Beast Fists at the Bar


Youkio, Mika

Date: March 20 ,2012


Mils attempts to seem as tough as Youkio at the bar and ends up curled in a ball.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Beast Fists at the Bar"

Sand Storm Bar

After making the kill, collecting his bounty, and such, Youkio finally found an interesting place to hang out. Of course, this could also mean trouble for the place if a certain princess comes after him. Still, he is sitting on a stool at the bar with a Sand Shark in his hand and a few more lined up in front of him. He's received a few looks due to not bothering to cover his sculpted abs, but he seems to be keeping to himself so far. He peers around as he sips from the glass, enjoying the bar's specialty as he takes a nice little break. A picture of his next marks and some information about them lays out in front of him on the countertop. Perhaps that last hunt wasn't satisfying. Then again, he does this for a living, so this could be a normal thing.

A certain little princess is creeping around the bar. Mika walks over to the Puppy, and grabs a glass of sand shark, and some information from in front of the puppy. She downs the glass in a drink, and then starts coughing hard before she falls on her arse. She hisses a bit, and then hiccups. The girl holds her stomach a bit as she shakes her quickly dizzing head. Damn! Likely never drank before, or drinks only a very little amount…The Mika does not look very good….

As Mika approaches and tries to act tough, Youkio watches with a silent smirk until she falls back and starts to feel the effects of the drink. He downs his own glass then turns to reach his hand out her. "Come on now. Surely that's not all the Queen Kitten can drink," he says with a chuckle. "You're supposed to be tougher than some old wolf, right?" The Dire Wolf is definitely finding some amusement in Mika trying to keep up with him on this aspect.

Mika swipes at Youkio's hand a bit. "I's is fines. I's cans get up on mines own.", she says. THe girl gets up, and then falls back down on her rear. She then digs her claws into the bar itself, and uses her claws to keep her on her feet as she gets up. "I's perfectly fines withs this juice.", she says. THe girl hiccups, and her claws go through the bar itself…….

Youkio chuckles a bit more and shakes his head as he is swiped at. Deciding to let her handle it on her own, he turns back around in his seat and simply watches the tipsy kitty fall down then finally pull herself up. He slides another glass over to her then picks up one as well. "Get us a few more ready if you will, barkeep," he says before starting to down his glass. He still seems to be only mildly buzzed if at all. There's no telling how many drinking games he's played as a mercenary or how often between jobs.

Mika blinks a few times, and drinks half the glass this time. She coughs a bit more, and looks a bit green. This little kitty is not holding her drink well, and she's about to pass out on the counter. That or pop on the counter. Somebody better catch her, and put this kitty over a toilet. She tilts her head several times, and almost falls over as the counter starts to tear with her claw in it….

Watching Mika start to fade more and more, Youkio shakes his head and puts his empty glass back on the counter. He stands and moves to grab Mika and cart her to the restroom and place her in front of the toilet before turning to walk out of the restroom unless stopped.

And then! Fade for about 20 minutes! Mika returns, still looking like vodka. A woman walks into the bathroom, and then screams before running out. The Keep just looks at Youkio, and puts an out of order sign on the women's restroom. He goes in there, and then screams just as loud as the girl before running out! "WHAT THE SCHNAPPS IS THAT THING IN THERE?!"

Watching Mika return finally, Youkio chuckles a bit then peers back at the restroom as screams are heard. "… What did you do, cough up a furball in the bathroom?" he asks as he looks back to her, blinking as he awaits a possible explanation. He definitely isn't planning to clean up after her, though, by the fact he doesn't even move from his seat to go look.

Mika simply nods her head….

"I see," Youkio says with a chuckle, shaking his head as he reaches into his pouch and gets some money to pay the barkeep. "Hope you're not expecting me to clean that up," he says as he stands up and stretches his arms out a bit. "So are you planning on following me to the next job as well? Make sure you don't screw up my papers there."

Mika coughs a few times, and shakes her head a bit before falls against the bar. Ok, Kitty not in any shape for work! Shes in a very bad mew! RIght now, she really needs a glass of water, and food. That and a place to lay down for a bit as she is really really really messed up. The girl sighs a bit, bringing her knees up to her chest. Wow…She's curling up! Yeah, first time drinking, first time getting drunk, and first time getting seriously sick form drinking…All in one scene! WAY TO GO, YOUKIO!

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