Betrayal in the Night


Tsiro, Kitaru, Chiaki, Sanada, Madarobi

Date: October 14, 2012


After deciding to turn her back on Konoha, it is simply a matter of two Kiri shinobi getting the young genin back to Kiri. They were not able to get away easily, however, and were met by a couple of Konoha's own forces. Konoha ends up losing more than a genin in the process.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Betrayal in the Night"

Nearby a town in the neutral zone to the south-east of Konoha.

Still in the neutral zone, Tsiro has lead Chiaki south to catch a ship and go around Konoha. Their target was Kirigakure. The two have met up with Kitaru. The situation was explained and he was on board to get the girl back to her new home. As far as the day goes, the night is about to set in. Any force sent by Konoha to retrieve or track the girl is about to run into visual issues unless they have one of the famed ocular jutsu of the Hidden Leaf.

Tsiro moves along the path looking upwards towards the sky. "We will have to keep moving until we hit a town or the coast. Until then we are in danger of other shinobi." The Kaguya then looks back towards Chiaki. "If anything happens, stay out of it. Worst case scenario you can always go with the victor." He was pretty certain anyone looking to retrieve the girl would not be a Genin.

Kitaru would give a small nod, keeping himself focused with that Dark Cloak dancing about him. They would try to recover her, simply because it's one of their own. However, he was not going to let such an asset go. Watching Chiaki, he'd study her as he brought up rear guard. It's interesting that she would move and there could be potential issues.. but in the end, she would be accepted. "We will defend you. If we get over-whelmed, then it's just a matter of saying you were kidnapped.. Then we can always pick you up at a later point in time. We will get this done, as we are good at that.." The hand mirror was kept in one hand, Kitaru was on edge, the forest was not their home front, instead it was the mist and he didn't have that control as of yet.

Chiaki nods and continues following close behind Tsiro. She only knew Tsiro, but the second guard seemed alright enough. She hadn't even come close to regretting the decision she made yet, she didn't think she ever would."Yes, of course." Chiaki pondered on who would have been sent to come after her. She knew her family wouldn't particularly care whether or not she returned, and she had not made too many friends in Konoha. In the end it would not matter, as long as she managed to make it to Kiri.

Sanada would be given the mission from the hokage herself telling him to form a small squad to get a Chiaki from leaving the village and its secrets. After a moment of allowing the infromation to sink in the only logical choice of action was to get Madarobi to join him in his journey. After a short moment the young man with Madarobi would be in hot pursuit going in the most likely location, Sanada said nothing after telling Madarobi what was going on but he would be emitting a rather abandoned pressure around himself as they traveled. "Tsk, freaking idiot wait until I get my hands around that skinny neck of yours I swear I'll ring it like a towel."

Emitting an aura of confidence, Madarobi understood the specifications of his mission and accepted the terms. Although he was not a fan of Sanada, he knew how potent his Mind Body Techniques could be. Staying somewhat quiet during their trek to find Chiaki, he wasn't sure of anything he could possibly say to Sanada in the mood he was in. He was usually unlikable, but now he just seemed misled. Focusing chakra throughout his body, Madarobi felt it was better to be safe than sorry in case their targets decided to catch them off guard while they were in pursuit.

As the group continued to move, Tsiro finally spotted a town. "We will be passing through this town. This is the last town before the coast. Be prepared for a fight Kitaru. If anyone recognizes her or if word was sent ahead, they might start something." Tsiro built his own chakra preparing to enter the town. There was not so much as a bead of sweat coming from the boy's face. His will was iron on this. Nothing was going to stop him.

Both sides would know this little town as the point to move for. Konoha would be able to catch up by heading there and Kirigakure forces had to move through there before they could get to a ship. As Tsiro continued towards it, small pieces of bone would lightly protrude through his skin. Not enough to set anyone off that he was ready to defend an attack, but enough that he would not lose any time should someone attack.

Kitaru would nod in response to Tsiro. A glance towards Chiaki given with a faint smile. "Kirigakure is a strong village. I understand your desire to move. Konoha has plenty who are.. not as strong.. as their special few." Kitaru would shake his head slightly, keeping aware of his surroundings, he'd actually scatter detection spheres behind them, the small glass spheres melting into the foilage, looking like nothing more than marbles, however they would alert the group to if they had any movement behind them. It was going to be tight getting through here, he couldn't do genjutsu to that many at once, so they just had to go fast and hopefully not get caught until they get to a ship. It would just be a matter of time to see if they actually make it or not.

Chiaki looked over her shoulder at Kitaru and nodded in response. She did not want to say much to maintain the possible illusion of her being kidnapped. If whoever they sent did manage to win, she couldn't exactly go back to that excuse after agreeing with a statement like that. They would have plenty of time to talk if she managed to make it there. She looked around and pulled her hat down over her face. It wouldn't be too much longer now hopefully, and she could put all the memories of Konoha behind her.

Sanada would look over towards Madarobi as he narrowed his gaze before pointing to stand behind him. "I guess Intel was right her scent still lingers here. "Tsk, hmm it appears that we were able to shorten the distance…now all we have to do is find them." Scouting the area he was able to notice Chiaki as he looked over her shoulders and with a rise in anger the young man would sit down to calm himself before standing again. "Sorry about that I was using anger to fuel me enough to increase my adrenalin thus increase my means of travel. Now it's no longer needed…let's hit them hard in fast with genjutsu when we get in close and I'll take over the guy with the silver hair." Sanada would have a confident smirk on his face as he shook his head at Chiaki as they started to travel over towards the pair.

Nodding solemnly at the commands from Sanada, Madarobi's erratic chakra seemingly shifts into a more fluid and controlled substance instantaneously. His eyes become fiercer as he too locks on the position of Chiaki. "We have to get her back." He thinks to himself as Hikari floats through his mind. "She would never forgive me if I allowed them to take Chiaki." Clenching his fists as he narrows his vision to the tall blonde haired teenager escorting Chiaki, he was ready for the worst.

As the others approach, Tsiro is able to see the seal Kitaru holds glow. "We are not alone." he whispers to the others. For the moment he walks slowly hoping that Kitaru would be able to play some mind tricks with them and allow him to get close to them without an issue. His crimson eyes focus ahead of him for the moment. "Try to find out what you can about our visitors. Then let me know. I will do my best to get in close and mess them up." While Tsiro had no way of knowing there were multiple people, it was assumed that konoha would send more than one.

Kitaru would give a small nod. The mirror put away, he'd free his hands for his next act. "Seal says two.. Close together. I think.. we hit hard, put them down fast, then get out of here while they're recovering." His hands would flash through a set of seals, that murmur of the seals name soft, until he hit that last one. That quiet intonement was probably something only Tsiro and Chiaki would hear. "Mirror Edge Style: Mirror Maze." Kitaru reached out to both Sanada and Madarobi, causing the world about them to suddenly silver. Everything about them took on a mirror hue, reflecting that dark twisted core back at them. As the others would fade away, Sanada and Madarobi would only see that mirror world about them, the trees turning into walls, the ground and sky just the mirror reflections. Once they were locked into that mirror world, the mirrors behind them would start shattering, millions of shards coming at them, forcing them to either run, or get shredded. Either way, this was all purely mental, leaving their physical bodies open for further assault.

Chiaki glances back at Kitaru and simply watches him intrigued. She then looked forward to Tsiro continuing to walk slowly in pace with him. She knew her orders she was to stay out of the way until a victor was decided. As unlikely as failure was she still had to contemplate her story should the Konoha shinobi actually bring her back.

Sanada soon found himself traveling through an endless maze with no sign of ending, as if each and every step was pointless as he wasn't getting any closer. He would form a seal and try and break out of it but failed. Over time he would shake his head again and again to escape but it was no use. He was stuck in it and taken for a ride. "Tsk, I have to get out of here. I have to get her back…"

Seeing as how Madarobi's life revolved around the use of genjutsu, he was always aware of any displacement of chakra around. Although certain forms of ninjutsu may sneak up on him, genjutsu was home to him. As he watches Chiaki's every moment, he instantly sees himself looking back at him before he realizes that chakra was beginning to enter his cerebral cortex. "You cannot have her!" He yells as he releases a surge of chakra to eliminate the bond between him and Kitaru. Raising his hands quickly, Madarobi would flash through several seals trying to create an illusion of emitting pressure from his location. While doing this, he would simultaneously try to break Sanada from the genjutsu infiltrating his mind.

There it was. That feeling that someone was playing with his damn mind. A bone extends from Tsiro's elbow down into his leg causing just enough pain to break him from the Genjutsu. He heard the voice state that he could not have her. "I… AM…KAGUYA!" he screams as his he flexes his arms and bones begin to protrude almost everyone. His crimson eyes were now seeing a shade of red that he had not in a while. The young Chuunin was livid.

Shortly after his clan declaration, Tsiro turns to face the two. He charges them across the field. As he is closing the distance, he yells. "You treat your people as dirt and damaged goods. Pawn one, pawn two. You have no respect for anyone but yourself!" The first strike of the boy would come from his elbow. The second strike was a stab from the opposite elbow as Tsiro planted his foot and tried to slam the bone from his elbow behind his own back. "Leaders teach their own. They believe in their own. They do not toss them away as scum."

Kitaru's dark cloak would be repelled by the other genjutsuist. He raised a brow as the purple chakra would interact with that attempted returning strike. A soft chuckle was given with a small shake of his head and with that seal, he broke the attempted submission hold. "That.. won't work, sorry." Focusing himself, standing between Madarobi and Sanada, he went through a different set of seals, this time the words were louder, probably heard as eyes narrowed on them. "Mirror Edge Style: Void Mirror." Madarobi would see a massive mirror form before him, his reflection within it a minute speck. Suddenly, Madarobi's mental state would switch, entered into that mirror as the dark malice that was part of the Cloak about Kitaru showed itself to be real. It'd swarm in on Madarobi inside his mind, shredding him, the dark malice cackling as it would rip him apart. Within Sanada's world, the mirrors started to turn black, that dark malice sweeping into the reality he was locked into to shred and pull at him. The strikes that Sanada would feel from Tsiro were blended into the mirrors, shards that would get launched from the walls around him, striking at him as the dark malice of that Cloak attempted to rip his soul apart.

Sanada would struggle for the most part to try and get out of the hold but failed. As he took each and every strike from the Kaguya making his tight body sliding across the ground. He would struggle to get back onto his feet but fell back down the man was hurt and fading fast. "Tsk, I have to do something…I have to…do…something." Sanada eyes would start to close as he was starting to become rather cold. He was fading fast and there was nothing he could do about it for the moment at least his body wasn't his own.

Shaken by not only the impenetrable defenses of the two fighters, but also by their onslaught of attacks, Madarobi is quickly over taken by an extremely potent and unique genjutsu ability. Watching himself in a massive mirror, he is transferred within the confines of the virtual image as the surrounding area fades to black as he feels his whole body being crushed by a massive pressure. Gaining consciousness for what seems to be only moments later, he has trouble gathering himself as he stands to his feet with one arm leaning on a knee. "Chiaki I don't know if we can save you." He says to himself as his moral begins to diminish. Not quite giving up yet, Madarobi completes several hand seals and aims them at the opposing genjutsu user. "Suffocate." He whispers as his chakra flows towards the tall fighter once again.

Tsiro looked at the badly beaten Sanada. He was not going to last much longer. Tsiro glanced back at Chiaki for a moment. Chances are she might have some feelings for Sanada though from everything Tsiro had seen, the guy had been a jerk to her. Moving one foot forward Tsiro spins his body in an attempt to finish off Sanada. "There is no shame in death."

Kitaru just shook his head, seeing through the attempt on him, that dark cloak was pulled in close, stopping the chakra for the genjutsu from reaching him. "You are well trained. I will give you that. You should try to come up with your own style. Try to actually be someone in Konoha, rather than one of the flock." Kitaru would pull four spheres from one of those pockets, throwing them out with a set of seals. As the spheres scattered around Madarobi, they would focus on the other genjutsuist. Within each one was a small mirror and the mirror would catch Madarobi's reflection in every minute detail. After that moment of reflection, the images would warp, twisting within the spheres to reach out of it, latching on to Madarobi and forcing him to his knees, any action, every action, reflected and pushed at. Even breathing felt like it took 4 times the normal strength just to get air.

Sanada body would fade out as he stood there looking at the two men before shaking his head. "Tsk, it appears that I have to get serious…I hate getting serious. I would much rather take the little brat but it appears she wanted you to take her…such trash she has become to be used by the likes of you two…she is no good to the village she is from and thus shall be killed." Sanada head was draped as well as his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he put a sense of pressure onto the young man making it appears as though he became a demon or something before his eyes flashed. "Mad focus onto the bone guy and we'll take the gen guy together." Smirking as he started to form a weird seal in hand before cracking his neck. A cold sweat would start to roll down the side of his neck as he smirked (I only got one shot and one shot only…tsk I hope this works.) Sanada would try and send himself into Tsiro once there he would gaze around for just a short moment, if not he would be floating in empty space.

Angered by the Kitaru's comments, Madarobi face would become more stern as he displaces chakra around himself to push away another attempt to infiltrate his mind. Feeling as though this mission was somewhat suicidal, Madarobi would try one last attempt to create a chance for both him and Sanada get away. Although he had never fled from a fight before, it was obvious that they were out matched in this scenario. Even if they could not convince Chiaki to come back now, reporting back to the Hokage with this valuable information would allow them to send a more equipped group to retrieve Chiaki. Flashing through several seals he would once again try to create an illusion of an emitting pressure from his location.

Tsiro could not believe the words of Sanada as he tried to attack back at him. He was tossing the girl away. A student that held no true value to him. Tsiro stabbed himself with a small piece of bone to escape the genjutsu. He then dashed out of the way of the mind body technique before stabbing himself once more with a bone to escape the attack from Madarobi. "You wish to see a demon. I will show you what a demon looks like." Tsiro then reached behind him. There are some sounds of his hands reaching past his skin. Soon the boy yanks a piece of bone upwards from behind his head. The eyes of the boy roll up into his head. Soon he tugs once more pulling out his own spine. Not that they needed to know but his bone structure had already created another to takes its place.

Tsiro whipped the spine outwards towards Sanada. He was going to wrap him up inside the jagged vertebrae of the spine. Bits of muscle and blood fling outwards from the whip like manuever possibly hitting others involved.

Once again Kitaru would form that seal, stopping the aura from potentially stopping him. A shake of his head was given. "You could of just run. Our task was just to capture her. Not kill anyone.. however.. that doesn't look to be what will happen here." He'd focus himself, working through a set of seals once more, before a mirror was flicked up, attempting to catch Madarobi's gaze. Once it did, Madarobi would be forced to be as still as the reflection within the mirror. While that happen, Kitaru would throw another sphere, the sphere bounced once, then the seal on it would turn on, suctioning chakra from Madarobi, pulling forcefully at that chakra source within the teen.

Sanada missed as he floated there he would try and race back to his body, no matter he was struck and as he was fading the young man would look at Mad and speak softly. "Run…trash isn't worth it. Her day is coming….trust me it is…that's the thing with betrayal." Sanada would laugh as he started to feel himself slipping out…his light fading. His mind going blank. It appears time has come to call this nin home there was nothing anyone could've done. "Damn, never got to tell Hikari how I really felt about her…Madarobi….I always thought you were already. Treat Hikari right or I'll hunt you from the afterlife." Sanada would release his breath one last time as he passed on without leaving a mark in the ninja world.

Watching as Sanada's body goes limp, Madarobi barely has time to perform the proper seals to both fade in out of vision before the tag could be put on him. He would simultaneously release his chakra to deflect the genjutsu that was surrounding him. There he stood, facing two opponents that he knew he could not defeat. Although he was not fond of Sanada, he was not pleased to see his life ended so shortly. Walking over to the corpse, he would kneel down and begin pick up the body. Looking at the two fighters he would be calm and collected as his chakra shifted to a more erratic form.

"I'm going to take his body back to the village. You and I both know that if you choose to stop me, I won't be able to prevent it. This fight should have never happened. Sanada died to save you Chiaki!" He yells as he glances in her direction. "It is obvious now that you want to go Chiaki And as I am giving up on the idea of preventing you from leaving, I hope your comrades will show me the same mercy." Madarobi states while trying to still have some sense of pride.

Tsiro pulled tightly on his spine, turning and tearing into the body before it turned limp and fell to the ground. His crimson eyes then stared at Madarobi as he knelt and picked the body up. "This man did not come here to save a student or a shinobi. He came here to save face and his own control. I am no mind tinkerer like you and even I can see this. Take his body. We take the girl. She will learn where she fits in and that in life, she is not a servant."

Tsiro then turns around and starts towards Chiaki. He had just severed any emotional bond she had. He stops for a moment. "If you do send another force, do not come along with them or you will meet the same fate as your friend." His voice has now become calm and his rage is saited. "Come now. We need to be leaving here."

Kitaru would stare at Madarobi for a long moment. A small shake of his head was given. "Pitiful. You can go run home with your tail between your legs. We have what we came for." Kit would shrug and look to Chiaki, a simple nod given and he'd walk off. Yes, he was worn down from the fight, however he could still keep going and much as the other genjutsuist had said, there was no chance of him winning. Too bad his buddy didn't realize the same thing.

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