BingoBook Target #2947: Rotatsu Chourin


Rockpath (emitter), Yoichi, Kazumi, Naoya, Kiji

Date: November 1, 2015


Yoichi and team are sent to take capture a bingo book target with high chances of meeting other criminals

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"BingoBook Target #2947: Rotatsu Chourin"

Land of Water

Bingo Book entry #2947: Rotatsu Chourin, aka The Hunter. Chourin has been known to take down bingo book targets, but instead of killing them, he puts them in the slave market and they are never heard from again. The money he gets from their heads is just not quite enough for the man, it seems. Auctions bring in a bit more Ryo for his pockets… The man never stays in one spot, and he's created quite a following for himself with the amount of money he has. But Kirigakure has caught wind of where the next auction will be held, and a team has been sent out to one of the distant islands in the Land of Water.
The auction starts at 7pm sharp, their sources said, so the team was to move out at dawn so that there was time to get to the island, scope everything out, and then destroy as needed. Killing Chourin was not allowed, and if there were any other Bingo targets, they should be brought back alive.

A target that can't be killed. Interesting situation, but Yoichi is prepared for anything. Since the situation has to be handled carefully, the best way to handle do this seems to be simply to infiltrate the auction and find the man and whoever he's brought for auction to bring them back to Kirigakure. Luckily, if it comes to a fight, Medical Ninja can bring Chourin and the other targets back from the brink of death before transporting them back to the village. They just have to bring them back, not be nice about it, right?
Thus, with his liquid body shaped to look like more like a shady business type and a few shinobi in tow, they head into the auction. Kazumi would be disguised as a nervous butler, Naoya as a serf to attend the 'prisoner', and finally Kiji with her wrists bound in front of her being escorted to be 'appraised'.

Kiji looked appropriately sullen, though as the group walked through her short skirt and sleeveless top combined with white hair seemed to garner some attention from bystanders. She would kill them later. Maybe… Assuming Yoichi didn't stop her first. Her eye was grown back enough that she could see (mostly) and go without a patch, though the sun was still really bright and if she took too long she'd end up with a headache. Ah well. She glanced over with grey-blue eyes at Kazumi, as if she were annoyed, but mostly to see if he was doing alright. Naoya was fine.. If they weren't on a mission .. well she had ideas of tripping him…

'Aww, ain't he nice? Giving you such an easy job. It's like it's not even a job!'
Kazumi wrung his hands as they walked in, eyes flitting about. He ignored the voice inside his head because he couldn't be messing up on this. It had been a /very/ long time since he'd been on a mission — at least anything worth mentioning — and he vowed to himself not to screw this up. At the very least for the sake of those that were cursed with having to go with him on a mission. He glanced at Kiji and /nearly/ smiled, but decided it was not the best course of action and just looked back ahead. He could do this… He /could/. He would.

Following along behind the bound ivory haired woman was in turn an ivory haired man, his hand firm onto the shoulder strap of the sleeveless top that she wore. Wrapped in more simple garbs, the only sign that he was more than a simple servant himself was a single metal blade that was resting on his left hip. With his eyes lidded and looking low towards the ground, Naoya wouldn't speak a word nor would a expression last more than a fleeting moment. Only one irregularity was made, the 'prisoner' would be able to feel light pings and his chakra surging at times as he steadily monitors her condition, at some times twice in the same hour.

The group would approach the entrance, and a number of guards would be present. Not the main target, though. He was probably inside. The guards look over everyone quite thoroughly. "The sword needs to stay out," one of the guards would say. "Hey, this one isn't in the list, is she? I don't recognize her!" calls another as he flips through a book. "She's a bit young. Try the newer files. I wouldn't mind taking her off your hands if she doesn't make it through, though," says the one that told Naoya to remove his sword. He offers a grin to the party, eyes trailing over Kiji for a few moments…

Luckily Yoichi's swords are literally contained inside his body. Maybe he should've offered to store Naoya blade for him until they got inside. Since Naoya's acting as the bodyguard, the Swordsman allows him to do the talking as if he can't be bothered to speak to lowlife laborers at such an establishment. He simply folds his arms over his chest as he waits for them to be shown where to move. As he does so, he forms a quick handseal that would go unnoticed to most to cause a light rain to move in and start to come down on the area, though not enough to disturb the proceedings… only enough to give him control of the area so he can pick out all their targets.

RP: Yoichi uses RAIN-CREATION.
COMBAT: Yoichi focuses 7475 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Yoichi defends against with a HYDRO-SENSE-II…62

Kiji sloooowly turned her head to look at the guy that said she wasn't on the list, expression flat. It was taking some effort on her part to walk in a manner OTHER than 'i plan to dine on your entrails, begin to pray'. So her facial expression was even a touch behind that. She noticed the way the guy was checking her out though and she couldn't help it.. her eyes shifted to purple as she tilted her head at the man. She might look confused but nside her head it was more along the lines of… oh… imagining Kiyoshi ripping him limb from limb. Silly sociopaths…

Yoichi's light rain made her look up and blink but the men would already have seen her yes change. Perhaps that would make her worth more to them. Then she looked right at the guy that was checkig her out and leaned over with a BIG NOCENT look on her face. "Don't catch a cold 'misser'." Straight faced. All the way.

Kazumi glances at the guards, to Kiji, and gulps. "Sir, I believe it may be rude to oggle another's property. Perhaps it would be best to get her through so we can auction her. Then you'll have your chance, yes?" His voice hitched a few times, but he managed not to stutter. There's a pause before he offers a polite bow — thank Ishino for the hand over his stomach. "Forgive me if that seems out of place." He was a butler. What the heck is a butler supposed to do in a place like this? He can't be terribly off, can he?

Glancing for once from the ground and to the side towards the guard, Naoya would move his hand to grasp the neck of the sheath before drawing it from his sash. "This little thing has you worried?" Turning his wrist slightly, the young map uses the pummel of his hilt to tap lightly against Kiji's shoulder twice. "She's fresh, and 'clean' which is more to say than some about to go on sale. Does anything else really matter?" Grumbling softly, the young man looks down again as the rain begins to scatter around and on top of them, trying not to get some in his eyes again. "If you want the blade out of the bidding area then I'll return it 'after' I settle this one away. The last thing that's needed is for her to start biting again.." Shifting the sheath, he uses the hilt to point past the watchful guards, "I don't need it rusting out here in the muck."

The guards narrow their eyes at both Naoya and Kazumi, but they only scowl and shift to the side. "Fine, fine. You," one says, pointing to Yoichi, "Can head inside. Up the stairs should take you to the ballroom…" Then his gaze shifts to Naoya and Kiji. "You two are to be escorted to the basement. When she's downstairs, we'll take your sword." His tone brokers no arguments, and a guard would step forward to escort Naoya. "This way," he tells the Okumo.

With a simple nod, Yoichi would head in the direction pointed out. Now while his rain wouldn't reach all inside the place, it should at least create a haze around that should give him a fair idea of what's going on through its moisture. Still, he remains silent and only follows the direction he was given for now as he quietly observes all around him as he moves to take in as much useful information as possible should the situation become hostile.

"Ano hito wa akumade shitsuji desu kara." Kiji nodded seriously while thumbing toward Kazumi. And half expected to get smacked upside the head for it. Instead she got a push to her shoulder via Naoya's pommel. She turned and blinked a few times at him before GRINNING. Well he did claim she was 'fresh' after all. With a final batting of her eyes at the man who had been oggling her she turned to follow, her eyes growing darker once again.

Kazumi gazes at the would-be slave and can't help but chuckle. "Good bye, girlie," he utters and, for a moment, wonders if that was his inner voice forcing its way out a bit. He indeed is just a butler, though. He's not even given a direction to go. With a polite bow of his head to the guards, he follows obediently after Yoichi.
'You really can do things you set your mind to, eh? You better be careful you don't get ahead of yourself, though…'
That voice causes a slight frown to come to the pink-haired one's face as he gazes around, seemingly paying attention to what his boss deems pointless.

Turning his head away from form the guards Naoya sounds, "Beh.." until he turns towards Yoichi and closes his eyes. Lowering his head in a respectful bow, he holds the position for a moment while the man remains silent. "I will make sure she isn't marred before she is on sale, nor ruined in any way sir. I will be at your call once you return from the ballroom.." Lifting his head up, he turns to focus onto Kazumi for a moment, looking towards the man's head as he passes by though the simple act causes the corner of one of his lips to curl for a moment.
Turning his right hand securely, Naoya would firm his grasp onto Kiji's shoulder strap and press the ball of his palm against the back of her shoulder, not bothering to tell her to move verbally. "Lets get this over with. She'll move quietly enough while I keep a hold on her" is said just above a murmur. Glancing toward for once after they began to head towards the basement, they young man began to study the guards. Before long, he was trying to understand their body armor as well as the uses of the weapons they would be carrying compared to the guards they pass while inside.

The guards seemed to wear armor over their chests and heads. Nothing much for the legs except to cover shins. So they weren't really ready for heavy combat. They also had long spears or something, meant more to stave off crowds. Naoya, since he's a bit more experienced than most folk that Come to the party, might recognize that there are a few daggers on hand.
Kiji would be taken down to the basement and is given her own cage. Naoya would have his sword taken before being escorted upstairs to really do as he pleases. So long as he didn't go downstairs again. Yoichi and Kazumi would find themselves in the middle of a fairly high-class party that was filled to the brim with criminals. Well-off criminals, and even a few upper-class members of the Land of Water.

A party for high class criminals… Kirigakure almost wouldn't get involved here if they hadn't made the mistake of working with their target. Yoichi glances to Kazumi, nodding to him as if to remind him to keep his eyes peeled as they move around. For now, they simply move around the room, seeming to merely be enjoying the party and looking around at the different sights to see and food and drink to be had while they are here.

RPCOMBAT: Kiji defends against with a SENSOR-ANALYSIS…55

Kiji only gave a little show of resistance as she was led to her very own cage.. yay. She kept her eyes mostly down, but also kept her senses open, looking around her as if curious. She would examine her fellow captives… Eyes darkened, she backed away from Naoya, or rather from the edges of the cage as far as she could. And she crouched down,arms resting on her knees. She was much more serious than before, though her eyes were mostly hidden by her fall of white bangs.

Kazumi nods in return, a bow of his head to anyone else looking. His eyes scan the area, less darting now that he is getting into gear and into character. The pink-haired man is not the attentive, sort, though, not in the same way the others are, so he is mostly keeping an eye on the goings-on. Make sure there aren't any issues or arguments to avoid or unsavory-looking servers. He does not take any food — a butler is to serve, not be served — and always stays near Yoichi, but not too close.

Without a fight, Naoya would hand over the blade before being guided up and out of the cellar. Bringing his hands together, the young man slowly begins to stroke his wrists one after the other. 'Now now.. Where should we look?' is softly asked, but soon after, the young man began to grumble and tighten his loose hands into fists. Letting out a long as steady breath, he sips his hands into his hair and draws it back, securing it into a short pony tail before beginning to make his way around the estate. Naoya made no effort to make his way back to Kazumi or to Yoichi, instead he would explore, working out a mental map of the building he could access, along with the faces he was passing by.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a PERCEPTION…38

Decent food. Nothing inedible, which was good, but nothing super high-class because… Well, ordering food to something like this would draw attention. That was something this group would rather not do! Yoichi and Kazumi might eventually spot their target up at the front of the area, the man chatting amiably with some of his guests.
Kiji would sense a number of different prisoners, most of them grown adults. Whether or not she recognizes them is another matter, but there are definitely a good 30 people down there with her. It was dark, and there was really on one light to show off more shadows than not. No one spoke.
Naoya would be able to move around unchallenged, but only on the first floor. Attempting to travel up or down would result in a nasty glare from various guards that patrolled, and if he persisted, they would none-too-gently force him to go on his way.

RP: Yoichi transforms into LIQUID-FORM-III.

Upon spotting the target, Yoichi glances to Kazumi then looks toward their target. They seem to simply continue mingling with the crowd as they move toward their target in a round-about way. Still, their destination is sure. It seems he may have a question for Chourin simply as he walks up behind him and looks as if he's just going to tap him on the shoulder. Instead, however, his hand suddenly expands a bit as it goes to wrap a hard blob around his head and incapacitate him by basically forcefully drowning him with immense pressure on the spot. This Swordsman is not one to play around when it comes to acquiring a target.

Kiji sat on the floor of the cell seemingly dejected. Her eyes stayed down, but thankfully the light was dim so she wasn't too worried about overexpos her eye at least. She glanced around, mentally 'seeing' the other captives with her mind. But though she kept tabs on what was around her she mostly kept to herself. She kept her mind open and tied zeroing n on anyone who might be strong enough to take her on.. or at least to take the average chuunin on… She turned her wrists, looking like she was trying to scratch under the manacles. Blood flowed from her wrist, across the floor and up the cage bars, working it's way into the locking mecanism in an effort to pick the lock. She wouldn't move fro her spot at the center of the cage, though if she were successful she might let the door open a litle ways. Little did she know she was only going to annoy guars rather than lure the target. Great work, Okumo Kiji, you sat on your caviar the whole time. Good stuff. Keep it up. She grit her teeth silently.

Kazumi gave a soft nod of acknowledgement to his 'boss' and followed after. He looks mildly surprised by the swift action Yoichi takes, but doesn't say anything. He simply looks around in order to warn his sensei if anyone decides to come forth and challenge this. Of course, he does also raise his hands up in preparation for forming seals. Maybe he /could/ take on some of the guards himself. He wasn't sure of their strengths…

With his exploring coming to an end, Naoya would walk into the stairway leading the second floor before taking in a shallow breath. 'Just.. observation..' is softly said before his head lowers down. Flexing his arms and then his chest before his legs, the young man prepared himself before his figure begins to blue suddenly from rapid movement until the point, most untrained eyes wouldn't notice him. No longer limiting himself to moving on the floor, the young Okumo rapidly sprints along the upper walls though the majority of his time was spent on the ceiling, out of the normal view of others. While continuing to move, Naoya began to look for their dominant target, but also for additional targets they were informed during the debriefing.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a PERCEPTION…24
COMBAT: Enemies defends against DROWNING-WATER-BLOB(99) attack from Yoichi with a THE-PINNACLE…69
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 509 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against BREVITY-STEALTH(47) attack from Naoya with a PERCEPTION-III…44

Chourin is about to turn around when he's suddenly encased in a blob of water! The man gurgles a bit in his new home, flailing and trying to escape. This little attack of Yoichi's draws the attention of most of the guests and the guards, and the shinobi would find himself under attack. Joy~
Kiji wouldn't be noticed until the clank of the lock getting unlocked sounds through the room. A few muffled words would enter her ears, but whoever was speaking must have been gagged. The voice is also a bit far, owner out of the immediate light.
Naoya would be ignored, the target being taken care of by Yoichi. No other targets were here at the moment, but quite a number of rather famous folks were here. As mentioned, the party had a number of lords/lordesses from the Land of Water and a few upper-ranked criminals that Naoya might be familiar with by looking at the bingo book.

Any attacks made literally just pass through Yoichi's body, and he looks to his attackers with more annoyance than anything else. Since one hand is occupied, he merely points the palm of the other at the enemies, firing a few round of lightning bursts with intent to annihilate these peons through electrocution. Seems they're not worthy of the Kiba blades being drawn yet. As he destroys them, he quite literally absorbs the target into his body to keep him there unable to move and in a sort of stasis under pressure after that attack.

Kiji lifted her head then stood smoothly. She turned, gathering her chakra around her, though at a subdued level than usual.. She could sense Yoichi's chakra flaring which meant her position was most likely worthless. So, plans change. She headed for that voice she'd heard. She kept the cuffs on just in case.

COMBAT: Kiji focuses 2801 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

[NPC System]: Enemies roll(s) Sharp vs. Kazumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Enemies
[NPC System]: Enemies roll(s) Sharp vs. Kazumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Enemies
[NPC System]: Enemies roll(s) Sharp vs. Kazumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Enemies
RPCOMBAT: Kazumi defends against with a ACID-SHIELD…40
RPCOMBAT: Kazumi defends against with a ACID-SHIELD…23
RPCOMBAT: Kazumi defends against with a ACID-SHIELD…35

The 'butler' simply watched, not quite quick enough to intercept any attacks — as if that would have been a useful gesture, anyhow — but quick enough to form seals and create a barrier of acid against those that attacked him. Then he turned his attention to the others that were still alive. "I believe it would be quite useless to throw yourselves at us. It would be much easier for all involved… if you all just kept your distance. We mean no harm," he utters and offers a less-than-comforting smile. Of course, he gets a bit better prepared just in case.

COMBAT: Kazumi focuses 1709 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Sitting back onto his heel after maneuvering to a lesser patrolled route, Naoya moved a hand within his right boot before untucking his pant leg to withdraw a small book toned offwhite. Opening the book, he would begin to shift through the pages rapidly, flicking through the sketched or old photo recorded pages of the targets. 'Which ones are worth it up here.. I don't see him, the other two might see him on the floor.. How would she collect the ones down there though?' Furling his brow, Naoya slips the book back into where he had it stored before moving once again. Rather than only towards one of the priced targets, he began to study the guards, checking to see which held a blade well enough to be a swordsword or possibly a longsword at the worst.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a PERCEPTION…40
COMBAT: Enemies defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(50) attack from Yoichi with a DODGE…55
COMBAT: Enemies defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(36) attack from Yoichi with a DODGE…54
COMBAT: Goons defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(51) attack from Yoichi with a DODGE…32
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 827 damage.
RPCOMBAT: Goons defends against with a DODGE…27
RPCOMBAT: Goons defends against with a DODGE…37
[NPC System]: Chourin roll(s) Escape Chance from 1 to 100 and get(s) a 90. - Rolled by: Enemies

Chourin somehow is able to break out of whatever grip Yoichi has on him /before/ getting absorbed into the Hozuki's body. … Well, absorbed even more. He isn't too happy about the whole thing, either. "Dang… You ruined my party, f***ing ninjas!" He starts to send his guards after the Kiri-nin by way of distraction, gathering chakra to his body as he draws a sword. And then he strikes at both Yoichi and Kazumi with two quick slashes at each.
Kiji would get to follows the sounds of muffled grunts as the captive tried to get her attention. It didn't seem as though the guards were back, though that makes sense considering most of them are dealing with what's going on upstairs. So the Okumo-Shimizu goes unchallenged. Lucky her!
Naoya would notice that most of the people here had daggers, and even more of them wielded spears (as mentioned before…). So if he feels like fighting with either, he's welcome to! The problem would be taking the weapon, which shouldn't be too hard? Maybe…?

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against ARC-SLASH(50) attack from Enemies with a MASTERED-REFORMATION…55

Well, so much for doing this the easy way and having time to sort between each party to pick out who they're supposed to capture. This is a battle now. As the slash quite literally just passes through him, Yoichi lifts an eyebrow and shakes his head. "You should've just come along." Suddenly the rain outside begins to literally grow copies of this man prepared to take down any who attempt to flee, one moving inside to tell Kiji and the others at the same time he himself says,"All parties are to be acquired and brought in. Those who are not enemies will be released, but all who resist rather than coming along will be neutralized and bound." Of course, that probably means everyone is to be bound, which is probably a task best suited to Naoya, who is still hidden and likely expected to use his abilities to neutralize exits and enemies alike.
Meanwhile one of the clones directly in the room rushes toward Chourin and aims a fierce punch directly at his face.

RP: Yoichi transforms into PERFECT-HYDRIFICATION.

Kiji approached the cage with the muffled sounds, glancing around before reaching out with her hands, using the blood as a lock pick once again but pretendig like she had a pick or some kind of tool. Once it's open she would motion the prisoner toward her. "Come on…" She glanced around. "If you wanna get out of here, get over here."

COMBAT: Kazumi defends against ARC-SLASH(54) attack from Enemies with a ACID-SHIELD…36
COMBAT: Kazumi loses the roll and sustains 518 damage.

Kazumi is more than a little surprised this man was able to get free from Yoichi's grasp, but he still attempts to form a shield to block the blade. He looks aghast at the attack before frowning. "That's not nice at all…" Then he heals himself, at least sealing up the worst of the wound, and looks around. "Please don't… I'd prefer to not burn anyone today." His brows are furrowed contemplatively as he watches the other party-goers and the guards cautiously.

COMBAT: Kazumi heals Kazumi for 320 with LESSER REGENERATION.
RP: Naoya transforms into SPIDER-LIMB-CHANGE.

A low grumble escapes from Naoya's throat as he looks down at the groups around though he shifts away from those within the bingo-book in exchange for the guards that were always walking two by two. Waiting for his time, the young man's body begins to wrap with webbing which extended even under his own clothing. Kicking off from the ceiling, he moves down to the ground before kick charging forward, striking at the back of the first one's knee in passing. Pausing on the other side, Naoya would once again close the range with the pair, bringing a palm forward, striking at the inner shoulder joint with his left hand, while his right grasps the shaft of the spear to free the tool.

COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 1 with FLICKERING-FANGS with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Enemies defends against HOZUKI-CLONE(54) attack from Yoichi with a DODGE-II…70
RPCOMBAT: Goons defends against with a DODGE-II…33

Chourin is able to dodge the clone with ease, smirking. "Heh… You think those weak tactics will work on me?" he asks, going in to attack once more. He may or may not be getting a little cocky, but it seems his attention is solely on Yoichi. The man doesn't really need to try, is what he thinks, to get rid of the shinobi before him…
Naoya would find that his target is unable to avoid the attack, and the spear is now in his grasp. Good, a weapon. Of course, he just revealed his position, so… There's an onslaught of attacks on him, along with Kazumi.
The man that was calling Kiji over was bound by his arms and legs, so he had to wriggle over like a worm. He wasn't really anyone of consequence, or at least didn't look like such on first glance. Closer inspection might reveal that he used to be a landholder in the southern Land of Water, but he disappeared without a trace…

[NPC System]: Chourin roll(s) Triple Slash from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 74. - Rolled by: Goons
[NPC System]: Chourin roll(s) Triple Slash from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 67. - Rolled by: Goons
RPCOMBAT: Yoichi defends against with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…106
RPCOMBAT: Yoichi defends against with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…113

Splash! Splash! The man's tactics against Yoichi don't even seem to faze him, as the sword just passes through him without doing any harm. "Fool." Rather than draw his blades, which he apparently thinks would be overkill, he goes for a punch at the man's face himself this time, except it suddenly expands to wrap around his head and try to drown him once more. This time, he's a bit more aggressive, still prepared for more combat as he tries to incapacitate the man with immense pressure on his head. Meanwhile his clones would announce, "Cut off all exits. No one escapes."

Kiji narrowed her eyes at the man, She remembered reading a report about the landowner but she didn't pay it much attention at the time. she crouched and carefully undid the man's gag. "Why are you tied up so much? You're not exactly a threat…" She would ave sensed him before whe she made her sweep if he had been a threat. Still.. She bent down and began to frisk the man, checking for weapons or.. really anything…

[NPC System]: Goons roll(s) Random Sharp Things vs. Kazumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Goons
[NPC System]: Goons roll(s) Random Sharp Things vs. Kazumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Goons
[NPC System]: Goons roll(s) Random Sharp Things vs. Kazumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Goons
RPCOMBAT: Kazumi defends against with a ACID-SHIELD…29
RPCOMBAT: Kazumi defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…30
RPCOMBAT: Kazumi defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…26

Kazumi sighed at the onslaught of guards, the first being blocked by his shield of acid and the other two attacking clones rather than their actual target. Then he retaliates, though doesn't look particularly thrilled to do so. Forming seals, he literally spits out several bouts of acid, attempting to potentially blind his attackers. It would stop them from attacking — with any luck — and would probably, hopefully, maybe, deter any others from attacking him… Yeah. Right. Sure thing, Kazumi.

COMBAT: Kazumi attacks target 1 with ACID-SPLASH with a roll of: 21
COMBAT: Kazumi attacks target 1 with ACID-SPLASH with a roll of: 18
COMBAT: Kazumi attacks target 1 with ACID-SPLASH with a roll of: 30
[NPC System]: Goons roll(s) Random Sharp Things vs. Naoya from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Goons
[NPC System]: Goons roll(s) Random Sharp Things vs. Naoya from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Goons
[NPC System]: Goons roll(s) Random Sharp Things vs. Naoya from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Goons
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a EVASION…36
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a EVASION…38
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a EVASION…37
RPCOMBAT: Naoya took 950 damage.

Kicking off backwards at first, the second guard managed to narrowly pierce into the young man's arm with the tip of his own spear thrust. The second thrust would find its mark again, burrowing into Naoya's side and twisting painfully, but when it was brought back bloody fibers clung to its edge. When the original guard manages to recover, and grab a dagger to thrust at the young man the slash was just a few centimeters too shallow. Moving his left hand around his middle, the shaft of the spear slips through his fingers, lowering the head to his lips, allowing him to spit a dark solution along it.
"Not as good as mine.. but it'll do.." Leaning forward, Naoya blitz-s forward, with a glancing slash, aiming for the guard's exposed thigh in passing but after the first strike, he only appeared to move faster. Landing and pivoting, the second slash would target the other guard, trying to use the guard's own shoulder plating to help him skip along the armor and aim at his target's neck before ripping the blade back. Stepping into the final strike, he moves to the side of the original guard, flanking him as he thrusts forward, testing the spear against the guard's side straps. "Why don't both of you fall? Neither of you are worth ryo.."

COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 1 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 71
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 2 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 68
COMBAT: Enemies defends against DROWNING-WATER-BLOB(90) attack from Yoichi with a DODGE-IIIā€¦95

Most of the guards are helpless against Naoya, unable to avoid the spider as he moves faster and faster still. Of course, even with that added speed, he may not be a match for the main target. Chourin takes a breath, avoiding the blob of water about to surround him, letting his goons take on the acidic… whatever that was. It looked pretty nasty, certainly. The men that were hit by the acid would yelp and wave their arms, flailing unhappily. Well, it doesn't look like they're attacking, though there's another wave to take care of that. Where are all hese guards coming from?
The man shrugs as best he can. He can't really answer because he's gagged too. He has no weapons on him, and it seems that his nails have been cut regularly/recently. Not perfectly, but cut so they can't do any harm… He was likely putting up a fight against his captives, though it was a fruitless one. Once Kiji released the gag, he worked his mouth a few times. It was a bit strange to be able to move his jaw and tongue freely. "I…" He tries to say, but it comes out strange, and he has to smack his lips a few times to try and get things feeling fine again. "I put up a bit too big a fight?" he offers.
Chourin scowls at Yoichi and Naoya. The two were ruining all his plans! Surely the guards could handle that troublesome meek butler (yeah, Kazumi isn't thought highly of… might be good for him, though!), so he disappears in a burst of speed. When he reappears, Yoichi may just have a large slash on his mid-sections.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL(71) attack from Enemies with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…97

As his attack is avoided, Yoichi narrows his eyes slightly. Okay, so maybe this guy's worth a bit more time than he assumed. Still, Chourin's valiant efforts fail to even cause Yoichi to have to move in the least to avoid any damage. Instead, he merely focuses on his next attack plan…. which is not pretty for anyone not on his team right now. As he extends his arms out from his side, the Kiba blades literally come out of his palms for him to grip their hilts. Whipping them back, he suddenly creates an enormous amount of lightning whips that extend out to basically cover the entire room with intention of capturing everyone but himself and Kazumi inside.

Kiji raised an eyebrow a the man and sighed before lifting her still cuffed hand, a tendril of blood sneaking out to cut through his bonds like a knife. "Run. And steer away from the ballroom. Pay your thanks to Kirigakure." She turned and headed for the charas of the others, snappingthe cuffs with a blood tendril as well finally.

RPCOMBAT: Kiji defends against with a BLOOD-WHIPS…40

Kazumi had hung his head a little bit when a new barrage of guards came at him. He created clones and blocked the incoming attacks with his shield of acid. He was nearly about to blind or at least burn them, too, when he saw the blades emerge from Yoichi. He just cleared his throat and backed a little closer to him in order to easily be out of the range of the lightning. "… I'm sorry," he utters, but whether it's to the people in the room or Yoichi or both is unclear.

"Good.. good.. Now, to the reason why we're here.." Smiling softly, Naoya lifts the spear upwards before slashing downwards sharply, slashing the blood and toxin onto the floor in a crescent shape. Walking forward more slowly the young man starts to rotate his shoulders before snarling, forcing his jaw to clench suddenly. Lifting the tip of the spear to his lips again he would spit, recoating the sharp edge evenly before turning around the corner to where the several bounty targets were starting to sitting to observe the ballroom.
Without saying a word, he hops forward, Naoya would thrust the spear forward, taking aim at the first man's kidney even as he sat there. Drawing back the blade, he would slash to the side, not pausing even as the men and women within the room were not on guard, not where they armed at the time. One after the other he would almost appear near them, his steps blurring rather than flowing with their rapid nature. "If you raise a hand, I will pierce it! If you draw a blade I will stab you with it! All of you, put your face to the ground and hold the back of your heads.. Hurry!"

COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 1 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 72
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 2 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 52
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 3 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 54
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 4 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 61
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 5 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 58
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 6 with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of: 76
COMBAT: Enemies defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(108) attack from Yoichi with a THE-PINNACLE…110

It's almost a miracle, in a sense, that Chourin is able to escape the lightning tails that seem to sprout from Yoichi. He just cackles a bit. "Some fight…. That actually made me try!" The man inhales… Exhales… And then disappears, swarming Yoichi with a barrage of sword slashes coming from all sorts of different angles. The other folk, guards and guests, have been put out of commission thanks to the tails of Raiju, and Naoya was able to take down his own opponents. Kiji would find little to nothing of interest once she escaped her binds. The man she helped would bow to her. Then say, "If you need help… Don't hesitate to come to my manor." And then he would dash out.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against SWALLOW-RETURN(91) attack from Enemies with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…95

SPLASH! The attack goes through Yoichi once more, one slice after another. Once it is done, he literally steps into Kazumi as he whips the swords back once more, absorbing him into his body so that he can't be hit by this guy since he's quite certain Kazumi would be nearly obliterated with a single hit. While this happens, the makes another swing of the enormous whips of lightning, intending to capture Chourin again.

RP: Kiji transforms into BLOODY-EQUILIBRIUM.
COMBAT: Kiji focuses 3245 stamina to turn it into 4500 usable chakra!

Kiji kept moving, closer and closer to Yoichi's location. As she moved she gathered her chakra around her further. Ad she allowed her anger to rise. She had bee completely worthless on this mission so far and she could feel Yoichi fighting above her. It infuriated her. But the target was apparently giving him one escargot of a fight so as she moved as her eyes shifted through the variations, they colored gold then crimson then black all through. Finally a kind of calm enveloped her, her eyes black on ice blue.

At the same time fizzures of blood sprouted from he skin, the mortal body unable to fully contain the chakra fueled blood. She stepped into the ballroom and simplywalked over toward Kazumi, silent, cold… Alert. She stepped up forward and to one side of the genin, blood tails moving out to hae a few in front and a few behind him. Yoichi could fire all he wanted and it wouldn't bother kazumi now that she was there to take up that position and either attack herself or allow Yoichi to really go all out.

There's a brief noise of alarm at the sudden sensation of proximity. Kazumi wondered momentarily if he had somehow not realized his sensei moving and was instead being assaulted. That worry is quickly banished as he realizes his… predicament. There's a heavy cackling in his head… which does not help as the pink-haired man tries to tell himself, repeatedly, to stay calm. In fact, it just makes the laughing worse and a dark tinge of red to color his cheeks. Miraculously, he doesn't flail or otherwise freak out. The spazzing is in his head… and possibly some arguing.

Twirling the spear, Naoya slips the shift around and for it to slip to his back and hold firm as if it was in a unseen harness. Kneeling down to one of the people he stabbed, Naoya would take away one of the knives on them and uses it to start to slice into their clothing, forming strips to bind their hands, but also binds sharply their fingers, making it almost impossible to make hand seals. Working one by one he would start to stagger every so often as he would watch as the room would be illuminated time and time again only for the air and light objects in the room to vibrate from the force of the strikes down below. "He isn't holding back at all, is he? ..We're supposed to be bringing him back alive, just how much work is he trying to make for Kiji now?" is partially growled out before he begins to shake his head though as he finishes working onto the eighth man, he furls he brow and asks, "Wasn't Kazumi-san with Yoichi-san?" Blinking a few times, Naoya would turn his head to the side and look in the direction of the ballroom and simply stare. "Is he still alive?"

COMBAT: Enemies defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(88) attack from Yoichi with a THE-PINNACLE…113

The three lower ranks are ignored… Chourin has eyes only for Yoichi in that 'I want to kill you very badly' way. Not the romatic sort, or all…. Nope! The man is able to avoid the next barrage of lightning, blurring with speed as he ducks, weaves, and otherwise just avoids the attack. "Ugh… Making me tired…. Time to end this." He suddenly blurs again, adding more and more slashes to the barrage of sword strikes on Yoichi, some feints and some not.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against ABSOLUTE-SWALLOW-RETURN(123) attack from Enemies with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…88
COMBAT: Yoichi loses the roll and sustains 1597 damage.
COMBAT: Yoichi focuses 5980 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

Yoichi glances to Kiji as she comes into this floor then looks back to the man he's fighting. His defense is unable to defend him against the slashes this time, and thus he is sent flying and skids on the floor a bit. He lets out a growl and starts to focusing more chakra, preparing himself for further combat as he tries to figure out a tactic that might work against this guy….

COMBAT: Kiji attacks target 1 with BLOOD-RAIN-II with a roll of: 69

Kiji frowned at Yoichi and his seeming in ability to take this 'calmly'. (As if she had room to talk there.) But when Yoichi went flying Kiji simply stepped up to take his place. She focused and then allowed blood to explode in several directions, not actually aiming at Chourin. When that had been done she lifted her hands and balled them into fists. At the same time the blood she had expelled in all directions would leap out in a formation, a web, a very spider-like web. If done properly,, it would surround Chouri and pin him in place as a moth on a spider's web. It would soak into his very clothes and was as strong as iron.

It is all a bit too much for Kazumi and he just… faints. Undoubtedly, after all is said and done and Yoichi 'spits' the poor man back out, Saiken will take control enough to give a sly remark and help get them all home. Kazumi is entirely out of commission for now, though, leaving Yoichi to keep him safe until everything is taken care of.

With the room disarmed and secured, and a light arsenal of blades or spears over his shoulder or on his person, a light smile spreads across his lips. The confidence lasts only for a few moments until the building vibrates once again but this time he could feel the impact something heavy hit one of the main walls. Slipping out of the room, he closes the door behind himself and takes one of the spears from his back and into his hands. "That doesn't feel right.. why is the fight still going on?" Carefully the young Okumo began to make his way down the stairs to the main floor to start to look for the cause of the disturbance.

COMBAT: Enemies defends against WEB-OF-BLOOD(84) attack from Kiji with a BLINK…90

Chourin shakes his head a few times. "Tsk tsk… You don't know what you're getting into, Shimizu…" he warns with a smirk. The man disappears again, slicing as he makes his way by. Kiji and Yoichi might no even be able to see him as he blurs past and shows up on their other side. Poor Kazumi fainted, but no matter. The show must go on! Naoya is moving along unhindered.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL(72) attack from Enemies with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…89

As the guy comes for him once again after evading Kiji's attack, Yoichi manages to not get harmed on this one. Though he sees Kiji is in the line of fire as well, she is much stronger than Kazumi and he figures she can either defend herself or easily enough heal the damage done to her. Having prepared himself again, he whips the Kiba blades back and then sends another massive strike down upon Chourin, hoping to overwhelm him with the sheer number of whips headed his way.

COMBAT: Kiji defends against HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL(74) attack from Enemies with a RINGS-OF-BLOOD…72
COMBAT: Kiji loses the roll and sustains 518 damage.

Kiji did not seem to care that her attack missed, but she was clearly aware of it. She twisted her had in a conducting movement and swung the blood around herself as the man flickered in and out of perceptions. She could follow him, mentally, but she was just a touch too slow. The blade sank deeply into her ribs but she just narrowed her eyes. Enough. Once again she lifted her hands, and brought them together, looking to try and tra him once again. It would keep him still long enough to restrain him…

Walking into the ballroom or what remains of it, stepping over what he wasn't sure if it was a corpse or if it was someone unconscious. Moving a hand to his chest, he exhales softly, murmuring a few words, asking almost a request before taking in a sudden breath and shivering lightly. Letting out a steady breath, the blood dribbling from his side and stomach would begin to slow until a full stop. "Are you two having issue with just this one?" is asked, more than slightly confused, though he shifts his footing, preparing to join into the conflict.

COMBAT: Enemies defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(102) attack from Yoichi with a BLINK…88
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 1240 damage.
COMBAT: Enemies defends against WEB-OF-BLOOD(91) attack from Kiji with a BLINK…73

Chourin attempts to avoid the incoming attack, but he ends up getting strike by both lightning and covered in a web of blood! Well, this is pleasant… It's only now that he isn't moving that he realizes that everyone is already either trapped or dead… "…"

Well, this guy's supposed to be brought back alive, so, as much as Yoichi'd love to annihilate him right now, the best course of action is to further incapacitate him and have him prepared for transport. "We'll need more permanent bindings on him after this strike," he says, hoping Naoya's hearing is good enough to hear him or that one of the other two might have some rope. With the man bound by chords of lightning and blood, Yoichi is able to move into the next phase as he creates a third arm to hold one of the blades as his cocks back his right arm. It suddenly grows to immense muscular size, packing one heck of a wallop as Yoichi swings it forward with full intention of knocking Chourin the out.

Kiji looked up at Chouri, caught in her web and Yoichi's bindings. She was still unemotional and looked more curious than anything as Yoichi tried to knock the guy out. She turned toward Naoya's location to be sure that he had hear… Keeping a close watch on his chakra.

RPCOMBAT: Kiji defends against with a SENSOR-ANALYSIS…71

The jostling from Yoichi actually being hit is enough to quiet Saiken, but the host is still unconscious. It… is entirely possible there might be a little bit of blood. Whether that's from a knick Kazumi sustained from that attack or… from his nose is questionable at best.

Slowly walking slower, Naoya shakes his head gently. "A taijutsu master, not relying on techniques but on his own body.. It would be better to sever the tendons in his arms and legs." Closing his eyes, he moves a hand over the nape of his neck and grasps it firmly, the webbing that coats his limbs falls loose and now easily starts to rip at a brush. Curling his lip sharply, he spits down and onto the head of the spear and moves the blade towards the man's left thigh. "We can treat him and the others while they are in the village.. this should help leave him lame." Twisting his wrist, Naoya drills the spear forward as he takes a step suddenly.

COMBAT: Enemies defends against GREAT-WATER-ARM(66) attack from Yoichi with a TENSE…16
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 2249 damage.
[NPC System]: Enemies roll(s) Escape Chance from 1 to 100 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Enemies
COMBAT: Enemies defends against FATAL-KISS(67) attack from Naoya with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 1310 damage.

Chourin is pretty much out for the count! If all his bones aren't broken, then Naoya's actions will prevent further movement. The man would let out a groan, but nothing more. He was caught, after some difficulty.

"Alright. That should be about it," Yoichi says as he watches the man collapse from the attacks. He looks around to the others, saying, "Prepare all the prisoners for transport and let's get out of here." With that he reverts back to his more normal shape and picks Chourin up to take him to their transport to chain him up… just in case.

Kiji nodded and turned back toward th basement. She just would't mention that landowner. With her blood still i bits around her she would use that tointimidate the guards to do as Yoichi asked.

Drawing back the spear, Naoya raises the spear before slashing downwards, cleaning the bloody edge. "I will take a while for quite a few of them are upstairs." Turning the blade downwards, he stabs the floor with it and turning away, making his way out of the room. brining a hand up to the side of his head, the young man began to grumble, tensing his fingers almost trying to claw into his scalp before shivering suddenly but he doesn't linger. Making his way up to the second floor once again, the young man doesn't try to carry those that he has bound several moments before but starts to kick mildly at their sides. "Get up, each of you.. You will fall in line, one after another.. you will be walking slowly and carefully outside. I don't have the patience if one of you tries something stupid.."

The various guards would all get up, some of them none-too-pleased with Naoya. A few of them would be stupid and attack, of course, frustration driving their slowed bodies. But in the end, they'd just get beaten back into their places (and maybe killed?) so that Naoya could get them all on the ship in some way shape or form. Chourin is a bit heavy, but apparently it doesn't take much for Yoichi to pick him up >.>

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