Black stone of Shinegakure - Kiri insurgency


Ishino, Joker

Date: Unknown (log received April 29, 2014)


Shinegakure is after another black stone

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Black stone of Shinegakure - Kiri insurgency"

Outside Kirigakure

"Ishino-sama… ISHINO!" Are calls from a messenger chuunin rushing about the village, trying to find Ishino with all haste… "Doharei Ish…" The man tries every one of Ishino's regular spots to find him, when he does he bows. "Forgive me sir, there's a situation outside the gates that warrent your attention. I'm afraid they can not wait." The boy was panting and clearly rushed at the maximum of his abilities to find Ishino. And indeed, approaching the gates finds you quite a ruckus. Not only are they closed, several village nin are assembling on the walls. Battle formations up.

Sitting in front of the gate in a foldable chair is a man wearing black clothing and a green shash around his middle. His face is mostly covered by a mask. His headband shows a skull. A jounin drops down to brief Ishino: "Doharai sama, he just sat down there and demanded to speak to you. We didn't engage and called for you to see if you wish to do something personally. He only asked for your name but seems to be an emmisary of the nin we arrested a week back or so. The ones Okumo-sei tagged on his mission with the Kaguya-lady." The Jounin nods at the direction of the prison, where the three graverobbers are being experimented on. "What are your orders sir?"

Ishino was outside of his home, tending to some contraption when the messanger was found. Frowning, he'd study the boy and give a nod. "I'll go. Dismissed." Returning HARPS to a scroll, the old man would grab an umbrella for them as Ishino made his way to the front gate. He didn't hurry, it'd be improper for a man of stature to be seen rushing.. but there was definitely a speed to him that belied a casual stroll. Walking up to the gate, he'd nod to the jounin and listen. "Me by name. Interesting. Very well. I'll go speak to him. Stay alert, full defense of the village." Ishino nodded to the jounin, then crouched along with the old man. Both launched upward, tapping that top of the wall to launch out, landing smoothly outside of immediate melee range with the man in the chair. Carefully, Ishino checks over his suit, already gathering his chakra as a faint ticking would follow along with him and the old man. Both turned as one to look to the one in the chair. "Greetings. You were looking for Doihara Ishino. I presume you are here to attempt to gather your compatriots that were disturbing the peace?"

The man remains rather expressionless behind his mask, looking up at Ishino after a minute of blatently ignoring him. "What? Oh they?" The man shrugs. "It would be a grace if you killed them. But truthfully I couldn't care less." The man calmly gets up. "I'm here on behalf of the Shinekage." He explains calmly. "To make a deal." The man pauses again and looks at the gates, turning around and casually strolling off. Clearly expecting Ishino to follow him, but even if he doesn't the man keeps walking. Not easily phased it seems. Nor afraid to turn his back on Ishino. He continues talking as he walks.

"The Shinekage will require certain items found through the Shinobi lands. Your village happends to be right on top of one." The man calmly says. "We would appreciate your kind donation. In turn, we'll ensure 'incidents' like the prior one, and the ones to come will not occur." This wasn't a deal, this was plain extortion! "You were carefully picked. The Mizukage can't accept this deal in danger of his pride being damaged and his honour questioned." The man pauses, stopping. "And a man below you wouldn't have the security access to go and get this particular item." The man turns around and looks at Ishino. "That puts you in a position that allows you to avoid such unnecasery damages. You can count on our discretion." The man explains further. Finally turning around once they're well into the mist, presumably where they're both hard to see and hear.

Ishino raised a brow at being ignored, then glanced back to the gate. A small shrug was given and he'd turn on his heel to call back to them. "The three we have. Execute them." Ishino would wave away the questions, turning to follow the man, although he kept that distance. He was on full alert, prepared just in case as the mist swallowed them, negating any view of the wall. "Alright. I can understand where you are coming for. Although you do have to realize who I am, means that I report to the Mizukage. It is no less a difficult position. I am interested, specifically, in what you are seeking of Kirigakure."

The man actually nods in appreciation to Ishino's response. "I shall inform the Shinekage of your grace." He was also quite happy the intelligence teams did their work. This man did indeed do what they predicted he would. At least hear him out. That was a good first step. "I am aware, and I suggest you discreetly inform the Mizukage. However, do it so he can deny having been informed should anything come out. Which will save his skin effectively." Deniability is a wonderful thing. "The item is simple, at the time of the foundation of the village one of your ANBU teams raided one of the Shine-graves on the Musho mountain rages up north. The tomb was already robbed, but they found one of the secret research labs of the Shinekage. Inside was a black gem resonating with chakra. It's useless to those who don't know how to use it. It's about the size of a fist." The man explains. "We're sure your researchers tried and failed to find any special properties and put the item away in a secure vault." The man looks at Ishino. "My guess is nobody looked for the item in years. It won't be missed." The man shrugs calmly. "If it will, you're smart enough to come up with something."

Ishino muses as he'd walk with the other man. Interesting, although Ishino himself didn't know of such an item, he hardly doubted that it was in error. There was a leak. That in itself was disturbing. "While I wish I could say that I was acting coy.. I actually don't know of any such device within the confines of Kirigakure. That said, I'm sure I'll find out about it as soon as I return." Musing, he'd shake his head slightly. "So you wish to have an item of blatant chakra source, which you claim we can't crack, and in return you'll stop sending us people to kill or experiment on, to sort out and unravel your jutsu. I'm.. not really seeing why this is something that we would agree to anyways? Isn't there something you can actually offer of use to Kirigakure?"

"Experiment all you like. There's no kekkei genkai in the works here. And we trust all our nin to shut up about our jutsu… In fact, we know they can't talk about them." The nin grins beneath his mask and crosses his arms. "Our offer stands. We get an item you don't need. You will lose the risk of losing face to small time nin causing havock in your country. Admit it, even Kirigakure can't airseal it's borders. Now it's graverobbers, what will you do if a suiscide bomber goes off in the fisk market?" The man grins.. "Like one will in exactly… Five minutes…" He stares at Ishino, holding up his palm. "Relax, I can stop him. You probably won't even know who it is before it's too late." The man stares at Ishino. "So many foreigners moving through the docks every day. Hiding one really isn't that hard." The nin chuckles and stares at Ishino. "We can play hardball swordsman, and we're not afraid to. But we're not irrational or indecent. You give us what's rightfully ours. Something you can't use." The nin nods. "Feel free to vertify." The Shine-nin calmly stares past Ishino. "And we'll stay out of your hair." «repo»

Ishino glances at the jounin curiously before shaking his head slightly. "I see. They did not tell you that I am a torture specialist? Or is it ignored? Either way, blow them up. It's credit in your location and makes Kirigakure all the more dangerous. Your request is impossible as I said, I don't know about it and I would have to find it and clear it. So a few minutes? That's not how it works and I know you know it." Ishino smiles casually at that. "Your choice of course. That said, we are still strong enough that we could simply invade and utterly crush your village. Threatening Kirigakure is never something done lightly. I am willing to listen and I am willing to share your offer. But you have to give me something more than a reason to set up an appointment for village demolishment next week."

The Shine nin chuckles. "The few minutes are for you to say yes. You'll have a week to deliver on your promise. This bomber can be replaced next week… And the one after." The Shine nin chuckles. "Not sure about your villagers. Death is rather permanent." The man says calmly. "At least, for now…" He stares at Ishino for another long moment. "Our village is more resilient than you think. No doubt you can wipe us out. But there'll be major losses on your side. The Shinekage predicted peace makes villages weak. And this is what happened." The man grins…

"You won't attack us because you'll be open to attack from other villages. And the cost outweighs the gains." The nin crosses his arms. "I'm not asking for much, and be fair swordsman. Kiri is cruel, but you're no thiefing village, are you?"

Ishino raises a brow. "This is supposing we even have it. I can not confirm a yes or no without communication with the Mizukage and that will take more than 5 minutes. However, an attack as you describe will be enough to engage Kirigakure. On top of that, we also have allies. Just because we are at peace, does not make us weak. or would you rather all 5 of the hidden villages to be knocking on your door with such a provoking attack?" Ishino shakes his head, arms crossing over his chest. "An attempt at village level extortion makes the gains of destruction of such a location attempting such worth the losses. Or have you ignored the multiple wars that Kirigakure has been engaged in?"

The shine nin chuckles. "You mistake our communication for faulting Doharai. You have one ally. And alliances are just enemies you haven't attacked yet." He says firmly. "Two minutes to confirm you'll get me my object. If you don't have it, you'll find it…" He looks at him and smirks through his mask. The following sentence his superiors told him to use: "Clock… Is… Ticking…" He says extremely slowly. He was told it was underlining his prior mention of intelligence.

Then his eyes twinkle.. "Chime, I forgot… Did I send this one to the fish market or to that cute clock-store with that cute little girl in it?" He says, his eyes never leaving Ishino's. "I'm so sorry, I may have mixed up my targets. Maybe I even send one to both!"

Ishino raised a brow at the jounin. There was a slight tightening to his face. "That, was a very poor choice of words." Ishino made a single seal, a personal seal as the henge around Time Keeper shimmered and faded. As the puppet stood to it's full height, the ticking that was soft suddenly got thunderous. The gap between each just as intense as the pulsing tick. Ishino knew how far they were from the wall, steps he'd done so often, he knew exactly. So the scope of where he hit was everything up to that wall, the genjutsu seeking to ensnare everything as Time proceeded to crash. Reality as it was known would shatter, cascading threads of time pounding into those whom it captured, hammering them with everything that happened. All at once. All in that one moment.

The man didn't bother to defend, just slumping and dropping. Two more thuds can be heard a little further down. Worst thing is, this confirms suspicions as who just takes an attack if they can't make good on their threats!? This guy was pretty strong though, as his fist slowly grinds along the dirt. "Apperently, quite apt. At least it makes you - tick - …" Oh his choice of wording is quite spot on! He grits his teeth and slumps again. "I did lose track of time. I do hope you're counting.." Is what he grunts next. "All I need is a yes to stop it… Even you're not this stupid." He says, slumping his head. He was in agony!

Ishino casually leaned down, although he wasn't in range of the guy in any way shape or form, that he could tell. "No.. You see.. that's not how this works. I told you the results. You want to be treated properly, then you act properly. Threats? They don't work. Kill my family? Then I'll personally be destroying your village. Now.." Ishino made the seal *again* once more crushing the three targets in that shattering of reality, waiting for it to clear before he'd speak again. "Call off the bomber. Give me the time I requested and we'll consider your request. Otherwise, I'll carry your unconcious bodies into the village and we'll do our level best to make sure that you live through the *entire* process of carefully removing every layer of flesh on your body to study exactly how your jutsu works."

That was close enough to a yes, I'll look into it. Which was what the man was after. It took him a good thirty seconds to recover. But eventually he weaves a set of seals. A green glow going through his body. "It's done.." He says, before falling unconcious…

Ishino frowned, then shrugged. A motion back, TK, in full puppet look would move back through the mist enough to signal an all clear to the guards. Followed with an immediate follow to get a full shinobi crew out to the three fallen members. Once that was done, they'd be gathered up as mentioned and brought into the village. Ishino kept true to his word, he'd make sure the best mednin were on hand to keep the men alive as they started the living dissection process. Yeah.. they had wound Ishino off and he'd make sure it was well known to their village.. don't do that. Plus, hey, maybe something could be learned. There was obviously jutsu in use.

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