Better Late Than Never


Miyo, Kyuketsuki, Masashi

Date: April 16, 2016


Bandits slipped in among tourists and stole from a bunch of shops! Authorities were notified just as they were leaving!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Better Late Than Never"


It was a strange day. A large amount of people decided to visit Konohagakure at the same time, flooding the shops and exploring the place. The day was busy with everyone buying lots of souvenirs and distracting local shinobi with questions, showing genuine interest. But beneath this layer of busy fun-having, was a small group. They slipped in among the crowd, going from shop to shop, stealing things of value and using Genjutsu to temporarily seem invisible to shop-keeps. Reports of the thieves were too little too late, only reaching Shinobi and word spreading, towards the end of the day, as the sun was beginning to set and the four thieves were making away with their large amount of loot. Laughing and joking among the crowd, trying to blend in as much as possible as they make their way to the village exit. They are rather deep in the village though, so they still have a ways to go.
Kyuketsuki was one of the Shinobi that managed to catch word of the thieves. He wasted no time, darting off to find them and bring them to justice! But… Slight problem. So many people, how would Kyu figure out which were the thieves with no descriptions. Kyu quietly swears under his breath as he activates his Sharingan, scanning the crowd rapidly.

So, Miyo was one of the people in the village for some of the fun-stuff, not as one of the thieves, but as just… Miyo. It's a good day for it, too, because everyone seems to be having a great time, even thieves. By the time that the search begins, Miyo is on her way towards the exit of the village, on a sort of collision course with Kyuketsuki and the thieves. But, would she notice them!? Probably not. She's not alerted to the presence of the criminals.

Kyu's red eyes scan the crowd, before suddenly his eyes lock onto the two. Kyu wastes no time, he rapidly does handseals from afar. The thieves would feel a little confused suddenly, though subtly, as they head the wrong way, away from the exit, and towards Kyuketsuki, as he takes cover behind a building.
The a bandits all begin to head the wrong way, none the wiser, when suddenly, one starts to hang back, he looks around and squints at the buildings. "Wait, guys, hold up. This isn't right." He comments, before he suddenly makes a handseal, fluxing his chakra. "Were headed the wrong way. I suspect Genjutsu. No way we made the mistake of turning back! Covers blown, break for it." The bandits all flux their chakra, dispelling the simple genjutsu and chasing after the fourth bandit, which causes Kyu to dart out of hiding, "Stop!" He yells, getting completely ignored.

Miyo feels the sensation of chakra being wielded in the near vicinity and looks around. In a hidden village, that is not terrible uncommon. She is no sensor, however, and thus determining anything more than someone just used a jutsu is beyond her.
It just so happens that Miyo is near enough to watch the use of handseals to break the genjutsu, but she has no idea why they are doing it. They then start running. "Hey, is something wrong!?" She asks as they dart by.

Masashi was walking through the crowd when he hears a shouted "Stop!". He looks around to see a group of people running and one other individual chasing after them. 'What the delay…' He thinks to himself. He tries to get a look at the people running so he could see if there was any way to identify any of them. Looked like the one chasing has a Leaf symbol on his shirt, so he joins in the chase to take down the group fleeing.

Kyu continues to chase after the thieves making handseals rapidly as he calls out. "Those four have stolen from almost every shop here. Stop them!" The bandits would all feel a strange, sleepy sensation wash over them. Making their whole body feel tingly and odd. Their movements would become sluggish, before suddenly, all of the tingles would seem to snap up and into their head, temporarily overloading their minds and giving them the illusion of being completely unconscious.
The bandits all start to slow down and stumble a bit. Though they suddenly go stiff and stop in their tracks, a glazed over, asleep look on all four of their faces. Not even the genjutsu specialist could react fast enough. Kyu quickly closed the distance and got in front of the four, blocking their way and making sure when the genjutsu ended they would have nowhere to go but through the Sharingan-using Uchiha. Kyu had no way of binding them beyond illusions, and all he could do was stall them until the Uchiha police-force or someone who can bind them by other means arrives.

Miyo's brow rises when someone she doesn't recognize tells her to stop a bunch of other people she doesn't recognize because they apparently stole from a shop. "Now look here…" She says, wagging a finger at Kyu, as if to scold him, but then signs. "Fine…" She folds her hands together and creates a seal, then holds them out towards the recently genjutsu-dazed goons and launches a massive seal technique at them.
Tendrils burst from her hands and wrap them up, or at least try to!

Masashi watches the others using jutsu at the fugitives and he figures he may as well help them with a technique of his own. He makes a series of hand signs, and creates a whirlwind in the middle of the group running away. 'Let's see if that will slow them down.'

Kyu watches as the seal gets thrown out, blinking with surprise before hopping back and away as his Sharingan notes the chakra being used to create a violent tornado. The bandits wake up from the illusion, all unaware of what just happened. All they now are they are being violently spun and smacking into each other and obstacles painfully, unable to really do anything. Kyu blinks with confusion. "I understand the seal, but was the tornado needed?" He asks.
Kyu then looks at the confused spectators that were merely here to vacation, or something else, but now they were getting a show. Kyu turns to address the crowd. "Stay back please. These men have been stealing from shops all day. Reports didn't reach shinobi until very recently and we're trying to subdue them to be properly investigated and punished if necessary. We are only using force because they attempted to flee." He gives a nervous smile as the crowd continues to whisper and question just why 'unproven thieves' are caught in a violent tornado at the moment.

Miyo scratches her head as things start to wind down and looks over at the crowd. "Uhh… yeah, those tornado things could have hurt someone. Need to make sure you use things that won't cause collateral damage in the village." Miyo states, not really scolding Masashi, but just giving him advice as a fellow shinobi. "At least my technique is not lethal in the least, so, Konoha-shinobi, you should check and see if these people are the culprits or not."

Masashi shrugs. "I have very good chakra control, I know how to handle lower-ranked jutsu in order to prevent collateral damage, even with something as destructive as a tornado." He looks around at the fugitives. "They were being chased by a Leaf shinobi. If there wasn't a problem, they shouldn't have ran."

The bandits all get aggressively thrown out of the tornado in the same general direction as the tornado suddenly disappears. The bandits quickly leap to their feet. They all collide with the ground painfully and groan, before one hops quickly to his feet. "You ain't investigating anything!" The bandit rapidly makes handseals before space seems to fold around him, making him invisably, and then each of the other bandits too. The invisible bandits begin to make their escape! Kyu does a handseal, attempting to flux his chakra to end the genjutsu, to no success. "Where did they go? I can't end the genjutsu!" He scans the area with his red Sharingan eyes, trying to spot them with no success.

Masashi tries to break the genjutsu, to no avail. 'I need to step up my game…'he thinks to himself. "I can't see them either." He calls out to Kyuketsuki.

Kyuketsuki's eyes scan the crowd as he takes to the rooftops suddenly. It doesn't take him long to spot the four as the genjutsu ends. They're in a crowd, removing the possibility of Kyu launching a fireball or something. He decides to do something that would serve two purposes, one, it would remove the potential for collateral damage, and two, it would keep the bandits down for long enough for capture. Kyu does the ram seal, before closing his eyes and focusing, he then opens them and focuses an intense amount of chakra into a small section of the crowd. All the people in that section of the crowd would feel suddenly very tired, they'd feel sluggish, before an oddly warm, comforting glow overtakes them. They soon find a beautiful rain of fluttering, glowing white feathers, and as they see them, they all begin to drop, one by one. One of the bandits sleepily swearing under his breath. "L-lag… It." As he makes a handseal, but can't seem to break out, he finds himself collapsing into a heap, just like the others around him.
Kyu leaps down from the roof and into the area of sleeping people, his Sharingan deactivating. He looks at Miyo and Masashi. "Okay, they won't be waking up for awhile, just don't do anything to wake them, and if you would, help me carry them to the police station." Kyu smiles. "I always wanted to use that technique on a crowd." Kyu looks at the now asleep innocent people and shrugs. "We'll wake everyone up after these four are properly detained, and I'll purposely give them all something as an apology. Even if they did enjoy the sudden nap."

Masashi watches in stunned silence as Kyuketsuki essentially knocks out a large group of people, bandits included. "Well Wait..That's a neat little trick there. Best I got is my little vortex jutsu and this.." He says, and with a quick hand seal and a shake of his right arm, a green blade of chakra seems to slide out of the bracer he wears on his forearm. It remains tangible for about 20 seconds before dissipating. He grins at Kyu. "I have some rope and whatnot we can use to secure them to get them to a secure detainment facility."

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