Bea's Hakumei Induction


Shemri (as Bea), Reina, Nanashi

Date: April 15, 2014


Bea is inducted into Hakumei and introduced to another of its members.

"Bea's Hakumei Induction"

Namami Restaurant [Kirigakure]


Owned not by a single person but a group, the Namami Restaurant lives up to its expectations of being the place to be for Kirigakure's Ninja. No villagers dare tread into this area without an escort. The Namami Restaurant is a place of food and drink and pleasant conversation amongst the arguments and fighting. Bar fights are common and often stopped by authorities wandering in.

The place is not kept tidy, dirty floors and wars gives it its traditional feel of The Village of the Bloody Mist. The barman and the employees of this establishment are all well noted Ninja who keep control over its patrons in order to avoid unnecessary damage to property. Those who grow accustomed to this place call it the place to be for ninja meetings.


Bea has found she likes hanging around with Reina. n.n She has good business sense, which is something Bea dislikes having to deal with herself. She'd much rather just be pointed at something that needs smashing and get the job done, with a good amount of assurance that she'll get paid the worth of her time and talents. Working with Reina has quickly made Bea richer than she's accustomed to — which isn't saying much, as she usually goes quite a ways between solid work and lives off the land in the meantime, but she's got some actual cash to carry around now. And what do people who normally don't have money typically do when they suddenly come into it? THEY SPEND! 8D "Drinks on me today!" Bea proclaims as she heads into Namami Restaurant with Reina practically headlocked under her arm. ^.^

When Bea says that drinks are on, her Reina glances around to make sure no one else heard that. In case someone did she pointedly says, "Thanks, my friend." She's not averse to free drinks. Although after they get in she manages to wrest away from Bea's headlock, and rubs the back of her neck. Jeez, this woman is strong. It's with a smile that she goes into the restaurant, rubbing her hands together in anticipation. Bea may soon come to regret her offer, especially since Reina suspects Nanashi will show up too. "We did have a good time," she says. Unlike many of her jobs, that one was just as it had seemed. Maybe Bea brings her good luck, while Nanashi and Shinime…well, she likes both of them. But Reina is thinking they may bring her bad luck, never guessing that they probably think the same of her.

Bea plunks into one of the seats at the bar. "Yes, was good time had by all. Except maybe that tiny chubby man. He is not having such good time, eh?" Bea laughs raucously and pounds the bar with her palm, as though already buzzed enough to find such simple humor inordinately hilarious. XD "But, now is more good time being had! We shall have drinks!" Bea looks to the bartender. "Ho, what is good for drinking here? Make recommendation! I shall be paying." Bea plunks her half-full money pouch onto the bar with a proud smile. n.n

Reina would be drubbing Bea anywhere else. But to talk about this kind of stuff in Nanami Restaurant…it's almost suspicious not to talk about something shady. As long as names weren't named. So she does grin and say, "Far from it, Bea-chan." Seems the lady has gotten a new honorific. She turns to the bartender and orders a lemon drop. She had noticed lemons at a vendor, so they must have some here. Reina is a cocktail type of person when it comes down to it. Although she is looking at the money pouch and asks with a smirk, in an undertone, "Are you really wanting to spend all your hard earned money here? Not that I mind." Not that the money was that hard earned.

Stepping into the restaurant not too long behind Reina and Bea, an androgynous figure adorned in a black kimono decorated in red designs with incredibly long black hair steps in and glances around. It peers around for a few moments before walking over to where Reina and Bea are, hoping Reina's not downed enough thus far to not remember the name it is going by in this form! "Reina, who's your friend?" it asks, its voice not giving any more lean to its gender than its appearance as it offers a light bow at the waist.

Bea nods and waves a careless hand. "Is money, is meant for spending. Better to spend while you have it, then nobody can take it away." The bartender picks out a thick beverage with a relatively low alcohol content for Bea, knowing from experience that people like her enjoy something they can chug large quantities of. That, and he'd rather someone like her not get intoxicated too quickly. e.e; Bea picks up the mug set before her and raises it in salute. "Many thanks!" And then, yep, chugs it. When she slams the mug back down, there's another person who's joined the party. "Ohoho, you are sneaky fellow! Very good!" Bea snaps her fists down in front of herself. "Confrontation Bear-Fist user, Ritoru Bea."

Reina's eyes narrow when the bartender gives Bea a weak drink. While someone may see that as anticipating what Bea wants, Reina $uspect$ the bartender ha$ a rea$on for $tringing out how much alcohol Bea purcha$e$. So she leans towards him and orders something a bit stronger but just the same price from now on. As well as some appetizers with Bea's money.
Yet as the alcohol flows out, Reina's negativity vanishes and she says to Bea, "This is Na…Seka. Seka-chan, that is. My loyal friend and companion, heh." She nods to Bea as she introduces herself. "Bea-chan's going to join us. I have a good feeling about her." It's not the first time Reina has said that to Nanashi. But there's an added note of enthusiasm in her voice. She's totally won over…as she is most any time someone appeals through Reina's stomach. She toasts Bea.

"Seka," Nanashi introduces itself with a light smile. "Pleasure to meet you." With that it casts a glance at Reina, smirking a bit. "Excuse me for a bit," it says then and turns to walk back out the door to attend to something.

Bea holds her mug out for a refill. "Is good stuff! Keep it coming!" Bea grins at Reina. "So, we stick together then, do more jobs? Sounds good for me. I do not mind being alone, but is more fun to have other peoples to do things with. Plus less likely to be strangled at night, eh?" ;) Bea takes another chug. "This Seka, what is good at doing, eh? Not look like big on smashing, lucky for me."

Reina beams when Bea decides to join. "That's the spirit!" she says. "We just have a few rules." She scoots forward and speaks in a low tone. "Well, here they are. You give this much of your money to pool funds for Hakumei. Not much, but it's growing pretty well. And if ever you have a worthy goal in which you need a great deal of money, you can tell the group and see if you can use it. Second rule…no opposing the hidden shinobi villages." Yet, her look implies, though that word is unsaid. "And third, you can choose to leave the group if it's on good terms. But you can never, ever reveal now or after information about Hakumei. Sound fair?"

Bea listens closely while Reina outlines the rules. In the future, she plans to let Reina do most of the thinking for her, but since she's negotiating with Reina right now she has to be careful. -.-a "Hmmmm…so, if captured, must tell nothing, no matter what?" Eh, that one seems a little harsh, potentially…what if it's the only way to keep your life? e.e But, it's not exactly something that the group can easily enforce, should someone decide to save their own skin in such a situation. >) "Eh, is fine," Bea says with a shrug. "We do not expect to be doing big, secret jobs that will make grand poo-bah people angry, yes? Maybe rule should be looser, if cannot tell about Hakumei, then cannot send business to them, eh?" ;) Bea chugs again, although she's slowing down and not taking a whole mug at once now. "You not answer question about Seka. Maybe is because of rule against giving information?" X)

Reina had never thought about it like that. She rubs her chin when Bea mentions the circumstances of the rules. The other two hadn't really pointed out such things. Maybe Bea is smarter than she initially thought. Reina squints at the other woman. She takes a gulp of beer and sets the mug lightly on the table. "If you run from Hakumei, go to Konoha, and spill all our sensitive information to the Hokage, we will hunt you down," she murmurs. "If you have a family and tell your children about your good ol' days in Hakumei and all we do, and those children gossip all around about it, they will soon lose a mother."
She pauses. "But if you're captured by Kiri nin who torture you into confession, we'll save you, kill the people who tortured you, and wave off anything you said when they were plying out your teeth." She raises an eyebrow. "Understand?" She looks over her shoulder to where Nanashi left. "Seka is strong. Frighteningly strong. Don't be deceived by its appearances."

Well now, that sounds better. n.n Though Bea hopes she'll never have to participate in some suicide mission to rescue a captured comrade. X) All this crazy stuff about loyalty, life would be so much simpler if everyone would just admit they're looking out for themselves first and foremost. That just happens to be easier in cooperative groups, that's all. "Is good rules, then. I think I will like being in Hakumei. Cheers!" Gulp, gulp. n.n

Reina looks amused as she drains her mug. She fills a new one and clink her mug against Bea's. And Reina says quite bluntly, "Bea-chan. We will be doing risky stuff. That contract went rather well. But none of this is charity work. If ever we do something of our own accord, without a client paying, you're going to get ALOT of eating and drinking money afterwards." She drains half of her fresh mug in a few gulps and lets loose an enormous burp. "I'll say something personally," she says, and leans back in her chair.
"People are cowards. It's not unusual, in fact most people are. Running away or giving up is natural. Standing your ground and risking your life is extremely hard. I won't blame anyone who flees in fear from Hakumei, and I won't hold any grudge against them." She raises an eyebrow. "But the one type I can't forgive personally are those who run in the middle of a plan or a battle. If you do something, whether it's fight or flee, do it fully. And beforehand or afterwards. Not halfway through."

Bea nods thoughtfully. "I will keep this in mind, Reina-san." Yeah, sure, if Bea thinks a plan is too stupid or risky, she'll opt out of it from the start, maybe even if she has to quit the Hakumei to do so. Like Reina's saying, no hard feelings all around, right? "So, we have any good jobs planned right now? Or maybe must talk about such things somewhere else?" ;)

Reina nods at Bea's response. Well, she'll see how Bea turns out. Reina seems so calm about their discussion it may be a slight warning to Bea. Or it may be overlooked at the carelessness of a drunkard. When Bea asks about jobs, Reina smiles slyly. "I've been listening to rumors around here," she tells Bea. "About all this crazy stuff. Pirates. Graverobbers. Bandits. Why let these Kiri nin snatch up all the jobs? We'll round up some of these villainous characters, and get not only the money, but the rep. We're heroes." Then her smirk turns into a grin. Yep, there's a certain recklessness but also beauty to Reina's plan.

Bea sniggers. "So much for no opposing hidden village. Is very close to that, taking jobs they want to do. But, you are smarty leader-type. If you think is good, we will do." Bea tips back her remaining drink, then sets down the mug and belches. "Seka-san is unlucky, he miss out on drinks. Maybe I buy him one later, after seeing him in action." Bea pays out for the drinks, then puts what remains of her coins away.

Reina smiles relaxedly. Then she shakes her head. "You talk alone and people see you, see you're whispering, and find out. Here with everyone yelling and drinking, it's better than any thick walls." She shrugs at the mention of Seka. She's never really seen her drink or eat. After a moment of finishing her final beer she says, "No one. (translate: Nanashi.) That's her name. Here, it's Kozue. Be sure to learn and refer to her as the name she takes in each new place. Trust me when I say her ability to disguise herself merits a new name each time." Then she adds, "Also, Nanashi /is/ a she. I don't have evidence yet, but it's only a matter of time. I /am/ right." She nods and then stands up. "Fight well. Get paid. Drink shochu. And find out Nanashi's gender. Those are the /real/ rules." She chuckles, and then makes her way off.

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