Black Book Entry: Kakuzu Jirou


Odin (emitter), Tsiro (as Yari)

Date: November 12, 2013


A missing shinobi from Kirigakure has been spotted in

Sunagakure and their activity recorded. Yari, a Hunter-Nin, is
deployed to do his duty.

"Black Book Entry: Kakuzu Jirou"

An Eroded Canyon on the border of the Lands of Earth and Wind

Target: Kakuzu Jirou
Age: 22
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Height 6'3
Last known weight: 214 pounds.
Special Traits: Earth Ninjutsu, stealth specialist
Mission Objective: Eradication

Kakuzu Jirou has last been seen and recognized by shinobi from
our allies in Sunagakure. Intelligence suggests that he has spent his
time as muscle for the various brigands and bandits in the lawless
sections of the Land of Wind's deserts. We have word that he is
traveling in the direction of the hidden canyon that acts as a border
between the Lands of Earth and Wind. Track him down and erase him. We
do not know why he has suddenly moved. Proceed with caution.

The orders were in and it once more was time to don the mask
of Yari. Though these missions tore Tsiro away from his home, each
time he felt the longing to return, he remembered why he was here.
These people presented a threat to those within his village. At least
now that the Kaguya rebellion had ended he could focus on his work.
A shake of the head brings Yari back to his current
surroundings. He's standing on top of a canyon wall. His eyes scan the
area for signs of someone having been there. More specifically an
earth style user. This was not the ideal surroundings to deal with
someone of that level, but then again the job never sent him on easy
missions. "Why have you come all this way..?" Yari mutters under his

As far as the hunter shinobi can see, all is still and as it
should be in this place. The stones neither shift nor breathe and any
signs of his quarry had ended at the beginning of the eroded canyon.
Whether or not his target was here would require further
investigation. He may very well have continued on into the Land of
Earth itself. At the very least, coming in the daytime would make it
easier to spot the Jirou, who was noted to have a specialty with
stealth techniques. While it meant he would have to be more careful
about how he hid, it may prove a bigger benefit than it would a

Yari spots nothing out of the ordinary. Instead of moving
down into the canyon, Yari decides it safer to move along the edge.
The last thing he wanted to do was be surrounded on almost all sides
by earth. As he moves, he attempts to keep the canyon wall at an angle
between him and anything down below. Every so often he stops and
glances down into the canyon looking for the target. Hopefully if he
was there, he was not aware that he was being followed.

Kakuzu Jirou opens his eyes.
The missing shinobi from Kirigakure gives a stretch of his
body through the subtle tensing and releasing of his muscles. There
wasn't much room for movement where he lay. It was better to conserve
your chakra and create a smaller cavern in the stone beneath than to
make a larger one for comfort at the expense of energy you might need
later. Especially when the objective is to hide underground. The more
your disturb, the more likely you'll be found.
The man sends out a pulse of chakra, checking for the
vibrations of any that might be in the area. You always check before
you leave hiding. But he sensed nothing. No vibrations. So he formed a
single hand seal and soon… soon he was standing within the cavern,
brushing the dirt from his earth toned clothing and adjusting the way
his travel pack rested on his shoulders. A moment to breathe the
fresher air and then he was off, running through the canyon towards
the rest of the Land of Earth.

Yari spots the man moving at a run through the bottom of the
cavern. He had to be quick in order to catch him. Unfortunately there
were only a few jutsu that could move Yari that far into the canyon
quickly, without giving away his clan. Slowly the bones start to creep
towards the surface of his skin. They did not protrude yet, but they
were there incase he had to use them. A hand moves back to the carbon
blade on his back. Once he grasps the hilt, he vanishes. He would
appear on the other side of Jirou, seeking to cut him down in a single
strike. If his opponent did not know he was coming, the tactic might
just work. If he survived the strike, Yari would be in all kinds of

Jirou lets out a sudden howl of pain as he's abruptly sent
flying from his running path, Yari's sudden strike from the side
sending him corkscrewing through the air. He soon crashes into the
slightly sloping canyon wall, his flesh falling from him in heavy
clumps. As that flesh drops to the ground, liberally covered with
blood from the new large wound running across the man's back from
shoulder to armpit, it is revealed to be earth rather than true flesh.
And what lay underneath was a lesser man than has been shown
on the surface. His skin is loose and grey, his muscle thin. His eyes
have dark rings and his hair lacks all lustre, as though its color are
dulled. He had been using the earth covering him to allow him to henge
as his more virile self, and as a bit of protection no doubt, but the
sword strike tore right through it. Though, that may have been what
kept him alive.
Jirou takes in a shuddering breath that's halted as he catches
sight of the one who'd struck him so. A Hunter shinobi from
Kirigakure. He had feared that this day would come to pass. A grimace
takes his face and he brings his hands together in a flurry of seals
before he sunk into the earth beneath him, body taking on the hues of
it. He hides himself, needing a chance to recover. To regroup and,
perhaps, to flee.

As the man melts into the earth, Yari loses sight of him.
There is a slight growl as this had become bad. With the canyon all
around him, he could be anywhere. Given the options, the man would
likely try to slow Yari down. It was the only logical move in Yari's
mind as he had been able to track him this far. Given this reasoning,
Yari started to move to higher ground. If the target was running, he
might have a better chance of spotting him. If the target was looking
to make a counter attack, he would be less likely to succeed if only
attack from below.

What to do, what to do?
Kakuzu Jirou's personality was one of a fighter. In combat, he
was relentless. Agressive. Dominating. But he was also intelligent. He
was wounded and he was being hunted — had already been tracked this
far. What to do? What to do? But then, he knew what to do, didn't he?
Jirou slipped out of the earth in the spot that Yari had
landed after slashing at him with the blade, a sudden jolt of chakra
shooting through him as he releases energy from the seal at the base
of his spine. Injured as he was, he wouldn't be able to outrun the
hunter. His trail was already picked up; he'd probably be found if he
tried to hide himself away. His only chance was to stop him here in
one way or another.
And so he went through a series of handseals, swift and
desperate, a grimace on his face. After the second it took to complete
them, his back arched backwards and his chest expanded. And then he
retched up a gout of mud towards Yari, the large stream heading
directly as he forms yet more seals, the mud turning into the shape of
a dragon and gaining true purpose on the hunter. It would slam
directly into him and take him to the ground, burying him under all of
the mud that flows to pile onto him. Which would give Tikeru time to
put him down.

Yari saw the stream of mud. He also saw it turn into a
dragon. As it slammed towards him, Yari vanished. He appeared on the
other side of his target, grabbing him by the uniform and attempting
to throw him into the rock itself. If he could stun him long enough,
he might just be able to end the fight. All he needed to do was get
this move off and maybe one more. The crimson eyes glare at the man as
he tries to toss him. One way or another in a few moments the battle
would be over.

Jirou's eyes narrowed as the hunter vanish and then widen as
he senses his presence behind him. Immediately, more seals are made
and he starts forward, feet sinking into the earh as earthen hues
begin to spread across the whole of his body.
But Yari's hand grasps his clothing, pulling him out of the
earth and sending him flying to land against the stone, the impact and
his previous wound leaving him stunned. It is with blurred vision and
a shaky body that he presses his palms into the earth and attempts to
push himself up off of the ground…

Once more Yari connected with his target. This time as he
smashed into the stone, Yari wasted no time getting to the next
attack. He moved forward holding his obisidian blade in one hand while
the other formed into a bone drill. While against the rules, Yari
needed to end this. He refused to under estimate his opponent. As the
drill spun and revealed his Kaguya clan, Yari lunged it forward
looking to impale the target.

Jirou let out a straining, breathless grunt as he pushed his
upper body off of the ground just in time for Yari's bone drill to
slam into his back and tear a huge hole through him, severing his
spine and pulping his inner organs. There isn't enough air left in his
body for a real rattle and his heart had been wrecked in the assault
— his final heartbeat was taken before that blow even landed. Kakuzu
Jirou lay there impaled on the Kaguya's drill. Dead.
And without his backpack. It hadn't been seen since he'd first
went underground.

Yari pulled the drill from the body and wasted no time
processing the corpse. Once he was finished, leaving only the head, he
scanned around. He noticed originally the guy had a pack on. He placed
the head into a sack. "Now what did you do with that pack Jirou?" he
asks allowed. Now it was time for him to try and find it. Maybe it
would offer clues for why he came out to this region…

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