Blade Training and the question of Friendship


Hayase, Naoya, Yuriko

Date: October 2, 2014


A day of training for the upcoming Chuunin exams turns into a tensed moment questioning the forming of friendship and being alone.

"Blade Training and the question of Friendship"

Land of Water, Bioluminescent

People would've seen Hayase everywhere lately, in the capacity of a stalker. She peeked in on brawls at the Nanami Restaurant. She watched the battles in the arena and the training grounds. She popped up to study the fights between Jounin. It's hard to say whether she's doing an abundant amount of work, by researching, or none at all, since she's hardly taken part in any fights.

But today has changed and she'd called Naoya and Yuriko out. They were all joining the Chuunin Exams. Perhaps a bit of training to encourage one another is in order. Or on a more devious note, it's a good chance to scope out the competition. Currently Hayase is practicing water walking, quite literally on shaky legs. She will stand on a bit of water for a few seconds before her feet start sinking in, as if it were oozing gel beneath her sandals.

Naoya, contrasting the curious Hayase, has stayed rather far from the village itself, rarely visiting beyond the marketplace for bare necessities. The young was more commonly seen closer to the dock master's office. At times the teen was working on recovering vessels cast adrift, other times he worked on vessels fishing or traveling between the isles.

When the young teen got the note about visiting a lake, he didn't waste much time and made his way towards it. Rather than hiding as he usually did, Naoya walks along the trail, some what casually. His hands were relaxed at his sides, his fingers, save for his thumbs, slipped into his pockets. Partly lidded amber eyes wash over the brush line before looking out towards the lake just in time to watch Hayase begin to every so slowly sink into the lake.

The fact that Hayase had called her out. For training. It's all a bit odd to say the least. The sands glow with tiny footsteps in her wake as Yuriko crosses the beach, coming to stand at the very edge of the water as she simply watches Hayase struggling to stay on top of the water. It's by chance perhaps that she catches movement out of the corner of her eye, Naoya soon stepping onto the beach and creating glowing prints of his own.

"Hm." Yuriko makes a sound as she absently scratches the back of her snowy head, aquamarine eyes glancing back at Hayase. "You think this'll be like last time?" she asks aloud. Maybe not, since she doesn't have any cookies this time…

When Hayase sees Yuriko and Naoya she starts to plunge down immediately. But she manages to catch herself with her hands, pushing against the surface of the water to lever herself back up. With her friends there she doesn't improve but she certainly tries harder and manages to walk decently to the edge of the shore. "I can do it with my hands," she says, holding her palms up in example, "but not my feet. It feels so shaky." Her tone is half a question, half a complaint. She stands there and says, "I thought maybe we could do…a bit of weapon training." She taps the sword on her back, which may or may not be a practice one. "Just some basics, which you can never improve too much?"

Humming lightly as he approaches Yuriko, the young teen dips his head lightly. Naoya tilts an ear towards the younger girl but then shakes his head lightly before whispering, "No. A feast is on the line, isn't it? She'll be told to sit out if we make it and she doesn't." Even in a faint voice, the boy's teasing tone rings clearly.

The sudden round of rushing water catches his attention, just as Hayase catches herself from sinking completely. Pressing his lips together tightly, the young teen looks down at the lake before looking back towards the older girl as she makes her way to the shore. "Footwork. Most of your technique are with your hands, how often do you focus chakra into kicks?" At the question of kenjutsu, Naoya turns and glances at Yuriko, watching some what expectantly. "I think this might be your specialty, hmm?"

Yuriko tilts her head slightly as she continues to watch Hayase, struggling still as she calls out to the shoreline. Glancing at Naoya out of the corner of her eye though, she gives the boy an odd look, confused for the brief moment before quickly realizing that he was referring to the pact they had made, to have a feast together after they made it through the Chuunin exams. Though, she was more concerned with the likelihood of endangering lives again. "Swords, hm?"

Considering the terrain for a moment, a smile flits across her lips. "Alright. Let's see how long you can stay on the water while using your sword to block against ranged weapons. How does that sound Hayase-chan?" Yuriko asks. Though already she was smirking as several senbon needles appear from the sleeve of her yukata.

"I never use chakra," Hayase says to Naoya. "I'm not that good with that ninjutsy chakra-y type of stuff." She gives a shrug as if to say 'it can't be helped.' Then she'd draw her sword. Short, slim, kind of like herself. She gives it a few practice swishes, and grins to Yuriko. "Don't complain if you take a dive," she says, with rather more confidence than she showed a moment ago. She goes to walk over the water, and this time though her feet do sink an inch or two, she doesn't look so shaky and hesitant. "Come out on the lake too, Naoya-kun," she says invitingly to him. Her legs wobble. Just a bit.

Glancing back to Yuriko, a light chuckle escapes the boy's lips as he asks, "Are you trying to cause her to lose focus? Just glancing over here made her start thinking about other things." After noticing the senbons in the young girl's hands, he arches a brow and studies them for a moment, "Are those made of bone or do you just carry them around?

Looking up to Hayase, he says offeringly "I'll try to teach you how to use chakra for movement. It'll help you move faster than what most can who don't know the techniques." Looking between the two girls, Naoya looks back at the shaky legs of the swordswoman, trying to hold back a chuckle in the process. "You're the one looking like she's about to dive, you know that right?" Even as he teases, the young Okumo moves a hand behind his head, pulling at the extended hilt of a short sword that he rarely used and approaches her.

Take a dive… pssh. She's still on the shore. She's got nothing to worry about. Yuriko smirks to herself still, amused by the game to see if Hayase can really stay up for long. "You know, not using chakra while you're on the water could be a bad thing. Using shortcuts only means that you'll have more of a struggle later."

Turning her head, Yuriko gives Naoya a sideways glance when he begins to pull the sword from the hilt behind his head. "This is what it's going to be like in battle, in the field. If you can't block attacks while you're on top of water, you'll be at a disadvantage." The undertone implies that lives could be lost, but the girl doesn't say it out loud.

She waits patiently for Naoya to cross onto the water too, before another small smirk emerges. "This should be fairly easy, if you've practiced." With a flick of the wrist, Yuriko throws several senbon at Hayase, waiting to see what will happen.

"I'm perfectly fine," Hayase says in a lofty tone, very different from her deliberately planted legs. Ripples run out from her toes as she balances there. Although she squeaks when Yuriko comes for her. They seem to be basic moves, but darn that girl is fast. She doesn't block. Instead she takes huge splashing leaps back, to stay out of reach. She glances down when Yuriko comments on that chakra. "Oh yeah…this is using chakra." She hadn't really thought of it like that. She draws several kunai, gripping them between her fingers, before throwing them sharply at Yuriko's legs where she stands onshore.

Perhaps Yuriko is showing off just a little bit when she uses another senbon needle to deflect each of the thrown kunai. But it's what she had on hand. Though, with a second thought, maybe she could use her actual hand. Ah well. "Not bad. Think you can hit me?" the young girl asks, smiling. "Naoya-kun hasn't yet either." Tagged a few times though. Instead of appearing from her sleeve this time, Yuriko produces several ivory senbon from her fingertips, first forming claws that, with the throwing motion, fly through the air.

Slowly shaking his head, the smirk on the young teen's lips doesn't seem to fade as he listens to the pair. When his first steps touch the water's surface, they seem to sink in faintly but soon he walked on top of it as if it were a solid. "I promise not to mess things up making waves here or trying to soak either of you." With the blade in hand, Naoya rotates his wrist a few times, trying to get a feel for it's weight.

Listening to Hayase's confidence has the young teen humming a light, amused tone before turning around. Glancing back towards Yuriko, his eyes stay onto her hands until the sudden toss. Turning back to Hayase, he blinks, watching as she narrowly avoids the first set though the following set was more easily avoided. "Ya.. Standing, moving, shifting positions all uses.." When the older girl lunges forward and starts a flurry back and forth, only to shake his head lightly. "Hayase-san.. Aren't you supposed to be working on blocking, not dodging?"

Hayase's gaze flickers to the white senbon, and she deflects the first one with a kunai she had drawn. The second however grazes her slightly, while the third is knocked aside. "Heh, I'm not exactly made for blocking," she says in Naoya's direction, though she had just done a passable job. She hurls a few senbon at Yuriko, but right behind it coming in a wide, zipping arc is a shuriken. And as she focuses on that, she starts sinking and one of her attacks goes harmlessly wide. She quickly scrambles to stay atop the water again. "Concentrate," she says. "Focus." Why can't she grasp other things like she does taijutsu?

Another ivory blade is formed, this time a kunai, as she uses it to swipe at the shuriken in midair. Thus far she hasn't really felt the need to move it seems, as she's been holding still to one place. "Then turn your weaknesses into strengths." Yuriko murmurs. "You won't always have room to dodge, and you won't always have a weapon to block with. This is why we practice for many different kinds of situations." Hayase was beginning to lose her focus though, she can tell. The young girl considers this briefly before lifting and hand, and once more throws several ivory senbon, creating a wider arc to include Naoya.

Looking out towards Hayase, the young Okumo raises his blade up to rest the dull back against his shoulder. "While you say you aren't built for it, you seem to be doing a good job of it." Pressing his lips together, Naoya studies the girl for a moment before turning to look towards Yuriko. Lowering his left hand to his waist, he hooks his thumb into his belt line, poised as he watches the two.

After switching back and forth for a time, Naoya quickly notices that several kunai were thrown off target. Though the first set weren't the fastest of the barrage, it caught the young Okumo off guard, managing to knick his arm even after partially deflecting them. "Now you remember me?" Glancing down at his arm, he quickly begins to grumble but takes a more firm, yet inexperienced, stance.

Hayase manages to deflect Yuriko's attack. And she's standing firmly on the water. She's invinciiiiiible! And quickly as that, she has both feet firmly planted on the water with hardly a thought to it. Maybe Hayase is getting a bit carried away with her moment of success, because she's grinning from ear to ear. She considers running to Yuriko or staying ranged, and opts for the latter. If she lacks quality in ranged techniques, she'll go for quantity. A barrage of senbon fly haphazardly at Yuriko.

Yuriko just smirks as Naoya complains, already creating more senbon between her fingers. "What? You looked like you were feeling left out." she murmurs, amused. While he shifts his stance through, she catches sight of Hayase, already preparing the throw several senbon at the beach. Lifting a hand, bone begins to encase her pale skin, forming a thin

shield, and Yuriko twists a hand to block Hayase's senbon. All but one, as a thin trail of crimson begins forming on her arm. Now all three of them have shed blood.

The younger girl giggles softly, "Hm. Do I need to kick it up a little? It doesn't seem very challenging to you, does it Hayase-chan?" Yuriko grins, waiting calmly while she gathers more energy.

A light smile appears on the young Okumo's lips when his amber eyes flick to Hayase, watching as her footing seems to firm the more she trusts it. 'At least there's some progress.. Maybe a little too quickly.' Turning to watch the girl along the coast, Naoya tilts his head to one side, seeming more than a bit surprised when Yuriko doesn't try to dodge but bats the blades away with her bare hand. 'Shouldn't get her to punch me like that, might be more than a bit of a danger.' The young teen slips his left hand down to his hip and collects a set of shuriken from a pouch. The first one he launches is aimed at Hayase's thigh, quickly after he whips his hand again, sending another pair of blades out to arc towards Yuriko.

Does Hayase looks like she needs it to be stepped up? Hayase has to consider that for a moment. Maybe she was getting a bit carried away. Before she can comment on this she's having to block Naoya's lighter attacks with a kunai. She seems to wield that as surely as any blade. In return she'd send a number of senbon at him, thinner and smaller than the standard ones but harder to pinpoint. Yuriko though is the brunt of her target, to tag her before she can fully gather herself.

The shielded hand idly lifts and swats at the shuriken and senbon thrown at her, avoiding all of them this time. Yuriko smirks easily. "Nice try." she murmurs. "And…" Two longer blades form in her small hands, one in each. "kicking it up." Her bright eyes seem to sparkle as she throws the ivory kunai. One for each of her targets.

With a flick of his wrist, the young teen slashes at the air, knocking the kunai tossed at him upwards with clear ease. "You're not seeming focused Hayase-san!" A grin was beginning to form on the boy's lips, this would be a fleeting expression. When Naoya turns to look at Yuriko, he quickly tries to jump back, but in his haste he was the one to lose focus, hardly manages to move very far, resulting in the blade cutting cleanly into his side as it passes by.

Looking back towards Yuriko, a softer smile he once had seems to fade in exchange for a somewhat more twisting grin. The young Okumo swaps hands, tossing the sword into it left, while his right fetches a pair of blades. "Higher speed, higher temp.. right Yuriko-chan?" As he spoke, the pair of shurikens began to rotate, revealing a thin layer of mesh, quickly afterwards hurling them towards the girl. Rather than a subtle arc, these blades made a sharp readjustment after being tossed, first staying close to the water before arcing almost chest high.

The attacks are getting more intense, and Hayase barely manages to hop aside to avoid the ivory kunai. Her feet land firmly on the water. She has the knack of this. Though she just greets Naoya's comment with a laugh. "Say that after you start dodging her attacks, Naoya-kun," she says, though she has to gnash her teeth a bit at her lack of long range combat techniques. She's keeping a close eye on both of their techniques though, as she starts unleashing the last of her kunai. Unlike Yuriko she doesn't have an unlimited supply.

That grin of his changes, just a moment before the shurikens are thrown at her. The first arc catches her by surprise, marking her cheek with crimson, but Yuriko is ready for the second. Another ivory blade flashes as it deflects his second shuriken, just before deflecting yet another set of kunai is thrown at her. The young girl smirks easily. "Not bad at all…" It was really promising actually. But enough for the Chuunin Exams? It's difficult to say. Compared to her maybe not, but against others also fighting their way to the top? "We should do this every day."

When the flash of Hayase's blade flicks towards him, the young Okumo tenses a hand and opens it again, coating it in a thin layer of silk. Naoya grasps at the air and partially succeeds in grasping the kunai but rather than by the grip, his fingers wrap around the sharp edges. Wincing in response, the young teen doesn't let go but he does bring it up to his chest, clinched. A few drops of blood trickles down and into the lake. "Every.. day? We'll end up fighting while asleep and too tired to be awake."

Her attacks aren't hitting. Though she has water walking down, it means nothing if all she can do is dance arou—what? She blinks as her most feeble attack manages to nick Naoya. Largely because he didn't even move. Things would sure go smoothly in the Chuunin Exams if all her opponents just stood there. "Although that's pretty cool," she has to admit, of the tense. She listens to Yuriko and then Naoya, before nodding. "Naoya-kun is right, we'd get burnt out doing it every day," she says. She smiles. "So it should be every /other/ day."

Yuriko arches a pale brow at Naoya. She expected the protesting to come from Hayase, not Naoya. Odd… "Fighting in your sleep?" she murmurs. "Am I really pushing you that hard that you think that I would purposefully make you that tired? Being that tired doesn't help anyone." Glancing at Hayase, her smile grows. "Every other day? Would I convince everyone into every day if I bring bentos?"

"Your bento-s?" After slipping the caught kanai away, Naoya bring his hand up to his mouth to lick at lightly once. "If it's going to be your bento-s as a reward each day.. what do I get if I manage to nick ya each day?" Arching a brow, the young Okumo begins to advance towards the shore, his attention only fleetingly towards Hayase, some what wary if she is going to attack again. Shifting his left hand up and behind himself, the teen sheaths the blade carefully.

Hayase glances at Naoya as he walks off the lake. If it was Yuriko with her back turned, Hayase would definitely take the chance to jump the young Kaguya girl. After a moment's hesitation she slips away her kunai, which was her last anyway, and head towards the shore. Despite her success at water walking, her shoes still squelch wetly on the ground. When Yuriko had mentioned bentos, Hayase hadn't said anything. She hadn't even whooped for joy—her expression is almost unnaturally calm. She shrugs. "It's not like you can bribe me with food, all the time, you know," she says, and folds her arms as she reaches the two.

Yuriko calmly lifts a pale brow as she glances between Naoya and Hayase, watching as they return to shore. The other girl, however, earns a mildly flat glance. "You can think of it as a bribe if you want. I think of it as a reward for a day of hard work. There's a difference. And I didn't have to offer you food at all you know." Her bright eyes flit and narrow at Naoya. "You said treats for each nick. Not bentos."

Glancing towards Hayase when she comments about bribing, he smirks and teasingly says, "Good. Her hand made dumplings are just for me then." Suddenly stopping, Naoya turns to study Yuriko for a moment, tilting his head to one side before giving the girl a wide birth, studying her from other angles. "I don't think you brought any with you this time though." It would be a few moments but the teen would come to a stop, with Yuriko between him and Hayase, possibly preparing for a divided attack.

Hayase does think of them as bribes, and deep down she's very willing to be bought. She's swallowing her saliva just thinking about it. And at last she says nonchalantly, "Well I guess if that's how it is, we can go with that. I wonder what we'll give /you/ as reward though, Yuriko-chan?" She lets that hang in the air for a second. Then she'd spring forward to crack an elbow right at Yuriko's head, trying to knock her senseless. Then she'd dip down low, lashing out with her leg to sweep Yuriko's knees out from under her.

Yuriko narrows her gaze subtly, watching Naoya for a short moment before her gaze shifts to Hayase. "For me?" she asks, "I don't get to play with myself. That's enough for me." She answers. Without warning the elbow flies right at her, and instinct drives her to move, just enough to avoid being knocked down completely but not quick enough to avoid all of it. Pain flashes in her eyes, but Yuriko grits her teeth as she dips with a smooth spin, gracefully dancing out of the way of the low, sweeping kick. The Kaguya girl narrows her gaze as she straightens, the newly created wound on her head already healing.

"Hayase-san.." A sigh escapes Naoya's lips, his own stance relaxing, though his brow does soon knit together after watching Hayase weave back and away from Yuriko after the sudden and powerful strikes. "Yuriko-san, are you okay?" Tilting his head to one side he begins to draw closer to the pair but at an angle to he could try and see how badly the smaller girl's nose might have been. "Are ya trying to score extra points or trying to get Yuriko-san to go all out?"

Hayase watches as Naoya simply stands there, and sighs. Well it was her fault for not being able to trip up Yuriko for him and create an opening. She has to wonder if he only held off when he saw how ineffective her attack was. As Yuriko begins regenerating, and Naoya begins talking to her about her attack she says, "Points for what?" Though she does explain herself. "I was using a tactical combination attack on a more powerful opponent. Aaaaand I was leaving…as you've very skillfully made sure she's about to direct any and all attacks at me. Bye!" And then she's running off at all speed shouting behind her shoulder, "I'll see you two tomorrow. Or day after tomorrow!"

Yuriko lifts a petite the front of her face, lightly wiping away a bit of blood while her nose continues to mend itself. "Yes, I'm alright." she murmurs. It still hurt though. Her eyes glance up at Hayase while she talks, frowning at that last part and shouting good-byes over her shoulder. She does this so quickly that Yuriko isn't sure how to react. "Sometimes… I get the impression that she forgets that we're friends." the Kaguya girl murmurs to Naoya. A hint of concern heard in her voice even. Was it just her imagination?

Lingering only for a second, Naoya fishes his tongue around in his mouth, stroking it over a fang as he leans forward. The young teen sucks in a breath before suddenly kicking off, rushing forward with little notice before hand. While he didn't manage to reach the speeds he could when dashing with ninjutsu, he would likely be able to move more quickly than a normal sprint. As he draws closer to Hayase, he opens a hand and swings, the first swing aiming at the back of the girl's head before curling up and more lightly poping at the top of her head.

Hayase is keeping half an eye on Yuriko but she still notices when Naoya attacks from behind. Not that that's good enough to be able to dodge, as she's smacked on the head. Instead of putting her defenses up she tries to knock him back with a swifter punch, only for that to fail as well. "Ouch!" she says, holding the back of her head and now turning around to glare at Naoya, waiting for him to say something. To Yuriko she says, "Yeah… well… friends and me don't much work out. It's not…it's not easy for me." Her tone is strange, half raw, half defensive.

Yuriko blinks with some surprise when Naoya abruptly flashes with sudden speed, dashing straight at Hayase and swinging a punch at the back of the girl's head. The whole interaction between Hayase and Naoya was odd just after, and it seems the other girl seems to have heard Yuriko. Frowning at this for a long pause, the petite girl rubs at the bridge of her nose for a lingering moment before her hand falls away. "And you think I've had an easier time making friends why exactly?" Yuriko murmurs, a subtle prickle edging at her voice. "It's not like we're trying to trick you into being our friend or anything…"

"Who said it was supposed to be easy?" Rather than strike again, now that Naoya had closed the gap, he seems content standing in front of Hayase's retreat's path. "Chasing after you is annoying ya know?" The teen mockingly asks, his head tilting off to one side as his hands come to rest with his thumbs in his waistline. The young Okumo's amber eyes stayed focused this time, watching or rather studying, Hayase's face. "If you don't want to be my friend, don't act it. You're a big girl. Speak your mind, no lies. If you're a friend, stop trying to run when something's iffy."

"It's been harder for me than the average person," Hayase says, a bit evasively. She doesn't look as if she really wants to get into that territory. And why is she even bringing all this up in the open? She sighs and rubs the back of her neck. Somehow she gets this itchy feeling whenever she's around these two. She squints at Naoya. "You weren't chasing after me, you were cheap shotting me from behind, you jerk! You even criticized me for it two seconds before." But she doesn't run. And she looks between the two of them, but when Naoya delivers an ultimatum she freezes. She ought to just walk away and cut all ties, but somehow she finds she can't take that step. Turns out she does want to be friends with them after all. So she sighs and says, "Until one month ago, I've never had a friend. My father forbade it." She rubs the back of her neck and sighs. "He did a really good job of enforcing it." Then, silence.

Yuriko takes a few steps closer, closing the distance and their little circle. The other girl's awkwardness becomes more evident as time passes, under the gaze of two who were her acclaimed friends. After what feels to be a long pause, Hayase finally says something, only to fall quiet again. This makes the smaller girl frown with some confusion and Yuriko turns her snowy head to glance at Naoya. What should she say to something like that? "We're not exactly average people…" she murmurs.

Waving a hand in front of himself, dismissing the double standard. "You ran, totally different." Naoya nods twice suddenly, agreeing with his own logic, but his eyes always seem to track Hayase even with his minor antics. "Shinobi without trusted partners end up dead without anyone to bring their body back to be honored, or their death to even be known." Turning towards Yuriko for a moment, and then back towards Hayase, he says "Stop using that excuse." Closing his eyes for a few moments, he nods his head briefly, his tone becoming more solemn but also softer, possibly tired. "You never walked upside down until a few months ago, you never stood on water until a few weeks ago. How is this different?" When he

asked, he shrugs one shoulder, seeming to wait for an answer.

Hayase listens in total silence to both of them. But she turns to stare at Naoya when he responds to her with more questions. Is she just supposed to answer and answer until he hears something he likes? "How is tree walking and water walking different from being able to consider having friends now that my father died, abandoned on a mission? And, as you say so accurately, without trusted partners ended up dead without anyone to bring his body back to be honored? It's a bit different, Okumo Naoya!" Then she turns around again and stalks off.

Yuriko feels her jaw tighten, watching quietly as Hayase spins around to try to stalk off once more. And before Naoya instinctively tries to chase after her, the smaller girl reaches out to clasp his arm, holding onto it while staying after Hayase's retreating form. "I'll talk to her later." she murmurs lightly. "Without knowing the situation, we could end up doing more harm than good…"

Naoya for the first time that day, said nothing. His mouth was left alight ajar, as if preparing to make a retort but once the reveal was made. His blank expression twists some what, trying to find proper words but before he could move, a hand wraps around his wrist he just looks at Yuriko. Closing his eyes, he sighs softly and nods a few times subtly to Yuriko, his shoulders slump some. "I don't think I should talk to her much at all too soon.

The petite girl gives Naoya a small, sympathetic smile as she gives his arm a squeeze. "Don't worry. I'm sure she'll come around eventually. Give her time." Yuriko holds onto his arm for a brief moment longer before releasing her hold. "I know how it feels…" Exhaling a longer breath she lightly rubs at the back of her snowy head and turns to glance at Naoya. "What was that about? Attacking her after she hit me out of nowhere?"

"Only way to get her attention really is to pop her on the head. She's stubborn as a mule. I still don't know why she hit you though." Naoya shrugs slightly before turning around, looking down the trail that Hayase had ran down. Lifting a hand to the back of his head, grumbling a bit before closing his eyes again. "If she wanted to continue the match she should've just said so, that's my main issue.."

Yuriko lifts a pale brow as she listens, the corner of her mouth tugging faintly as she teases, "So it isn't because she hit me in the nose. Alright. I'll believe you." A small chuckle escapes a she turns around and promptly plops herself on the sand, the impact creating a glow around her backside as Yuriko leans forward and begins making doodles in the sand. "Yeah, she could have just said so, sure. But I think she might have a different way of talking."

"Eh? I might have to if you were a /frail/ and /delicate/ flower." A light smirk appears on his lips for a moment as his voice begins to tease shortly though the tone doesn't stay for long. "What do you mean a different way of thinking? You understand it?" Turning around, Naoya turns to look at Yuriko, his hands finding their way back into his pockets, soon making his way over, not to the sands but over to a tree, hopping up and onto a branch effortlessly.

A light smirk touches her lips, but Yuriko doesn't turn her head to glance up at Naoya as he begins climbing up the closest tree. "Maybe I'm more delicate than you'd like to believe." she murmurs, falling quiet for a pause, then another. "I think she struggles with talking because she's never really had the chance before. If you've never practiced being open with friends, then it's kinda hard to get used to." It's the only way she knew how describe it.

"Hmm.." Looking down at Yurko, he studies the girl for a few moments. "I've never been alone. They have always been with me. Several generations of them actually.. I can't imagine having thoughts to myself." Looking away from the girl, Naoya looks at himself, mostly at his arms, lightly tapping at a few of the holes though some of them flash their fangs at him for waking them up. "You.. mostly were alone for a while as well. Especially because of those seals. Think you two could find common ground?"

Yuriko watches almost absently at the glow of the sands the more she doodles, creating patterns in the soft sand. "Well… kinda. it's been hard since my Daddy died… but I'm kinda like you too, since I've always been able to feel and sense my Mom. Having someone my age though… that's the hardest I think." Exhaling a slow breath,she closes her eyes as her hand pauses. "Yeah, I think so. I'll let her decide what she wants, but I'm not sure if she realizes that what she thinks would be the hardest will also have the most worth." Yuriko shrugs again, helpless.

"Hmm.." Closing his eyes, Naoya shifts his position on the branch, seeming to rest a little more than before. "If I was actually that right.. Don't let her be alone. Go out and check on her." Moving a hand up and to his eyes, he gently massages his eyes before sighing. "Leaving her alone might have her repeat the mistake of her father. She'll end up thinking and acting alone.. If she becomes tasked on the higher missions? She'll be a liability. I doubt she'd always be teamed with us too."

"Yeah, we probably both should." Yuriko agrees quietly. They were both worried, and Naoya's suspicions about missions were probably dead on. Something had to be done or otherwise Hayase might not last. The corner of her lips tugs with a small smile as she turns her snowy head and glances up at Naoya. "You know, she might not have shown it, but she's fond of you too. Having support from both of us would be good for her I think."

A chuckle escapes the young Okumo before he shakes his head lightly. "Her elbow is fond of my nose? I think she can relax while fighting but once the fists drops.. she disappears mostly." Looking down at his arm, he curls his lips and chittering lightly a few time. "While she's good at fighting.. she's piss at hiding. They'll begin looking for her more actively once we rest some. I'll look at more obvious spots." Lowering his arm down to his lap, a few limbs lightly wave from the holes in his arm, some where already trying to collect a scent but none left him.

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