Bears or Bandits?


Hige, Atorei

Date: January 27, 2015


A simple mission - to retrieve items left on a cart after the owners were chased by bears - turns out to be much more difficult when they come across bandits.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bears or Bandits?"

Short distance from Konohagakure

It didn't take long for the hospital to want Hige gone. After little more than a day they kicked him to the curb with instructions to take it easy for a few days and stop annoying them. If nothing else it got him out though and what was the first thing he did? Go look for a mission! Of course he was told to get lost for at least a day which brings us to now. Sure the mission isn't (supposed) to be all that much but it's still a chance to venture outside the village and drag some people along.
Hige is chilling by the gate of the village, waiting for Atorei's arrival. They weren't going far so nothing needed to really be packed or anything. Atorei would've just been told to be ready to carry some stuff because that's how exciting missions are these days. Konsho sits next to his companion eyeing an insect that crawls across the ground at a slow, slow pace.

Atorei shuffled along to the front gate. He got told be ready to carry stuff. Carry stuff? where? how far? how heavy? Oh this was such a bother! A soft sigh was given as he'd approach where Hige was waiting with a listless wave. "Hi Hige-san, Konsho-san. I'm.. sorry.. I am.. I'm not really sure.. I'll be able to do this.. I mean.. they didn't tell me what to be ready to carry for.. and.. I only have so much storage in a scroll.."

Hige pushes off the wall at Atorei's approach and gives him a grin and a wave in return, "Hey Atorei. Nah, it's okay, from the sounds of things it's only a couple of boxes. We should be able to just carry them back if you can't fit them anywhere." He motions for Atorei to walk with him as he turns to start walking away from the city. "So there's a cart half way between here and Kadomai that got attacked by a bear. The people left the cart and got away but they want their valuables brought off so…" shrug "that's what we get to do." As they walk along he gives the other boy and once over before asking, "How are you doing?"

Atorei nods slightly and would fall in step to walk with Hige. Glancing about as they left the village, he seemed a bit nervous. Alright, so a bit more nervous than normal. "It's been so long since I've been out of the village.." Looking to Hige, he'd smile briefly, with a small shrug. "I'm.. doing.. ok. I mean.. I'm.. working on it.. just.. got to keep going.. The.. the last time I was out here.. was before the war started.."

The Inuzuka clasps his hands lazily behind his hand as he gives an easy grin to the older boy, "Don't worry. We're not going all that far and the Silence hasn't come in this far to the country." That he knows of. Last he saw them was at the border…that was a bad, bad time. "Plus, I'm here so there's nothing to worry about," he adds before giving Atorei a cheesy smile. It doesn't take them long to get where they're going, no more than thirty minutes tops.

As they get closer to the location where the cart is supposed to be located Atorei would first notice that there aren't any bird sounds. Following that there is some noise coming from up the road. Hige is too busy not paying attention to what they're doing since he figures nothing could possibly go wrong so he's just kind of walkin' along with Konsho.

Atorei slowed slightly as he'd realize.. no birds. Frowning, he'd look about, coming to a full stop as he realized there were noises ahead. Reaching out, he'd try to grab Hige's shoulder, motioning silence with a finger. Hesitantly, Atorei would shift to step off the road and into the local folage, thinking after a moment and started walking up a tree to try and get a view of what was going on, without giving away his position.

Hige stops and Konsho only takes a few more steps before he stops too, looking back at the pair. Now that they've stopped both boy and ninken can hear the noises coming from up ahead - voices. The Inuzuka nods to Atorei and follows the other boy over to the tree, pulling out a kunai to play guard while he let Atorei spy on whatever it was that lay ahead. Konsho took his own position watching the direction they'd come while hiding in a bush to alert the others if something might happen down the road.

Once Atorei reached a good enough vantage point he would be able to see the cart as well as a group of four people surrounding it. By the way they were dressed it appears they are likely bandits and each of them carries a weapon of some sort. Swords and even an axe. They are going through the items in the cart, grabbing things out of boxes and throwing them aside if it's not something they want to use. Most of it appears to be clothing but they also come upon some expensive looking jewelry. Regardless they're messing with mission stuff!

Atorei spotted 4 bandits. Bandits! They're going after mission stuff! That's not fair. Frowning, Atorei looked down at Hige, showed a 4 on one hand then motioned ahead. Making a branch, he'd hop forward, keeping relatively quite as the bandits continued their looting. Getting close enough, Atorei pulled a scroll. Hige may or may not recognize it as one of the scrolls he had pulled in that final moment of their spar. "Hey! That's.. that's not your stuff! You.. need.. to.. stop that.." And.. as Atorei got their attention, inadvertantly, the shyness kicked in making Atorei go from strong genin to.. well, he'd be digging a toe into the ground if he was standing on the ground.

When Atorei hops forward Hige looks up quickly, eyes following the older genin as he makes his way to confront the bandits. When he pulls out the scroll Hige starts to grin a little bit and then!…really? High sighs softly and steps forward as well with a kunai in one hand and his claws growing sharper on the other. "Yeah, what he said. Not your stuff. Leave it now or Atorei here is going to beat the fur out of you."

The bandits spin around at the first voice and draw their weapons expecting something terrible, like a whole group of shinobi or something. But it's only a kid who doesn't look like he wants to fight and one that's…tiny. The bandits all look between eachother a moment, then start to laugh. "Look kids," one of them says finally, using a sword to shoo the pair away, "turn around and go back to where you came from before you get hurt. We'll let you go just this once."

Atorei frowned. They didn't listen! Worse.. they laughed!! Atorei glanced at Hige, then back at the bandits. "You can't laugh at my friend like that!" With that, the scroll was unfurled, launching forward as Atorei lept with it. The chakra started across it's surface, giving Atorei plenty of ammo, as he'd pepper all four men with those shuriken as well as quite a bit of the surrounding area, making it really hard to avoid it. Interestingly enough, the cart and it's stuff, both discarded and not, never got touched by the shuriken. Then again.. it IS Atorei throwing it. Landing on the far side, Atorei was back at ground level, the scroll pulled closed after the attack as he'd look back, almost scared of what he'd find now that the burst of anger was over.

Sounds of surprise came from the men as the shurikens just started appearing out of nowhere and flying towards them. The three try and deflect some of the shurikens and succeed in part, but they still get hit by plenty of them as well. They let out a flurry of curses as they pull out the shurikens. The leader was the only smart one and when the shurikens started coming he'd ducked and covered, rolling under the cart to avoid being hit and coming out the other side. But now they're all shambled off!
The leader picks himself back up and charges at Atorei, the man seeming to have some semblance of skill, possibly an ex shiobi of some sort. He uses a sword and as he lunges at Atorei he brings it down in a heavy wide arc.
Two of the others head towards the other pair, an axe swinging and another sword slicing towards Hige and Konsho. The last man is still busy picking shuriken out of his body. He had received the brunt of the attack.

As the two bandits come at Hige and Konsho the boy and pup split off from eachother, jumping to other side to seperate the men and also to get on opposite sides of them. The man with the axe goes for Konsho and the pup simply jumps back away from him. The sword wielding bandit comes after Hige himself and when he slices around the boy moves aside just enough to avoid being cut.
Konsho jumps back a little further before launching himself at the man in front of him, spinning in the air and performing his own little, but just as painful, tsuga. Hige means while simply lashes out with his claws to try and slice the bandit in front of him open.

Atorei stumbled back a step as the guy rushed him, a fast hand sign done and *POOF* there were a dozen Atorei there! It didn't seem to slow the leader type down much who started swinging about to hit the clones and managing to catch Atorei with the blade. He started laughing as Atorei hopped back, hissing in pain. Looking at the guy, Atorei dropped a scroll and rushed forward, a clone matching the rush to slam into the leader, seeking to stagger him with the flare of fire as Atorei suddenly had two blades in his hand, a careful touch to a spot on his gloves summoning them out for him to launch that double strike at the leader. "that hurt!"

The Leader only laughs harder when the clone comes at him and he neatly sidesteps the silly little thing. The laughing pauses a brief moment when the blade actually connects and he looks down at it sticking into him…then starts laughing again. "Children!" The man says before swinging his blade at Atorei, leaving the other weapon sticking in him for the moment. He makes some handseals then and summons up a firebolt that he shoots out towards Atorei, "I warned you kids. Now you get to die!"
The bandits facing off against Hige and Konsho dodge the attacks from the boy and nin-pup. Even they are grinning at the antics of the 'kids' as they each take another couple of slices each at the pair.

When the men avoid their attacks Hige lets out a soft growl and, while they're busy smirking at the pair, the boy motions for Konsho to come over. The nin-pup jumps and lands on his back and an instant later there's two feral looking boys. That done the Hige-Konsho jumps off to the side and when the axe man comes at him again he barely manages to get away. But now the pair is ready. Hige flings a kunai at the one bandit to distract him before he and Konsho launch themselves at the other in a gatsuga to try and smash him up and claw the crap out of him.

This guy kept seeing through his clones. Gritting his teeth as he got hit again, Atorei hopped back, then into a tree. "Fine.. if.. if that's how it is.. that's how it is!!" Pulling two different scrolls, much, MUCH larger than the shuriken scrolls he had before Atorei would throw them up, forming fast hand seals. Grabbing the scrolls, that chakra would travel up them as Atorei flew up in between them. The scrolls suddenly released clouds of smoke, spiraling upwards to look like two large dragons that would stare down at the leader. Reaching the top, Atorei started throwing. This time it was with that anger, there wasn't the shyness holding him back as he'd seek to pummel the man into the ground with everything from senbon and kunai to sledgehammers…. Atorei carried a LOT of stuff it seems.. and was good at throwing it all!

The Leader seems to find Atorei's words funny and he puts his sword on his shoulder and just /waits/. He is rather surprised by what happens and while he manages to keep a few of the items at bay he gets peppered with the and it causes him to take a step back with each blow until he's against a tree. He's not dead but he's not laughing anymore either. "You little claw. You're going to die!" Seems like he might have some help too as the final bandit has picked the last shuriken out of himself and is ready to join in. He heads right for Atorei with a spiked mace of all things, preparing to swing it down. While that happens the leader is making handseals before he breaths out a rather large fireball at the Uchiha.
The kunai definitely succeeds in distracting the one bandit as it sticks him right in the chest. Seems to have somehow missed anything extremely vital but the dude is in pain. The other bandit is not so lucky however and by the time Hige and Konsho are done he's torn to shreds. The remaining man on their end takes a weak swing at them with the axe but it's obvious he's already not long for this world.

Hige and Konsho finish their gatsuga and their claws and now have blood splotches on them from the evisceration of their opponent. Hige looks over in time to see Atorei get hit and he lets out a deep growl, "Atorei!" he calls out to the other both, moving forward in a flash to bring up a pair of kunai to deflect away the mace man while leaving Konsho-Hige to deal with the dying man. With the mace blocked he gives a few quick stomach slices while Konsho jumps into another tsuga towards the other man.

Atorei stumbled, the mace caught by Konsho-Hige.. or was it Hige-Konsho? Either way, it pulled Atorei's attention away from the leader, thus leaving him to be engulfed in flame. Hissing in pain, singed, he'd look at the man. "That.. hurt.." Gathering himself, he'd start forward, making a hand seal before pulling a kunai as suddenly a half dozen Atorei would show up. Together they would all pummel the man, from virtually every direction at once. It seems getting Atorei mad helps with his shyness! yay!

That pretty much does it. The Leader raises his sword to fend off against Atorei when suddenly there's so many of him. The man looks surprised for a moment and then they're all on him before he can do anything. He dies pretty quick. Hige slices the bandit open at the belly which is pretty much a death sentence, meanwhile Konsho-Hige tsugas into the other man and tears him up as well. That's four dead bandits!

Panting, one by one the other Atoreis would vanish, leaving just the original, holding onto that kunai. Shaking his head, he'd slowly straighten up, staring at the leader. "I.. didn't mean to kill him.. I.. uh.. hit him.. too hard?" He'd look over at Hige in confusion, shaking his head slightly. "We.. should of caught them. I got too caught up in the fight.. I'm.. I'm sorry.."

Once he opens up his bandit Hige turns to Atorei, eyes widening in surprise at what he sees. Snouuuuut. He lets Atorei exact his revenge and just stands back for the moment, knowing that angry feeling all too well. Konsho poofs back to himself and starts licking the blood off his paws. Icky. Hige takes a few steps towards Atorei after a moment, wiping his own bloody claws on his pants, "Hey Atorei, you okay?" He asks, checking him over for both the physical and possibly mental aspects.
When the other boy straightens up Hige gives him a faint smile before stepping forward to reach up and put a hand on the other boy. "They didn't really give us much of a choice. Don't worry about it." He says, trying to comfort his friend. "Nothing to be sorry about. You did good. That guy wasn't a pushover."

Atorei nods slightly to Hige then almost swoons. He'd catch his balance against a tree that the leader bandit had oh so recently been against as he'd grit his teeth in pain and get some bandages to wrap the gashes he had. The burn was basically ignored as Atorei eyed the cart. "We need this whole thing to go, right? Let me.. just.. give me a moment.. I'll store it."

"Just the boxes of stuff. They can come get the cart later," Hige says as he continues to watch Atorei with a worried expression. "Don't overdue it though. If you can't then I can come back later. We need to get you back to the hospital." He leaves Atorei for a moment then to go check over the bandits, trying to find anything that might identify them. He ends up pulling out some jewelry from a few pouches which he dumps back into the boxes, frowning the whole time. Stupid tail bandits. Only killed themselves.

Atorei shook his head, finishing with at least wrapping off his wounds before he'd walk over to the cart. Gathering himself and a blank scroll, it didn't take him that long to do a few key notations on the scroll, along with a seal on the cart and with that press of hand to both, chakra would be pushed, resulting in the cart *POOF*ing into the scroll after Hige added the jewelry. "Simpler.." Picking up the scroll, Atorei sighed and motioned. "Let's go.. I.. do think I want to be checked out.. It.. kinda hurts.."

Hige watches the cart poof and grins a bit. "That's useful." He quips before he goes over to Atorei to help the taller boy as much as he can. "C'mon, let's get back." Konsho walks a little behind the pair to watch their rear while Hige keeps an eye ahead and on their immediate surroundings. It wouldn't do for more trouble to come popping out…

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