Big Trouble in Fuuma Alley


Tosai, Itami

Date: June 18th, 2010



"Big Trouble in Fuuma Alley"

Fuuma Alley

Nothing beats the feeling of…filthy air going into your lungs. Itami coughed…and coughed…and coughed some more. She was a bit sensitive to the unnatural cloud of brown covering this area and it's such a beautiful place at that. What kind of place is this? She wasn't able to understand, but she was lead here in order to look for some paintings. Although, at this point, she wasn't sure if it was worth the effort. She felt the urge to turn back, but went against it to continue on her quest for some nice paintings, drawings, or other works of art. At least she had all of this garb on. It would be easier to progress through this environment without too much of a health problem from the atmosphere.

She reaches the end of the road and the beginning of the basin, looking down at the industrial town of Fuuma Alley. "How grotesque…" She remarks softly and…"What are these…odd looking roads?" She was speaking of the train tracks that came through here. She's never seen anything like it. What kind of thing travels on roads like these? She was used to paths, streets, lanes, even, but this…wood and metal construct had her quite confounded. The dinging of a train in the distance catches her attention, but she can't figure out what it is. Nothing she knows has ever made a sound like that. She decides to inspect the tracks a little more, even going far enough to touch them to identify with what they were.
But this construction had not been anything new to Tosai, who frequented this place alot more often then naught, a hooded black robe encompassing his large form, as he would make his leave going towards the opposite direction. The air, had indeed been filthy, but only because of smoke stacks almost 10 miles away. The roads had been quite beat up over recent years, carts and other weird industrial contraption having traveled these roads constantly. Tosai would peer in the distance, as he would see someone, a women, in the late of the evening, walk toward…a train? The train seemed to blow a warning horn at the woman as it sped toward, her, causing Tosai to seem to read nothing but a suicide attempt.
And with the Akimichi's mission already being that of trying to improve the way of life in Fuuma Alley, he would not be able to help but want to aid the woman, in /not/ killing herself. Itami would see nothing but light, before Tosai would flicker in, size and all, encompassing her in seconds, then flickering out the way. They would appear nearby, just as the train would past, where a relieved Tosai would say, "Mam!! Life is too precious!! Don't be victim the train!!"
Itami only saw a flash of light and then found herself elsewhere…closer to the trees. She does admit that the train did panic her since she couldn't tell what it was, but the fact of being snatched away was even more frightening. "What are you talking about!?" She inquires with a huff. "What train? And…what /is/ a train for that matter!? And let me go! You make a horrible argument for a kidnapper!" She remarks as she begins to break away from Tosai's grasp.
Letting the crazy woman go, Tosai would seem puzzled, staring at her, while he would say "Kidnapper? What?! You should really calm down! I saved you life!! It was going to run you over, if I hadn't came along." And when Tosai would hear the question, it would mystify into a facepalm, while he would say "/That/… is a train.", point back behind him, without turning his head, as the large vehicle would roll down the train tracks, almost with out end, blowing it loud horns, and ricketting loudly and heavily down the track.
Tosai, would let it roll passed before adding to the sentence, "And you would be pretty much puree' if I had waited a second more. Did you really not know what a train was?? Where are you from anyway?" Tosai would look to the woman skeptically before he would say, "You know what.. don't answer that. I don't know why I even bother sometimes!!", throwing his hands up before he would began hopping away, moving yards at a time, with every hop, mumbling something about how crazy women are, and being ungrateful. He still could be caught if Itami tried.
Itami looked at the train… "That roaring snake is a train?" While listening to it thunder by on the tracks. It was certainly like a snake, but it was cut into pieces and it roared like a mighty beast. It was…quite the fright, really. She hadn't realized Tosai had begun to move away until after the train's last car passed by and was headed towards the station at Fuuma Alley. "Where are you going!?" She inquired with a huff as she made her way after him. "You could have at least stayed around or something!" 
Stopping, Tosai would say, "And why is that? So some crazy woman, who would believe me a kidnapper, would scowl at me more? Hah!! Sorry but I don't usually waste time with the ungrateful.", this being said as he would turn to began to move once again, not as fast but rather now, walking pace, taking a roadway going toward from forest, the area seeming many more miles ways, with Tosai entering them no time soon at his pace.
"Crazy!? I'm not crazy!" Itami shouts and lifts a fist in the air to shake it, though she draws it back and it forms into a finger tapping at her chin. Maybe she was crazy. She wasn't beyond admitting that…but she didn't think she was crazy. At least not yet. "How was I supposed to know what you were doing!? I didn't even know what that thing was and you come and grab me out of nowhere. That's not ungrateful, it's ignorance!" She also admits to her lack of knowledge about trains.
Shaking his head, Tosai would smirk as he would keep walking, saying, "Well, at least you can admit to /one/ thing being wrong here.", this being said without stopping. He would look toward the tree's, his tolerance for speaking being little to none, as the woman would have been talking. "Well if its not ungrateful, tell why you don't at least thank the person, who kept you from being trampled by that "roaring snake".", the words not being held back, though spoken in a tone slightly more calm than previous.
GAME: Save complete.
Itami grumbles. "You weren't supposed to agree. I was just being modest. Hmph." She folds her arms. "Thank you." She finally spoke to Tosai. "I can't say what would have happened if I were to be taken down by that thing. I suppose I do owe you that much." This is a tease, but her words are sincere enough. "How many of those snake…I mean trains pass through here?"
Stopping once the appology would be said, Tosai would look to the woman, trying his damndest to take her seriously, though it took nearly tooth, nail and chewing gum just to get her to admit she had been wrong. He would then say, "Perhaps, maybe I had been too hasty to try and help where I probably wasn't needed. Besides, with muscle tone like yours, you could have probably evaded that train a whole lot faster than I could have even reacted at this point.", a wink being made as he would look to the woman, and smirk slyly. Itami would know well that he had discovered her ninja potential. Tosai, during the save, and with the hug to snatch her away, would have gotten a good grasp of how endowed her body had been for Taijutsu. He would soon say, "You aren't just a regular woman are you?" folding his arms as he would stare at the women conspicuously.
Itami sighs and grumbles. You apologize and they still go off and complain. Nothing is easy. She lifts her hand to her head to shake it while listening to what else Tosai has to say. Seems he's pointed out something. Hmm. "No. I'm not just a regular woman. I'm a woman that exercises." She explains simply. "It isn't normal for women to exercise, though. Women like me, I guess. I'm supposed to be dainty and such." She huffs and waves a hand of dismissal at that rubbish.
"Yeah…sure." He woud come to a seating just near the edge of the road, as he would say, "What brings a muscular woman out here anyway? You managed to get some business out in the worst place in the country!!", the young man laughing heartily, as he would look to the train tracks and then to back to the town. Tosai knew something had to be up. The way he was pushed away, was definitely unusual. He had to at least test the woman into revealing her self. He knew Itami had to be strong, but by the feel, she apparently had been /way/ stronger than perhaps any woman he had ever faced!
"I was told to come here for paintings or other artistic things. I have not been in the town yet and am unsure what exactly is sold there." Itami voices in regards to her trip to Fuuma. "But all I've seen so far is roaring snakes." As soon as she finishes this, the dinging of another train rings off in the distance. How bothersome. "What /can/ be found here besides those things?"
Laughing yet again at the woman's ignorance, and disbelief, Tosai would explain, "Well, Fuuma Basin, is an industrial factory town, with a crime rate so high, that if you dropped a rock from the top of it, you would see or here it drop." Tosai would sigh a moment before saying, "Every single remnant of the worst type of criminal, the hardest type of poverty, and the single nastiest life of gambling, lechory, and drunken bliss, is contained in that place. And you say you want to find painting and artistic things? You might find that type of stuff-…on the Black Market!"
Itami frowns. She doesn't appreciate being laughed at that much. She didn't think people would be this rude and after saving her life. She's wondering if she should be all that grateful in the end. "On the black market?" She wonders. "I can't say I much like all that other stuff, but if they have something to offer, then perhaps I might try and look into the black market to find out." Seems she was familiar with that much. Every place had a black market of some form.
Hearing the woman actually even consider shopping in a place like that, would prompt Tosai to a seriousness that would seem to stare a whole into Itami. "Okay…who are you really? I have to know now. Cause either way, you have to be either crazy as a loon to even want to consider shopping on Fuuma's black market, or be just strong enough to take the risk." He would look to the woman, and say, genuinely, the true Tosai seeming to show at that moment, "If you care about your life, like you say you do, Strong Women-san, then I suggest you don't go to Fuuma Alley. Otherwise, if you go, then I won't be there to protect you once again, no matter how bad things get. There are somethings in that place, that even I, Akimichi Tosai, am not ready to uncover, and the Fuuma Alley Black Market, is one of them."
Itami hums softly and sighs. If the place is that bad…."Well, I'm not much of anyone, I suppose. I just want to find nice art. Where can I find some at? Other than Fuuma Alley?" She inquires while the train in the distance draws closer. They must attract a lot of attention here for so many trains to come through at one time. "I wish to bring something from another village home to mine. I don't know if I'll ever be able to accomplish this at this rate…"
Thinking, Tosai would say, "Well, in such a manner, as much as I might be against such recklessness, Fuuma Alley might be your best and only bet. This neutral territory, is right smack in the middle of all five nations. With the Land of Waves being a warzone, you would not be safe anywhere between the Land of Water and the Land of Lightning. The Land of Fire may bode well, but recently, an insurgence of criminal have been back in forth through there, cause by gang leaders who live right here in Fuuma Alley. I don't think their be much wrong with the Land of Wind, Or the Land of Earth, but even then, those two are just too far way for to find anything reall good."
Itami lifts her hand to her temple and grumbles. "You mean to tell me that through all of this, I /still/ have to go into Fuuma Alley for what I want?" She seems a bit miffed and her clothes looked like a bird of ruffled feathers from the way she was breathing. Puffed out and a bit irritated. "Fine. Then I'll go into Fuuma Alley and look for the art that I want. Besides, I'm sure they're a big trading hub, or their blackmarket is. I'm more than sure there are things that have come from all over to be found here."
Sighing, Tosai would then say, "Yep. The biggest trading hub in the region. You won't find better for miles." He would come to a stand, and say, "Well. If you go, that'll mean that I will have to stay along for the ride. I can't possibly let you go to this place, not knowing what to expect." Tosai, would obviously be taking pity on the wrong person, having no idea that the woman had been a ninja, but having every reason to assume that she had. But Tosai, would have dual meaning for such. He was just plain curious. He wanted to find what this woman had been all about.
"Let's go. If things start to happen, then I'll put them in your capable hands to help me out. I'll even pay you for your services since this is such short notice." Itami offers as she begins to walk towards the Alley. "Or if there's anything else that suits your interest, I will try and satisfy it." She continues while she heads down the road, away from the train tracks so she wouldn't get hit.
Nodding Tosai would say, "Fine then. I will help, at the least, as a guide, and if we make it out of this with no scrape, I won't charge you anything." He would look to the woman, and smile, sticking a hand out to shake. He would look to her saying, "Of course, it would help me to know who I may call the client I am now looking for.", a smile appearing on the face of the large man.
Itami looks at Tosai's hand and seems hesitant to shake it at first, but she grips it firmly and shakes it once followed by a nod. "My name is Diyah. You are Tosai-san, correct?" She inquires to him making sure that he had his name right. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now, we must be off." She turns and continues her walk towards the Alley.
When they finally arrive and into the whole of the area, Itami beings searching around for various shops that sell art or at least have some form of it inside. She's lucky that she has this scarf wrapped around her nose or mouth or she'd be in big trouble here. It's already bad enough in the desert, she didn't need more of it here. Upon reaching a certain shop, she gestures to Tosai to see what comments he would have on it.
The grip was tight around the large nin's hand, Tosai having to fling it once or twice, just to get back its's circulation. He would look to the woman, with a raise eyebrow before saying, "Nice to meet you Diyah…. that name. It sounds alike to one heard in the Land of Wind. You wouldn't happen to be from there would ya?" the question asked in an effort to make small talk. Meanwhile the two would arrive in Fuuma Basin quickly, finding a shop that would seem to sell something of what Itami had wanted. He would look the shop, and pass it up. The reason? The owner's tattoo. "Fuuma Yakuza. Those guys are plentiful here. Been investigating them for months now. It is said that they are at fault for many of the robberies along back roads on in the Land of Fire."
"I thought the look of my garb would have given away my origin, but the name is actually from elsewhere." Itami explains in between the time of their walk into the wards and towards the shop. Seeing him pass it up, she too passes it up trusting him to be a decent guide in all of this, but if he doesn't like this place all that much, she wonders if she's going to be able to find a shop suitable for her needs. "Robberies? I can imagine. I would not want to buy any stolen goods, but considering where we're at, I suppose that's all I'd be looking into. However, I can do an even better deed than this." What deed is that? Return the belongings to the original owners, of course. It'd be a slow task, but she thinks it's better than nothing. She continues down Ward 9 and turns into another ward hoping to find another shop. She does and she points it out to him to identify. "What of this one?" From the way she's carrying herself, she's a big target for thievery since she 'appears' to be a tourist.
Tosai would yet again shake his head, as he would pass up shop after shop before saying, "You will know when we get into the right area. Many of the owner's here, are both tattoo wearing, and giving us the eye at the moment. They know that we are ninja." Did he just say that? Yep… it seemed that he had been right sure that Itami had been one, whether she doubted it or not. He would look around, saying, "The next area, should be the Shanties. That will be much safer than here if we can get to it. The Shanties are normally not touched, due to the poor folks in the area not having anything in the first place."
Itami huffed. "Alright, I suppose I'll move on then." She shrugs and continues on her way with Tosai. "The Shanties? That's…terrible." She comments with a soft sigh. Such treason here and all sorts of other words associated with criminal beings. She isn't understanding how a full town could be run by thieves, anyhow, but she supposes it comes with the territory or something. She wouldn't stand for it, of course, but there isn't much she can do now. "How far are we from the Shanties?" She wonders. If it's necessary to get there quickly, then she wants to get there fast.
"We shouldn't be that far away, but you might want stic-….Get down!!!", would be shouted just as Tosai, would enlarge his left arm, to about the size of a dumpster, shielding the two from about 19 arrows!!! When the arrows would be deflected, Itami, and Tosai, would find themselves, surrounded.. But nothing but men, tattooed head to with art so equisite, that it could only mean one thing. The Fuuma Alley Yakuza, had found them out. Guess Tosai had been a dead give away, having given the clan all kinds of hell, thwarting robberies on their behalf, and not to mention, investigating into their happenings across the city.
Tosai couldn't help but say, "Some how, Diyah, I knew you would be bad luck to get entangled with.", the nin sweatdropping, as 25 of this mafia's best and most armed, had now been surrounding them, in hopes of dispatching Tosai, and whoever had been involved with him. Soon, an old man, would be wheeled out to the center of the surrounding ambush. Tosai's eyes would widen, as he would say, "Orinata Chiba….you're still alive? Impossible." The Akimichi would be dumbfounded, as the creeky old man, long white hair, wrinkled skin, and a full body snake art tattoo, would be wheeled in front him. The more disturbing parts of his frame would not be on part of the features we did see, but the ones that were now missing.. The old man, had been missing almost half of his body parts. A left arm, left leg, and even most of the left side of his face…gone… It would be through speech hissed and drooled out, that Chiba would say, "Chou Battousai (Fattened Manslayer)…. Or do you go by another name. You will rue the day you chopped off what I now am missing. I will see you dead, /way/ before I ever will leave this plane of existance."
Tosai would look to Itami, and then to the crowd of folks to his left, and with a sigh, say, "Damn..looks like I am missing dinner.", and with that, he would say to Itami, "Get down, Diyah!!", and blow his entire torso and belly into that of an outward sphere, flattening out just a small enough space, to take Itami, and in a high speed throw, launch her, out of the crowd, extremely capable that she would be safe. "GO!!!" And with that Tosai, would handseal and say, "Akimichi Style: Body Growth Jutsu!!!", growing almost 16 feet, before he would be seen towering above the gang, mimicking Godzilla, as he would stomp, and mow through the gang, trying to by time for Itami to get out.
Itami has one of !? moments, first to see this guy's arm enlarge and secondly to see they were attacked by numerous men. Where was this heading? "How was I bad luck!? I don't even have anything to do with any of these people!" She had ducked of course. No way would she not respond to 'get down'. From the ground she looks at the men surrounding them taking note of each and every last one of them. The one to catch her attention most is the one that was wheeled out to them. Itami's face twisted up slightly at seeing how…detached he seemed to be at the moment. When she thought of the word detached, she chortled a little, but held it in. She made a funny in her mind and it might just be her demise.
"Right!" She'd taken a stand when she had the chance only to get down once more, unkowing that she would become a canonball as she was launched through the crowd with a shout worthy of the movies. When she landed in a skid, she'd be a bit dazed thinking this moment was a bit too deja vu for her. Rising up from the ground, albeit a bit wobbly, she starts off towards the entrance to Fuuma Alley to escape. She thinks enough has happened here.
Seeing Itami getting way, Tosai would say, "Good… just keep going.. I will hold them off.", saying this to his self, just as he would be rushed by about 10 of the members who had been around. However, Tosai would be ready, as he would bash the ground beneathe him, with a multi-sized left hand, pushing off of it, hard enough to launch himself 30 feet in the air!! However, Tosai, in his efforts to get the first hit on the Yakuza of Fuuma Alley, he would run out of chakra, moments before a cannon, would be launched at his person. Tosai, would only see the cannon ball, as a regular one, but Chiba would know better. The cannon ball, upon hitting him, would explode, into small metal shard, causing Tosai's arms to be riddled with metal fragments, as he would land on the ground, forearms bleeding.
Landing with a thunderous thud, Tosai would stand there and recover his chakra, watching as the men who remained, 20, since 5 had been knocked out by his Balloon Body attack, would close in on his position, hungry for his blood. Meanwhile Chiba would be rolled into the forefront once again, chortling, as he would gloat, "Your arms will go well upon my body, Akimichi Tosai, and, while I am at it, you may also be my chance to walk as well, since your legs seem much stronger than my old ones… Kukukukuku!!" Tosai would say, "Your sense of humor seems to be the only thing left intact on, Chiba. Please tell me.. how is that son of yours doing these days?", a slight chuckle being made by the Akimichi, before he would be retorted by Chiba, whose anger would have seemed triggered by the Akimichi. "You will pay for you insolence!! Kill Him!!! I want his body parts!!!", being the rallying call for the gang to attack again.
Itami could hear the gossip spreading through the town quickly. The Akimichi has fallen. The words followed her as she continued to run and when they all seemingly converged, weighing too heavily on her, she skidded to a stop and ran back the other way with a burst of wind behind her feet. "I…I can't let this happen…." She comments to herself as she runs back to the scene. It wouldn't take her long before she was back, breaking through a small portion of the group to stand in the middle surrounded by them all to protect Tosai.
She saw how badly damaged his arms were and she huffed softly, "I will not allow you to further harm him…" She begins to take a taijutsu stance, her feet shifting and body steadying into a strong stance. "You will now have to go through me to get to him and I am not beyond beating your hacked body into submission… This goes for the rest of you…" She glances at the few in front of her and listens in for the others behind her.
As the large Behemoth of a man would stand amongst the throngs of a tattooed mob, angry and weaponized with only the most primal of tools, Tosai had been reflecting. His arms, slightly battered, and bleeding, held no promise that they wouldn't give out on him at any second. This had been annoying. To die by the grimey hands of a bunch of thugs.. Definitely not a way for the hero to die. But Tosai was not to be discounted, even though, at this point, the Akimichi had not been giving himself much hope. The cannon he a been assaulted by, still smoked, as men of the Yakuza would await the words of Old, crippled Chiba, to reload. "Yess….do not damage those muscled arms too much, men… I will need them soon.", being said as the literal "half" of a man, had been licking the portion of his lips he had left.
Tosai truly would seem to think himself in for difficulty, until bodies, of men, would fly from his side, and a hooded and veiled woman would appear at his side, in a blowing of her own wind. What speed! "Diyah?? What the hell are you doing? You can't be here now! This is /my/ fight!!", being shouted as Tosai, despite the pain, would come to a full stand, Itami, now being able to see the full scale of his current height. Chiba's eyes would widen as well at the prowess of this woman, as he would see her shapely figure, despite her clothing, and say, "My, my, my… what manner of flower is this? Looks to me like you've gained one hell of a girl friend, Chou Battousai… Maybe I should still her along with the parts for my body's remodel. Men!!" And with that 6 men would seem to run in charging, and letting out war cries, as three of them would seek to batter her with knives and swords. And meanwhile Tosai, would observe as the other three, with bows drawn, would unless mayhem on him and him alone.
With a wave of an enhanced right hand, Tosai would manage to deflect two of the arrows, only to then enlarge and stretch that hand back to a lone light pose, and drag himself our of range of the third, and flinging himself into a corner. "Diyah san!! We need to keep from being surrounded. Quickly!! Leap to me!" And as soon as the woman would go airborne, whether she did or not, Tosai, would smash both fist into the ground simultaneously, quaking the ground, knocking 10 of the ranks air borne, as his fist would cause an outward ripple and fissure of the earth before them!! But something would be wrong. Tosai would feel his self weaken, nausea and stamina lost moving through his body. Chiba would smirk and say, "Poison….that is exactly what it is. It will weaken you little by little, but not enough to hurt /my/ precious limbs….
Kukukukukuku!!", being cackled out with a slur.
Diyah did as instructed and lept towards Tosai so when he struck the ground she wouldn't be in the vicinity of the jutsu that would ripple outward and towards he other men. The comment made by Chiba rang in her mind and she had ever reason to beat his body into the pulp it was halfway at. However, she remained collected and took the chance to attack by knocking one of the airborne thugs out of the air and towards the others with the body's momentum so that it would knock down others in the process.
Drawing her leg down on one of the bodies in a strong drop kick, she watched it sail towards the ground to her intended targets. This did not take care of the rest of the thugs who were still surrounding Tosai, though. "Poisoned…" She repeats after Chiba's words. Seems he was truly desperate to get some body parts from this guy. "You are not deserving of such limbs! If you had any respect for your previous limbs, this would have never happened!" She tries to draw attention to herself and she feels it'll work considering how she just attacked one of the airborne men. The others were still falling and would hit the ground pretty soon. Perhaps maybe be a little stunned from the impact. In order to apprehend the rest of the men, she'd place her hands together in the necessary handseals and then thrust her palm downward to summon a strong wind capable of floring those that were standing and pinning those that were lying down on the ground. Long enough for Tosai to escape, she hopes.
The agility of the woman, had been uncanny to Tosai, as he would watch her, even after launching his attack, knock men aside, even while being evasive of attack, at the same time. Tosai, even in his weakened state, could appreciate prowess of this magnitude. "Diyah san… I am…wow..", would be said as he would try and come to a stand, in his enlarged form, only to seem to grow weaker. But the more he grew weaker, the more inspired he became by Itami's words, that being enough to seem to keep him from surcumbing to the poison he had been inflicted with. A cocky smile, after Itami's statement would be made, as he would say, "And besides, Chiba-san. What could you even do with such a woman, in your shape?"
Chiba's face would grow red with anger as he would stumble into the words he would want to say, just before having them cut off, by a downward blast of wind so strong, that it would force down several of his cronies with concussive, torrential might. Tosai, again would be surprised. "Sunagakure's finest I assume.", would be said, by Tosai, as he would look to the half of a man in front him, and say, "Looks like you might have to a 'walk' of shame." Chiba would spit with shouting words as he would say, "Attack!! Attack!! They shall not live! Even if I don't get those arms!! I must at least have their heads!!" The other 16 that were left would seem to slowly come forward, being scared that the woman they now faced, had been much more dangerous that Tosai could have ever been. Meanwhile, Chiba, himself, along with his large older son, would be standing still, plotting their escape.
Just how smart had been the sending of a bladed tornado, and smaller counter parts, into a gang land's shopping quarter? Welp, at first it, seemed like a wonderful idea!! Knock out sixteen guys in one go? Sure!! Seem really cool while doing it? Definitely! Getting revenge for the guy that was really the instigator of a large sequence of events? Go get em!!! Get er did!! Yar!!! But in real life, the destruction that this A rank would cause, in a cramped street about the size of a neighbor alley, would be astronomical!! The eye of the tornado itself would bring the quiet before the perverbial storm, as the winds would wipe clean, what had been the Fuuma Yakuza's cover and headquarters.
Business buildings, shops, and inns in this quarter alone would be wiped off the map by 150 mile an hour winds, uprooting many things with the ninjutsu might of Wind, as Tosai, would rip multi sized palms into the ground, just to cling for his fat life!! Loud grunts, would be dominated merely by the sound of wind clashing against and breaking wood, and brick, and before long, the only thing left of this area, would be the dirt floor itself. Fuuma Basin, by the time this storm had been through, would have debris from this single place alone, rained all over it, from as far way as ward 6, to the outward delapidated temple that existed along its border. The place, would be now a trench, amongst a city.
So what would happened to our duo? Well, as things would end, a large piece of sheet metal, roofing from a nearby shop, would be tossed off by an extremely large hand, as Tosai would be the first to come to a stand, even in his weakened state. He would whipe sweat from his brow, as he would look to the woman, whom he had managed to cover a portion of, using his body as a shelter, for which Diyah could hide under. He would soon weaken, again, toppling back onto the ground beneathe him, and panting deeply, as he would say, "Yep… you are definitely Jounin Level.. You can't lie to me anymore, Diyah-san." He would lay back, his body seeming to shrink as he would have unconsciously released the Body Growth Technique. Panting deeply, Tosai would only truly whether or not, Itami, would probably kill him, for having seen a technique of this magnitude.
"So.. I guess this means that I die as well, right Diyah, of the Sand?", the boy sitting up, and smiling, knowing that at least if he would be the victim in such a way, that he would need to have a sense of humor about it.
Itami remained silent as she looked around at the destruction caused by her jutsu. She knew it was a bad idea…but… A lighter breeze would blow through the area to emphasize on the silence, the kind of breeze that would push the tumbleweed along…"At least it got rid of the cloud…?" She remarks and chuckles sheepishly. This was terrible. Why did she do that!?
"I…yeah…" She sighs and hangs her head low. This was not going to look good on her record. She already had a list of stupid things, this one just tops the time she jumped into a pit of live scorpions to retrieve a scrap of meat that she didn't quite need once. 'It was a reaction…' She thinks to herself. That line was getting useless by now… "Ugh…no, you don't die, but I do…on the inside." She lifts her hand to her face to palm it lightly. "This is horrible. What do I say about this? Absolutely nothing is what. Came to get paintings and left destroying the place. This is just fantastic…" She remarks with heavy sarcasm.
Laughing hard at the woman's reaction, Tosai would say, "Heyheyhey! Don't feel bad!! Besides..,", thumbing back toward the neighborhood that they were heading to before the Yakuza surrounded them. "At least you didn't get the Shanties. Those poor people would be all homeless now." He would seem to limp as he would cough once, then twice. He would say, "And the amazing part, is that, that jutsu that you used, stopped right at the boundary between them both. What control!!" He would laugh more, as he would tip back.
If Itami hadn't cheered up by now, Tosai, would say, "Well, I won't tell if you won't. Besides, this place was a crimelord's headquarters. You might think so, but you just slowed down the crime within at least 3 nations, just be unleashing one jutsu!" Tosai would seem kind jealous after while as he would say, "Man… and I did most of the work to get at these guys too… what a shame."
"…No…no that's not what I'm worried about…" Itami remarks as she finally finds a neutral stance to take. "I'm concerned about the authorities that might come here due to that display of jutsu. Even they would be concerned of something so close to home…" She comments. "I don't think you have to tell anyone anything. Word gets around, after all…" She looks around at the crowd that's gathered. "I…did not mean to steal away your work, but…since I did this…I'm not so sure I'll get such a welcoming feeling from others…" She grumbles softly. "I think I should go…"
Shrugging, Tosai would say, "Aack…oh well. In that case, this is where we part ways then. Will I ever see you again?"
"You might." Itami remarks with a grin, but it was hidden behind that scarf of hers. Even still, with the way her cheekbones were raised, it was easy to indicate. "I do not know when, but it might be soon…or not. Depends. It was nice meeting you, Tosai-san, but I must depart." Bowing to him in her leave, she performs the necessary handseals for her to escape. The ground would seemingly turn to liquid at the bottom of her feet and she'd slip into it and disappear from sight to escape from the area. She wasn't proud of escaping in such a manner, but the situation called for it.
Watching the woman descend into the earth, Tosai would chuckle to himself a bit, and wave. The Underground Fish Projection technique. He had known the same. He would say, “Knowledge of multiple elements, agility enough to evade and attack simultaneously, and enough chakra to wipe out an entire neighborbood within a 6 square mile radius. This woman is no joke.” Soon the Akimichi would hear a crowd’s approach as he would come to a wobbly, yet partially injured stand. He would look behind him, and while wincing, move a hand to seal, using the same technique as Diyah, to sink into the ground, virtually out of sight of those that had been on their way.
But in the rush to get out of sight of such a large scale of damage, Tosai had neglected on thing. They didn’t make sure the targets were dead. About 30 feet away, a large portion of building material, would fly up almost 6 meters into the air, and land even farther away. “Ojii-sama.. You are not injured?” Chiba’s bloodied hand, would raise up, and give a pat to the larger man’s shoulder, along with something too unbelievably ugly to be a smile. With a dismissive wave, the larger man would say, “No, father. This /will/ end soon. You will walk again, and Chou Battosai, and that woman of the wind, will die! On my life as one of this Yakuza, and on my lineage as you son.”

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