Bingo Book Bash: Who's Daiki?


Nobunaga, Isura, Zankuro

Date: January 20, 2016


Team Backfire reunites for a Bingo Book bounty. Little did they know that their reunion might be short lived as the bounty proves to be tougher than they anticipated. Nobunaga however has some history with this criminal that might prove even more perilous.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bingo Book Bash: Who's Daiki?"

Land of Fire/Wind Boarder

Isura was given another mission this one was just a two man cell unlike the one yesterday. Nobunaga and himself was tasked with tracking down and capturing a bingo book bounty. His name was Sadanai of the ten thousand blades, sadly for this mission they would have to get him back alive for trails. Tapping his foot onto the ground he waited at the gate what to him seemed forever but really five min. The weather was ideal for tracking however the rolling clouds could prove it to be difficult. Just then a messenger bird came and landed on his shoulder adding Zankuro to his roster. "Like old times," Isura waited for the other ten minutes as they squad scrambled together. "Sadanai shifted his weight about before going through his tools. "Dice running low on wire." Isura was excited for the bounty but knew the risk and he had to get back home to his family.

"Sadanai of the Ten Thousand Blades." Nobunaga recalls. He was the next target in his bingo book. How coincidental that his next assignment would have him going for this man. Meeting up with Zankuro and Isura like old times sent a calming energy down his spine. But Nobunaga knew that once they met up with Sadanai that things won't be so pleasant. "I was going to end up hunting this guy down sooner or later." Nobunaga checks his bingo book alongside Isura. "He knows about Amaro Daiki. At least that's what the others said." Nobunaga closes the bingo book. The face of Daiki stains Nobunaga's memory every time he closes his eyes. "I want him alive. Long enough to get some answers." Nobunaga looks to Isura hoping the Uchiha knows what that means. "You should keep track of your equipment better." Nobunaga looks out for Zankuro. "He should be here soon."

Zankuro didn't quite get why he was being so abruptly added to a team, but made his way to the meeting point as per his duty. He may have also only glanced at the noted mission roster on the missive, because the formerly rotund chuunin appears quite shocked to see both Nobunaga and Isura waiting for him. The moment passes with him waving haphazardly to the duo before making his way any closer. "Ye old dream team is back in buisness, eh? Niiice." He said smoothly, bobbing his head lightly on the emphasized word. "Guess that means 'ol Noble-sama is gonna be in charge again, or.. how are we doing this?"

Isura noticed Nobu and his words and smirked "I suppose I can turn an eye as you question him…" chuckling Zankuro showed up late but he'll forgive him cause it was last minute. "You wish baka I'll be leading the mission if you read the mission brief. Any who I'll do it again. We're hunting down Sadanari lf the ten thousand blades he is well advanced in seal mastery and of course a weapon master. Needless to say but I'll say it anyway be on guard and be careful. Let get out of here we have a long trip if we're lucky will get there by sunset." That being said Isura started the journey in a jogging manner. "If you have any questions now is the time to ask." Isura took point and allowed Zankuro and Nobunaga to position themselves accordingly. Isura focus was directly infront and to the sides while the other two picked their vantage points.

"You make it sound like it's nothing." Nobunaga chuckles at Isura. He moves over to pat Zankuro on the shoulder. "Good to see you again Zan-kun." Nobunaga can hardly recognize the Sarutobi. "You've grown up. Blossomed even. Hehe proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about you two." Nobunaga looks back to Isura. "Sadanai is more than dangerous. He's cunning. Familiar with shinobi and their tactics." He nods to Isura approving of him taking the lead this time. "No messing around. No funny business. Or you'll wind up dead." Nobunaga assures them both. "I wouldn't underestimate this guy." Nobunaga takes Isura's right flank as they head out. He believes in their strength. An uneasy feeling though was festering deep within. For now Nobunaga suppressed it.

"Oh great." Zankuro murmured, rolling his eyes at Isura. He would have tossed in a few slyly signed remarks to Nobunaga, but Isura's attention /was/ on the both of them at the time. "Jealous is a good word." He said, flashing Nobunaga a cocky grin after grinding his knuckles against his chest. He is quick to drop the grin as the point that their adversary is /serious/ business gets reinforced twice over. With no more than a curt nod, Zankuro followed on the left with a much more grim expression.

Isura was so fixed on his other obligations of starting a new family and getting the last of the cash for his new home he missed an obvious trail he normally would have caught, same for Nobunaga. Zankuro caught it though and they're lucky he did. For now Isura halted the group for a short break as he pulled up the map for recon. "I think we over shot it…but a click in the other direction. Gamble sorry about that guys. Once everyone had water and a small meal we'll move out again." Isura looked at the setting sun and thought that nightfall would normally work in their favor but then again its someone backyard this could spell doom. Isura didnt eat only drank water before he shifted to turn to the group. "Alright get ready to move out. We're going on foot cause by treetops make to much noise."

"Good work Zan." Nobunaga gives a thumbs up to the young man. A break sounds agreeable and the Amaro did want to enjoy a good meal with his friends before possibly loosing them. "How do you over shoot by that much? Isura you need to pay attention." Nobunaga mentions on a serious note. "Whatever you're thinking about you won't be able to come back to it if you die out here." He adds before they move out. "Take this seriously." After finishing up his food and drink he looks to the sky. Nightfall works for them in many ways but also works against them too. Regardless there's no reason for them to lower their guard. "I hope you two are ready for this."

The call came, and yet the promise of a brief reprieve from travel failed to dissuade the Sarutobi. Instead, his gaze remained intently focused on the stretch at land until the trail seemed to almost unravel before his eyes. Naturally, he didn't waste time sitting on the information before passing it along to the others. Nobunaga's gesture is returned in kind. Afterwards, Zankuro settled against the base of a tree, summoning a still very much hot bowel of ramen. Yes, it was unhealthy, but by golly he was gonna enjoy what may or may not be his last meal dang it!
"That's where you and I *slurp* differ, Isura-san." He said, flashing a sly grin. "But oi, if this guy is as skilled as you say, he'll prolly expect an attack from the trees anyways… Not that any of this was up to debate, my liege." He said just before diving back into his bowl.

Isura sighed as he touched his hand to his face "If he's anything like me I would trap both. But I'll heavily trap the trees though since ninja mostly travel by that…however." Isura sighed again as he yawned "any who let get moving well discuss things later, also next time dont being ramen it has a loud scent and gives off steam thus those who have sharp senses can smell it on your breath even you should know that…baka. Try this it taste awful but it gives off no scent and requires nothing as far as cooking." Isura tossed him these three balls of ration before he started to walk towards the location of the sight. "I agree with you Nobu but then again we both seems a little distracted. We need ti refocus on the mission at hand." Isura kept a low profile and once they inched closed he waved the signal to vanished and box him in. Isura was quickly outted and with that came the trap he knew was set. Acting fast he flip landed in the middle of the camp at that time Sadanai waltz outside holding a huge scroll a sword in hand. "Shinobi…good think I put most of the traps on the ground had a feeling they'll come in handy." He watched for now but he gave off the air he was more than ready

"I am focused." Nobunaga assures Isura. Telling the Uchiha what was really bothering him would come later after this…if there was an after. As they close in around the mapped parameter Nobunaga tries to stay low and out of sight. But when Isura springs the trap Nobunaga flinches and give himself away as well. As blade began to erupt from the ground Nobunaga only had seconds to leap out of harm's way. He suffered a cut to his thigh in his maneuvering. He's been lead away from the focus point. No doubt their arrival was expected. "So it's began long before we go here eh?" Nobunaga channels chakra through his scarf making preparations to go on the offensive. A deep calming breath escapes the man as well as a silent prayer for Zankuro and Isura.

Zankuro snorts, and yanks his bowl out of the path of the ration balls. "I'd say trush that I know plenthy enough. But since ya obviously don't…" He trails off from there to down the rest of his bowl in one sitting. Much like an akimchi in his situation, the Zan-man manages to avoid spilling a single drop or noodle. Soon after, Zankuro busily seals up the remains along with the ration pills(?) Isura tossed his way. The effort doesn't put the young man too far behind his fellows.
Which as it turn out was more a bad thing then good. He didn't catch the trap set up in time, and found a sword piercing his side from the wrong iron dome being summoned to his defense. Releasing the technique, Zankuro gently removed the weapon with a grimace. "Che… Thats gonna sting later." He murmured. A moment is taken to bandaged the wound, and calm nerves shaken up by the surprise.

Isura smelled the blood of Nobu and Zankuro and frowned "it appears that we're the ones being hunted. That being said no need to wait for you since you made the first move right?" Isura blurred from view and attacked with his lion song, the powerful combination worked as Sadanai was slammed into the ground. Without missing a beat Isura flashed through seals and released a powerful fireball towards him. It seemed to hit but something was off. As the flames blew away Sadanai stood there seemingly unfazed by his attack as the steel seeped back into the ground. "Isura look at you," Isura bounced around before Sadanai surged with chakra releasing a wave of swords behind Nobu and Zankuro trying to force them duo into the open. He then vanished and appeared behind Isura, should I cut off an arm or leg…or perhaps your head?" Isura peered over his shoulder and nothing was there just Sadanai standings infront of him smirking. "Where is your focus young shinobi?" Sanadi attacked with a powerful swift slashed to try and chop off Isura arm before returning to his previous position the act could be question to have actually happen due to the sure speed a normal eye couldn't keep up with. Isura moved on pure instant and its only that inwhich allows him to keep his arm blood dripped unto the ground as Sadanai frowns "should've taken his arm but this boy is pretty good…I'll remember that for the next time and just take those royal legs of yours." Sadanai flicked his blade and blow flew from the time but the scroll was gone.

Nobunaga coats his body with chakra as he sees the sea of blades appear. "This ought to be good." Nobunaga smirks. The blades rush him and he doesn't shy away from the challenge. Deflecting his blades with his chakra hardened body Nobunaga is drawn out in the open to confront Sadanai. Isura's being cut is one of the first things he notices. "Back off Isura!" Nobunaga calls out as he leaps in to engage Sadanai in close quarters combat as it was his forte of the trio. Nobunaga slides in already throwing a punch at Sadanai's head. His scarf is then in his grip and being slung at the outlaw with deadly precision. Nobunaga expects Isura and Zankuro to play to their strengths. He's not called Sadanai of Ten Thousand Blades for nothing.

Zankuro is not quite as lucky as the others. Whereas he managed to avoid the worse like Isura by acting on intuition, the Sarutobi still comes out of the exchanging bleeding from a wound along his thigh. Undaunted, Zankuro locked his gaze on Sanadi, breaking the man down during the engagement between him and Nobunaga. It would be simple enough to try and trip the man up with illusion, but…
'Best to save that' The Chuunin thought as his hands worked through a series of hand seals. Soon enough, the Sarutobi is laying down covering fire to try and narrow the aveneus in which Sanadi could escape to or easily defend from.

Sadanai easily danced around Nobu by keeping his eyes fixed on Isura the whole time something about that boy eyes just excited him to new heights. He even evaded the fire flurry of flames ultimately being boxed in and trapped. Once free he swiftly attacked Nobu with a slash so fast the only thing giving it away was the light trying to catch up to the blade. This attack was done in an attempts to cut him deeply across the chest as a means to back the heck or else. The second was a sword appearing behind him not matter where he attempted to retrest to. The same tatic is deployed towards Zankuro as the sword seemed to rushed towards his stomach before he flashed behind him to cut him and his huge scroll in two. He wasn't done. As he slowly approached Isura and once again vanished. Then pain; Isura peered down at his stomach all he saw was Sadanai blade sticking out from his chest. Isura eyes flared red as Sadanai whispered into his ear. "Killing you is gonna feel so good." As he did this he positioned the blade around his neck and smirked as he swiped. Lucky for Isura he was fast and ducked and rolled away. "You wiggle and fight…you all are fools. But I love it. I laid the trap and y'all came running. I'm so excited. I'm awake. Haven't felt this way in ages." Howling he licked the blood and shivered in delight. "Hey guys hold him off please…this one in my chest a bleeder." Isura summoned all his chakra to try and mount some type of offensive pressure. "Oh cute little one they cant protect you from me…no one can. Except death." Sadanai hisses.

Nobunaga was astonished by this man's speed and skill. He knew at his current level he stood no chance. The Amaro tries to focus his chakra into his scarf to level the playing ground. But his actions cost him dearly. A near mortal strike across the chest sends a cascade of blood down the man's torso. Though his chakra hardened skin saved him from the blade at his rear. "Can't beat him in a contest of speed at this level." Nobunaga mutters ignoring the wound on his chest. The pain was nothing compared to the fear that ran through him when he saw what this monster was doing to Isura and Zankuro. "I guess I underestimated you." Nobunaga calls out to the man. "Leave the kid alone. Fight me. If you're brave enough. I won't hold back any longer." Nobunaga lets his chakra surge through his cloth. Zankuro's fire jutsu did limit his evasion options. Noticing this Nobunaga has the tails of his scarf fan out and widen. He doesn't life a finger. The cloth moves as though his will is enough. Cycling around the tails harden with the edge of a blade and cleave all that would be caught in the area. In an attempt to catch Sadanai the cloths would try to snare the man's legs and line him up for the perfect shot. "You got one shot Isura."

Each time a blade found flesh, the mental chant became stunted for the Sarutobi. This led to costly mistakes; such as the counter attack meant for Hisoka's throat. The only saving grace out of all of it is the fact Zankuro turned about in time to avoid losing his scroll. But can one call a deep slice from pectoral to shoulder a good sacrifice?
Zankuro forced himself to remain standing afterwards, if only barely. Gritting his teeth, he fought down the pain long enough to try and slip away from the fight. If he could just have a moment out of sight, then perhaps he could patch up the wound enough to be able to assist again. As things stood however, he would bleed out long before that time came about.
And to think, they were supposed to capture the madman alive…

Isura saw the chakra build up inside of Sadanai before it went dead; "the sky?!" Isura yelled out as Sadanai started to laugh a sinister dark and evil laugh that echoes in the forest. Just then the sky became black filled with blades as they rained down. Isura pulled out a kunai and with nothing but his wits and sure skills he deflected all the falling kunai in his area doing this open the wound in his stomach even more down to a knee he released the swelled chakra into nothing but pure heat that washed over a trapped Sadanai. Wincing Isura with a faint breath yelled "attack now!?" Isura bleeding now increased he posted himself up onto a nearby tree. "Have to stop the bleeding…"

Nobunaga smirks having caught Sadanai. After Isura's jutsu connected Nobunaga was sure that it was over. "Odds. I hope he's not dead. Kinda left us no choice though." His guard was lax and he soon found that to be a rookie mistake. Nobunaga's eyes widen and go skyward once Sadanai starts laughing. He looks upwards and curses. Chakra layers over him like a second skin but it does defend successfully against the downpour of steel and iron. Blades cut into Nobunaga's flesh streaking him with ruby trails. But the Amaro is far from finished. His cloth winds around his fist as he endures Sadanai's attack. Isura's jutsu provides Nobunaga with just the opening he needs. Not missing his chance Nobunaga dashes in appearing before Sadanai in an instant. His fist is drawn back encased by his chakra hardened cloth. Powering forward he unleashes a heavy blow into Sadanai's abdomen sending devastating waves of concussive force and chakra into him. "Try not to die. I need to ask you a few things."

Zankuro dared not to hope that he got away clean, but scarcely a brief seconds could be spent worrying on the subject. Once secure in his placement at the base of a tree well out of natural sight, he went to work removing the over-sized scroll on his back, as well as his vest. The nearby sinister laughter meant little to the Sarutobi by itself, by seeing sky grow dark does on the other hand! Before panic could break the rhythm of his thoughts Zankuro calmly unrolled the giant scroll and placed a hand on the symble for large kanji for "Iron" written inside one section.
Moments after darkness engulfs the young man, what sounded almost like the mad chopping of hundreds of chefs with kitchen ware echoes rings inside and out of the iron coffin. Though it never gives beneath the blades Zankuro could maintain a level of calm while treating his wounds.
"They'll *winces* be alright… just.. gotta—oww… stay focused." He murmured within the comfort of the all around barrier.

Isura patched himself up the best he could, packing the wound and wrapped for now the worst was over. Isura slowly stood up as Nobu smacked the guy into a tree so hard that it broke it down. "Race that was a hit…not bad Nobu as he walked towards him. It was at that moment a long sliver snake like weapon that sprung out and attacked Nobu and once finished hit or miss attacked Isura after that. Isura backed bend away but suffered great pain in doing so. Taking short shallow breaths he had a choice to make. "Daiki you gotten better from the last time I saw you…much better if I didnt have my trusty murasuma blade wrapped around my waist I have would've been finished." Whipping the blade around one could hear it slicing through the wind itself. Just then a sword would appear under the barrier trying to catch a healing Zankuro off guard. "Daiki and his puppies messed with the wrong one but the young one moves well…at least its better than that first squad your brought to the slaughter." Sadanai shifted towards them with a devilish smile all the while slicing wind is heard. "What the bookie is he talking about Nobunaga? Who the player is Daiki?" Isura question as he held his chest. "Whom should I kill first?"

Nobunaga nods to Isura. "Yeah. I hope he's still alive I need to ask him about…" Nobunaga is paralyzed once Sadanai speaks. He's not alarmed by the man being alive but by the name he addressed him. Nobunaga almost didn't notices the winding blade coming round to slice him. His cloth extends out and yanks him towards Isura. "What did you call me?" He heard the name again and nearly snapped with anger. "Amaro Daiki? That's who you're talking about? Who is he!?" Nobunaga demands. "Tell me everything you know." Nobunaga's scarf tail winds around his arm, tightly. "Later Isura. I'm still trying to figure that out myself." Nobunaga's head starts to ache. "When he said that name…I need to know who Amaro Daiki is." He looks to Isura and grins. "You're turn. Keep him occupied." Nobunaga looks back to Sadanai. "No ones going to die here. At least not unless I want them to." His eyes glowers a fearsome scarlet.

The thing about dome that 'Mr. Psycho' didn't seem to quite understand is two things. One, the iron dome was a lot thicker than it looked on the outside. And two, it wasn't really a dome, but more of a giant ball. But of course none of that really matters when the bloody thing seemed to have a weaker bottom than top, because the disturbing techniques of the madman finally punctured through. The cut is thankfully not a deep one. Just deep enough to make running an issue if Zankuro couldn't focus past the pain. There's a pause in all action as the thought of leaving behind the Sarutobi's comrades passes through his mind. A chill too began to seize both heart and mind.
Yet, despite it all Zankuro resealed the damage dome after forcing himself to stand in the cramped thing, directed his chakra to his mind to help clear it of doubt, then… took off. While not exactly the fastest of shinobi, their Sadanai was going to have to work to pursue him.

Isura sighed before Nobu words rung in his ears now filled with clarity he smirked and took the lead. "Like old times." its at the same moment Sadanai eyes focused on the vanishing Zankuro and he laughed " your friend abandons you to fight the devil. You sure know how to pick then Daiki. At least the other runts you had died with pride. This one runs like a coward." Isura heard enough as he flashed through seals and released a powerful flamethrower towards him. Sadanai sliced through the flame with great speed and dexterity it was an art to him. The flame stopped and Isura already closed the distance between the two. Sadanai flicked his blade tric trying to cut the Uchiha into pieces. Isura bursted into clone but all including himself was sliced, hitting the floor he rolled and dodged the next as he popped off the ground the blade grazed his back smacking him back down unto the ground. "Rollit…this guy really dealing me off." Isura eyes burned a brighter red than before as he struggled to stand back up. "I like this one no matter how much I knock him down he fines a reason to stand…this is great." Sadanai swung the blade about before licking his lips shaking with utter excitement. "Please…keep looking at me with those scarlet eyes….don't blink, don't look away. Fixed them on me and me alone. I'll kill them all and leave the two of us to dance until I spill all that beautiful ruby red blood of your little Uchiha boy." Sanadai was fixed upon Isura as if totally taken in by the boys expression of hate.

"Isura, you leave too." Nobunaga calls out to his teammate and friend. "This is my mess now. You and Zankuro need not risk your lives any longer. You both fought well. I'm so proud to have called you my students at one time. And I'm even more proud to see you here as my equals." Nobunaga's eyes flare up when Sadanai calls Zankuro a coward. "You're ignorant fool. You're the coward. Hiding behind your madness. You dare not face the horrors you've committed." Nobunaga snarls as his cloth tightens. "Zan-kun has waded through much worse than a coward like you. He's accompanied me on many perilous missions. We waged battle in a burning town together surrounded by enemies beyond our comprehension. Hunted treacherous beasts that we thought only existed in nightmares. Braved godforsaken lands and journeys of the same variety that would rival Hell and throughout it all though may have faltered and failed…never did he run away. Against better judgement he's stood by my side. He's one of my beloved pupils and cherished friends just like that Uchiha over there." Nobunaga brings his arm about and waits. "And I won't let you have either one of them. I swear it on my name. On my allegiance to the leaf as Amaro Nobunaga leader of Team eight also know as Team Backfire." From the ground a tail of Nobunaga's scarf surfaces and attempts to snag and wind around Sadanai. While Isura had been fighting him Nobunaga had been feeding the cloth into the ground waiting for the right moment. He lungs forward now exploiting the opening. The cloth around his arm hardens and unwinds. It twists fiendishly and hungrily like a demonic drill. Sadanai had best pray that he does not wind up on the receiving end of that drill.

He could not do it. The further Zankuro got away from the group, the harder it was to maintain the even mindset that kept the pain at bay from the forefront. This wasn't him, or at least not entirely. A Sarutobi was a Sarutobi. It mattered little if one was the black sheep of the family. The impulse to defend, unite, endure — it was all but genetic for the clan.
And yet, Zankuro could not fully bring himself to turn about and listen to the impulses. So, he settled for the next best thing. What chakra he did not need elsewhere was gradually focused toward his lungs, converting in nature into something potentially devestating. The one jutsu the young man heavily restricted himself from using knowing full well the danger that came with it.

Nobu words rung but it didnt shake him but fuel Isura. Sadanai lust got his arm sliced clean off even then he smiled. "Yes hurt me more!?" Isura swiftness closed him off as he attacked however blocked with Sadanai whipping his launched arm towards him using his sword. Isura dug deep and used a moved he copied from Hino a mighty powerful dragon uppercut that launched him clean into the air. Sadanai body flew as he faded in and out before he flipped landed and laughed as the blood gushed from his arm. The final piece was there for his ultimate technique, "Daiki, Uchiha thank you for the most splended display of skill however this dance is over. Isura peered over at Nobu. "I'm an Uchiha we stay to the bitter in reguardless outcome. That being said…this may very well be our end." Sadanai exploded with chakra as he released his last technique. "Unlimited Blade works!?" Blades rain down ounce more but they tracked and seem to never let up. They were manipulated by Sadnai blood as he used his last hand to swarm them. The attack never let up and kept at them over and over. All Isura could do was dodge wave after wave blocking then as he swelled up for the grand display that is team backfire. Isura kept at it for along as he could until Sadanai collapsed unto the ground soaked in blood finished.

Nobunaga is surprised to see that Sadanai is still able to fight even with the loss on an arm. Having ripped through the man like such Nobunaga figured the next challenge would be to keep him from bleeding out. Nobunaga knew Isura wouldn't leave him though…the young man may have grown but he still hasn't become any less stubborn. The rain of weapons and blood all but assured Nobunaga that he and his student would be sharing the same fate. Death. But Nobunaga refuses to die quietly. He does his best to string himself about the area dodging what he can or deflecting it with one of the blades Sadanai has lying around. There was no end to this onslaught though. "How long is this going to go on?" he says suffering several wounds. His body finally begins to feel the weight of Sadanai's attacks. Blood seeps from the Amaro's mouth as he clenches his teeth tight mustering up the strength to keep the blades from dealing a fatal blow. "Why do you keep calling me Daiki!?" Nobunaga demands. If he's going to die he wants to know who he is at least. "You're supposed to be Daiki!" Sadanai's face replays in Nobunaga's fragmented memories along with that infernal name 'Amaro Daiki'. "I'm Nobunaga of the Leaf playit!" That who he lived as and that's who he plans to die as. 'At least Zankuro will be spared.'

Critical mass is all but inevitable, yet the internal debate rages on within the Sarutobi. There were far too many variables, and far too much at risk to let loose the jutsu. As fate would have it be, it is the distant sound of another — no, an even worse rain of hellish blades that breaks the tie. After a short hop and midair turn about, the remainder of Zankuro's forward momentum is burnt out sliding along the ground for a few feet.
Calused hands are slammed together, and held in place.
As fingers meld together into the tiger hand seal, the mind of the lone Sarutobi becomes a whirlwind of activity revolving around predictions, formulas, and conclusions.
With a deep inhale, he leans back, re-positioning his hand to form a triangle before his mouth.
"Katon: Ryusei (Fire Release: Meteor)!!" Seemingly without end, fire spews forth past through the triangle, rapidly expanding, condensing, then expanding further Zankuro is dwarfed several times over by one ridiculously large ball of fire. Just as he cannot hold it any longer, the ball is sent flying by a concentrated burst of fire in the direction of the three fighters. Which from their perspective as it grew close, it is almost as if the sun was descending…
He could offer no warning, nor beg no forgiveness afterwards. Zankuro could only hope seeing the sky and ground turn red would be enough of a tall-tale sign for his team to run.

A big flaming meteor flew towards the group, thinking fast Isura jumped into the air and flip onto a nearby tree. The blades funneled towards him and all he could do was keep dodging and deflecting. Sandani dropped the weapons and kicked up manipulation and with the same breath kicked up his snake swords and sliced the meteor clean in half. "So the runt returns…at least the bunch dies together Daiki." In that moment eight Isura appeared and dashed forward. The opening was brief but it was given by Zankuro for one last push of offensive effort by the gang, Sadanai smiled as an mini-army of Isura lashed towards him. Breathing heavy and bleeding from the chest this bad couldn't drag out much longer. That being said Sadanai slapped the wound on his should causing it to pulse and close preventing more blood loss. "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT KID!?" Is said as he engaged the eight Isura in close combat, if the other two where able they would be able to attack as well. Sadanai would kill off two Isura with simple kicks and headbutts and the other two by slicking through them like butter. Leaving four alone to face as smirking Sadanai, "I told you all of you no one is getting out of here alive!?"

Nobunaga starts to feel fatigued. He grins knowing he's reaching his limit. "Can't keep this up for much longer." Nobunaga chuckles. Just when he's about to give out…it gets warm. Rather warm…hot actually. The sky lights up. "Oh…is it finally over?" He glances back. Rather than a cascade of blades he sees a sphere of fire descending upon them. "Hehehe. Oh thatta boy Zan-kun." Nobunaga hardened his body with chakra and let the ball descend upon him and Sadanai. Whilst in the flame he bides his time and moves to group with Isura. He didn't have much time though seeing as Sadanai just sliced the meteor in half like it was nothing. But he had enough time. Isura had made seven clones…not eight. But Sadanai didn't know that. The thrill of battle would be too much for him to really notice Nobunaga's absence…or rather he was counting on that. Henged as Isura Nobunaga prepares a surprise attack. Letting a few of Isura's clones attract Sadanai's attention Nobunaga waited until he felled the last two of Isura's fire clones. Springing from Sadanai's rear Nobunaga emerges. His henge being undone as he steps into his attack. "My name is not Daiki!" He steps in with a powerful punch rocketing the shell of his steel cloth forward like a cannon.

Panting heavily, Zankuro falls to his knee, and soon after had to use a hand to keep remotely propped up. "Kuso… Why did I…" Whatever else the Sarutobi had in mind to say dies in his throat at the sight of seeing his most powerful jutsu get sliced in half. By the time the shock of it worked its way out of his system, what forced clear-headness is long gone with it. Retreat again came to mind. It doesn't stick for even a second. Zankuro instead found himself forcing an injuried leg into motion until a nice, comfortable, burnt patch of grass and fallen wood forces came into view. With little more than a mild groan of complaint, Zankuro falls short of just collapsing there to treat the leg wound.
If he was going to ignore his survival instincts a second time, then at the very least he should be more prepared to do so…

Isura noticed a different chakra in the words from within his clones and smirked, as he dove in and latched onto the arm of Sadanai for dear life, Sadanai chuckled as he used Isura body to kill the last two clones. But wait there's more, one Isura left, Sadanai slammed Isura into the ground breaking his grip but it was too last Nobu was already too close and the punch was already mid-flight in the same action Sadanai launched a last attack towards Daiki as he mouth his name once more as he is sent flying, the snake life blade was given life with Sadanai pulling on the hilt of the blade as he flew. Slamming into another tree this time being impaled by one of his own swords, he laughed and started to pull himself from the tree. "You guys are good, you indeed gotten much stronger Daiki, and you Uchiha boy never lose those eyes or another guy like me might end up losing our fatal attractions." Then he turns to Zankuro and just laughed "at least you came back, no matter how stupid that decision was…you saved them though…" Sadanai took his final breaths before slamming into the ground died.

Isura took huge breaths as he fell onto the ground as blood from his wound dripped onto the ground, "I don't know how but we won…however we also failed to take him back alive…" Isura rolled onto the ground on a bed of metal. "The card was that guy?" Is asked as he lazily looked up at the sky and on a rising sun."

Nobunaga didn't expect a counter attack. "IN THAT CONDITION?" he snaps before being knocked on his back. With a heavy sigh Nobunaga hits the ground and it is clear to all he is tired. He breathes heavily chest heaving he looks up to see Sadanai's final moments. Nobunaga relaxes only when he's sure Sadanai is down. "He…was definitely not coming back alive." Nobunaga chuckles. "I think somewhere along the fight we knew that." Nobunaga turns over and tries to stand. He coughs up some blood before calling over to Isura. "Hey, Uchiha Boy…good job." Nobunaga gives him a thumbs up. "Zan-kun!" Nobunaga yells as he comes to a full stand. "Get your flush over here and help me stand betit!" A large grin is worn by the Amaro even though a darkening question now lingers in his mind.

The only response Nobunaga gets out of Zankuro is the bird. Granted, it isn't likely the Amaro will be able to see it really cause by all the devastation and what have you, but then that much didn't really matter to the Sarutobi. Once again he was going to return to a mission injured enough for a hospital visit. If that wasn't the worse part about it, then certainly dealing with overzealous nurses could be a close second. "Ugh… I hope Chi-chan and the others are having a better time than me tonight." He stated grumpily while settling more heavily among the debris.

Isura slowly started to rise as Zankuro returned to the group it was at this moment that Isura was filled with great rage. "Dude you left us to die…who the suit do you think you are? Wonder what happen to that great Sarutobi will of fire y'all all going on about…for now I think its best you stay away from me and this will not go unnoticed in my report Zankuro." Isura spat up blood as he proceed to haul the dead body of Sadanai over his shoulders. Due to sure strain and being worn out it was a struggle. "Alright Zankuro you stay as far away me as possible on the return trip home and Nobu we need to talk about this later. Isura was happy they lived, but was hedged at Zankuro previous actions it wasn't that of someone of a friend nor a leaf shinobi would do in his eye.

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