Blood of Innocents


Aoitsuki, Kiku, Kitaru, Tsiro

Date: July 7, 2012


A Powerful retired shinobi turned deserteer turnd serial killer and finally turned convict has escaped from prison and has already commited atrocious actions but killing off the population of a small island village. Aoitsuki and her Team move out to confront him and his goons, in a battle of Justice

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Blood of Innocents"

Island in the Land of Water

It was a beautiful day in Kirigakure, the mist of the afternoon captivated much of the land making it difficult to see, but so much easier to escape from captivity and be on your way towards the borders of the land of water… A convict by the name of Oiyoku had escaped from maximum security prison, known for his atrocious killing spree within the land of water after he had resigned from being a shinobi, he was a high classed criminal, caught finally but escaped once more to be caught again, though two others managed to escape with him. A team was quickly assembled to pick up his tracks and rather than capturing the convict, execute him and his small entourage for the sake of the village…

The team was sent off to one of the many islands that littered the lands, known to be his his last sighted location the group went by boat, approaching the docks to the medium sized island devoid of many shinobi… It was the perfect hiding spot. "Do you all understand the orders?" Aoi questioned the group as she stood at the helm of the small boat, she was dressed in a scarlet red short kimono, a pair of leggins and naturally bare footed.. Her hair swayed as she looked ahead towards the island… The team was rather large…But all capable of taking down a powerful convict.

Tsiro sat down behind Aoi in the boat. His dark hair with seemed to really show the silver streak down the center with each pass of the wind against his head. "It is simple. Find the target. Eliminate the target. Find his friends. Eliminate his friends." The boy's crimson eyes scanned the dock of the island. If these guys were really that good, they might come out fighting. At least that was Tsiro's hope.

Kiku rubs some sleep sand out of her eyes a little bit. She stretches out a little bit before she slides that bone mask down over her face. She has her eyes closed, making the mask seems almost like that of an actual skull. She slowly opens them to look at Aoi a bit, and nods her head. Kiku stays quiet as she picks up her Keisuke bone sword. The woman rolls her neck a little bit, and checks her seals one last time.

With a nod from Aoi suddenly the boat ceased into a halt, and soon enough they had reachd the dock, though there was no one to be seen… Not a single person seemed to litter the island, at least for now it seemed like an absolute ghost town. "Hmm…" Aoi mummered quietly under her breath, taking a single leap from the boat to the edge of the dock, she carefully looked around… Nothing seem disturbed, it was as if the people themselves simply had vanished. " There are no people here…" Aoi spoke softly, though not at all alarmed at the situation, or at least she didn't show it.

Her eyes turn back to Tsiro and Kiku, a questionable glance that perhaps the two of them might have the answers to what may have happened here. " Was this place suppose to be evacuated? " She asked coming to that assumption of course she pulled forward, hopefully the others to follow after her into the depths of the town.

Tsiro stepped off the boat behind Aoi and scanned the area. He was putting more effort into finding little details. While nothing really looked out of place something seemed really off. "No. This place was not evacuated. When people evacuate, they take valueables with them. These people are simply…" The boy paused a moment to sniff the air. "Dead.. or close to it."

Tsiro then took a step forward. He glanced towards Aoi a moment to see if she minded him taking the lead. "There is the scent of blood coming from deeper in the village. It's massive. If they are still here, they will be there or leaving there."
Kiku gets off the boat silently, and looks at the tracker kid. She looks back at Aoi for a second. She draws that large bone as she waits to see what Aoi wants to do. SHe shakes her head a little bit though. If the kid is smelling blood, she is starting to think that it might be best to send a message back to the village. She shakes her head a little bit before taking a deep breath. "One should stay back with the boat, in case. If something happends, one can return to the village. Or keep the boat from being destroyed.", she says.

"Hmm…" Aoi mused, her eyes shifted to Tsiro… He had good senses, something that Aoi wasn't really able to pick up on, instead she nodded her head. " Please, go on ahead Tsiro-san," Aoi replied back, though at Kiku's request Aoi couldn't help but to shake her head. " That might not be a good idea, we are dealing with a very dangerous criminal… We must stick together because if we are apart.. We will surely perish," Aoi responded back, she definitely didn't underestimate the situation, and soon enough Tsiro lead would bring them towards the center of the village to indulge in a horrific sight. Bodies remained piled up ontop of eachother… Limbs, and heads… daughters, sons and mothers… It was an absolute blood bath… it definitely seemed like there were no survivors left in this town…

"Dis…gusting," Aoi whispered quietly as she looked over the scene… She was used to blood and guts but not of innocent bystandards… Her mind, almost felt slightly woozy for a moment until she collected herself. " He carries a weapon," Aoi spoke out, while looking about the area, though she couldn't notice much of anything else… "Be on your guard…"
Tsiro almost could not believe his ears. A Kaguya who wanted to stay behind. It was absurd and almost against clan rules, if they had any. Either way he shakes the thoughts from his head and begins to track the scent of blood. The sight of bodies displayed in such a manner does little to him. "Well, he is not into ritual killing, simply killing."
As the boy glances around bones start to protrude from all over his body like a porcupine. He continues to scan the area, but quietly voices a message to the other two. "Movement on the second floor in the town center building. I am not sure if it is our guy or not."

Kiku never said anything about her staying at the boat. She had simply said One as in somebody should. Kaguyas may be bloodlust warlords, but they arn't stupid. The woman follows along, looking at the site. THe girl shakes her head a little bit. Kiku walks around the pile, unconcered. Her seals remain ready to be used at a seconds notice. She watches the other two a little bit. She's mostly here cause she's a tank, and can create barriers around others as necessary.

There wasn't even time for a reply from Aoi, instead as soon as Tsiro had mentioned the sighting the figure from behind the window moved, and the window glass shattered, blades of invisible wind surged in their direction, picking up dust and blading towards them in the form of an tornado, (32) in order to bring the shinobi to their knees. " So finally they send shinobi after me," A voice calls out to him, an older man, perhaps in his late 40s peering down at the trio with a menacing smile. There was a single blade on his back, it seemed like a block of concrete than any traditional blade. "I'm going to rip the three of you limb from limb," the man cackled while two other goons pooled to his side. " Boss! Everyone else here is taken care of!" The man simply grins and points at the mist shinobi. " Now kill them," he commands and the goons react instantly, harnessing their own smaller katana blades they lash out, at the group fighting in complete unison…. (28) (29).

Aoi herself was blown away from the first wind attack, smacked her back along the pile of dead bodies and getting blood all over her kimono, she grimanced and carefully began to surge her own chakra, and explodes into a puff of smoke from the onslaught that soon followed. "We have our targets!" Aoi called out, it was now or never they could bring all three of these guys down…

Kiku just gives this look as the wind comes right at her. She plants her feet, and pops her neck. The wind hits her dead on, and she tries to withstand the wind. It takes a few moments before she gets blasted back into the pile of corpses. The woman growls a little bit, and pushes off them. As the two ninjas come down, Kiku thrusts her hand out, and blocks the pair of blades with a barrier. She gives the two a nasty look as her chakra rises. "…Somebody is about to lose their mind…", she hisses.
Forming a bone plate across his arm, Tsiro used it to smash into the tornado. He then attempted to dodge the two strikes from the goon, but was only successful in one. "I am Kaguya, tear off a limb and I will grow it back after beating you to death with it." Tsiro stated as he built up his chakra. He then twisted forward attempting to stab the goon in front of him with both of his elbows. "Whats the plan? Kill em all or you want to use some of that their strategy?" Tsiro was obviously asking Aoi.

Tsiro's opponent was absolutely brutalized despite the young boy looking for a nice play to go through, his bones swept and ripped through the goons flesh, spilling his blood across the ground and almost tearing him to shreds as after the attack, he simply fell to the ground. Dead, in an instance. " Taiyuu!" The other Goon exclaimed, heart broken, and mind building with rage. The Goon exclaims and goes directly towards Kiku, finding her to be the most menacing one of the group despite Tsiro killing his friend. " You will see how it feels like!" He raised his blade and staggered it down in a combo, one right across Kiku's mask while two double stabs aimed for both of her shoulders, (30) (28) (32) the other man simply watched and smirked, her eyes briefly flashing at Tsiro.

" You want to join me Kaguya? we can bathe in blood together, I could use talent like yours in exterminating these pathetic weaklings," Suddenly though Aoi attacks, sending needles of water barreling at him but to no effect, he simply side steps, them and lets out a loud chuckle.

Kiku raises her hand, and a barrier comes up once more. She pushes the first attack away, but then she gets stabbed in the shoulder. Ok, she's annoyed now. She pushes the third stab away. The woman growls, and looks at the goon as blood comes out from her shoulder. "When I finish with you, there will not be a bone left in your body.", she says. The woman pushes her barrier out to try to capture her opponent. She smiles wickedly, and tries to bring the blade of her large sword down, flat side, in an attempt to shatter every bone in the person's body. "Its not wise to bleed off a Kaguya. Especially one who can paralyze you.", she grins wickedly.

A smirk crossed Tsiro's face as he was asked to join the other side. Out of the corner of his eyes, he watches Kiku attack with the force of an angry mosquito. "I have no intention of joining your side. You see.. in general.." Tsiro raises his hand and aims directly at the man attacking Kiku. "I hate my clan for what it is and what it does." Then one set of bullets fire off from his fingers at the man. "I hate people in general, but…" Another set fires off at the man. "I am one platelet of a killer. I do not think you got what it takes to drop me."

The Goon was surprisingly skillful, or perhaps Kiku was just having a bad day, the barrier wrapped its way around the goon but he resisted, breaking free at the last moment and parrying away her blade with the flat of his own sword, he gleamed at her and continued his own assault to bring the kunoichi. "HAHA DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?" The goon shouted as he attempted to stab his blade into her once again, this time his was just a single attack, attempting to place it firmly into her gut. "Look around you? Look at all these pathetic villagers!" (31)

The man easily began to deflect their attacks, his concrete blade swept left and right, smaching away the ice and swatting the bullets away like they were baseballs. " I retract my offer, you three are pathetic," The man proclaims. " My servants have more heart than the three of you!" With that he swung his blade once, a torrent of powerful wind soon following directly towards Tsiro, it seemed like a double impact while the same was sent for Aoi… Aoi was forced back, slammed once again back, almost feeling her bones park as she let out a light gasp, the second wind though was easily evaded, she leaped upwards along the roof of one of the small houses, waiting for the moment to see if this man actually had a weakness to exploit…

The Goon was surprisingly skillful, or perhaps Kiku was just having a bad day, the barrier wrapped its way around the goon but he resisted, breaking free at the last moment and parrying away her blade with the flat of his own sword, he gleamed at her and continued his own assault to bring the kunoichi. "HAHA DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?" The goon shouted as he attempted to stab his blade into her once again, this time his was just a single attack, attempting to place it firmly into her gut. "Look around you? Look at all these pathetic villagers!" It was then right before he stabbed into her stomach his body was riddle with bone bullets sending him to the floor, a pool of blood and instantly dead.

The convict arched an eyebrow at the sudden death of his comrade and swiftly With swung his blade once. A torrent of powerful wind soon following directly towards Tsiro, it seemed like a double impact while the same was sent for Aoi… Aoi was forced back, slammed once again back, almost feeling her bones park as she let out a light gasp, the second wind though was easily evaded, she leaped upwards along the roof of one of the small houses, waiting for the moment to see if this man actually had a weakness to exploit…

Kiku frowns a little bit as the guy crashes into the ground. She's annoyed at this point. VERY ANNOYED. She walks over to the building slowly. She looks at it a few moments. She takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly. She does it again, and the seal on her bonesword glows. She moves inside the building, and looks for a support beam. She knows on one for a second, and then tries to smash it with her sword. Hopefully the building will come down. Not a happy Kiku right now….

Tsiro was blown back by the first attack, but as the second impact came, bones from his ribs began to protrude outwards and form a protective barrier from the wind. "Not bad." the boy stated while obviously hurting It seemed the ribs did not do much to prevent the wind. "You seem to like using that hammer quite a bit. I wonder if your even skilled without it." Tsiro stated as he started to run for the man. He used his feet to walk up the side of the building before doing a knee uppercut to the man, attempting to hit him with the bone from his knee. On the way down he attempts to smash into his right shoulder with a bone from his elbow.

Kiku had disappeared, leaving the madman to fight without worry. " Your friend is baffled by my power… Why did they send babies after an old man like me?" He taunted, though as Tsiro came up to him, his bone managd to impale right into her flesh, however the follow up was retracted, parrying the attack away with a mightly blow of his concrete weapon," You talk alot for a fighter," He moved on to say and with such proximity, slammed his blade down right on top of Tsiro, a powerful full thrust to power drive him into the ground, the second attack was yet another wind element, attempting to spin Aoi in a shattering tornado, her body is ruptured and splintered but suddenly dissolves into an ice like form, another Aoi soon began to run up from behind Tsiro, and launch herself directly ontop of him, spikes of eyes protruding from her body to give the man a nice "hug".

"Keep assaulting Tsiro!" Aoi exclaimed, looking around for Kiku. " What in the world is she up too…?

Kiku keeps walking inside the building. She continues to find support beams, and brings that hardend bone up, smashing them. SHe's not a happy girl. Her earth shattering strength behind each blow as she smashes the beams. The woman keeps walking, and soon leaves the building. The first part is done. The woman takes a deep breath as she gather her strength, and chakra back up. The woman takes a moment to look back to roughly see whats going on as the building groans a little bit. Just a final check here…

"Too slow old man!" Tsiro yelled as he managed to get moving upwards and slashing the man with a bone from his elbow. It was a deep slash through the man's center. Tsiro then turned around and attempted to knee him in the back before jumping backwards and spitting a bone needle directly at him from his mouth.

Brutally attacked the man was undergoing a stand still, Tsiro's quick movements countered him, feeling the deep bone slash right into the mans chest, it periced his lungs causing him to instantly gurgle a pint of blood onto Tsiro's body, he stumbld but easily deflected the remaining of the attacks, though though the ice clone did stab onto his shoulder only to be shattered by the swing of his blade… he cringed, and kept his blade close, whirling around like a mad man to keep them away… he wanted to speak but nothing would come out, his lungs was filled with blood causing him to "rage" Finally he droped his blade, and utilizing his full hand seals he began to force a large amount of chakra girggling a juts uan soon enough sends out a cutting wind, sharp and slicing up the current area to slice the both of them into shreds… her girrgled in laughter, though drawn out by the blood… The jutsu made contact with Aoi, literaly she began to become torn the shred, her clothes being shredded followed by a mass of blood splatter.. She cringed and held herself together, falling to her knees after the onsalught.. "we need to end him… Now…" Aoi spoke up, she quickly moved through a set of hand seals, sending torrents after torrents of water needles in the mans direction..

Tsiro attempts to make a shield and manages to save some of his body, but the wind tears him up pretty badly. Despite the pain, Tsiro notices the floor breaking apart beneath him. There is a grin on his face as he feels it start to angle upwards under his feet. "I told you that you could not take me down." Sure the others were helpful, but Tsiro was still trying to get inside this guys head. He pushes the rest of his strength into his feet and lunges downwards at the man. He attempts to slash him once more with both and elbow and a knee. "Die already." he whispers as he gets close enough to the man.

Kiku looks at the building a few times as it starts to tilt. She tilts her head the other way. She's annoyed that its not falling fast enough. The woman draws out Keisuke's large bone sword that he gave her. "JUST FALL ALREADY!"

Kiku looks at the building a few times as it starts to tilt. She tilts her head the other way. She's annoyed that its not falling fast enough. The woman draws out Keisuke's large bone sword that he gave her. "JUST FALL ALREADY!", Kiku yells as she starts to hit the building with chakra infused strikes. The woman is putting every little ounce of her strength into it. The woman takes a few deep breathes, and lets out all her pent up rage on the building. Now, lets see Mister Evil Ninja's face now.

Water needles slammed into his flesh, Tsiro's attacks honned in and smashed each time breaking through his defenses. He was riddled with needles and soon enough the bone is driven into him, he drove himself to one knee, but upon Tsiro's finally attack he managed to smack the bone away once again with a wide grin. " You think i can die so easily?" The main grunted with a grin… "Death is only immenient…" With that he began to motion through another set of hand seals once again, wind building up around him until suddenly the sound of wood cracking and then falling into a slay fell right ontop of the convict.. burying him in a sea of rubble, impaled by the wood that made up the house and pressed down into the ground, the massive weight of a house sitting right ontop of his already broken body… The wind had quickly ceased… His presence was already fading.. Aoi just panted heavily, rising herself to her feet, sweat driping down her cheek… They needed to get to a medical squad quickly but… The man was put down along with his goons… Kiku could be seen from the other side of the house, or at least where it was.. Aoi just.. smiled slightly towards her and dropped to a knee. " Looks like… This is over…"

Tsiro growled as the man refused to die. He was deeply upset. That is until the floor came out burying both of them in rubble. Luckily Tsiro's bones were able to plate his body to deflect anything from impaling him. Once the boy was back standing, he merely looked towards Kiku. Half of him wanted to give her a rude hand gesture. The other half was just happy it was over. He then turned back towards Aoi. "For the record, I would have had him…."

Kiku just gives a small smile a little bit, and looks at Tsiro. "I'll give you some of my share of the bounty then.", she says. THe woman walks over, and grabs Aoi, her teammate. She holds the girl gently, and then picks Aoi up. She's gentle about it, and looks at Tsiro. "Where's Kitaru at?", she asks. THe girl bites her bottom lip. SHe starts to walk towards the boat, holding onto Aoi, and trying to keep Aoi from bleeding too badly.

That would be a good question, wouldn't it? Where was Kitaru? He had been delayed in being sent out as part of the team from gathering some particular resources that might be needed. It seems he did the right thing as he'd suddenly show up on the scene with an extra bag. Nodding to the others, he'd head immediately over to Aoi and Kiku. "I apologize ladies, for being delayed. We do not have a medic and as Keisuke-san is not with us, I figured we might need additional medical supplies." He would offer the bag as part of his answer, glancing over towards Tsiro to see if he'd need any of the extra aid that Kit had packed.

"Better safe than dead…" Aoi whispered softly to Tsiro, her eyes were becoming slightly hazy from the blood lost, even her hair looked as if it was a slight crimson rather than its traditional bright golden locks, or right now, the bright snow white hue. " I don't like to gamble with death," Aoi was soon picked up into Kiku's arms… she let out a sigh of relief, she had many cuts and bruises.. it was going to be difficult for her to dress her own wounds… She winced slightly as Kitaru had finally arrived on the scene, it caused Aoi to slightly moving around in Kiku's arms. " I can walk…" Aoi insisted quietly while turning her eyes back onto him. " You're late…but better late than never.. Its more important to get the men buried under the house…" Aoi spoke, offering an order, obviously they did need to get payment for the lives they had just taken.

The crimson eyes fell on Aoi and how bad off she had been. At least his jutsu were able to reduce the damage. Hers did not seem to have any such effect. "Do the first aid on Aoi first. Then you two can grab the bodies. I will take Aoi to the boat." He was obviously looking at Kitaru and Kiku when talking about what to do. Despite being the lowest ranking member of the team, he was quite serious. "I will get medical attention once we have sailed." The boy then limps over towards Aoi. Something about her state reminded him almost of the last time he had seen his mother. It was not something he could really explain.

Kiku gives Tsiro a small glare, and then takes off her armor, then her shirt. She puts her armor back on, and puts her shirt on Aoi. "Have some decency.", she states. The woman gives Aoi a small hug before she goes over to the destruction that she caused. "Yay…Maybe dropping a house on him was a bit of overkill.", she states as she starts digging into the house to find the bodies. Her face is still a bit red though…
Kit would look away as Kiku started stripping to cover up Aoi. Once that was taken care of, he would take care of Aoi first of course, using the medic materials to at least patch up the wounds he could find without embarrassing her. Focusing himself, he would henge Aoi some clothes, making her decent to reflect the kimono that she normally wears. Once she'd be tended to, he'd go help the others in recovering proof of demise for the target of the missions.

Aoi was thankful at least, she offers Kiku a very light smile. "Thank you…Kiku-chan…" She spoke softly though as she is then brought to Tsiro… the way he was looking at her was off, " Whats with that face…?" Aoi questioned him, it was a soft tone, curious and faint, but soon enough her eyes begin to fog over… She was powerful but… She just didn't have the ability to take damage like a Kaguya could… her hair begins to frizz slightly, the snow white locks and cold skin turning into its usual hues and she dropped her neck passing out right next to him…

Without missing a beat, Tsiro grabs a hold of Aoi. "I will explain later." he whispers to her. He is unsure if she was able to hear him or not. Despite being badly wounded himself, he reached down and lifted her from the ground. He seems to completely ignore Kiku. "We will be waiting at the boat." is said in a tired, semi upset voice before he begins to march off with Aoi.
Kiku finds the bodies, and sighs a bit. "Hey, Kitaru, can you help me with these?", she asks. THe girl stretches basically only her armor, she starts to lift the bodies out of the debris. "Next time, remind me not to drop a house on the enemy. This sucks.", she says.

Kitaru would give a nod in response to Kiku's request, heading over to the rubble, he would start digging as well. While the others had been messed up in the fighting, he was fresh and it wouldn't take him that long to get bodies unburied. Once he confirmed with them that the right body had been removed, it would be wrapped up so that it was easier to carry the body and he'd turn to Kiku. "Now. Let me check you out for wounds." If she did, he would go over her and take care of any damage that he could find with the bandages he brought along.

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