero… Tch, Not even.." On and on Rise went as she walked deeper into the tunnel; blissfully ignorant of the others attempts either because quite frankly, she was in no position to see them in the first place(Naoki and Mizuru) or just wasn't keeping that sharp of an eye out period during her checks (Uma). "Shirokiri, Rise of Kumo!", She yelled back, hands cupped around her mouth to amplify them further without looking back. After all, when your in a tunnel shouldn't the noise bounce around a lot or something?
Regardless, Rise doesn't have much time to check another possible path before she hairs the sound of metal bouncing off rocks. A glance back and a narrow leap to the side puts her out of range of nearly having her ear pierced by the kunai.
"What the heck is all this!?", She exclaimed, hunting knife already drawn and tossed at the other weapon and knocking it away from her. "Oooooh, I know she didn't just ---Uuugh!" She stomps her feet then charges back down the way she came. Leaping from wall to wall once she reached the hole and landing in front of Sora at a kneel, combat knife at the ready. "Alright, what is your problem lady!? I thought you said you were'n the jounin exams!?" She yelled, flailing her arms for half a second before realizing how silly she looked.
Naoki would notice that Rise was to focus on Sora to notice that he was coming up rapidly as he held his breath he would unleash a juuken strike to the back of Rise and with the pressure being on his back foot he would slide and dip his shoulder and move across to her left hand side away from the knife "hey Rise-san…I'm here for your scroll!" Naoki would bounce back as he released another shuriken set one with bells and one without before ducking back with in the shadows waiting to see what else she would do.
Sora blinks as another fight begins right in front of her eyes. Not involving her. She says needlessly to Rise, "Umm, it's not me attacking." She stands up. Is she going to intervene? Nope, she steps to an area more out of the way and leans against a stalagmite. Naoki had put in all that effort to avoid hitting her, so why not indulge him and just watch it? "Besides, I wouldn't want to interfere with your Exams," she says with a truly evil grin. She folds her arms and tracks both of their movements as though greatly entertained by the whole thing. Though she does gather herself to be a little prepared.
So far Mizuru could see that Rise was none the wiser to him or Naoki. He now waited for Naoki to make his move. Mizuru looks past Rise for a moment to the woman who had a cut on her cheek. He figured it must've been a wound from her encounter with Rise. Mizuru still has an eye on Rise but he figured Naoki would have her full attention after the stunt he pulled. He charges some chakra to prepare himself for the worst and remains hidden. "That cut doesn't look too bad. I'm sure she'll be fine." he mutters to himself. Mizuru glances to see what openings he could exploit in Rise and possibly locate where she was keeping her scroll.
Rise narrows her eyes at Sora suspiciously and opened her mouth to say something when the sound of footsteps alerted her. Without thought she shifted her stance as spun around to better guide Naoki's strike away from her. "You!", She has just enough time to say before he chucks the shuriken at her next; and while she /does/ at least manage to bring her weapon up in time to block the weapon, her hand is nicked from the shuriken bouncing off the knife at an odd angle. "… Hah! As if ya -really- gotta chance at that! Buuuuut, since your here n'all--" She paused long enough to lick some of the blood of her hand while her free hand busied itself with grabbing a few of her own shuriken. "--Hn.. guess I'll take that scroll ya just offered!", She yelled, tossing the first two at Naoki's shadowed form before diving in after to try and get him with a chop to the head!
And had she truly forgotten about Sora because of all of this… Nope! Because every so often her face would turn just enough to try and keep an eye and ear out for the Hayato.
Naoki would fail to first dodge the shuriken and then again fail to block the shuriken and thus he would be hit twice, the damage would increase and Rise power was clear. "Man beautiful and very perceptive perfect nothing less then someone that I hold dear to me." Naoki body would start to shift and wind as he started to burst chakra outward since she was so close to him after missing with her palm strike. As he rotated he would finish in the Juuken stance with his arms low and his stance firm as he dashed forward and attacked with the thirty two palms.
Sora winces as shurikens fill the air. She takes a few more steps away from the whole thing. These kids really know how to fight. She'd forgotten that age didn't mean you had less fighting spirit. Naoki wouldn't have anything to worry about now from Sora, she's still as a statue. However, she'd be equally still even if the two were to gang up on her. Or more. That's just how life works. "Clever they come in pairs," she murmurs. An alliance would be advantageous. When Naoki begins to unleash chakra attacks Sora would step back into the shadow of a stalagmite and seem to melt into the darkness, watching from safety.
Mizuru winces looking at the damage Rise inflicted to Naoki. She's fast and can do some damage but she believes she's fighting one opponent. Mizuru nods looks to take Rise's back. It's then when he notices that the other woman had just vanished. His eyes dart around looking for her "Well…that's just freaking great." Mizuru sighs steps out from behind a boulder and rubs his head. He wasn't comfortable leaving Naoki to take another beating anyway, not after he just recovered from a fatal wound. Mizuru charges steadily and softly until he's cut the distance between himself and Rise. Then he bursts with speed abandoning stealth and going offensive with a punch to the back, kidneys, his muscles infused with chakra enhancing the destructive effect. "Sumimasen." he says using his free hand to dive into his pouch. Leaping back in the direction of the camp he tosses a few shuriken at Rise.
Rise could feel a vein in her head swell at Naoki's word. Ready to pop at any moment from the sheer amount of anger he drew out of her! "Don't make me Kne--" Alas, someone interjects! This time however being more so due to Naoki's wall of chakra trying to crash into her unless she moved… Which she did with a short leap back.
Rise failed however in anticipating him practically leap forward still spinning and try to strike her tenketsu. Try as she might, her hands couldn't keep up with the rapidly multiplying strikes; thus, the only thing she could do is try to guide his aim /somewhat/ off target… and barely succeed at even that!
She staggered away by the time Naoki was finished, her arms sore but her will and focus no less sharp. Sorta at least since Sora managed to vanish out of her sights. Then came mizuru from out of the woodworks, a punch meant for the kidney from behind only to have her spin around thoughtless, and guide the punch away just barely and slid back a step from it. "Kuso..", She murmered, side-stepping away from Mizuru's shuriken before raising her knife to deflect the rest.
"…Hn.. *sighs*.. Guess this means your whole team is probably too, right?", She asks. Although in all honesty she expected no answer. The only thing to be expected, was for her to widen her stance with her head bowed slightly and slip her knife back before shifting her hands at her side. A quick draw-er-throw of shuriken is launched at both Naoki and Mizuru, most of which kept flying seemingly off angle while the girl herself vanished for a moment, only to come falling out of the air trying to kick Mizuru in the back of the head after springing above and past him.
Naoki would be feeling a sharp pain from the impact as he pulled them out of his own skin Naoki would have a smirk on his face. "It hit at long last…Now I know we can win if we just use our minds…Blue-sama." is stated with a nod as he moved out back in front of Rise as he unleashed more kunai and a laugh as he started to taunt her into focusing her attack on him. "Hey babe if that's all you got then I no longer have to hold back." Naoki would start to launch the last set of kunais but this time when he reached his own trip wire that he was able to see with his byakugan he would leap and back flips tossing another barrage of kunai however the last two would bounce off each other hitting two more trick wire to unleash the last barrage of kunais.
Mizuru was expecting a pursuit now that he and Naoki had successfully riled Rise up. He'd have to apologize for attacking later. The young medic's clone was able to confuse the aim of the kunoichi but her kick found its mark. Mizuru moves quickly and spares his head a devastating blow to the head but his back took the brunt of the attack. Naoki's kunai gave Mizuru enough time to recover between attacks and he notices he's sprung some traps. The medic launches a kick at Rise to remove her from his path. He moves closer to the camp after that wondering if Rise would follow.
Another vein in her forehead starts to throb despite Rise's attempt to thinking calming thoughts and stay focus. Being nearly skewered by Kunai left, right, above and behind however actually succeeding in giving her just the focus she needed by keeping her (literally in some cases) on her toes.. and hands.. and occasionally her foot entirely as she weaved to and fro throughout the them all on pure instinct. A killer's instinct in fact since as soon as Mizuru tried kick her, a chop to the leg is delivered without hesitation. She almost gears up to kick him in the butt to speed his limping, crawling, whatever away! But, then she remembered Naoki still being around…
"Alright Naoki-/kun/.. I'll give ya this one, last, warning 'nd I /may/ even consider not taking your scroll today too…. Don't EVER call me beautiful again. Otherwise I'm gonna take this knife right here--" She unsheathes the combat knife and points it at Naoki. "--And shuv'it so far where the moon don shine, you'll be constipated for the rest of the exams! Ya got me!?" She yelled, stomping her foot and growling lowly.
Naoki with open arms would be walking towards Rise with a faint smile on his face and rose colored cheeks "rise if you really can stab me then here, I don't want you to have any type of hatred towards me because of this stupid exam….for you are really special to me." Naoki would smile as pulled out his Rose Red kunai and spoke "let's make a wager on our scrolls." is stated as he stood there and smiled faintly. Naoki would be watching as his friend made his escape trying his best to escape. "Well Rise-sama what do you say?" is asked as Naoki came into arms reach.
Rise didn't say anything. She couldn't no matter how much she tried. The very effort in trying to decide was making her weapon wielding hand visibly tremble…
"… Why do you always do that?", She asks barely above a whisper, visibly straining and failing to keep the bite out of words. More firmly and louder, Rise went on to say, "Why are you always makin thingz so diff--" She cuts herself with a heavy, defeated sigh. The tension in her arm finally relaxing with her decision to withdraw and sheath the knife once more. The young shirokiri then shook her head negatively and spun around on her heels to start practically march away. ".. I say you n'that other boy from earlier better stay outta my sights next time.. otherwise I'm gonna break both of your legs and toss ya in a pool.", She stated heatedly without so much as a glance back at Naoki or to even look around for Sora. Fully intent at this point even /if/ one of them decide to try and attack her, to run if she had to just to avoid doing something she might regret. To both of them.
Naoki would have a soft smile on his face as he just watched her as he walked away, deep down inside he wanted to speak but just like Rise he knew not what to say. His heart was beating faster and his cheeks became a rose red in color as he took a moment to wonder he thought about Mizuru and sighed. "I better go and protect him or else." Naoki would wonder where the hell Sora went and with the use of his Byakugan in search for her.
Naoki wouldn't have to search Sora as she steps out into view, right beside Rise. It'd be hard for either of them to detect her since she has no murderous intent, not even a hint of aggressiveness in her presence. Nor would she pay any attention to Naoki at all, besides an indifferent wave. It's Rise who she addresses quietly. "You're a strange kid, that kind of decent choice. Not that this was the right or wrong decision, hehehe, but you should always do what you'll be proud of later. Oh and…Come at me anytime you want, I'd love to see if you could get a Jounin class scroll. In fact, feel free to do it to any of my other opponents, hahaha." Her laughter bounces off the cavern walls as she steps off into one of the adjoining tunnels.

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