Blood Ties - Defiance


Yuuto, Katama

Date: March 26, 2014


Yuuto defies his place in the lab maze of life.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Blood Ties - Defiance"

Sunagakure Village Entrance

This day has been nothing really special so far in Sunagakure. The normal daily hustle and bustle about the village went about as normal, unimpeded. The only odd thing really has been a line of rumors about a strained relationship between Kawaguchi Yuuto and Councilman Kuroki Kuoroke. What probably began as whispers of a heated argument have quickly been passed around and turned into rumors of a plot of rebellion. Still, these are just rumors and have mostly been dismissed as such, being Yuuto has been acting what would be considered normal for himself, though that in itself is fairly isolationist. Nothing seems to be coming of it really…. until now.
A statement louder than some could possible fathom rings out in the form of an explosion that rocks the area around the Administration Dome. Flames pour out of the windows of Kuoroke's office. Was the Councilman there past his normal hours tonight for some reason? He doesn't appear to have made an exit from the windows or the doors of his office, but that could mean something much worse than him merely not being inside during the blast.

Katama had been out taking a walk. Yuuto had been missing from her apartment where they usually spent thier down time together and she was half expending stress and half looking for him. Her usually somber expression was a bit more strained than usual. The sound of the explosion made the woman spin on her toes, one hand at her sword. Spite, what was going on there? She appaered to hesitate, should she go to the exlposion? or remain here at the village entrance? She grit her teeth, staying where she was for the time being.

While people are busy rushing toward the Administration Dome and inspecting the area around it, Yuuto pops up from the earth right at the village entrance. "My, my… Look at them scurry," his eccentric voice rings out as he watches people running. His eyes gaze around coldly as he watches people run toward the Administration Dome. At his words, however, some start to stare at him. "Oh, did I offend you? Perhaps I should spell things out more clearly."

Katama saw Yuuto pop up from the ground and heard his words. Her expression was one of suprise and confusion. She moved towards him at a jog. "What are you doing Yuuto? What's going on?"

As Katama moves toward Yuuto, so do some of the others that aren't running toward the dome, although much more cautiously than she does. He reaches to grab the back of her head and pull her in for an incredibly deep kiss, eyes closing as he does so. This would almost seem to ease those around them until he opens his eyes again to speak, this time shining the crimson of Sharigan with a trio of tomoe spinning out around each pupil. "My apologies that you must be caught in the middle of this, Oni-Hime," his voice says more calmly before he utters a simple command that rips through the area like a shockwave to bring everyone around him to their knees in fear, including Katama. "Fear."

Katama was suprised by the kiss, stunned at the public display but she relaxed into it, answering the kiss easily, her own eyes closed as well. But when he opened his eyes and she hers, she came face to face with his sharingan and she tensed. His words seemed to have little effect on her until he forced her to her knees. Anger flared in her eyes, anger at herself for the submission though she knows she couldn't help it, not when he was serious.

Yuuto's eyes cast down at Katama coldly as she kneels along with the others. "Now that I have your attention," he says as he looks around at them. "My name is Uchiha Yuuto, and this is my final day in this village. These eyes have seen this place for what it truly is… A maze, and you are just the lab rats running back and forth inside it doing your duties like puppets on strings because you don't realize where you are. I've been forced to be a lab rat my entire life. I can see that now… And I will not stand for it. With these eyes, I will transcend far past what you puppets allow yourselves to be. Tell those who hold you here that there is now one less trapped in this cage for them to toy with."

Katama knew this genjutsu, had seen it used many times and she knew the only way to breakit was by physical force. And by physical force that meant doing enough damage to break the connection in one's brain. Her black blade flashed in the moonlight, a blade Yuuto himself had given her. And there was blood. She'd slashed deeply into her left thigh, cutting a gash there that immediately let forth a river of crimson life. Life that matched Yuuto and Katama's eyes perfectly.
No longer feeling the need to kneel, Katama forced herself to her feet, her eyes locked on Yuuto's Sharingan despite how dangerous it was to look an Uchiha in the eyes. She looked quite upset. "Don't do this Yuuto! Stay here! Stay with me! please don't make me do this…" She sounded desperate, pleading..

Yuuto's eyes glance coldly down at Katama as she starts to try to fight her way out of the Genjutsu. "Do yourself a favor and stay down," he says as he turns and starts to run out the village gates, opting to leave the others bound by the Genjutsu as he starts to exit the area. His eyes show a look of focus as he moves away, rather dark as he stares ahead into what awaits him ahead.

Katama felt the coldness in Yuuto's eyes and knew her opponent to be far stronger… And yet.. He turned his back to her. Strike…. Strike! STRIKE!. Her muscles coiled and she made full use of her powerful body, crimson eyes dark and broody. She disliked this, disliked attacking him. And still she did, leaping forward and drawing her second obsidian blade as she went, flipping it so the flat of the blade was the striking side. Then she tried to hit him in the back of the head, her other blade moving in to slash at his back, knowing that if he'd avoid the first strike, she would probably be aiming for his chest instead, the motion going from shoulder to hip. Incapacitate him, incapacitate him.

Yuuto only seems to partially try to get out of the way of the strike, taking the hit to the back of the head to temporarily slow him down before his back is slashed. Still, he doesn't seem to react at this point, merely diving into the earth. A moment later, a massive chunk of rock seems to rip itself from the walls of the entrance to the village as he leaps out with it and flings the giant boulder at her in an attempt to stop her in her tracks and slow anyone else following him down along with her by blocking the path.

Katama fel the blade to Yuuto's head connect with a crack and winced. She felt the second blade hit it's mark as well and she looked as though she might be sick. His stoicism reassured her a little but she couldn't help feeling as though she wanted to help him, wanted to heal the damage she'd caused. She tried to remain strong, she tried to push her feelings back.. But there was a lump in her thoat and a tingle in her eyes. She sidestepped Yuuto's attempt to yank her into the ground, all too familiar with his earth manipulation.
But then her eyes went wide as she saw him rip a boulder from the wall. He'd nearly flattened her with one the last time she'd seen that technique…. She tried to move out of the way, but was too slow and the boulder hit her in the chest, slamming her backwards to the ground with a clang of her armor. It was the armor that had kept her alive…
The samurai woman managed to get to her feet and she took three long strides in Yuuto's direction, blood seeping from the corner of her mouth. she jammed one sword into the sand beside her as she approached, her eyes showing her heart to the man. her other sword fell from her hand then and she wrapped her arms around Yuuto tightly, speaking loudly enough for the onlookers to hear. "I'm sorry. Run!" Then in a lower voice she whispered something into his ear…..

Yuuto looks a bit surprised when Katama gets up again. When she comes and wraps her arms around him, he seems to pause for a moment before simply acting. He reaches to his back and pulls at the clasp of a scroll before forming a hand seal that releases dozens of ink creatures to tackle and bind anyone coming after him, including Katama as he steps back from her then moves to dive into the ground. From there, he would trek into an area filled with mazes of underground tunnels, patching his wounds with the scroll for a temporary fix as he moves as quickly away from the village as possible and uses these tunnels to make himself near impossible for anyone to track.

Katama took the hit from the ink vice and stayed down, her already damaged ribs taking another hit as she landed ont he ground. She lowered her head, so much for the Red Lizard. Tears fell from her crimson eyes as Yuuto made his escape. When other shinobi arrived on the scene they would find her there still, and when they asked her which direction Yuuto had fled in… She answered. "The Desert of Knives." But of course they would find no trace of him….

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