Blood and Bones - Meeting of the Minds


Takeshi, Yoma, Yuuka

Date: May 13, 2013


With some Kaguya wanting to return to the ways of old, Yuuka meets with trusted confidants.

"Blood and Bones - Meeting of the Minds"

Yuuka's Manor

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]
This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.

The house was finally done. The last walls and details finished after several months of building. One less headache to worry about and onto more pressing matters. The growing disturbances among the Kaguya youth was growing. They were becoming more restless, itching for blood no matter who's blood and there were growing fights in the village as a result, fist fights in the Marketplace, in Namami Restaurant. It was becoming a serious problem. And was only a matter of time before the Mizukage approached her. Yuuka requested Takeshi and Yoma to visit her at her brand new manor. To show it off a little of course, and to bounce her possible solution of of them and get valuable input.

Yoma was easy to reach seeing as he lived at her other piece of property outside of of the village. While he may not always be home, he would return often enough to get messages left or to meet with her. Thus, he would arrive to see the finished building. He made sure to clean up first and take as little of the Marsh in to the village as possible. He would approach and knock, greeting Yuuka warmly as he arrived and waited to see what she wanted to discuss. He was a bit unaware of the conflicts going on in the village at the moment.

Takeshi is getting old and retiring because of it. He is no longer what he use to be and all this work is starting to tire him out. The Mizukage won't let him go completely, but it's time for Yuuka to step up and take things into her own hands. Though he's still willing to offer his advice on many topics as he wanders into the new home that she built, the mansion. The sound of that cane banging around as he saunters, "What am I here for?"

Meeting both Yoma and Takeshi at the front door, Yuuka guides them through the entryway where they remove their shoes and slip their feet into slippers. When they make their way into the living room a pair of tiny legs runs as quick as she's able to carry her tiny legs, a squeal of laughter peeling through the air as Yuriko claps her arms around Yoma's tree trunk of a leg. Yuuka chuckles softly at that, but doesn't hesitate to continue as she uses a hand to gesture towards the table she approaches. Tea was already prepared. And food in case Yoma was hungry (since it seemed he always was).
"Yoma-san, this is Kaguya Takeshi-sama, Yuriko-chan's grandfather and one of the clan's cherished elders. Takeshi-san, this is a new addition to our clan. Kaguya Yoma-san." Taking a seat on one of the padded seatings, she lightly threads her fingers together. "To answer your question Takeshi-san, I need your advice. I trust both of your judgments so your council is valued." Yuuka shifts her bright aquamarine eyes between them quietly. "Recently, our clan has been doing very well, prospering. And even more recent still our younger clan members are becoming restless. The war grounds has always been where our people have thrived and there are some wanting for those times again. Rumors of sub-branches demanding for blood, anyones."

Takeshi moves in and finds a seat immediately, because he's old and he gets to sit down at his behest and not someone else's, the benefits of being sixty. "Yes, The Kinukawa sub branch. They're a pretty reserved branch typically, but fiercly militaristic." A shrug as he settles into his seat and places the cane next to him, "Greetings Yoma-san, I'm just the old man."

Yoma would pet Yuriko's head as he'd walk stiff legged, easily carrying the child who cling to his leg, but acted as if she impaired his movement a bit as he kept pace with the others. "I am glad to see you too, little one." he would say as he hobbled to the table. Ah good food, he'll be far more comfortable sitting down with a meal. As he he moves to take a seat, he transitioned Yuriko from his leg and poked her nose. "I will play with you soon. Let us speak for now." Now able to pay attention to the introductions, Yoma would look towards Takeshi and bow his head in greeting. "Elder Kaguya." he would rumble towards the man before raising his head once more. As the words of insurrection are spoken aloud, Yoma would focus his gaze on Yuuka for a moment. It seems that not everything has changed after all.
"In times past…" Yoma would begin to state before looking towards Takeshi and shaking his head. "From my limited experience, there are those whose blood runs hotter than others even within the Kaguya. My tribe was the same. None but myself remain of them. Unfortunately, the ways that they were dealt with before was as natural as fighting any enemy, as we were not unified in those times. If they cannot be satisfied with more intense and risky training… then they will have to live and die as their blood calls. Unless this village has enemies to point them towards."

The corner of her lips tugs with a small smirk as she glances at Takeshi. "Do not be fooled, Yoma, he's stronger than he lets you believe." Yuuka chuckles, her gaze looking to Yoma as he walks with Yuriko still clinging to his leg, giggling with bubbling amusement. And when he takes a seat, the toddler looks up at Yoma with a smiling face she nods eagerly in agreement before crawling out of her lap to find another adventure.
Looking to Takeshi, Yuuka lowers her chin with a small nod towards before glancing back to Yoma. "Not only do our youth feel that urge for bloodshed but also feel that they are useless. Warriors in a time of peace. And these urges have already been causing problems, fights starting in the village. This needs to be handled before it gets any worse and Kirigakure sees us as a possible threat." Her thumb taps lightly against her fingers with thought. "I have thought of a way for our younger clansmen to indulge themselves. We will have a contest. Much like the Chuunin Exams, however this will be for our clan only. It will demonstrate each individual's strength and our place within the clan to one another in a safe environment. The challenge without bloodshed."

Takeshi shrugs at Yuuka, "They can get that already and do by fighting around the village. That doesn't necessarily address the issue that's really bothering them, life threatening situations." Then a shrug, "I use to be strong yuuka, use to be. Much like the other kage's, I'm old and my chakra reserves are drying up. I am no longer the man I use to be, that laughed in the face of danger. That me is gone."

Yoma considered this, lsitening to both of them before nodding slowly. "I believe… that this may be a situation when you are both correct. There are some that will never be satisfied with bloodless challenges or no risk to their lives or others. And there are some who just need an outlet for their aggressions. Perhaps, these situations need to be handled simultaneously, but separately." Yoma would suggest to the both of them as he folded his fingers together and looks to them.

Her eyes blink slowly as Yuuka shifts her gaze towards Takeshi. "Even if that is true you know the politics of the clan. You know how they think more than I do, presently." Exhaling a longer breath, her fingers shift their grip as she looks between them. "That may be true, that you can already get that by spars through the village, but the only difference is this would be more official and gain recognition, respect. However, if this is not the true issue at hand, we need to clarify just what it is. Our way of life in the past was bloodthirsty, but times are changing and if we do not change with them we will become extinct." Yuuka looks to Yoma, "What kind of suggestions would you suggest?"

Takeshi looks around and then pulls alcohol out of a sleeve, "Might I suggest the 500 citizen soldiers that just started taking over towns? Tell them not to kill them and they should be fine and happy. If that doesn't work, organize another competition between villages or send them to Kumogakure, nobody likes that place anyways." He opens the bottle and takes a sip before screwing the cap back on and shrugging, "At the end of the day however, it is up to you to solve this. This is your first task as Elder, seeing as how I put in my retirement papers."

Once again, Yoma allowed the words and insights of those speaking with him to sink in as he devoured some of the food that was prepared. He considered it for a few long moments before he would say, "I do not understand all of the … politics involved with a diverse village of people like this. But i do understand that an organized force that sends any part of its force to run amok will be held accountable for it. I also understand that allowing them to fight and riot within the village itself will do just as much harm. The only point that matters, is that this world requires control of ones self to be a part of it. Kaguya or not, those that cannot live by this are not qualified to be shinobi of this village or any other. If they cannot find satisfaction in matches held for honor, glory, and true combative competition, then they are…" Yoma would sigh a deep rumble in his chest, realizing that it was easily something used against him and his appearance for many years, "…savages."

"And if the Land of Water Daimyo had not said specifically to try to resolve things peacefully I would be fine with that, Takeshi-san. The problem is is that it would only be a temporary fix." It was a band-aid at best, and Yuuka wanted something else. Something that be a better fix. Looking to Yoma, she remains silent for several long moments as a frown begins visibly forming. And its several moments after before she replies, "I agree with Yoma-san. Anything could happen if we let them run amok, and if anyone was killed, accident or otherwise, we would be responsible for that death." Yuuka exhales a small breath through her nose. "I think the competition would be our best option. We will not make it bloodless, but we will make sure that no one is killed for the sake of victory. And I know of a way to make it more of a challenge as well. It should surface. However, those that are not satisfied with this and simply wish for blood-lust in itself… I am contemplating either they progress with the rest of the clan or they are banished. However, if enough of them are banished, they will make a lawless and merciless Kaguya clan outside the village walls, and we will still be portrayed as monsters because of their actions."

"Then we need to consider if there is a place where Kaguya can live freely as they want without having to be killed simply for doing so. I know that I have been exempted from my killings because they were direct threats to Kirigakure or even people of the Land of Water as a whole… but it does not change the fact that I lived freely as a Kaguya before coming here. Can there not be some sort of… compromise for them as well?" Yoma would suggest.

"I am sure there is a compromise somewhere…" Yuuka says softly to herself, thinking hard on the subject with her brow furrowed for several moments. Eventually she exhales a small breath. "Banishment is the last thing I want. For any of our people. They simply want to live with the ways they know, and I can not fault them because of that." Her hands unlace to press her palms flat on the table. "The alternative I can think of is to designate the Blood Marsh region as the sole place where those that wish to kill can do so freely, so long as that is the only place they do outside of missions and war. And it covers such a wide expanse of land that it should do the task well."

"It is an untamed stretch of land… Killing would be necessary even without it being the purpose of living out there." Yoma would nod to that much. "And from experience, there are certainly plenty of other people of the Land of Water that already take advantage of the lawlessness of the area as it currently stands. So I agree with such an idea." Yoma would eat a bit more as he looked over towards the sleeping Takeshi. He began to wonder if he was playing the part or truly that old and tired.

"It is a suitable fit then. A compromise." Yuuka was satisfied with that solution. With both solutions. And hopefully it will help the arising problems. No doubt it will make things more interesting. She nods to herself. "Now the only question is, should I break out a bottle of sake." she chuckles.

Glancing over at Yuuka for a moment, Yoma's lack of ability to smirk was still not lost in his eyes are Yuzuna mentioned sake. "The better question is… would that be enough to rouse Takeshi-sama." Yoma would chuckle deeply as he considered that being a weakness of the elder. "But beyond that…" he'd say with another glance at Yuzuna. "I would not mind."

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