Unholy Alliances - Blessing of the Sky Temple


Naru, Ataru

Date: January 19, 2013


Searching for a powerful artifact, Naru and her team is sent off to Sora Otera in the Land of Rivers to investigate.

"Unholy Alliances - Blessing of the Sky Temple"

Land of Rivers - Sora Otera

Naru's team was once again dispatched to a distant land and a small village, right between Fire country and wind country the duo was nearing the smaller land known as the Land of Rivers. This land was sprawling with life, the morning dew of spring time glazed with a sweet honey mist from the various rivers and streams scattered throughout the area. There we tall trees and untouched grass, the vegetation allowing the grass to route like weeds. With the change in temperature Naru had dressed down, a pair of shorts, a black tank top and a single blade by her back side.

The mission wasn't going to be incredibly simple, apparently their info had lead them towards a temple village within the land, rumored that hold monks had been guarding a mystic source of energy, the blessing of this energy was passed on to worthy disciples who trained there. Many people from all over the lands seeking an opportunity to change their lives came to this place in order to become such disciples, ultimately to become a monk themselves.

"Feeling okay? Ataru-san?" Naru asked curiously as they pushed through an opening in the forest, the village was noticeable ahead, a mountainous stair way which would lead them right to where they needed to be. Naru was certain that Ataru wasn't too much effected by long distance traveling, but she couldn't see him still, she was still depending on him to be her eyes for now…

Ataru had a pack on his back for carrying extra material. He was going to be prepared for them having to spend the time at night. As such, he carried most everything that'd be needed for camping in that bag along with his usual supplies. He carried enough for Naru too, to make sure she was covered. From there, it was just a matter of hoofing it. He didn't seem to mind it at all though, the weight just a different form of training in his mind. He'd give a nod torwards Naru with a chuckle. "yah.. I'm doin just fine Naru-san. Ain't nothin to it fer this.. I've done longer treks just ta look at some interestin rocks in Iwa, yanno?" He'd smile as they kept moving, looking ahead to the village. "We seem ta be gettin close though. So.. what's the game plan Naru-san?"

"The game plan…" Naru puttered as she lightly thumbed a finger against her lips, Ataru's word were definitely true, her sharingan could make out forms of chakra out in the distance, more so specks because she couldn't see the actual buildings and what not. Each step was finally met with climbing a massive set of stairs, towering high into the skies above, some houses were visible though, some craved into the rock while others merely used it as a foundation. " I think we will be here for a few days… While I don't doubt we could easily steal whatever it is they have here, I want things to go very smoothly, how about we just ask if we can see it? " Naru questioned Ataru, obviously open to what his input on the situation might be, after all while this was a group mission she had also been tasked to test him, his intellect and leadership, it was actually one of the main reasons why he was on her team. "What do you think about this situation?"

Ataru would give a firm nod. "We ask and see what it takes to aquire the power source. I dun wanna steal it.. That's parta why I wasn't a shinobi ta start with is due to that sorta thing." He'd walk with her in silence for a moment, before a small nod was given. "it should be possible to take care of. We do it right, won't be an issue, yah?" Ataru would shrug, glancing Naru's way. "First thing we probably wanna do is set up a base camp fer where we're gonna be at.. yah?"

"Us shinobi do have some pretty interesting missions, but as long as you have a nindou… Your shinobi way," Naru didn't care to elaborate any further about that, she figured Ataru could simply fill in the blanks. "That's actually a pretty good idea, Ataru-san… Hmm mind getting things setup then, since you appear to be so handy this journey? Sosuke and Nori-san should be getting supplies, for tonight's fire and what not," Naru explained, of course it was difficult for her to help him, she couldn't see a darn thing when it came to actual objects. " WE can set things up here and finish making our way to the top of this mountain,"

Ataru would give a nod in response. "Ok Naru-san." Chuckling, Ataru would find an area within the forest that was relatively level. His time as a wanderer would then be shown well as he quickly set up that base camp, each person's tent pitched in a highly efficent manner, an area cleared for a fire pit with a ring of rocks set up for the future fire and the rest of his material set off by his tent. "Nindou. Shinobi way.. yah.. I like that Naru-san.. I'm.. gonna have ta think 'bout how I'm gonna define mine more.. that's fer sure.."

"That would be a good idea, just think about it while we are on this mission, it will definitely help you out as time goes on," Naru spoke softly, as she watched him carefully she noticed that more or less he was finished with setting up the camp. " WE will let the others take care of this for now, how about we get going hmm?" And just like that Narusegawa beckoned him to move along with her, disappearing along the flight of stairs. It only took a few more minutes until they were center stage within the village known as Sora Tera. It was a gated village, enclosed by wood and rock, many houses and shops were scattered about the area however the temple was which was most profound in the area. Narusegawa tugged off her headband, allowing it to disappear within her clothes with hopefully Ataru following suit as she passed the wide gates and entered the court yard of the area. It was here that many disciples were lined up, shifting through a kata, training their mind in body in unison. "Kya! Hu! Wa!" the warriors chanted with each striking movement, a head monk appeared to be instructing them while honing their abilities. " Interesting…"

Glancing sidelong towards Naru as she took off that headband, he'd unwrap his from his leg, slipping it into his pocket casually. Looking about, he'd keep alert, although for those looking at him he'd seem nothing more than a wanderer.. he had a lot of years practicing being casual, so it was one of the few traits he was good at, that wasn't fighting. Studying the training with interest, he'd give a small nod. "That's a lot like what I've seen done elsewhere.. it's a good trainin style.. although it ain't quite like shinobi.." Ataru would keep his hands in his pockets, walking close to Naru. They might mistake him as guiding her, since she had her eyes wrapped, he was more just being ready for whatever might be required of him as per her leading that mission of course.

"It certainly does look fairly interesting now doesn't it?" Naru asked with the slight arch of her eyebrow, soon enough though they were intercepted by a thin man with freshly shaven hair, a scalp as shiney and bald as can be. His body was slightly worn with edge, but surprisingly enough he looked sturdy and strong enough to lift up the mountain if he wanted to, it was merely that arua he gave of. " Interested in our temple are you?" The man asks with a faint grin, bowing his head in greetings. " Welcome to Sora Tera, The temple of the sky. You two look like you aren't for around here, I can only think you are here on a quest of your own, a Pilgrimage that will allow you the blessings of the great divine," The main explains with a thorough smile.

Naru herself merely blinked at the bald man, not that he could see her sudden confusion, it was actually quite funny that she could make out the baldness of his head from all the flowing chakra within him. " We actually came here for just that…. I'm blind you see… This pilgrimage is a supposed path way is suppose to help me deal with my lost of sight…" Naru was explaining, though false in her words, her intentions were still there…

Ataru blinked at being approached. Maybe he should put on his shades? He'd just nod lightly in agreement with Naru. Hey, better to look the fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt right? Considering that Naru was weaving the tale, anything he said could make it harder on her to keep it flowing correctly, so considering that Naru always said he talked too much.. he said nothing at all, just smiling in amiable agreement with the assumptions given as well as the story Naru put out. Maybe the kid can be taught?

"I see I see… Well you have definitely coming to the best place… However with this particular blessing…" The man pauses briefly as he merely holds up a single finger. " Only one of you may seek a blessing, the way it works is quite simple, this blessing spreads from one person to another, touching everyone within their family and friends. There may only be one that is allowed to try and take our tests in order to receive their blessings," The man explains, pointing off to one of the distant alters, in what appeared to be a toweirng fortress. " If you pass our tests of clarity, and Patience we are more than willing to guide you towards the depths of that tower. So if that is the case which one of you will go?" The answer was actually quite obvious, Naru wouldn't be able to navigate herself yet without too much help. " I think this is already settled," Naru soon responded turning her attention to Ataru, it was weird to not hear him speaking, even if it was annoying…

Ataru would blink, looking at the monk, then Naru as she basically volunteered him. Whoo boy. What did he just sign up for? Ataru would shrug with a chuckle. "sure. I'm thinkin I can probably do this alright, fer sure. Just show me where ta start and we'll see how I do, yah? Ifn it gets my friend better, then I'm more than happy ta go through whatever, that's fer sure." He'd give a nod, glancing one last time towards Naru before stepping forward with a motion. "lead on mate. I'm ready ta get this done."

"Your friend will have to wait here unfortunately, but you… Yes we can get this started right away if you just follow along with me," The man states with a honest smile before beckoning the man to come forth, slowly but surely he was leading him up towards the massive stone tower before them, weaseling through a few of the training disciples, he lightly placed his hand on Ataru's shoulder offering it a tight squeeze. " You have this aura about you boy, I definitely feel like you may be able to complete this task before you, only time will tell now this way," he finished and began to lead him up the tower, for the quest to come.

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