Beauty Blooms On The Surface



Date: November 1, 2010

"Beauty Blooms On The Surface"

The chambers of Takahiro Shuichi, the Daimyo of the Land of Grass, were
more expansive than three average-sized homes put together. Such
extravagance was common in the homes of a country's ruler, and the Land of
Grass was no exception. Part fortress, part dwelling, the Daimyo's castle
was impressive by any standard. The bedrooms were lavishly designed, but
not distastefully so, allowing one to enjoy the finer things in life
without being surrounded by complete decadance. Of course, for those
staying here in the castle lord's favor such hedonism was only a ring of a
bell away.

"You look uneasy, Little Flower." Shuichi smiles as he approaches the
object of his affections, the woman who stole away his heart, who took
away his troubles and freed his sleep from unease. Ryoko sat with her back
to him, brushing her long blonde hair steadily, the entire mass canted
over one shoulder to make the task easier. Her soft blue eyes look up at
him through the glass of the vanity he'd had made just for her and her
smile causes his heart to skip a beat. His hands come to rest on her
shoulders, softly separating the delicate silk of her sleeping kimono from
pale skin. Shuichi feels her shiver in delight at his touch.

"I cannot help but worry, my lord. You have let so many enemies into your
homeland." She softly puts the brush down, turning to face her noble lover
with earnest eyes. So lovely, so delicate. "Shinobi are adept at
assassination, are they not? What if some of them have hidden mot-"

With a condescending smile, Shuichi cuts the diva off with a finger to
her lips. He moves his mouth to her ear, leaning down, his whispers
caressing the skin of his beautiful treasure. "Worry not about such
things, Little Flower. I have it all well in hand." He feels rather than
sees her eyes close as Ryoko swallows hard and then gasps when his lips
leave a trail of kisses down the side of her throat. Somewhere in the back
of his mind, he wondered if this was what falling in love felt like.

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