Blood and Bones - The Kaguya Way


Tsiro, Joker (emitter)

Date: June 21, 2013


Tsiro settles things with Todashi in the Kaguya fashion

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Blood and Bones - The Kaguya Way"

The Kaguya Village

The Kaguya bar where Raiji's entourage usually hangs out is filled to the brim as always. Outside are a couple of Kaguya (most noteable, the tiny second hand) who's as always being annoying. Standing up, poking people, throwing his beer bottle against walls after he's finished. Just being a hugen uisance. "Todashi, sit down man. That or go run a lap or sumin" One of the guys say. Todashi nods frantically.

"Yea that's a good idea man, yea, totally a good CUDDLING idea. DO I LOOK LIKE I-" He takes a step foreward, hand clasping around the man's throat while he's lifted from his seat, pressed against the wall of the pub. "TAKE ORDERS FROM WHEAZLES LIKE YOU?" The Kaguya received a nice thick spit in his face before being thrown down on the ground.

His seat has been taken by the tiny but apperently rather strong Kaguya. Everyone shifted away from him just slightly while he gets handed another beer. "Idiot.." He gasps out. Some people are already nodding. "Any word from Raiji?" One of the guys said. The tiny Kaguya looks at him with crossed arms. "Even if there were, you wouldn't know. So pampering stop asking."
The mission was simple. Make Todashi vanish. Though the details of the mission were about to be changed. This had been a hunter nin mission given to Tsiro by the Mizukage himself. Tsiro did not agree with the outcome of the mission. If this man simply vanished, then the Kaguya would become out raged. That would have been too simple and even more dangerous. This was going to have to be done the hard way. He needed to be killed infront of others.
Tsiro approached the bar where he'd injured Raiji once before. This was the first place he wanted to look for the man. Luckily he seems to spot him out front of the bar as he turns a corner in the road. "Maybe this will not be as difficult as I thought." Tsiro murmurs under his breath as he stops. The display of strength from his opponent was something. Though Tsiro was strong enough to do the same, he needed a more gruesome display here. The young man places his fingers together to build his chakra before reaching back towards his spine. He was not messing around. With a sickening sound the spine pulls free.
Now, with his weapon in hand, Tsiro once more resumes his march forward. "Kaguya Todashi. Come, allow me to drag you to depths of the underworld." His voice was loud enough that all the Kaguya out front could hear him.

The loud thundering talking suddenly turned to dead silent. "Go away cutesy.." Yells one voice which gets silent by the sound of bones breaking. "That's my line!" Says another gritty voice. But the tiny Kaguya is up already. Standing in front of Tsiro with his knuckles cracking, before spikes begin erupting from all over his body. "My my my, puppy has come to play. Where did you leave mommy little one?" He asks. Funny, he's over a head smaller than Tsiro! Regardless, he doesn't seem too phased that the man managed to pull out his spine.

The crimson eyes of Tsiro stare down at the little man of such annoyance. So he had learned the dance of the Larch. Tsiro knew the dance well. It was not something to underestimate. An evil smile spreads across the young Jounin's face. He was being mistaken for a puppy. Then again he had not shown his true fangs yet. As bone protrude from his own body, Tsiro moves forward for the first strike. He would strike with his elbows. Each twist forward aiming to slash at the man. The whip remained in his hand, though he was waiting for the right time to use it.

The small guy does spawn a BIG SHIELD above his head to protect from the impact, but the willow just crushes through with relative ease! He grunts while his skin breaks as well as some of the bones around him. Though he's not going to let that get to him so easily. He quickly rushes at Tsiro, suddenly lashing out with the exact same attack, aiming to cut into his stomach, before following up with his bones popping out all over his body as he quickly rushes around Tsiro, trying to cut him in several places.

Todashi's similar attacks come forward. A shield begins to form around Tsiro, though it was not completed in time. The slice cuts Tsiro causing some blood to spill. It's a minor wound complimented by the next slash from the other arm. Tsiro's defenses were failing him. With the amount of Kaguya behind Todashi, any sign of weakness on his part might cause a swarm. Knowing this, as Tsiro dashes backwards the whip cracks forward looking to entangle Todashi. It was in Tsiro's best interest to ensure this was not a long fought out battle.

The small Kaguya might be decent, and he did get a few hits in! But this one hits him hard. Luckily he could form bones underneath his skin, which protected him from critical damage, but he was bleeding and wounded. Definetly losing, he couldn't even move! He grits his teeth. "Cherishit.." He hisses at Tsiro. "You're so dead!" He yells.

The crimson eyes of Tsiro remain unchanged. They were cold and calculating. They watched as the spine took it's hold. Tsiro's hand drew back and bones began to form around it. They made the limb elongated, much like a huge drill-like sword. "Yuuka may show mercy. She chooses diplomacy…" As the young Jounin speaks, his right hand pulls the whip as his left hand lunges forward to impale him. He was aiming for the lower torso. This was meant to be as painful as possible for display purposes. Not that Tsiro was not enjoying this.
"As for me, I plan to kill every last one of you." Tsiro whispers into Todashi's ear as he gets close enough.

"Cradler, you are so dead.." The small guy says back, when Tsiro tries hitting him again it all happened really fast. Bones burst out of Todashi who managed to escape the hold, forming a large shield which this time held the attack back! Phew! He jumps back several times until he's on the roof of the pub, holding up his hands before firing a barrage of bones at Tsiro. "DIE!" He yells, while never taking his eyes off the target.

That was not the first time someone had escaped the drill attack. Only this time the bullets were fast enough that it cost him. There is a growl as Tsiro feels the pain of the bullets. As he spits up blood, Tsiro vanishes from the ground and appears on the other side of Todashi. He was using the drill like appendage as a sword to slice through him. "I underestimated you. We are not done yet. Lets see just how far you can go." The first signs of fatigue were setting in. Blood dripping everywhere on his body. It was time to decide on the final blows.

The Kaguya smiles while he seems to have caught Tsiro! Now he's - dead - right!? …. Uh oh. What is he.. "No, no don't come close AHGHGH!" He coughs up a lot of blood while part of his stomach is torn open by that fast move. He slowly turns his head around. "W-w-what monster are you?" He asks, trying to repair his skin, patching himself up with several bones. That move was so fast.

Even as the blood spills from his own body, Tsiro's grin never fades. The feeling of cold sets in from the amount of blood lost. Even with Todashi regenerating himself, Tsiro knew this battle was still over. Once again moving forward, Tsiro attempts to grab ahold of the smaller Kaguya and toss him into one of the support's of the bar. He was trying to lodge his body there for a moment or two. "I am Kaguya Tsiro, the youngest master of the Shikot." It was true. This guy had not even drawn his full wrath yet.

When the Kaguya gets grabbed he moves his arms around. "Oh no, no no no no!" He grunts loudly while being slammed against the supports, not capeable of moving, bleeding heavily. There's a whole crowd of Kaguya around in a big circle to watch the fighting. "GET UP!" One yells. But the small guy only twitches for now.

Once more Tsiro approaches Todashi with his arm drawn back. "Die like a Kaguya! You pathetic worm." He lunges his bladed arm once more in an attempt to end the fight. If he could simply impale him once more. His eyes glance towards the crowd. He had enjoyed the fight enough he had not seen them gather. Though the fight was going good, the war was not looking to bright. At least he was not showing fear like his opponent. The man had to be facing similar feelings to himself. Maybe he was not as fatigued, but he was hurting.

At the last moment the small Kaguya managed to waggle his way free. Holding his arms and making a huge bone shield covering his entire body. The sheer impact of Tsiro's attack caused him to be rushes through the wall, which caused the building to collapse on the north side. Out of the rubble however the small Kaguya gets up. Grinning. "You're more tired than I am…" He huffs. He's going to play this on fatigue! "Now die worm!" He rushes foreward, again dancing around him at suprising speeds since he is so small!

Tsiro backs away before aiming the drill-like blade directly at Todashi's gut. This guy was like a pest that refused to die. No matter how he trapped him, he still managed to escape the trap. "Cling to life. Cling to it for all you are. Look into the eyes of death. You will meet it soon. When you get there, let them know I sent you!" Tsiro's last declaration. He had not forseen this guy lasting so long. Was it possible such a gnat could out last him?

Todashi coughs, lots of blood escapes his lungs while this time his shield did not hold. It crushes through and the spine rips through. Blood and bones…. Everywhere. Todashi was struggling… tugging at his life. Don't leave me! Not now…. He coughs up more blood. His whole body is broken. But he knew Tsiro was almost out of it. But he was too. He lifts his arm to fire more bullets, but the damage that's been done was too much. Too great! His arm drops again, now he's at the whim of his executioner.

Tsiro saw the arm lift. Failure. There was only one thing left. He had to make a display out of the man. Otherwise the followers would continue to follow Raiji. They needed to know the price of that following. "It seems on this day, my bones happened to be stronger." Tsiro then vanished appearing once more next to Todashi, a bone lodging in his eye socket. It would be enough to pierce through his socket and the back of his skull. The bone would then penetrate the side wall of the bar leaving his body standing. Tsiro speaks in hopes of being the last thing Todashi hears as the life fades from his existence. "You will not be laid to rest. Your body will rot here until the carrion have picked your bones clean." He then lefts a finger to the forehead of the man. He carves a '1' into the flesh.
Tsiro then turns around towards the crowd. "Go home. There is nothing more to see here." Tsiro is barely standing, much less able to fight. If the crowds attacks, he's going to need a miracle.

The crowd actually cheered for him! "Yea!" One of them rushes up and lifts Tsiro up. "That's what we're talking about! Survival of the strongest.." They're in extacy! "Now that you defeated him, you will kill Yuuka yes? You will end her reign of attacking children. Did you hear that she eats babies?" One of them says. "Kaguya babies. That's why she doesn't want to wage war, she wants us to get babies to EAT THEM!" One of them says, clearly not too bright. "YEA" Yells another one. "And she dislikes fighting because she doesn't want us to become strong, she's a swordsman first, and our leader second. SHE NEEDS TO GO!"

Tsiro is a bit surprised by the actions of the crowd. Now they wanted him to kill Yuuka? No way. "Calm down. Calm down. I was there when Yuuka attacked the child. She was under a Genjutsu caused by Raiji. I was as well. When he speaks, the illusion starts. He has been taking advantage of you to further not only himself but someone else's goals. The Mizukage is not the enemy. Like Yuuka, he wishes us to be strong as well. Raiji has been inciting a war to weaken us. To have the strongest weapons kill the strongest weapons. He preys on our anger and rage. If not, he would have just attacked Yuuka and been done with it. Just as I have Todashi. That is our way. That is our nature." Words were never a strong suit for the Kaguya boy, but he was hoping they start to see.

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