Bikini Blowout Bash


Ogosokamaru, Amani, Hiroyasu, Hiei, Kanbei

Date: June 21, 2013


Under the leadership of Ogosokamaru, a team of shinobi were charged to provide security to a bikini contest, though they had to remain undercover. Chaos ensues.

"Bikini Blowout Bash"

The Beach-Land of Lightning

The Land of Lightning's very own, first annual Swimsuit competition. Held on it's very shores to the great ocean, and the sunny, sandy beaches with a balmy 82 degree weather, with clear skies and bright sunshine, who wouldn't want to come here? Other than people that didn't like the nightly cold snap due to heat loss from the mountanous terrain not far from the beachhead itself. In any case, the beach almost yearround gives this kind of weather, with mild temperature changes for the daytime ranging from the low fifties or cooler to the low nineties in the height of summer. Being later on in the summer, temps are starting to dip, giving people a grand reason to get out here before it starts getting too cold again!
A team of shinobi have been requested to work as undercover operatives for this festival type occasion, Ogosokamaru, Hiroyasu, Hiei, and possibly one or two others on the dockett for this occasion. And as anyone can see, this is obviously a filler episode!
So, it's the culmination of this summer extravaganza with the swimsuit competition. Beautiful women from all over the land of lightning have come out here to show off their stuff. There's the one piece competition, the two-piece competition, the exotic competition (non-traditional looking swimwear) and also the grand finale of the judges and even, where the girls pick a guy out of the crowd and he gets his photograph taken with the finalists in each category!
At the moment, the days' events are about to start off, and Ogosokamaru is in swimming trunks, leaning against a small shack that had been set up to sell refreshments, waiting on his team members, the meeting time wasn't for another few minutes, and Ogo wasn't planning on making any attempt to keep them from having fun, but he himself would keep his distance from festivities. Humbug.

Undercover as a life guard, Hiei sits on a high stand with a pair of binoculars around his neck. He's wearing no shirt, showing off his well sculpted body and scars. His while hair is lying flat on his head so he's not recognized by his normally spiky hairstyle. A lock of his hair falls in front of his left eye, giving him that cool, almost emo look. Being of dark complexion, he's not really worried about sunscreen and the black baggy shorts have the logo of the event itself as he peers out along the shore line in case one of the contestants decide to go swimming and need his help. Or at least that's how it looks. Actually, Hiei is doing some people watching and from the faint smirk on his face, he's obviously enjoying himself.

Hiroyasu is in a hybrid disguise, he's serving time in the medical tent. It's mostly brain numbing things like; sunburn, scrapes, heat exhaustion, and the worst of them all hypochondriacs who ever disease known to man and needs each attended too. He is wearing a white t-shirt and some khaki shorts. "Just stay out of the sun, drink more water, not the salty kind, take regular breaks".. have you tried turning off and on again…

Kanbei was a bit shocked at the mission. Rarely was he selected for what seemed to be an easy mission with such beauty to be seen. He's wearing a pair of swim trunks as well. Though he's not in the shape of other swordsman, he's not bad looking. The boy was pretending to be one of the spectators in the crowd. He did not even bring a weapon with him. Well… there was no longer a need to when he had his crystal manipulation.
As a hhhhoot brunette passes by him, his jaw drops and his eyes seem to follow her. You can see them move back and forth as she sways. In his mind, all he can think is how he loves his job. All those horrible days of the year no longer seemed so bad.

Amani was here in disguise. She had to wear a bit extra as her features were noticable for a Yamayuki. She didn't have henge, so she had to dye her hair and eyebrows, though she couldn't change her eyes, but those weren't much of a problem. She'd just be 'special'. She didn't wear her traditional clothes, opting to wear a simple shirt and pants with sandals.
% She was at the medical tent ready to aid in…something. Sunburn, heartburn, mindblow, those sorts of things, but most likely nosebleeds.

An MC comes to the temporary stage, and grabs the microphone, "Al right everybody! Check it out, we have some ladies about to go into the crowd and pick out some young men to be the judges. The panel was made up of five, so five gorgeous ladies all wearing the same type of bathing suit (to denote their position as helpers during the competition). And one of them goes directly through the crowd, cutting like a laser through a marshmallow towards Kanbei. Brunette, and a nice light voice, "Hey, what's -your- name?" And she doesn't even give him time to answer, before she comes over to take his hand with her soft… delicate digits.. and lead him back to a seat where she stands next to him, and gets to lean all over him like this throughout the judging portion, and she starts explaining to him the details of how to judge this competition, with number planks, 0 through 9, with duplicates in case he has to do decimals. So! If he was listening, this might go smoothly, along with the other four half-dazed young males that were selected. No country for old men it seems! The announcer is intermittenly throwing in comments about the guys having to visit the bathroom for a couple hours and cracking jokes to keep the audience riled up.
Yes, poor Hiroyasu gets those people who think a grain of sand in their eye will make them turn into a giant clam-eating mongrel or something wierd. Amani gets in on the action with Hiro in the medical tent with a six year old who ran on the rocks, slipped and faceplanted and yep, bloody nose. And Hiei… well since he chose the lifeguard position for cover, he's now pulling double-duty as well, as a rather… rotund and uncoordinated and panicky woman is now thrashing in the water like a beached whale struggling for breath on land, screaming for a lifeguard to come rescue her! Boulder training, anyone?
Now, Ogo on the other hand was smart, stuck back and on one occasion, could be seen following a girl with green hair.. but once he tapped her on the shoulder and saw she had blue eyes, it wasn't who he thought it was, and he moved back to his position, back to work. Enough trying to have a good time, it seems for him!
Kanbei would still be getting the demi-godlike treatment as judge of the one-piece competition that was just getting underway, with the first contestants starting to show off their stuff, even walking past each of the judges in a.. sultry manner.

Hiei was having a good time. It was a good thing that Misaki wasn't around when he got this assignment. She'd have insisted on coming with him and watched him like a hawk with a field mouse. However, he was trying to be alert when he pulls his gaze from the shifting bottom of a hot black haired beauty and turns it towards the ocean when he hears a cry for help. He sighs as he leaps down off the stand and makes his way towards the woman. He's careful not to run any faster than a 'normal' person would and when he reaches the edge of the water, he leaps right on in. "It's okay, ma'am. I've got you." Placing his arm around her upper body (and cringing inwardly while doing it) he swims back towards the shore with the woman in tow.

Hiroyasu pinches his nose explaining how exposure to sea air won't give you crab claw hands, and that sand in your eye is easily rinsed out with a little saline, "No ma'am your son is most certainly not going to die because he swallowed sea water, no sir.. sand while uncomfortable in sensitive areas will not cause them to fall off.." where do these people come from, is there an idiot factory nearby just churning them out with reckless abandon, he has a moment to notice that medic tent partner has a familiar soul. "What a day right?" he says casually in a lull.

Life only seemed to get better for Kanbei. As his eyes come off the one brunette there was another one there. Even better she was talking to him! Wait… that meant communication. For the moment he had no name. Just a vision. A beautiful vision. Luckily as he freezes up, she grabs his hand and leads him on stage. "Soft skin.. you have.. skin.. very, very soft." he mutters as he follows her. The whole time he's watching her walk. His eyes started to glaze over. There were thoughts running through his head that a cold shower might not be able to cure.
As she explains the judging rules, Kanbei offers to give her all nine planks. Then she tells him those are for the contestants. He then glances around and realizes there are people watching him. He's still on cloud nine although just a bit embarrassed.

Amani looks at the kid with a bored expression on her face while observing his injuries. Running on slippery rocks and nearly busting his face open. So far, it doesn't appear as if he's broken his nose. Lucky idiot. So, she has the kid sit down and lean forward while she pinches his nose. They were going to be here for a small time, but at least this would stop the bleeding. "This is what happens when you run on rocks. If you run again and your face is the next thing that bleeds, I'm going to charge your parents for the treatment," she stated to the kid.

Ogosokamaru remains stoic, ever vigilant, but he heads over to the medical tent, waving hello to the staff there, even offering some of them if he can get them water or anything like that since they are doing a heck of a job. If and when he finishes that, he watches Hiei deal with momma beluga. WIth a little chuckle. And the sperm whale himself, Kanbei over by the stage, in those official looking chairs and the little desk that has the numbers in it, and each of the five judges a pretty woman right next to him.
Now, on the topic of the large woman that Hiei is saving, she mentions her daughter who was supposed to be in the competition, but last minute cuts were apparently made due to 'too many competitors', and she says that Abika was supposed to be here any time now, and she would like for a nice young man to at least take her out on a date. Like mother like daughter? Hopefully not!
Meanwhile at the medical tent, someone wanted really good painkillers for a minor injury, went too far out on the reef and got cut by some coral or a rock or something, and is now asking for the stuff that basically puts somebody under but they can still walk around. Milking the system?
And, with the one piece ladies now through, they all get one last strut past the judges and get rated for the round, and moving on to the semi finals taking the top four girls from the group, and pitting them against one another in various games. The announcer teases the audience of what those games will be, but does promise they will be good. He gets the crowd going again, and tells them to be back in a few minutes while a couple of girls mud-wrestle and the ladies who got the judges now are getting them drinks and snacks from concession. What a life.
And Ogo, looking like he's not enjoying himself, but is working of course. Mr. So Serious! All work and no play makes Jack go crazy in the end.

Hiei pauses for a moment catching his breath and when the woman asks him to take out her daughter, Hiei politely declines, telling the woman that there was another girl he was already interested in and that he hoped to take her out tonight. He makes sure that she can get up and walk on her own before he jogs back over to his tower. He uses the towel to dry himself before climbing back up and taking up the binoculars again. It was time to get back to babe watch…

Hiroyasu shakes his head, "No thank you, Citizen." in response to the nice janitor or whatever he was who was offering the hard working medics, now they weren't the hardest of the shinobi working the beach.. but they were doing a fair shake.. "Let's see, here looks like a superficial wound, but it could have serious internal injuries.. we better go ahead and amputate don't want it spreading right?" he says to his partner in crime. "Your diagnosis doctor?" he asks for a second opinion hoping putting up scary scenarios and bringing more people into the mix will make the pill head uncomfortable.

A blonde… a brunette… another blonde… and omg… a red head. Not the type of red head that you just glance at. This was one of those that your eyes fell out of the socket and if you were lucky they rolled just right to still watch. As she walked out, Kanbei gained a new favorite color. He had never truly been a fan of green, but the way she wore that swimsuit, it would forever be burned into his subconcious memory banks as a truly positive color. The type that you see a few years later and gain a warm feeling for no apparent reason. Before he was even suppose to hold up the planks, he starts fumbling around trying to grab the highest number. He drops the nine. Picking it up would have involved looking at the ground. The nine was now dead to him. It was no longer apart of the judging world. So instead he does the next best thing. He holds up two planks. The eight and the seven.

Amani wasn't about to give anyone a painkiller for a minor cut. "Amputate? Most likely. I can have the anesthetic all prepared for the surgery. Know how to bite down on a stick?" She asked the person with the cut. Honestly. She thinks these people are worse than shinobi sometimes. "Alright, we're done. Let's see what happens," she states as she refocuses on the young boy's nose. She pinched it long enough to prevent bleeding out and now it's time to let go. He should be alright now and any blood that coagulated could easily be removed with a proper blowing of the nose.

So now the guy that Hiro is trying to scare, it succeeds, but he just -has- to ask, "So, if you have to cut off my foot, I'll get the painkillers?" And he actually contemplates it! Amani's 'guest' sneezes all over her… or well, right at where she's standing, her shoes more to the point. And Hiei's beached entity points out at the water.
This might be the point to note when the woman says her daughter is adopted. For the girl in the water puts to shame most of the other women here. She comes out of the water, and gives Hiei a BIG and TIGHT hug, "Oh thank you for saving my mom! She's all I have!" And until Hiei says something, that hug is not going anywhere!
Kanbe on the other hand, is getting laughed at. Though, it's not just him, it's the other judges as well, as all of them are fumbling around for numbers, holding them upside down, or just plain gawking at the women and not even trying to pull out numbers anymore. One of them even gets replaced due to extreme nosebleed due to hot women. He gets drug off to the medical tent while twitching. They quickly find a replacement judge… and another, and another… and next thing one knows, there's several males vying for that coveted chair.
Ogo steps in to fix it. And right as he does, the woman in thanks takes him by the hand and to the judge chair. She explains things to him, and he nods, guessing he could do this and keep an eye from the slightly higher vantage point. And he takes this seriously! Actually giving quantitative values to fashion, color scheme, and many other aspects! Wtf dude?! Chill out! Although he doesn't, but Kanbei still gets attention from the girls walking across stage, since he's showing great reactions to their strutting to and fro across stage. Now on to the two-piece portion!

Adopted indeed! Hiei couldn't really do much besides stand there before the girl hugged him. His face is the color crimson when she does and for a brief, fleeting moment. He forgot about who he was, what his job was, and his own name. He tries to speak but gibberish comes out. Finally, he takes his hands and places them on the girl's waist, pushing her away from him gently. "Really, it was no problem. You two enjoy the contest. I..really should be getting back to work." He turns his back on the both of them and then slaps himself in the face. He mumbles. "Misaki better love me.."

Hiroyasu thinks about it as if actually considering it, "We could wrap it up and bag it for you.. you know your foot as a trophy but no painkillers, here have a bottle of water.. it's hot out there" he says tossing the bottle at him and then escorting him out by the arm about the time that the bleeder comes in.. "Doctor, another nose bleed.. I'm guessing this one didn't trip" it was probably smile plastered all over the guys face which led to that conclusion.. "Next time, we double stock on cotton balls" he mutters pinching the guys nose closed while using a sterile cotton to wipe the drainage… "I'll need to you to remain still" he announces to his patient.

Judges were being dragged away? Kanbei had not even realized it. He was scared to move from the desk. Though it was to be expected that he was having a reaction, he did not need to give them actual evidence. The next round was starting… the two piece… Life was getting even better. It was like climbing a mountain and looking towards the top. Eventually you get there and have no where to go but down. That though was the furthest thought from Kanbei's mind. After the two piece, there was at least one more round. The event competition.
As Kanbei watches the last girl walk past he notices Ogo. Then it dawns on him that he's actually working here. What a buzz kill. A form of pouting expression forms on his face. He then smiles once more as he glances around for potential dangers. He still had to be in disguise.

Amani inwardly sighed at the person asking for painkillers. Such an annoyance, but not as much as—"…" Coagulated blood on her shoes. "You should leave now," she states to the kid while handing a tissue to him to use. Clear the excess from his face and all. She proceeded to wipe up the blood that was sneezed all over her. "I'll take care of that nosebleeder in a few moments. I have the previous…victim's blood all over me," she chuckled darkly. She looked over her shoulder to see that Hiro was taking care of it. Excellent. She shouldn't be tending to people with blood all over her.

To make matters worse, Hiei's saving grace kept talking about her daughter, "Yeah, her previous suitor said he couldn't handle such a smart woman.. she makes perfect scores in all of her academics, and she was going to be the youngest girl in this competition at fifteen.. too bad I can't find a nice young man like yourself to who will spend time with her. Oh well," and off she waddles, moving like a lumbering and famished horde of wilderbeasts in the plains charging at the one lone tree with but a single leaf upon it.
The docs have their share of blood, but things seem to be calming down since the guy looking for free meds gets out of there with his foot intact and some wits returned to him. The kid gets up with what Amani gave him to wipe up excess off his face, but he just throws that out and wipes his nose on his slee- Oh, heh, his arm… oh well, might as well take a dip in the ocean to clean it off. Fun.
The nose bleeder mutters something about heaven on earth as Hiroyasu tries to talk to him. Somewhat catatonic state, another indicator of nosebleed-by-beauty. The guy reaches up to grab Hiro around the neck, "It was magnificent i tell you!" And back to a sub-comatose state he goes. Kanbei gets round two all over him, as one girl trips and ends up right in his lap face first. She gets up with a good sense of humor and holds her hands up and out, saying, "Accident, I swear.. so I guess it's only fair?" She looks at the guy holding the mic, and he catches on. "Ok, new rule! All girls must sit with, on, around, over the judges for no less than ten seconds, and keep it moving! THhy have lots of girls to judge today!" Oh jeeze… Ogo didn't look very phased outwardly. The other judges were squirming and wriggling with anticipation and estacy or whatever it's called.

Hiei offers the fat lady and her daughter an apologetic smile before waiting until they've gone before letting out a string of curses as he makes his way back towards his tower. He takes a moment to see how everyone else is doing. The med tent looks as lively as ever and then Hiei spots Kanbei. His brows sink lower. "I'm out here saving Shamu and passing up on prime real estate and he's over there getting flirted with? I'm going to kill him." He says gruffly. And now Sensei was over there getting the same treatment. It's good he didn't have his sword with him. He sighs several times to quell his temper before resuming his position.

Hiroyasu pushes the guy by the shoulder back into a resting position.. "I can imagine" he didn't need too, the emotions stirring outside would make a passing sailor blush in shame.. It doesn't take long for the nose bleed to solidify itself and he can push the guy out of the tent with a bottle of water cause it's hot out there. "Is this a paying job? Do we get payed for both jobs?" he asks his partner in crime.. "What on earth is going on out there.." he peeks his head out of the tent to see what the commotion is about.

When the girl falls down face first into his lap, Kanbei is unable to make eye contact with her. She knew the effects of this on him. He was just glad the rest of the crowd did not nose dive his lap. He offers the girl a slight smile before glancing over towards Ogo. At least with him here, he knew the girls were safe. He was unsure if he was or not. Did they know he wasn't acting or was this one of those situations where Ogo came over specifically cause he knew Kanbei had gone brain dead. And then that red head passes by again. Thew thoughts seem to vanish as his eyes follow her movements once more.

Amani wished she was getting paid. Maybe she should go out there and scrounge for money while everyone is distracted. "I haven't been paying much attention to what's going on out there," she states as she looks towards the stage. Looks like the contest is in full swing. There's a lot of activity going on up there. "…We can always steal money. Not like anyone is guarding their pockets while they're out there," she shrugged.

With the peak of action coming and passing, It seems the rest of the event will go off without a hitch. Ogosokamaru even gives up his spot at the judge's panel to someone else, bringing on some confusion to some people, but whatever, the announcer handles it well. As for everyone else, they might see Ogo speaking with the announcer while the event's portion is going on. Mud wrestling (or a variation of), rope climbing and ring the bell at the top, balance-on-the-pool-noodle that is threaded with rope connected to two poles that other girls are leaning and tilting and yanking and pulling at, and a couple other 'beach games'. In any case, when things are about wrapping up, prizes are given out, and more people go to the medical tent, but it dwindles off as people get tired and don't go into the water as much, which then would end the lifeguard's shift as well. It wasn't long (even without being in Kanbei's position) before the whole thing was done and over with, and the five of them were sent off back to Kumogakure with a mission successful. At least, successful that noone died, got robbed, or any inappropriate touching (past what was necessary for the girls participating to get their respectful scores in attempts to sway the judges) that could really have said otherwise.
Ogo had already changed, maybe making some wonder where he had that stuff hidden this whole time. And, it would be a long walk this evening back to Kumo in the ever-colder air as they move up towards the mountains.

All in all, even though Hiei spent the latter part of the day frustrated, it wasn't a bad job overall. As the sun slips below the horizon, he'd changed into a pair of sweats and a hoodie before heading back to Kumo. He keeps eyeing Kanbei out of the corner of his eye like he's trying to make a decision on something. He sighs again and shakes his head. "No more beach parties. At least not for me."

Hiroyasu shakes his head and looks back into the tent taking the time to clean up the materials and dispose of the used ones properly. "Thank you, for your help Yamiyuki-san. I think they stuck me in here as punishment or something…" he says with a shake of his head, always making the medic do all the work, tote that mission barrel, tug the mission cart, heal that wound, Hiroyasu. "I'm hungry, you?" only medical personnel can watch blood and gore and still be hungry.

Though Amani wanted to steal, every effort she made to do so was mysteriously blocked. These people really knew how to move and get in the way. It was annoying. She sighed and gave up the fight, returning to the medical tent where she'd sit with arms folded waiting for the event to be over. Somebody is going to feel her fury later. "You're welcome… I am pretty hungry, though," she remarked to Hiro after having returned to the tent. "Let's go eat."

Mission Complete

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