Bitter Sweet



Date: March 5, 2015


Training to learn Lightning Shotgun

"Bitter Sweet"

Konohagakure Genin Training Grounds and Medical Facility

Rain comes down in heaps, showering Konoha’s canopies, and drenching those brave enough to venture outside without an umbrella or some form of overhead to keep the water from hitting them. The down pour nearly clears the alleys, streets, and walkways of the village hidden amidst the leaves; only the Uchiha Police and ANBU forces remain at their posts despite the elements. Similarly the Genin training grounds are just as vacant except for one soul: a young Senju boy of no real merit. Shigure’s feet sink partially into the mudded ground, body soaked by the overcast, and breaths becoming visible as the temperature drops ever so steadily. The teenager’s eyes swim towards the heavens, allowing the water falling from the sky to batter his face, and slip all along his visage.

A momentary lapse into a mindscape is erased the moment the Ox, Dragon, and Ram are formed, chakra kneading in the Senju’s stomach, and finally outstretching to the tips of the teenager’s fingers; electricity begins to cackle, lick, and snap the air around the boy’s digits. The magic releases in a roar and lights the gray horizon, as Shigure’s arm outstretches and lets out a full-throated, “Raiton-Sandan-Juu-No-Jutsu!” A beam of energy sails across the air and finally ends in a smash against a training dummy that cleanly takes the things head off. Shigure huddles over, breathing heavily, and swiping the back of his vambrace covered hand over his drenched and moist lips, along with a vague smile accompany the action followed by a quiet, “Yush.”

Just then Shigure collapses to his knees, mudding his clothes, and sinking into the ever dampening earth. Fingers dig into the wet ground, palms barely holding up shaking arms, and body visibly straining. The Senju’s breaths become labored, fatigue clawing at his vision, and muscles aching from the stress, “Not good.” The boy aches out as his eyes began to close, “Used too much chakra.” His final thoughts giving way to complete and utter muscle failure. The Senju hits the ground hard, face first, and blacks out. The only thing giving any hints at life is the boy’s shallow breathing and faint heartbeat.

An ANBU suddenly appears from the shadows, descending upon the Senju, and landing on a knee, as a hand hovers over the boy’s body. The masked figure silently studies the teenager before rolling the careless child into her arms and cradling the seemingly lifeless Genin. Faint footsteps hurry the Shinobi along in her haste until flickering into nothingness and only reappearing atop solid surfaces, rooftops, and occasional tree branch strong enough to support her and Shigure’s weight. Seconds feel like minutes as the ANBU rushes the Senju to the hospital.

Hours dwindle by until Shigure finally stirs and awakens in a cold sweat. The boy clutches his forehead as it pounds, and winces in pain looking to the intravenous piercing his skin, and liquids dripping into his body. He moans falling back against the hospital bed, heavy gray eyes fixing on to the ceiling above him, and naked hand palming his head. Seconds pass before the Senju is looking around at his vacant room, letting out a soft sigh, and speaking out loud in an aloof tone, “I wonder if mother or father would have scolded me or just been worried sick over me?” The melancholy is ended by the Senju rolling over in his bed, throwing the blanket over his head, as he attempts to drift back to sleep, but his eyes stay narrowly open, vacant, and seemingly dead.

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