Bleeding Hearts: Strike in the Dark of Night


Kameko, Satoru, Suterusu

Date: Match 3, 2013


In the hostile Desert of Knives, a team of Suna nin track down, sneak up to, and attempt to apprehend members of the Bleeding Hearts gang.

"Bleeding Hearts: Strike in the Dark of Night"

Desert of Knives, Land of Wind

The night's darkness blankets the vast expanse of desert, and the only things giving off light are the stars. Several little creatures scitter about, unplagued by the heat of the day, and among those creatures are Kameko, Stealth, and Satoru. Kameko had been given the orders to track down the Bleeding Heart gang in the Desert of Knives, so that there could be one less hazard for traders coming to and from Sungakure. Knowing Stealth's capabilities with, well, stealth and capture he was Kameko's first choice as a partner on this mission. Given that they had to first -find- the gang, a young Hayato by the name of Satoru was suggested for their clan's prowess with scouting. She wasn't sure how safe a genin may be on this mission, but the branch of the gang they were chasing was rather small, so hopefully they should fare rather well. After spending several days tracking them, they had managed to trace them to the Land of Knives. She looks over behind her shoulders to ensure that her group is still with her, she whispers quietly "Stealth. Satoru. How do you two fare so far?"

Satoru started grinning like a lunatic during the mission briefing and hasn't stopped since, except perhaps for a flash of fear should Suterusu threaten him with razor wire. The genin is plainly excited to be on the mission. Fortunately, his excitement hasn't stopped him from doing his job, which at the moment is largely to be alert and keep his eyes open. The bird flies well in front of the group and high in the air, barely visible in the night save for the stars he temporarily blacks out as he moves back and forth across the sky. Baizo peers down at the ground, keeping an eye out for the pocket of the gang.

"No problems here," Satoru murmurs back, smile never leaving his face, eyes watching his bird. "Baizo will give me a signal with his flight pattern if he spots something."

Kameko just got a look. That figure was completely silent, continuing his pacing along with the others with that endlessly smooth gait. The half-shuffle half-step that he adapts quite often is put to good use out here on the sand, a tireless ability to leave no tracks behind him as they continue onward. Satoru was studied closely, however he didn't actually say anything to the genin either, simply.. there, prepared for the upcoming fight. Indeed, he didn't even have any clones up. That may of been more show that he was trusting in Satoru, than any words could of said.

Kameko grins softly at Satoru, nodding "Just tell your bird to keep an eye out..if we can't head them off here on the outskirts they have a chance to regroup with other bandits…then we will not just be chasing them, but having to fight anyone else who has a flipping chip on their shoulder with shinobi.." She was used to Stealth giving her the silent treatment, so she did not have to acknowledge him. Still part of her hoped that she knew what she was doing hiring someone of a lower rank to participate in this, thinking back Stealth could have just done the scouting with those clones of his. Still, if Stealth doubted his abilities he would be the kind of person who would have already thought of that whether it hurt the little guy's feelings or not.

From a bird's eye view, the desert just seems to be a vast blanket of dark yellow, with the occasional lizard or tarantula scurrying about on the hunt. However, as the group continues on, only the hawk will be able to spot a tiny dot of light on the horizon It flickers and dances much like a small campfire would, and on closer inspection five tiny black dots seemed to be nestled around it. They seem rather average in build, not one bigger than the average shinobi, on the contrary one of these five dots had a small build to them.

"He's keeping both eyes out," Satoru assures Kameko. "I sure didn't chase them down this far to let them get to backup."

Baizo makes two counter clockwise circles in the sky, then dips suddenly, placing his flight path directly between the campfire and the Suna nin. Satoru points to the bird. "That's the signal. He wants us to head right toward him." Satoru's muscles are tense, ready to take off, but he waits for Kameko to take the lead.

That figure would watch on in silence, a small nod was given to Satoru at his calling out the signal. He'd focus himself, gathering power for the fight now that they were close. That seal created and the three clones that mirrored that figure would appear. They immediately took off, one going.. down? vanishing into the sands, the other two took off at top speed in a wide circle so that they would be prepared for the battle. That figure finished that and looked to the other two, waiting for the signal to approach and capture.

Kameko narrows her eyes as she looks up at the sky to follow the bird's trail, nodding once she gets a good idea of where they were heading. "Remain low and to the ground, we need to catch them by surprise if we and Stealth will lead, Satoru you remain towards the back and tell us if the bird changes direction." To be honest it was simply because she had no idea of his fighting capabilities, so if he had to take off the scraps to remain safe then so be it. With that she moves on ahead, following the direction of the bird. The trek by foot took a little less than an hour until the campfire was within plain sight in the distance. Kameko pauses and holds an arm out to signal for Satoru and Stealth to stop while she thought to herself. Stealth likely had something planned to catch them off guard, so it would be best if he led the charge. Holding her arm out towards Stealth she points to the camp, silently giving orders for him to strike first.

As the hawk may have been aware of, five bandits are gathered around a single dying campfire. Most are of average build, but several of them carry odd items, two have large scrolls on their back, while the other three do not appear to be carrying anything on them that is out of the ordinary. Each are dressed in the same outfits, black attire with crimson rags covering the majority of their faces, and sewn on the back is a noticeable symbol of a broken heart the insignia of the gang most likely. Set off to the side of the makeshift camp are several boxes, likely filled with goods stolen from passing caravans, and strangely enough two muffled cries for help can be heard.

Satoru watches as the bird makes several clockwise turns in the sky. His smile falls as he is told to go to the back, but with an uneasy glance to the strange dark figure he does as he is told. As he passes Suterusu on the way to the back, he whispers to him, "Five of them." As he gets to the back, he waves Baizo a little closer so they can communicate better when the fight starts.

He'd continue to move along, following with the group while the clones got in place. A small nod was given to Satoru at the comment in understanding. At Kameko's sign, he'd move forward. Gathering chakra as he'd move in close, dissapearing into the sand like so much dust on the wind. Closer and closer he'd stalk, preparing for that capture. With the sound of potential voices, he had to narrow down that field of capture. The other clones, sensing his chakra surge, would take it as their own signal to move in. Yes, he did have to plan stuff out like that before making the clones, afterall, they weren't all connected.. just all him. Getting in close, he'd wait at that last single moment, making sure the correct targets are hit with what he was about to do.

Kameko remains back gathering her chakra as she gave Stealth plenty of time to secure his and his clones positions. Them lieing in wait should be enough to give her and Satoru plenty chance to charge into the fray. With the possibility of hostages things had to move more quickly, else the group risks them attempting to use the lives of innocents as a get-away plot. She whispers quietly to Satoru "You feel like you are gonna pass out or anything like that, you run. Stealth and I will find you later no matter which direction you go. I don't care about pride or anything like that, Stealth and I will not be happy having to carry back several unconscious bodies..I hope I make myself clear young one." With that said she nods indicating she is ready to proceed into the fray. Attempting to quiet her steps, she approaches one of the bandits closest to where they were hidden, reaching around to try and place a hand over their mouth so she could silence him for a few moments with a quick shock. Kameko, however, is not as stealthy as Stealth and a wrong shift of her feet causes the grunt to quickly jump out of reach.

While the gang seems unaware of Stealth's plan, save for one that is suspicious of something being near, all attention is on Kameko the moment she failed to apprehend one. "Meh it's just one little lady, I'll knock 'er out and tie 'er up with the others..piece of cake right?" Swerving around the grunt Kameko was trying to get rid of swiftly delivers a punch to her jaw before she is able to get away. She frowns and wipes a bit of blood away from her lip "You can't seriously think they would only send one of us to put scum like you in your place hm?"

Satoru looks at the team leader like she has lost her mind. "I'm not planning on being the one who is going to feel like passing out," he whispers back confidently. Unfortunately, pride is an attribute he has in spades. In any case, there isn't much time to argue as Kameko's attempt at a stealthy strike fails her.

Satoru rushes out into the fray just as Kameko announces that there is more than one of them. He makes some quick handsigns, then snaps the fingers on his left hand. As he does so, the nearest member of the burning hearts gang would see a bright light start to emerge from Satoru's fingers at the snap, and soon that light becomes as bright as the midday sun. Satoru charges forward, cocking his arm back and then swinging with a not tremendously accurate but momentum fueled punch.

The grumbling would be silent, internal as they rushed in ahead of him. Ahh well.. not like they knew the plan. As Satoru managed to deck one and the other got a bit separated from Kameko, that final seal would be made, the strike engaging. The very sand in a circle about the 5 bandits erupted into a mass of what looked to be living metal. Vine like wires, ragged bits of rock and straight up metal spikes wrapped within it would flail about, as if a living thing seeking prey.. and find it, it would. Those bandits the focus of that attack, a clone on each side of the group making sure it was focused and precise. All of them would get bound up within the living metal, tangling through everything, even twisting between fingers while slicing skin with the razor wire as he'd attempt to lock them all down, all at once.

The bandit would grumble to himself as he gets decked by Satoru, staggering back before him and the rest of his gang get caught up in the wire trap. Each of them let out angry cries of pain, glaring over at the group. "Damnit boss you said we'd make it outta here!", "Didn't say anything about cruddy wires being in the ground…" "Oh no let's stop for a break, ain't no way any shinobi are smart enough to track us down.." They struggle and bicker amongst themselves as they attempt to free themselves from the mass of wires.

Kameko smiles over at Satoru upon seeing his welcome shot, nodding in approval once Stealth managed to tie them up in his razor wire. "Well well, maybe I'll have to be the one worried about running..maybe my expertise should be with paperwork and not fighting." Her tone is half serious and half jest as she surveys the wounded and trapped bandits. "The village is a long way back, we bring -one- back for interrogation, as well as save saving the hostages for last. Can't turn our backs on these guys otherwise we'll likely get a knife in our spine..So since Stealth has them so nicely wrapped I say pick one and beat the snot out of them. Whoever can still stand afterwards will be the lucky one to get hauled back…" With that she draws both of her chakram from the tattoos on her wrist, pausing to make a decision before slashing one of them with three clean cuts.

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