Origin of Batgirl - Becoming more than you are now


Arashi (emitter), Nozomi

Date: April 28, 2016


Nozomi works more toward completing her test to learn sound genjutsu

"Origin of Batgirl - Becoming more than you are now"

Private training ground in Kumogakure

It's rather early in the evening, the sun has set, and Nozomi had gone to get breakfast for both her and her…. companion. She had just come back from her errands to find the apartment empty and a note she recognized as being from the bat. How that guy could ever write a thing, given his blindness, she'd never know. But indeed there was a note there, instructing her to eat lightly and bring some fruit to the training grounds. Quickly following instructions, she placed the remainder of the food in the refrigerator and took off toward a more remote training area. Finally reaching the area, she calls out, "I'm here bat-sensei!"

This companion of Nozomi's was waiting for Nozomi to show up as the darkness grew. Sound itself shouldn't be an issue for her, but genjutsu seems to be tough. Another good thing about it being dark is it lessens the usage of your eyes allowing your focus to e sent more to your other senses. Which includes others possibly being more effected by genjutsu that uses other senses. "I expect you are ready. Begin how you normally would. Harness the sound as you form your seals.. Unless you plan to use an instrument for this. Mastering the ability to make it without a premade sound would show more prowess though. Now. Begin."

Well, that is somewhat unusual, given that she has been trying to use the flute to make the sounds previously. "Hmmmm," Nozomi hums in an alto tone. Her flute for now stays in its pouch as she tries to feel out the sounds. Back to basics it seems. Slowly she starts to mould the sound into the seals that she is used to, but the seals slip more easily into the ninjutsu base she is used to. This time, however, she can actually feel the change and aborts. "I take it you're wanting me to produce my own sounds to help me gain a clearer sense as to what is going wrong?" she asks as she once again starts trying to set up the proper frame of mind.

They looked at Nozomi and stared at her blankly. "Producing your own sounds would allow you to manipulate it much more easily. It is the same as with you shinobi and your elements. Creating your own elements binds it to you and it allows you to control it more. Doesn't prevent you from doing it otherwise. Just more control in the end. Which of course allows you to have a better sense of what is going wrong and right. Continue. If you do something wrong and don't fix it I will point it out eventually. As long as you earn the help that is."

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 11 and 14, respectively, for a total of 25.

Nozomi nods once, but winces on the inside at the last comment. Damn, she wished that just once he'd tell her something without making it sound like she's something he barely tolerates. But now that the reasoning is practically laid out in front of her, it makes sense. "Aaaahhhh," she sings wordlessly, forming a simple three-note string of music that she slowly starts to mould into the correct form. This seal feels a bit better to her, but it soon starts to shift into ninjutsu again. While she gets a lot closer this time, and the seal forms properly, it still seems to fizzle out soon afterward. "That's… that should have worked," she says quietly but quizically. "Could you tell what happened bat-sensei?"

He just waits where he is still hanging for a moment, and stares right at Nozomi as she continued. "Of course I could tell what happened. I am the one that has already mastered this remember? You must need more work than I thought." He paused for a moment and then continued. "You are too used to Ninjutsu. You have to conciously seperate the two. Figure out where the line is that makes it ninjutsu rather than genjutsu and keep from stepping over. Now get back to it. That is all you get for now."

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 9 and 7, respectively, for a total of 16.

Nozomi sighs, shakes her head, then starts to hunker down again. She starts by trying to clear her mind of anything but the simple auditory genjutsu she's trying to perform. If she can get this right, this genjutsu would help her teamwork with those whom she works tremendously. But that little bit of thought is enough to cause her mind to slip from genjutsu to ninjutsu. Fortunately it's not a total loss as she manages to catch the shift and shuts down the jutsu before it forms. "Focus, Yamayuki, focus," she chides herself.

"Yes. Focus. Something you seem to be having trouble with. I could probably put you under a genjutsu and you wouldn't even notice." He shakes his little bat head and takes to the air to fly around. Eventually he found his way to another resting place but the flight at least helped pass some time.

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 7 and 5, respectively, for a total of 12.

"That's one of the things I'm trying to prevent, bat-sensei," Nozomi half-mutters. She once again tries to concentrate, but the more she tries, the more it seems to slip through her fingers. In fact, as she tries to form the genjutsu she misses the crucial point and the seal turns completely wrong. At the same time, Nozomi notices that, while using the sound ninjutsu, it's not just the seal that is forming. But her distraction is such that the ninjutsu fully forms into an ear-splitting high pitched whistle. While it's not likely to be anywhere near as painful to her sensei as it would be to a human, it is clear that the ninjutsu formed for however brief a time before she abruptly cuts it off before it could get to anywhere beyond a mild annoyance.

Sir bat-sensei had felt the ninjutsu as it happened, and if he could make a frown well then yes he would frown. "You just failed horribly. Are you even prepared for this? Are you ready for these abilities? Tell me now. If you can't handle someone making you lose focus as you try this then what do you plan to do in the heat of battle? Let your team down? That what you want to do?" He asked and simply shook his head a bit if he could. "Again."

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 14 and 9, respectively, for a total of 23.

Nozomi winced at those words and closed her eyes. "Gomen, bat-sensei," she says contritely. A sudden thought entered her head, and for a brief moment she is tempted to turn on the Nejigan so she could at least see what she is doing. But as her sensei said earlier, darkness was best for these attacks because /not being able to see/ focused the user on what they were doing. So thinking back to what just happened, she tried something new. As she formed her seals, she focused on what the effect she was looking for would feel like. This produced a result that was probably her closest attempt to date, even if it was still somewhat short. She's definitely getting somewhere here…

After a moment it seemed even though the words were harsh they did help. "There you go. Now keep at it. Focus. I am sure if you work at it then you will be able to do this. But sometimes you just.. Break down." The bat sensei quieted down and got back to simply staring over at Nozomi to see how she was doing. For now he would just watch her.

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 15 and 9, respectively, for a total of 24.

Nozomi doesn't actually say anything this time. Instead she focuses her attention to the task at hand. She almost had that last, and she thinks she finally stumbled over the problem that continuously caused her to fail. She sings two simple notes, and uses one to focus into the seal, which is becoming easier as she has felt how it /should/ be, and uses the other to encapsulate the seal within the shape she believes would produce the desired effect. "Ur.." a disembodied voice starts, the dies off quickly. So close!

And he just continues to stare now. Not to be rude and interrupt them. They are so close. That is something they at least want them to succeed on, and only messed with them to push them. Make them fight through it to get here. Now that they are here well he didn't have to bother her to do better. He may not act it, but he was impressed with her progress so far. She was starting to get there at least.

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 10 and 11, respectively, for a total of 21.

Well, her latest attempt wasn't as good as her previous two, but at the same time she was at long last getting the hang of this. This time the seal formed almost flawlessly, and the encapsulating moulding of form was getting there. But her focus slipped ever-so slightly, causing the genjutsu to fail. "I think… I think I see where I've been going wrong. It's not enough to form the seal, you have to form the shape of the genjutsu itself," she pants after her latest attempt fizzled out. "I think… I think I got the seal right this time at least…"

"You at least aren't doing the genjutsu like a newborn baby. Took long enough for you to get out of that stage." The bat would now fly right towards her and would try to find a spot to sit on her shoulder or head. "Do you figure the louder the sound the stronger it is? Or is any sound as deadly as all the rest? Answer this." The bat was whispering it as if trying to compare that to earlier sounds of their talking.

Nozomi seems to take time to ponder that question for a moment before saying, "It doesn't matter how loud it is, the faintest of sounds can be deadly in the right hands. Of course, that is somewhat of a mis-statement," she says after a moment. "Volume isn't tied in to the effectiveness of a jutsu of any kind, its the frequency that matters. A higher frequency is more dangerous, while a lower frequency tends to be geared more toward detection," she says as she looks up at the sky. "The E-ranked ninjutsu E-sharp is damaging not because of its volume, which often is high due to a beginner's need to focus on something to feel the forms. But the same ninjutsu can be just as effective at lower volumes. In fact, I know of a couple of clansmen who can use that ninjutsu at a low enough volume to be almost inaudible to no… er… human hearing, often with devastating results."

"Yes yes. Good." Bat-sensei would listen to the rest of her words before flying off to another spot to rest. "Good. At least you know if I dislike you I could make a sound that makes your head explode." If this bat was a human it would have kept a straight face as they said that. And it was seemingly said as if it was possible to be both a joke and not a joke at the same time. Partly serious or something. "Now. Are you still able to continue or do you need some rest after learning where that little barrier is?"

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 7 and 7, respectively, for a total of 14.

For reasons of sanity, Nozomi decides to take that as a joke. After all, the thought of a little bat wanting to kill you would be enough to drive even the most powerful shinobi or kunoichi (*cough*Michiko-sensei*cough*) to the brink of insanity. Instead she nods once in answer to the question. "I can continue, bat-sensei." But as she does, she realizes that the seal did not form correctly and quickly cuts the chakra to it, allowing it to die. "Let's try that again…"

Bat-sensei now just watched and examined. He paid close attention to every move by Nozomi, and simply stared over at her when she failed. "Yes. I would say trying it again would be the smartest route. I would rather you not risk another ninjutsu attack being tossed out. I wouldn't want to be returned injured or dead."

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 16 and 9, respectively, for a total of 25.

Reserving her thoughts for Michiko for later, Nozomi once again hunkers down for her attempt. This time the seal forms perfectly, and she also manages to get the shape of the genjutsu formed nicely over the seal. This time, a clear message can be heard through a disembodied voice, "I do believe I've finally got this!" The voice is Nozomi's, but not coming from Nozomi. Instead it comes from all around. Nozomi quickly activates her eyes to get a clear picture of what a completed sound-based genjutsu should look like and commits it to memory. Once she's done, she dismisses the genjutsu and allows her eyes to revert back to normal. "So /that's/ where I messed up…"

He hangs where he is for a moment, and listens to the genjutsu. Then eventually Nozomi seems to have done it, and took note of her mistakes. "Hmmm? DId I miss something. I might've dosed off a bit there." Even though he didn't. "Did you do it correctly this time? If so are you able to do it again or do you need a break?" The bat was obviously testing Nozomi's abilities further and likely had noticed what she had did.

Nozomi doesn't answer verbally, but once again tries to do this. She puts forth an effort, and manages to get /so/ close. In fact, this time even though it failed, there was not a trace of ninjutsu in this effort. The main reason it failed was the overlay wasn't quite closed enough. However, it was quite evident she got the principles down, and was now able to make the necessary diffriention between sound ninjutsu and sound genjutsu.

"Alright Nozomi. Good job. You failed there, but your progress is evident. I am happy to stay and help still, but from my own analysis I feel like you coul get to the next step on your own. You seem to have located the source of using the genjutsu at the very least." An so bat-sensei started to fly around and waited to see if she continued an how well she did.

RP: Nozomi makes a Int and Gen roll and got 10 and 14, respectively, for a total of 24.

"One more try. I think I'm getting low on chakra," Nozomi sings. She uses the last two notes from her words to form the genjutsu, which is becoming even easier with each step in the right direction she takes. In fact, this time she forms a textbook 'audible hallucinations' genjutsu as that disembodied voice returns sound just like she's singing from various places around the area. "I can't wait to tell Michiko-sama of my success! I suppose I should inform Arashi-taicho too…"

"Yes. You did well. I am sure they would be happy to hear of how you are growing. Maybe you would like for them to stop by to help sometime? It would help to have someone to practice on that isn't a master at sound themselves sometimes. And I figure neither of them are experts at genjutsu itself besides being able to force themselves out of it through self harm." He would look around as he flied. "At least it seems you are at a point where you could likely do simple academy techniques with this. Eventually you will be at a higher level but for now I expect nothing less."

Nozomi fairly beams at the suggestions put forward by the bat. "I think I would like that bat-sensei," she says with the grin she's wearing plainly evident in her voice as she drops the genjutsu. "And I will work to improve my abilities as much as possible. I thank you for your assistance so far." Of course that assistance wasn't exactly /pleasant/, but it was very useful in helping her develop her confidence in this particular technique. And of course, this marked the second summoner test passed. Now all that remained was the final two tests, and her sensei's opinion of her. She'd do her best to gain that approval, for the more she worked toward this goal, the more she really wanted to be a bat summoner.

"Well I was asked to help you by what probably would amount to my sensei. So I didn't have a big choice in the matter. Luckily you seem to understand enough to make this training worth it. But.. Well lets just see if your worth holds up for the next two tests. I will be back soon enough, but for now you can consider this part a success." Of course she knew that already as he flew off. Likely to wind up back with her within the hour.

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