Big booms in Little Fire Town


Nendo (emitter), Isura

Date: May 5, 2016


With explosions rocking the nation and most of Konoha's Shinobi out on assignments, it's left up to Isura to find and put a stop to the bomber. But can he do it before it's too late?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Big booms in Little Fire Town"

The edge of the Land of Fire's territory

Word had gotten out in Konoha of a wild incident needing exploration by the shinobi for this special case. What was the special case one might ask? Exploding pots, pans, and at times even chopsticks was the answer! The incidents had started over a week ago and were localized to just one restaurant's ramen bowls exploding, but from there it had begun to spread until the entire village was being plagued by these incidents and something would have to be done. Preferably before the explosions became something even more troublesome to deal with. The village had already sent out a large majority of its ninja on missions limiting the amount of teams that could be sent out, and while a team of genin would be easiest, the chances of them becoming the next strange object to suffer an explosion was too great. Someone with a higher rank would need to be entrusted with this kind of a mission.

Isura was up to the task at hand frustrated and overcome with his new found anger something he wasn't sure how to deal with outside of hitting things. As he searched for the person behind the explosive substances his anger grew due to some of his friends and family have become prey to this blind destruction. Isura searched high and low to find the person behind it so far however it turned up nothing. About to give in he was given a tip…a lead to follow and he took it. Yawning and hand resting on his Itto Sugatchi which was on his side as he walked. For now his anger was tamed however no one knew how long that would last.

The tip would be fairly vague, only that there'd been a few wandering individuals that passed through the towns a few days before the villages, nothing too out of the ordinary. The thing out of the ordinary about them however, was that each wandering figure wore a similar cloak, with a very similar emblem emblazoned onto the right shoulder. The symbol was that of three whirlpools pressed edge to edge in a triangular form in tones of black and white. In the village at the moment, there stood a simple cloaked figure inspecting a large pot from a merchant that had set up on the side of the robe. With his hood drawn, there was not much to see besides the man's jaw and the hands that were holding onto that pot. Though, it did also show the man to be wearing an emblem on his right shoulder, almost entirely covered by the flap of his cloak die to his upraised arm.

Looking over at the similar cloaks as well as clan symbols one can assume they might know of each other, the man looking at the pot however would pull at Isura attention. "Excuse me sir mind if I see that pot for a moment…it kinda looks like one I own at home and I might be in need of another." If allow Isura would grab onto the pot and examine it for clues…if now however he would use his sharingan for a closer look into the mysterious pot. "Oh where are my manners the names Iusra," is tossed in there after he was grant access or declined access to the pot.

It was almost as though the man knew that Isura was there as the sudden words in his ear didn't earn even a flinch from the man, instead, the person looked over at Isura calmly. The cloaked figure would smile gently and let Isura take the pot from him with a bow of his head. "No trouble at all, good sir… I was thinking of buying one similar but I am looking for something a bit more widened out." The man would say, touching his hood and beginning to walk away to let Isura inspect that pot. What the ninja would find was that there was… nothing wrong with it. Everything looked fine without a single marking or seal placed upon it, until he used the sharingan that is. In the sensitive view of those eyes, there were imprints of chakra left on the pot in the form of hand prints. Not only on the pots, but on the stand that the man seemed to have touched, walls, posts… and even the shoulder of a small girl's dress as she ran by chasing after a ball that had similarly been marked with the imprint of the man's hand.

Isura sharingan gave him tons of insight and once he peered further he noticed seals and with a heavy sigh as he shifted back for a brief moment he would and spoke softly to the man running the stand. "Hey you guys might want to leave the stand cause something bad is about to happen and who I am is Uchiha Isura from the land of fire and I was sent here to find a man that been setting off bombs in the local area and I have reason to believe that the man might've been here." Once he finished he left and searched for the man as well as kept an eye out for the little girl playing with a seal on her shoulder. "Hmmm I should do something but not sure what…"

The young girl was easy to spot, happily running about the village chasing after and bouncing her ball as she moved through the busy road ways of the small village. Convincing a young girl that her clothes were a bomb however… that wouldn't be so easy.

The man, if he knew he'd been suspected, showed no signs of it while ordering a bit of curry bread to hold in hand while he walked off. Even his money was infused with his chakra as he paid the person and went on his way. It would seem the man left a signature of chakra on just about anything and everything that he touched while starting off on his way out of the village. The man didn't seem to have a set destination, making turns on a whim and inspecting different cliffs and trees to try finding the tallest one to perch himself atop.

Isura sighed deeply before came face to face with the man and sighed heavily as he released his chakra flow to the eyes after scouting the area for other possible bombs. "Hey man what's your deal? Why are you putting your chakra over the place…are you the one behind all those explosions?" Isura balled his hands into a fist as he peered upon the man for a brief moment. "Speak quickly and answer honestly for it might be the last time you get a chance to do either." Isura slowly looked at the man and knew that he might have to act at a moment's notice.

The man didn't seem to be too interested in what Isura had to say, though he drew back his hood to reveal a head of pale blonde hair and a pair of grey eyes. "Do you confront everyone that hands you a pot you're wanting in this way?" He asked as he looked at Isura and canted his head off to the side. "Rushing people, accusing them of things for no reason, and even threatening?" He questioned though there was the calm and slight smile that he had when first meeting with Isura. "Do you have any proof that I've done anything wrong, or do you just like trying to threaten any travelers that you come across?" He questioned while tilting his head off to one side with a raise of his brow.

Isura yawned as he looked at the man and spoke softly "the proof is that I saw you placing the seals. Everywhere you went a fresh seal was found…and we'll that works for me." Tapping his foot unto the ground he swiftly back for a moment before reading himself to pounce. "You have two options releasing the seals and come with me or get seriously hurt and dragged with me…the choice is yours." Isura anger started to rise as he dug his left back foot into the dirt.

The man sighed and ate the last of his curry bread before he clapped his hands and shook his head. "I really don't know what seals you're talking about." He answered before rolling up the cloth that had held his food and tossing it aside. "Still, if you want me to release them all, I'll do it." The man explained as he let out a long sigh. Without needing a seal and only saying "bang", the wrapper for his food blew up, removing a small portion of land from the ground at his feet. "But I don't really think you want me to 'release' them, now do you?" He questioned while he shrugged his shoulders, looking at Isura and smiling as he moved his hands behind his back. "So then, stranger… do you want to give me the third option where you back off and ask me not to 'release' them?"

Isura narrowed his gaze before releasing a heavy sigh before relaxing his shoulders "you know I can't do that…so I'll give you option four…which is come with me now and I'll look pass your transgressions and put in a word for ya to the village so they will take it a little easy on you…however if you harm anyone then…you die here and now." Isura slowly looked the man over before flicking his wrist and cracking his neck. "You have five seconds before I have to pick for you, trust me when I say you don't want me to pick for you cause I'm already miao'd its taking me this long to do what I know I should be doing."

"Transgressions? A good word? I do dislike your type. High, mighty, and acting like you rule the world.. I bet that little girl would grow up to be just like you." He explained in a calm tone of voice, not seeming to be at all interested in that short period of time that he'd been given to give up. Giving into Isura wasn't something that the person seemed interested at all in doing. All that the man was doing for the moment, was beginning to let his chakra build up steadily.

"Transgressions? A good word? I do dislike your type. High, mighty, and acting like you rule the world… I bet that little girl would grow up to be just like you." He explained in a calm tone of voice, not seeming to be at all interested in that short period of time that he'd been given to give up. Giving into Isura wasn't something that the person seemed interested at all in doing. All that the man was doing for the moment, was beginning to let his chakra build up steadily.

Isura was done talking and in a blink of an eye he would be before the man drawing his blade and strike before quickly following it with a Leaf Gale before returning back to his starting point or trying to at least. Doing this time he spoke his last words "it seems you're the twisted type to try and hurt little girls to get your kicks eh…well I'm not going to allow you that chance."

The person would raise a hand with a bit of a laugh as he didn't move from his place but had a hand raised in the way of that strike. Rather than bringing harm to the bomber, that strike's brilliant explosion would be directed toward Isura rather than the bomber. That sweeping kick however, caught the bomber off guard and quickly the man was down on his back… laughing at the stinging pain in his legs. "Ohh you are going to be a treat..!" He barked out while pressing to his feet, though he didn't make a motion, instead, he began gathering his chakra at a rapid rate to prepare for the fight that was to come.

Isura failed to defend from the sudden counter and is caught by the tail end of the explosion. During that time however his Leaf Gale connected though shifted back he peered at the man as he gathered a large amount of chakra for combat. "Now you gone and gracied me off." Isura flicked his blade before Smirking a little bit at the thought of releasing some built up tension.

Reaching up to his cloak and releasing the clasp, the man smiled a bit before he'd clasp his hands together and then lower into a battle ready stance as he watched the Uchiha closely. "Don't think I'll be a nice guy after you managed to kick me." The bomber announced before he'd take the initiative and dig a hang into the pouch on his waist. Drawing out a kunai, the Toujitakumi lashed out to send a pair of blade soaring toward Isura. Those kunai were primed however, glowing slightly as they neared before the chakra reaction imprinted into them reached its peak and finally exploded to send out shards of metal scattering in all directions.

Isura dodged the first explosion with such skill and grace and due to that he had time or so he thought to counter, this however was a bad idea unable to bring the blade around in enough time he was caught with a massive explosion in the face. Sending him flying back his sharingan flared as he bolted from the ground into a flip and bolting forward. Using his skills in watching the late Hyuga Yuzuna he would try a juuken strike to the solar plexus to stun him before popping in the air and flashing through seals to release a powerful fireball(s) down unto his head the number was countless and the sure destructive power was great.

The bomber wouldn't take chances this time around, letting the Uchiha's attack strike against an invisible barrier of chakra before watching him jump away and adjusting the position of his hands to guide his barrier into a better position. The flaw in his plan was those fireballs themselves. While some were blocked, a few hit just past his barrier's edges, striking against the explosion user and causing him to cry out in a mix of shock and pain. The barrier burst, fending off many of those explosions however the Toujitakumi still took far more damage than he would have liked and the result… was a rage-filled scream as the pain scorched the man's skin. When the dust of the fireballs began to disperse, the crackling of lightning could be seen along with the small explosions that surrounded the man's form while he glared at that Uchiha.

"My turn." The explosion user announced as he wound the shredded cloth of his shirt around his hands and clenched it into his fists… Then, the man charged forward with his arms tucked in toward his chest, a common boxing position before he'd launch a shirt flurry of punches toward Isura's chest.

All it took was a moment in time…a blink for Isura to slip away unharmed by the attack before more punches where headed his way his sharingan he waved from the assault and flipped back charging more chakra. "Why are you even doing this!?" Isura questioned before his eyes burned red with chakra and rage. "You're out classed here so do yourself a favor and just give up already…there is no need to get yourself killed." Isura would be rather serious at this point as he could only think of what the man would do next. What's his reason for this could it be orders or something else personal maybe? Either way he had to be stopped.

The man would chuckle lightly as he listened to those silly questions and watched Isura. The ninja sure could slip away from an attack like this. He began thinking over using something more fitting for a person of this caliber, but rather than that, he chose to try seeing what this person was attempting. That didn't mean he would make it easy to focus however. The Toujitakumi would form a few seals and start focusing his chakra. "Why? That's easy! The less people there are to eat, the less animals that need to die to feed them!" He announced, grinning a bit as he went on. "The less stress and forest that need to die for selfish human desires! And now… just stand there while I prove it!" He called out as he began focusing not on one explosion, but on every imprint that he left behind in the village.

Isura eyes widen before a chuckle escapes him for a brief moment "I can't let you do that…so forgive me for what I do next isn't the nicest of things!?" Isura drew back and released a powerful almost visible cloud of pure heat from his mouth as he took in deep breaths to regain his lost chakra and wind.

The bomber was so focused on his chakra charging and the mass of targets around him that he didn't notice that haze of heat that enveloped him. As he inhaled for the big bang, the Toujitakumi began coughing hoarsely while releasing his hands to brace against his knees and soon dropped to one knee as he struggled to breathe in the intense heat that surrounded him.

Isura took this chance to flash through seals as he did this he spoke "sorry man I can't let you hurt those people." With that Isura released a powerful flamethrower attack that would engulf him from all sides. Isura panted slowly as his chakra started to sway in and out. He was winded but if the attacked worked he would win or so he thinks.

Struggling to breathe, the man tried jumping out of the way of that attack only to find that too little, too late had consequences. The scream of agony that left him before was nothing to the shrill cry the escaped the man this time as he was burned alive. By the time those flames can to a stop, the man dropped forward against the ground, still breathing, but clearly not in any condition to keep going. The only sign that he hadn't given up just yet was the flickering of lightning that coated his body… and that it seemed to be growing more rapid. No doubt, if the man was allowed to rise, he'd try continuing to fight.

Isura sighed as hope still rung the eyes he swiftly moved and strike with a powerful swift Axe kick to crash the man down into the ground. "Look kid stop now or else…" Isura slowly slipped his hands into his pockets as he stood over the man still panting but hoping the man just gave up. "Look man I'll give you one last chance to just stop the madness and turn yourself in. I'll speak to them and you'll be slapped with a heavy fine and lastly possibly detained for a brief period." Smiling softly Isura winked at the man before slowly breathing to calm himself.

The Toujitakumi was too weak and pained to resist that next blow which caused a cracking sound in his back as bones broke and whatever the man had in mind seemed to come to an end. He struggled as well as he could, even crackling with more energy but the man didn't seem able to move at all while he laid there on the ground. The only movement that was coming from him, was from his hands slightly shifting against the ground and a welling of chakra beginning to build inside of those palms. "Submission… is not an option…" The Toujitakumi announced in as strained a tone as one might expect from someone in his condition, throat seared and in shreds from the wounds sustained. The buildup of chakra would falter, beginning to dull as the spark of life slipped from the man's body and he passed on.

The village would be safe from the man's assaults, however there were others dressed in the same manner, no doubt this was not the end of the reign of terror that had begun to blast its way across the land of earth's boarder lands.

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