Second Promotion Exams - Beware of Dark Tunnels: Rise vs. Daisuke


Rise, Daisuke

Date: November 27, 2012


A Jounin exam encounter between Rise of Kumogakure and Daisuke of Konohagakure.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Beware of Dark Tunnels: Rise vs. Daisuke"

Dark Cavern - Land of Water

A day has already passed since the Jounin Exams began, and yet, Rise found no prey to ambush; except the natural wildlife competitors were meant to survive off on should there on reserves fail them. Disturbed but undaunted, the young Shirokiri stayed true to her father's last guidlines in locating key points of interest. One of which was naturally the least visible, and therefore safest, sources of water. Completely by chance, Rise stumbled upon the mouth of a tunnel just wide enough for about five average sized man to walk through comfortably, and also the destination of local stream before it disappears into the darkness.

"Well, this solves one problem at least! But still…" She murmured, rubbing her hands together as she peered warily into the darkness. After a few moments of thinking an exasperated sigh is released before taking a few moments to light a torch and enter cautiously.

Daisuke had taken it easy on the first day of the exams and looked for a source of water and shelter. Both he had found in a dark cavern littered with traps and wary walk ways. Aside from the bats and other creepy crawlers, he was able to set up a little makeshift camp near the small tunnel that a breeze of clean air was winding its way through. And so the young Senju had rested on the first day, in no hurry to look around for people just yet.

The second day, which was today, he had located a hot springs area in the morning and taken advantage of its warm waters to loosen his muscles and think up a plan of attack. Having gone back to his camp, his eyes already adjusted to the darkness well enough, he spots what looks like a flicker of light from the entrance of the cavern. Thinking it was probably another contestant, Daisuke remains hidden for now as he makes his way to investigate the light.

After a few minutes of walking and no danger thus far noted (aside from the semi-slippery ground and pit fall or two), Rise risked letting out a sigh of relief as she came to a pause towards what 'felt' like the center of the tunnel. "Otou-baka.." She muttered darkly with a shake of her head, then froze up completely. Something had just moved in the shadows ahead, or at least, that was what her poorly adjusted eyes were telling. Despite their warning Rise proceeded closer to where she saw the movement; idly slipping her torch further behind her.

To say that in spotting the lower portion of Daisuke's body and seemingly glowing green eyes scared her would be an understatement; especially given how loudly she screamed and how quick she was in throwing the torch at him.

Daisuke walked down the tunnel towards the light as it got brighter and brighter. All of a sudden someone is screaming and a flaming torch is being thrown at him. "Wha-jeez." he says, startled, as he reaches out to catch the non-flaming end of the torch, lifting it to light up both himself and Rise. 'Imagine if I was using my chakra' he thinks to himself as the girl seemed to just get spooked by plain old him. "You know, if you startle so easily I have to wonder why you are down here in a cave with all sorts of bugs and bats." he asks the young woman, a small chuckle escaping his lips. He sets the torch down on a nearby rock which casts shadows all over the tunnel but allows both contestants to be seen well enough.

"Regardless of that, I am Senju Daisuke of Konohagakure, and I assume you to have something that I am looking for. I tend to dislike malice in my confrontations, especially in these exams, but if your resolve is firm, I imagine we will have a little confrontation here." he asks the girl as he looks her up and down briefly to try to judge what he's got in front of him.

As the adrenaline and now paralyzing fear slowly burn out of her system, Rise gradually risks cracking opening an eye to warily peer at the stranger before her. It was just a teenager. A gaint teenager, but still, nothing for her to have been -that- afraid of in the first place. Once the truth fully sanked in that she just embarrassed herself for nothing, a flustered Rise quickly looked away, pouting and murmuring with her arms crossed over her chest. His words (once they too finally sunk in) however almost instantly enrages Rise to the point that she stomped right up to Daisuke and glared right up at him. "I-I DON'T STARTLE THAT EASILY BOZU (squirt)… you just, mmm, Ah hah! Ya just caught me while I was think'n of somethin twenty times more scarier than ya t'iz all! And I ain't talk'n bout no spiders OR bats." She stated firmly with a curt nod. "'nd I'm Shirokiri Rise of Kumogakure, 'nd just by the way, ya got things turned around since its -you- that has someth'n that -I've- been look for. Can ya guess what it is?"

"Protection against the creepy bugs that might slip into your nose or ear while you sleep." Daisuke says as he retrieves some kind of swab from his jacket and holds it up, being sarcastic. "Maybe afterwards you can tell me just what you were thinking of? Though I'd like to do one thing before we start. I promise that if you go too far in this fight and hurt yourself that I will take you to a medical ninja, can you promise the same?" he says to the young woman, a question with multiple reasons behind it being asked. He would wait for the answer before he would start cracking his knuckles and loosening up his body. He had all this energy to burn and there was no sense holding back this time around. "Ready whenever."

Rise sweatdropped and narrowed her eyes, then shook her head and half-turned away in refusal to answer. "Tch, I doubt there's any medic nin about that'd be willing to help their competition without severe cost. Like say, my scroll or some other bull jerky.. Plus, that would kinda defeat the purpose behind this round of the exams don'tcha think?" She asked pointedly before pressing on without waiting for an answer. "N'ewayz, All I'm gonna promise is so long as it doesn't get either of us disqualified then… *grumbles*… I'll agree to yer terms. Ya got me?" She asked and idly loosened up her own body as she waited before shifting into a basic Konoha Strong Fist Stance. As soon as the reply leaves Daisuke's mouth, Rise is quick to dash forward and try to strike first with an uppercut, then whirl about and lash out once more with successive round of kicks.

Daisuke was caught offguard by Rise's sudden speed and is struck by a few of her attacks before he could get away by using a replacement technique, replacing himself with a nearby rock. "You are quick to spring into action, I guess that could be considered a good thing though." he says with a smile as he moves back from the torch light and into the darkness. He focuses on building his chakra and preparing for a real battle, not wanting to waste any time with such a quick opponent.

The dark around him would only be momentary as he begins to focus, a voice in his head saying in a pumped up tone, 'Let's do this!'. "Tell me if this is something close to what you were thinking of." he says from the darkness as a reddish glow begins to break through the black, surrounding Daisuke in a chakra cloak with four large tails swinging behind him, the chakra itself casting an uneasy feeling over those who have yet to experience it. That's not all that has changed as Daisuke's now golden eyes pierce through the darkness. The illuminated area now lit up completely by his cloak of chakra reveals red fur along Daisuke's arms and a significant increase in muscle. Within the four chakra tails swing four large red-furred tails with sharp bone spikes.

Rise grinned for 'first blood' was hers but a brief pause was necessary to make sure she kept a closer on the tricky, rock substituting devil. As soon as he is spotted once more, the young Shirokiri crouched down in preparation to try and keep up the pressure upon him. "Hiding in the shadows ain't what I meant!" She growled, lowering her stance further to place a hand upon the ground for added power behind the pounce. And yet, her body refused to carry out her desires as soon as her eyes locked on upon Daisuke's vague silhouette. Something about the air had suddenly changed. Something… menacing.

Then came the reddish glow seeming to envelop, no, emanate from the Senju. Expanding, Reshaping, and overall enhancing him in such a way that by appearance alone warning bells began to scream in Rise's head for her to run! While a war between the instinctive need to run and bloodlust raged inside Rise was stripped of all strength and focus behind staring up at Daisuke. "I… I, ain't…. I ain't, no coward.." She choked out in a whisper and broke free from the paralysis. As empowering as those words were more strength was necessary to get her body to work. The prototype soldier pills and blind courage in charging straight into the monster Daisuke had become would have to do. That, and the faint hope that the combination of blinding speed and the power behind an uplifting kick would be enough to shake off any lingering doubts behind her choice. If successful, Daisuke is guaranteed to have a new shadow.

Daisuke watches Rise from his position, seeming amused by the young woman's actions, if not impressed. He was probably one of the friendliest guys she would ever meet in her years, but there was no strategic advantage in telling her that, now was there. "That is good, lets see how long you last." he says in a now deeper voice, almost as if two voices were speaking as one, Daisuke adding to the intimidation factor by licking his lips, revealing sharp animal-like teeth including two long canines.

With his mind game taken over Rise, or perhaps he had become quick enough now to react, Rise's impressive show of speed would fail to hit him as his cloak reaches out to latch onto the side of the wall, the claws digging into the solid rock which crumbles around the claws. The cloak pulls Daisuke out of the way of the attack and puts him in a better position to now attack. His hand would reach out towards Rise and the demonic chakra cloak would suddenly burst forward in a show of his own speed, barreling towards Rise to attempt to snatch her up in it. This arm wasn't a simple claw, as any attempts to dodge would result in a branching arm of chakra coming forth from within the previous until he had either caught her or she had dodged or blocked it enough times.

Rise mentally cursed and tried to recover before Daisuke had a chance to capitalize on her misstep. In doing so she succeeded, but ultimately despite the amount of fear driven strength she placed behind evading the hydra, er, branching arms her legs simply weren't fast enough to keep up. As a result, her extended leg is grasped mid-flight, eliciting a pained yelp that quickly turned into a defiant growl as she tried to pull herself free. Of course when THAT obviously doesn't succeed she turned to good 'ol fashion clawing and biting!

Daisuke chuckles a bit in that eerie double voice of his as he watches Rise struggle before he tightens the grip. "I haven't forgot our promise." he says cryptically before he prepares a favourite move of his. The cloak around him begins to bubble fiercely as chakra balls of blue and red burst forth from all sides and begin to accumulate in front of Daisuke's mouth. The chakra mixes together and creates a pitch black ball which Daisuke is able to compress to the size of a large pill. It was then that Daisuke eats the pill, causing the ground around him to crack under the weight and giving a hint to just how condensed that chakra was. As Daisuke's cheeks begin to expand almost comically, he opens his mouth and literally 'throws up' or spits out a massive blast of chakra that barrels towards Rise, smashing and disintegrating any obstruction in it's path. The attack was a pants-wetter for sure, creating a perfect cylindrical shaped tunnel as it moved along the path, but it was half the power of the move he was working on for the past half a year. His intention is hurt into submission, not to kill the girl.

Regardless of intent, in catching sight of the wave of burning destruction the only thing to cross her mind was that she broke two, long standing promise. The first being in regards to vaguely noted feeling of wetness and warmth traveling down her pants and the second: never to die helpless. The shame that followed led to her eyes being closed just moments before the searing hot pain shot all across every exposed portion of her body….

A torture wheel of pain and the effects of the soldier pill wake her up and knocks her back out over and over again until the worst of the former is grows disturbingly more numb. Only once the numbness spread far enough to keep from cringing at just the simpliest of finger twitches did she slowly crack open an eye. Gradually its counter-part is soon to follow, but beyond seeing the devastation left behind a 'controlled' blast Rise dared not to do anything else, barring breathing and testing to see if all her limbs were still attached. Only her left arm and right leg did not feel as if they responded. Plus for some reason while laying there belly down she had the sneaky suspicion of being rather 'exposed' at the moment…

Daisuke averts his eyes, yes even in this form he is a gentleman, briefly as he sees Rise on the ground. He walks over through the sizzling rocks left behind by his technique to Rise, his wounds from before sizzling and healing up. He approaches her and crouches down beside her, the poisonous heat from his chakra cloak still warm but not hostile anymore, like being next to a warm fire. He looks at her burns and sighs, "Well you are moving, and I think you will be ok with some attention. Luckily you met a nice guy and I don't intend to break my promise to you. It could've been worse with any of those Kirigakure ninja. Despite what I am, I try to hold no ill will towards others, it's kind of my thing. I just need to grab this…" he says as he locates her scroll hanging out of her back-up pouch and retrieves it. He ignores the slight musty smell from her pants and secures the scroll before he says to her. "I'm going to carry you now within my cloak to a safe place to recover. I located it on a scouting trip yesterday and I think you will be just fine. I will also check in on you in a few days. Perhaps we can get you back out there for two scrolls still, it's still early." he says to her in his own voice as his chakra steadies and he removes his jacket, purely used for show anyway and somewhat torn, to place around Rise before lifting her up into his arms. If nothing else was said by Rise or she didn't protest, he would be off, exiting the tunnels and heading towards the ancient ruins.

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