First Promotion Exams - Bird Against Bone: Sora vs. Yuuka


Sora, Yuuka, Sabaku, Tsiro

Date: February 18, 2012


Sora and Yuuka have their match in the Jounin Final Rounds.

"First Promotion Exams - Bird Against Bone: Sora vs. Yuuka"

North Sunadome Arena - Fighting Ring

The second match of the Jounin finals is underway, and the stands are packed. Shinobi, politicians, foreigners, and natives pack the area all hoping to see an epic battle, or perhaps just trying to find a way to pass the hour. The seal barriers are already handy, prepped and ready to suppress any critical damage. The contestants can fight themselves to death while not actually fighting to death. Overseeing this is the referee, a Sunagakure Jounin waiting on the field.

Once the combatants come out, the referee would amplify his voice with chakra and boom, "This match is between Kaguya Yuuka and Hayato Sora. The victor will be decided either when one of the shinobi forfeit, or when the other opponent is rendered unable to battle. That will be all." He'd say to the two of them, "Are you ready, ladies?"

Sora comes in with herself and her partner. Megami her falcon drops down from the sky, to circle above the elevated stands. Not within easy reach, but with enough height and maneuverability to dive and strike. Sora doesn't appear to have any large weapons on her, and she's dressed for hand to hand combat, with soft soled shoes and bandages wound around her lower arms and legs. She'd actually do a few stretches before waiting on Yuuka. "This'll be fun," she says, and she speaks like she actually means it.

Up in the stands, in a Suna only area, Sabaku is watching the match. It is a pretty good seat and she seems to have at least one 'escort' tonight for some reason. A Suna Jounin is shadowing her at the match, although he's being fairly polite about it but it is clear she has a body guard tonight. Still she has yet to miss a match as she watches Sora and Yuuka start their fight. She even has a few small snacks which she eats while watching the fight.

Bare feet step lightly across the sands as she approaches the lone patch of green grass in the center of the arena, the give of sand shifting to soft grass as Yuuka slows, the hood of her kimono casting her facial features into light shadows while she gazes around the arena itself. The stands filled with people, cheering or jeering in delight with the possibility of what is to come. Even more so, its the chance to see one of the infamous clan dreaded from the Land of Water, the bloodthirsty warriors bred for battle and rarely leave their opponents alive. The Kaguya Clan. It was a sickening fascination for them, but they were all there to watch. Yuuka blinks her vivid aquamarine eyes slowly as she shifts her attention back towards the referee, focusing on him while the rules are explained to both the audience and the shinobi. "Alright, we begin on my mark." he announces officially, his hand held vertically in front of him as if to keep Sora and Yuuka divided. "And, begin!" The proctor snaps his arm up and jumps, disappearing in midleap to leave the two kunoichi on their own.

Yuuka calmly turns her covered head just slightly to focus her gaze on Sora, watching while the girl stretches for only a short moment before she lifts her hands. Slipping back the hood of her kimono, she releases a few stray strands of pure snow white hair from the updo pinned into place with a pair of ivory chopsticks, a few curling against her cheek as her small hands continue to pull at the collar and actually begin to disrobe, smoothly pulling off the pale kimono from her skin. The crowd cheers a bit louder when they see this, though disappointed perhaps, as her chest and hips are tightly bound with a thin, parchment-like wrappings. Her stomach is just slightly rounded, almost unnoticeable if it werent for the ink black seal over its center, the word 'osanago' written in kanji lettering. "Will it now." she murmurs back to Sora, almost absently as the kimono is dropped from her fingers. (re)

Sora looks Yuuka up and down, but then up and down again. She frowns when she sees the swell of Yuuka's belly. Her blue eyes glance curiously at the seal barriers, and then back towards Yuuka. She draws a kunai and begins spinning it around her finger, while she bites her lip thoughtfully. And then she asks in a low voice, "I think I heard of your condition… that's a protective seal right? So even if I harm you, your… baby… will be okay?" She actually blushes a little when she says that. But takes a fighting stance anyway. Her eyes haven't lost any of their serious concentration, and it's clear she doesn't have any hesitation in this fight.

"I fought a Kaguya just awhile ago," she tells Yuuka. "He was an interesting fellow, not at all like what I'd expect of a clan renowned for its savagery." As she speaks she's gathering enough chakra to flatten the dust beneath her feet, sending out little puffs of it as though a breeze were swirling under her.

Unlike Sabaku, Tsiro was in the normal portion of the stands with everyone else. His eyes scanned the crowd until he spotted her. He only glanced at her for a moment before looking back towards the fight. This was going to be hard. He wanted to root for his sensei to win, but he still had a job to do. He spotted the guard behind her. The boy could not help but ask himself, was she a prisoner or was this her home? It mattered not either way. Something about her was special and no one seemed to want to talk about it.

As the competitors walk out into the arena, Tsiro smiles. His attention was to remain mostly on the match though on ocassion his eyes would twitch in the direction of the Suna-only stands.

Sabaku is fully focused on the battle, perhaps content to let her 'bodyguard' worry about other details, or perhaps he is a jail guard? Hard to tell, as the guy keeps an eye on Sabaku /and/ those around her, not paying any attention to the fight below. Sabaku on the other hand is paying close attention to the match, watching the two women set off against each other, noting Yuuka's apparent pregnant state, as she listens. She continutes to eat what look to be some kind of nuts from a small white and red stripped bag.

The serious look in her eye is broken as the corner of her lips tugs gently, appearing more soft than most of her clan by far. Yuuka lowers her chin slightly, sympathetic to Sora's reluctance. Somehow, she wasn't all that surprised that word got out that she was with child. It was an odd situation after all. "Nothing can affect or harm the baby so long as I do not die, but thank you for the concern." Her words are true, through a moment after the gentle smile disappears and her gaze becomes focused and serious once more. While it was true that this match had to happen, there was an understanding now. "Really. It is likely I know him then." Yuuka murmurs, breathing out a slow and purposeful breath through her parted lips as she focuses and gather chakra in her core. She can feel the familiar energy flower through her and the Kaguya kunoichi couldn't help but smirk to herself as she lifts her right hand up over her shoulder. "Everyone has a beast inside of them, and we all release it in different ways. Some more controlled than others. But I am certain that our match will be… eventful." Yuuka dips her fingers through her flesh, tearing through it as the dark smile grows on her lips. Her hand wraps around the base of her own spine as she pulls it upwards hard, yanking it to flick through the air, the boney spikes protruding from a newly forged weapon that was a mix between sword and whip.

Relief spreads over Sora's face at Yuuka's reassurance, and she gives a nod. And then, she laughs. Not mockingly, just ironically. "You Kaguya tell it like it is, a sneakier shinobi would've made me far more hesitant." She makes a slight gesture with her hand, but it must have been a signal. Megami drops lower and Sora closes her eyes as if trying to remember something. When she opens her eyes though they're golden, unsettling, not at all their usual deep blue. Her stance shifts slightly, but she doesn't charge. She watches Yuuka intently as she pulls out her bones. Sora's expression is one of mingled amazement, but it appears as she also finds that slightly creepy. "I also find that slightly creepy," she admits. "But you're right, we all have a beast in us."

With that she grabs a handful of senbon and throws them with a whip of her arm. All of them are aimed at both her legs, primarily her knees. Not that she knows if that'll help her much against a Kaguya who is, apparently, very capable of using ranged attacks. "He didn't show me that," she notes, already bringing her kunai back to hand.

There is a slight growl from Tsiro as he watches Yuuka pull her own spine out. The boy had come so close to catching up with his sensei and then she pulls that out. It was like she was always one step ahead. The boy then looked towards Sora to see how she would respond. The senbon did not seem to be such a huge deal.

Then after a few moments he would make a very slight scan of the entire audience, though he was only concerned with his target. She seemed intent on watching the battle and the guard behind her seemed intent on watching everyone else. Without any hesitation Tsiro turned his attention right back to the fight.

Sabaku winces as she seees that move, the 'remove your spine' move is… creepy. Let's be honest, that's just gross to someone not used to it. She does watch though, eager to learn any better defenses against the kyauga since they are Kiri and all and the Kiri have a history of invasion, these matches are idea to learn little tricks as one can.

"If you did not give it your all because you were hesitant… well then I would be disappointed. I would have to /push/ you into fighting back." Yuuka murmurs, her wrists holding the long spine out at her side while she keeps her narrowed aquamarine eyes on her opponent. Those golden eyes… they resonated something deep and primal within them, and it earns a smirk from the Kaguya. She whips the spine up with a flick of a wrist to counter the first senbon, though it slices along her arm and doesn't give her enough time to dodge the second, slicing another shallow cut along her bicep. With the third Yuuka pushes her weight through her leg to spin her suddenly, dodging the last attack with a rather graceful move that reminded one of a dance step. "I doubt he did. I am the only one that knows this particular dance that I am aware of." she smirks slightly, "My turn." Snapping the spine up in the air above them, Yuuka flicks it towards Sora with what appears to be an attack, but it falls short several feet as several tiny bone seedlings are flicked at the kunoichi. If successful, a net of vines made of diamond-hard Kaguya bone would ensnare Sora.

"Let's see if you can push me to my limit," Sora says with a grin to Yuuka. She can't help but look down in perplexion at the piece of bone Yuuka dropped to the ground. And realize too late as she tries to move back what it is. Sora manages to keep her feet but now she's wrapped in a network of bones, and trying to push outwards to loosen them up. "This…does this even count as taijutsu or ninjutsu?" she asks in alarm. The variety of attacks she's seen in this exam have made her question alot of things. Sora repeats, "He didn't show me this either." Yuuka would soon find out that even if Sora is bound up, Megami isn't. She plummets from the sky from behind aiming a slashing blow at the back of her neck. And putting her weight behind it, no doubt aiming to distract her until her partner is free. But she'd soar back up right after the dive, out of reach of attacking Yuuka once more or shielding her partner.

"Let's see if you can push me to my limit," Sora says with a grin to Yuuka. She can't help but look down in perplexion at the piece of bone Yuuka dropped to the ground. And realize too late as she tries to move back what it is. Sora manages to keep her feet but now she's wrapped in a network of bones, and trying to push outwards to loosen them up. "This…does this even count as taijutsu or ninjutsu?" she asks in alarm. The variety of attacks she's seen in this exam have made her question alot of things. Sora repeats, "He didn't show me this either." As she speaks she's still tugging at her bonds, slowly prying them apart, though perhaps not in time to really do anything about it.

Tsiro had briefly noticed the look on Sabaku's face. Most did find bones disturbing, though this was the first time had actually seen someone remove their spine. He was different. He found it neat. Now his eyes stayed on Yuuka and Sora. Sora was wrapped up. How would she respond? The boy wanted to look up again, but tried to keep himself occupied with the match. He did not want to alert the guard that he was paying attention to them.

"That is because in my clan, I am a freak of nature." Yuuka murmurs with the same dark smirk, amused at the thought perhaps. "I can do things with my bones that no one else can. They sing to me." She flicks her wrist forward to snap the vine of her spine out in front of her, wrapping its length around her captured opponent as Yuuka lifts her left arm beside her. Already the flesh was tearing as bone morphed and engorged, spinning outwards into that of a giant drill engulfing her arm. Whatever hesitation there might have been is not seen in her aquamarine eyes now, flaring with a mother's instinct and sharp as the point of her manifested drill. The exam wasn't important, only the life of an unborn child. The corner of her upper lip curls with a low growl as Yuuka suddenly dashes forward, the drill pointed straight Sora.

Sora can't do much besides take the lunging stab. She grits her teeth and doesn't so much as cry out, but perhaps that's helped by the damage reduction barriers. Now she's bleeding, great. She'd hoped to get through this spar with far more composure. "Why would your clan consider you a freak of nature?" she asks. "Everything you guys do with bones is equally creepy." She says that in all honesty. Then she flexes her muscles and gives a final pull that loosens the bone web. As it rattles to the ground Sora is already attacking. She lunges forward to strike Yuuka. But before she'd hit, from behind Megami is aiming to rake Yuuka with her talons. Then Sora follows through with her attack, aiming a deep slash at her legs. And then she springs up to bring her knee smashing into Yuuka's chin, to daze her.

"Because I can do things they can not, and that I am a literal freak of nature." Yuuka mutters just loud enough for Sora to hear under the roar of the crowd around them. The bone of her arm shatters from her will and explodes with a cloud of fine bone particles sparkling like glitter in the desert sunlight, leaving a sharpened blade grasped in her fingers. The Kaguya merely narrows her aquamarine eyes at Sora when she finally frees herself from the webbing, watching as everything happens quickly in turn. She can feel approach of both Sora and the hawk from behind, though an instant later she pushes off in another quick spin to avoid the dynamic duo. Sora's attack, however, follows through with another as she springs up to smash her knee upwards into her chin, dazing her for only a short moment. The smirk returns to her lips as she murmurs, "Too close." and several sharp, bone spikes and ribs blast outwards from beneath her pale flesh all at once, slashing at Sora.

"That's an interesting outlook they have," Sora says. "They should be happy you're so gifted." Her words trail off as Yuuka produces more bones in different shapes. But instead of leaping wide of it, Sora barely steps away from, dodging each attack by inches. And now as Megami flies even lower Sora takes a strange, light footed position, and says, "Sorry. I should never have held back." Then she'd flash forward to slash at Yuuka. Not a deep cut, just a swift one. Megami would dive to slash at Yuuka as well, then Sora, in a dizzyin display of aerial and ground based attacks. It's one meant to inflict many wounds rather than one single one.

"Not gifted. Experiment." Yuuka replies, though the point is mute now. There is only the moment, there is only the battle. She sharply narrows her blue green eyes on Sora as the attacks are dodged easily enough. "You insult others by holding back. No one learns how to be stronger that way, and it shows that you are underestimating them as well. A double blow." Perhaps its the teacher in her that points out such a simple truth, but regardless she keeps her attention focused on her target. Or rather, targets. She can sense the bird flying closer and as predicted, both she and the bird fight as one, as a team. As much as Yuuka tries to defend herself against it, right now they're simply too quick. The Kaguya winces as she holds her ground, taking damage left and right, growling irritably beneath her breath as she snaps her gaze up to narrow on Sora once more. Pushing strength through her legs she dashes straight for the other kunoichi, mere inches between them once more as the pone spikes from before lengthen to spear through the girl's torso.

Sora gives a sheepish nod. "I guess my apology is accepted then?" she suggests. Her hesitant look fades as she murmurs, "Experiment, hmm? That's not unheard of any village you go to. But someone's powers pales in comparison to their personality and heart." When Yuuka comes at her Sora doesn't dodge. She gathers herself and wind chakra wraps around her. She'd spin when the bones would strike her, deflecting Yuuka violently. And even before the spin stops Sora is gone. Only a faint afterimage of her remains. There's the softest sound of a foot hitting the earth. Then, Yuuka would barely see Sora before she is behind her, slashing hard at her back with a kunai, aiming to gouge her brutally from shoulder to waist. Despite the small weapon, or perhaps because of it, Sora can put extreme force into all her blows by using her arm as the length of the blade instead of her actual weapon. "Gifted too though," she tells her.

Yuuka scowls lightly when the afterimage of Sora fades with her quick spin, narrowing her eyes with a mixture of annoyance ans suspicion as she snaps her vivid aquamarine eyes all around for where her opponent may come from. She's met just after as Sora moves behind her on feathered footing, skillfully slashing the kunai into Yuuka's back at a downwards slant. The Kaguya screams briefly the pain, panting with a shorter breath while streams of blood begin to paint her otherwise pale skin. This match was becoming more annoying as it progressed. Yuuka struggles to push away the pain as her body begins to heal itself from the damage, though with as close as they are the kunoichi doesn't hesitate to slap her palm against Sora's leg and plant another seedling of bone there.

Sora stares in mortification as Yuuka begins to heal right before her eyes. Can she return to full health? She doesn't get to think through the answer as she leaps back, in a soaring flip to land lightly away from that close range attack. Sora searches Yuuka's expression and then something clicks. "Oh yeah, Kaguya have a few regeneration abilities," she says. "The 'perfect bodies' some clans say." Instead of charging again Sora goes through a series of rapid hand seals. Then as if reconsidering her move she lunges towards Yuuka. But on contact Sora would blow apart in a huge, slicing gale of wind. Her real form would be off to Yuuka's side, already continuing with the wind jutsus that would swirl around Yuuka and trap her in place with bludgeoning force. "You could always give in," she suggests hopefully.

The kunai is pulled from her flesh as Sora seems to fly backwards, flipping through the air like an acrobat to land a safe distance several yards away. Probably would be for the best too. Yuuka grumbles lightly to herself as she rolls a slender shoulder, feeling flesh knit together. "Heh, I think I would agree looking the way I do." she murmurs with a slight smirk, mirth sparkling in her eyes from the brief moment of teasing. "Maybe. Usually I rather faint than to give up, but that would be too close for comfort in harming my little one. In the meantime." Yuuka flips with her hands on the soft grass, flipping backwards several times and out of reach of the wind double. She uses the time to form another blade in her slender fingers, gripping the hiltless sword while righting herself. With a hard cry the Kaguya kunoichi throws the sword through the air, making it spin like a saw that slashes everything in its path. Best of all the angle of the blade is meant for it to spin back to its thrower for a second go-around.

The Hayato carefully tracks Yuuka's movements. She watches as Yuuka pulls out more bones, and makes another face at the sight of something so unnatural. Overhead, Megami wheels and waits. "Keep on getting those out and you might be a pile of skin soon," Sora jokes. She moves barely away from the first blade, and then ducks agilely beneath the other one. With seemingly little effort, but the timing is impeccable. She says, "Of all things…you seem to be a surprisingly ranged combatants for the average Kaguya, ehh? I would've thought you'd prefer more close combat" For now, Sora doesn't press an attack. Instead, she watches and waits, gathering her energy in preparation for the next wave of fighting.

She doesn't move at all besides gripping her kunai. Sora's eyes shift slightly up and to the right. That's about all the warning Yuuka would get, since Megami doesn't cry out. The wind runs silently over the falcon's wings as she descends to strike Yuuka. It's then that Sora dashes forward, aiming a running slash right at Yuuka to blow past her. And she's already making seals, flinging out her fingers to send wind hurtling at Yuuka, aiming to imprison her once more in a whirlwind. "You certainly have kept me on mine," she admits, "but I like mixing things up as well, better not your guard down, Yuuka-san." It's the first time she's said the other girl's name, but there's a faint note of respect in it.

Despite the match not being over, it does seem to be coming to a head and Sabaku stands up. Her 'guard' immediately stands up behind her and scans the area as Sabaku heads towards the exit, obviously followed by her escort. It is not clear really if the person is a body guard or captor but in either case he didn't stop Sabaku from standing and leaving despite the match still being on-going. Sabaku spares little attention for the crowd as she goes.

Yuuka says, "I consider that a compliment. And you have kept me on mine." Yuuka returns in kind, though her aquamarine gaze doesn't falter away from Sora as the girl flicks her eyes away for a fraction of an instant. A tell, or a ruse. Either way she can't risk staying in one place. The Kaguya dashes in a quick dodge to avoid Sora's blade, though she knows she's too slow for it. The attack hits true even as Sora works at another attack."

I consider that a compliment. And you have kept me on mine." Yuuka returns in kind, though her aquamarine gaze doesn't falter away from Sora as the girl flicks her eyes away for a fraction of an instant. A tell, or a ruse. Either way she can't risk staying in one place. The Kaguya dashes in a quick dodge to avoid Sora's blade, though she knows she's too slow for it. The attack hits true even as Sora works at another attack. And the wind. It catches her only momentarily before Yuuka is able to break free, panting lightly. Being caught in such fierce rounds of attack pushes her body into pausing, even for just a short moment that would no doubt become an opening for the opponent.

A bit of sweat trickles down Sora's face, which she wipes away. She gives Yuuka wide grin. "You're looking a little tired," she says. Then she grins. "Better be careful of this one," she warns, and then she sucks in a deep breath. She's making hand seals, and then she's taking into that last bit of air till her cheeks swell. Given what kind of jutsus Sora is using it wouldn't be impossible to tell what technique she's going to release which is…disappearing. And reappearing right behind Yuuka to cut Yuuka's legs in what would normally be a brutal hamstring, but with the dampening barriers won't allow it to be so damaging. Still, Sora puts all her weight into the blow. "Sorry…cheap trick," she says, although she doesn't sound sorry at all. All her blows seem to fail to land critical strikes, so about the only way she can think of to get a real shot in is through trickery.

Yuuka narrows her eyes with a slight frown as she watches Sora disappear, panting lightly from the building strain and fatigue. She recognized the attack. Sora had used it before, not even moments before. And she was too quick for to reach as the blade slices through flesh, each blow hitting her like a hammer that drivers her closer to unconsciousness. And still, Yuuka remains standing. Panting harder, but standing never the less. There was time only for one last move, otherwise she knew she wouldn't be able to endure. The bone plating begins to bulge and twist on her left arm again while her other reaches up to pull out her spine once more, her blood splattering from the diamond-hard ivory that turns once more into the weapon of choice. "One more time." Yuuka murmurs to herself, sharp eyes focusing on Sora as she flicks a wrist to attempt to slash the end around her target, ensnaring her for the end of her growing drill.

Sora executes a fluid dodge that leaves her just out of reach of Yuuka. Then she flings up her hand to send the remaining bandages from her other arm to wrap around Yuuka. "Give…give up," she pants. "I can go all night and all day. That or we can do our best to slice one another…up. Whew." She's not trembling or weak however, but she's constantly wiping her face and looking warily — hopefully — at Yuuka's condition. In a sign that she actually means her demand, she doesn't attack until Yuuka speaks.

Yuuka has just enough energy to move just a few inches, dodging the bandages completely. The corner of her lips tugs with some pride before a gentle chuckle purrs from her lips. And with a long sigh she straightens her back, a hand reaching down to lightly brush against the soft skin of her stomach in a tender and loving if but absent gesture. "You are by far one of the most fiercest opponents I have ever had the honor of facing against. I am happy enough to give you a run for your money, if not to remind you of how close you came to losing." Her vividly aquamarine eyes sparkle with mirth once more with quiet laughter. "I concede to you, Hayato Sora, besting me /for the moment/. I think it would be amusing test you again in the future."

She listens carefully to Yuuka's admission. Sora lets out a huge sigh, of satisfaction, of exhaustion, but mostly relief. She nods. "I'll be waiting," she grins. "I can't lose to anyone though, not as the Clan Head of the Hayato. But really, you were far more challenging than that old man from your clan I met." By those words Yuuka would probably be able to tell who Sora was referring to. The referee takes a bit to confirm their words. Then he turns to the audience and shouts, "Kaguya Yuuka has conceded this match. Victory goes on to Hayato Sora who will be advancing to the finals." The crowd's reaction is mixed. Some shake their head at such an anti-climatic ending. Others look confused. But the vast majority let loose a huge roar, so many voices that it's hard to understand. After all, both combatants had unleashed all kinds of attacks to try and take the other one down. After awhile Sora would walk — almost stagger — off to find some much needed treatment, and prepare for what's to come.

Yuuka couldn't help but quirk a pale brow at Sora when she's complimented, finding that fact she was considered more of a chanllege than Takeshi odd in itself. Even at his age, he was supposed to be one of the strongest in their clan after all. "I will one day be the head of the Kaguya clan, so I would expect nothing less from you, Hayato Sora." she smiles lightly and lowers her chin in a slight bow towards the girl, the respect that can only be earned through battle now shown. When the match is announced Yuuka lifts her eyes back to the crowd of people, feeling the twist in her stomach at the knowledge that she won't be continuing on. This is the end of the tournament for her, despite how hard she tried. She smiles with some sadness and lifts a hand to wave to the people, earning yet another cheer before she reaches for her kimono to slip the sleeves through her arms. Sora walks on before her, just as fatigued as she was. And it gave her a bit of pride knowing that she pushed her that hard. Yuuka wouldn't have it any other way.

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