Second Promotion Exams - Best Date Ever


Fuuta, Eri

Date: November 27, 2012


During the exams Fuuta gathers himself some food before he goes to find shelter for the night. He ends up having an unexpected guest during dinner however.

"Second Promotion Exams - Best Date Ever"

The Stream, Kirigakure

Well the exams were off to a good start for Fuuta. He'd done a good job evading any opponents and managed to stock up on supplies as well as find a suitable place to rest for the night. As of now Fuuta was by the stream gathering food and water. This was a natural fresh water source and also ideal for fishing. He found no others nearby so he used this time to fill his canteen and gather fish. Fuuta uses a rubber clone to scare the fish out of water and then proceeds to pierce them with senbon strung with ninja wire. He'd then reel them in a viola, a meal high in protein. Fuuta does this so well he actually takes the time to read a scroll, not the blood scroll but it was made to look like the blood scroll, as he finishes up fishing. "A few more should do it." he nods. He seems to be studying the scroll intently.

Eri skips towards the stream humming a soft and merry tune. After a long sleep and with Kitaru watching over her she was able to make a full recovery from the bout they had. Still she wasn't exactly sure if she wanted his help or not though, he could prove to be useful if she needed someone to drag her out of a deadly situation. Looking over she spots Fuuta and his fishing and her stomach growls hungrily. She just realized that she hasn't really worked on gathering any food for her time here, and was -really- hungry. She walks over to Fuuta and gives him a friendly wave before looking over at where he kept the fish. "That looks yummy. Can I have some? Pretty pleaaaase?" She pouts at Fuuta and gives him her best puppy dog eye impression to try and convince him to share his meal with her.

Fuuta's clone ceases in its efforts once Eri's humming his heard. Fuuta looks her way and prepares himself for engagement. "Seems I've squandered too long." he sighs. The clone gathers the fish and Fuuta stands tucking the scroll away after sealing it. When Eri waves at him Fuuta is half expecting to be put under her infatuation technique again. But it appears she's just hungry. Fuuta inclines his head "Uh…." he looks to his clone. His clone shrugs at him and just like that Fuuta was compromised. Fuuta figures he's taken enough defensive measures to prevent Eri from taking his scroll. Fuuta rubs his head "Meeeeeh." he waves the clone over. "What kinda guy would I be if I said no to that?" Fuuta asks Eri with soft smile. "A smart one." the clone replies. Fuuta chuckles and takes the fish from the clone. "Come on then. We can't cook them here." Fuuta states. As he leads Eri into a thicker portion of the wildlife he tries to gather a bit of info from her. "So you didn't think to secure food and supplies before jumping head first into this? Or is this just an excuse to spend time with me alone?"

Eri giggles softly at Fuuta and his clone and skips along with him as he leads her into the thicker portion of wildlife. She tilts her head curiously when Fuuta speaks up to ask a question and grins mischievously. "Hm tough call, if I was alone with you then I could use my deadly charm and marvelous beauty to seduce the scroll from you. But! This time yes, I forgot to bring food with me and well I kinda got beat up before I could get anything here to eat. Soo yeah I'm really hungry." She rubs her growling tummy eagerly and crosses her arms infront of her idly as she walks. "Trickster is something..Oh you probably don't know him by the nickname I gave him. -Kitaru- is something. Couldn't get him under my spell no matter how hard I tried" She shakes her head before shrugging. "But! At least I'm not in a coma, so that's a good sign that I've definitely been improving."

Fuuta glances back to Eri as she spoke. "Ah…so I see you've already lost your scroll to Kit eh?" Fuuta groans and rubs his head "That means I'll be seeing him in the third round." Fuuta shrugs "Oh well. Don't try anything funny. I'm feeding you after all out of the goodness of my…" he hears Eri's stomach growl and chuckles. "Can't fake that." he remarks. Fuuta stops and looks around. "This is good." he motions his clone to get a fire ready. "Eat fast. Fire draws attention." Fuuta nods. "It's getting late so most would be looking for shelter to avoid the creatures. Others might've decided to wait until nightfall to prey on the sleeping. But I doubt many would do such a thing." Fuuta sighs "There are dangerous things in the wild of the Land of Water. Most of which don't mind a little human flesh."
Fuuta would prep the fish as his clone made the fire. He'd glance to Eri a few times as he did so. He couldn't deny that she was mildly attractive, on a scale of one to him she ranked an impressive 5. Still Fuuta couldn't be bewitched by it, he has work to do here. "Well I suggest you find food and shelter quick." Fuuta states. The fire is burning and the clone is dismissed. Fuuta props the fish on wooden skewers made from shaven and sharpened branches. He sets them over the fire to cook and moves to take a seat. He glances to Eri a few times "Well…go ahead and get comfortable. You don't have a scroll so I'm not gonna try anything. Besides the GREAT Yoko Fuutama doesn't pick on those he knows are weaker than he is."

Eri smiles over at Fuuta giving little waves of her fingers as he glances back at her. She shrugs faintly and nods at Fuuta "I'll be sure to do so, and if anyone tries to sneak up on me while I'm sleeping they'd find a lot of booby traps. I like sleeping comfortably most of the time afterall, got to make sure no boys decide to get curious right?" She winks at him playfully before sniffing the air as the fish cooked. "Is there any way you can make it cook faster? I want to eat now." She stomps her foot faintly in protest before moving over to sit down by Fuuta. She grins over at him when he says that she's weaker. "Oh am I? I seem to remember you being quite taken with me the last time we sparred. That wouldn't have been very good if it happened out here right? If anything I think we are about even in might. Although I'm greater by default simply because I'm a woman. That has been an unspoken rule of the human race since the dawn of time, can't change it."

"If I were bound by the rules of mere humans I'd be inclined to agree with you." Fuuta chuckles as Eri manages to amuse him. Fuuta then looks to the fish and takes out an explosive tag "They'd be well done. Still edible but probably wouldn't taste very good." Fuuta remarks. He crosses his legs and relaxes. "And that was me holding back. I noticed Genjutsusist like you and Kit can't afford to hold back given your physicality." he states. "So I've seen you guys at your best. But you can't say the same about me can ya?" Fuuta winks. "For all you know I could have a plethora of tricks up my sleeve." Fuuta snickers "But I'll have plenty of time for fighting when I make it to the third round. RIght now I just need to survive and outlast the weak and weary." Fuuta performs hand seals and summons another clone. It moves over to check the fish. With a shake of its head Fuuta is alerted that the fish isn't ready yet. The clone kicks more dry grass and vegetation into the fire while also tossing some dry branches and roots onto it. It was best to use dry material so little smoke was given off. "You have an infectious personality I'll give you that." Fuuta states chuckling just a bit. "I was serious about that date…just didn't think we'd be having it in this setting."

Eri laughs at that and shakes her head "You, I like. You aren't like -some- of the grumpy shinobi I've ran into. You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people don't like me. They say I'm not 'serious' enough or that I'm 'ditsy' and they are all just so mean. I'm pretty sure there's at least one person who wants me dead." She rolls her eyes before listening to Fuuta's explanation before shaking her head again. "First off, I'm -pretty- sure that physicality isn't a word. Secondly I suppose I can see your point, but maybe even those tricks aren't enough to beat us Genjutsuists at our best." She smiles at Fuuta and nods at him. "Thank you I appreciate it. It is a shame that we have to dine in these conditions. I mean there aren't any sweets to end our meal with…I'd kill someone for some chocolate right now. Not you of course." She giggles softly and continues eying the fish hungrily.

Fuuta smiles at Eri "Well it's like I always say, anyone in their right mind would like me." Fuuta then snickers at Eri "Well I find you refreshment. All the shinobi around here are so bland and serious. Their idea of a good time is slaughter. It's nice to see someone who knows how to enjoy themselves." Fuuta then looks to Eri. "But I have to admit you are a bit ditsy. Physicality, a physical aspect or property?" he explains before shifting in his seat. Fuuta blinks at Eri then just laughs. "Well stick around long enough and you might see what I'm talking about." Fuuta is then alerted by his clone that the fish are finished. He gets up and dismisses the clone. Fuuta retrieves the fish and puts out the fire. He hands one to Eri "I know. We have to have a proper one someday. With chocolate." he winks.
Eri shakes her head and tsks "Luckily there aren't -too- many of those sorts at Kumo…still there's lots who loves beating up on each other." She smiles softly at him and hmm's in thought. "Nope still don't think it's a word. When you can prove to me with a dictionary that it isn't then we'll talk." When handed her her fish she dives into it hungrily forgetting her manners in the process. It only takes her a few minutes to wolf it down to nothing more than bones and she stretches out quite content. "Mmm that was yummy. Thank you for sharing with me, and I will hold you to that even after the exams are over." She looks up at the sky in thought and smiles faintly in thought. "You know, I'm glad I've made it this far. To be honest I kinda had the idea in my head that I'd simply fail the written portion..but I didn't..and if I failed this portion I wouldn't be upset, you know?"

Fuuta just shakes his head at Eri chalks it up to her ditsy-ness, which he liked anyway. But then Fuuta is taken aback by Eri's lack of grace. Fuuta stares despairingly at Eri as she wolfs down the fish. Fuuta had never seen a woman….or a man for that matter eat so egregiously. Fuuta blinks and hands Eri his fish too. "Here. I have plenty so I'll be fine." he makes sure not to watch her eat it this time. "And you can still pass this round. Just takes some wit. Look at the Brightside, without a scroll you have nothing to lose." Fuuta lets Eri decide what to do with that knowledge he just takes out the scroll he was reading before. It looks just like the blood scroll but the contents wouldn't be that of such. Fuuta glances to Eri "When you're finished I'm going to get moving. I need to find shelter for the night."

Eri's eyes light up as she is offered a second fish and she begins nibbling on it, taking her time since the majority of her hunger had been sated. She looks up at Fuuta when he seems to be encouraging her and she smiles at him. She tilts her head curiously and sighs at that. She remembered having a scroll like that, too bad Kitaru was so intent on taking it. "I hope so, there's nothing I'd like more than to go back home a Jounin. Well maybe becoming Raikage…but becoming a Jounin would be a step in that direction so either way." She pouts at Fuuta when he says he's probably going to leave her all alone again. "Aw…well alright…wish you luck friend. I should get back and find Trickster soon anyways..we need to discuss the details of the deal we made. Which um…you don't know about if he asks you."

Fuuta blinks as Eri mentions a deal she made with Kitaru. "A deal? Well now I'm curious." Fuuta states with a grin. "Care to appease my curiosity?" he asks. Fuuta decides to stick around for a bit longer. He does continue to read from the scroll but he's listening for Eri's response. It seems like Kitaru was up to something again. He was probably trying to weed out some competition. Fuuta sighs "That Kitaru." Fuuta shrugs "Well at least I don't have to worry about you." But he couldn't help but wonder if he was on Kitaru's elimination list. Probably not. Kitaru was so sure of himself and his genjutsu. Fuuta has yet to find the most effective means of disabling it. "Of course if he asks I'll tell him nothing."

Eri grins and taps a finger to her lips in thought as she debated on whether or not to tell him. She didn't know Kitaru well enough to know if he'd be ok with her gossiping. Peering about to make sure no one was around she'd whisper to Fuuta "Well before he beat me up he made me the offer that if I surrendered my scroll he'd help me get two more to get to the third round. At first I didn't accept it…but when you're about to collapse from exhaustion that offer sounded pretty good. So that's basically why he's been protecting semi-unconscious me." She attempts to shoo Fuuta away. "Now hurry on, I've already said too much sweetie."

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