Blood vs. Fire



Date: June 17, 2012


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"Blood vs. Fire"

Unknown location

The battle within the still-young World Tree that Senju Hashiramako, the
First Hokage, had grown to contain the threat posed by Amuro and the
Yin-Beast had been taxing. Amuro, despite wielding a fragment of the
Yin-Beast, had not truly unsealed it, nor had he truly brought the entire
thing with him. That would have been idiotic. Unsealing the entire Beast
of Blood would have resulted in more than just despair. It would have
ended all life in a murderous frenzy that would not stop until nothing was
left to kill anything else. He thus had to exercise his will and his power
to maintain the Yin-Beast's Seal. And yet, the Beast fragment didn't seem
to be struggling to break the Seal. It did as he commanded. It hunted down
and fought Hashiramako. When she bound it with roots, it turned into smoke
and flowed towards her. When she grew walls of wood and sealed them
air-tight to the wooden ceiling and floor, it turned into a corrosive
black liquid and melted through the wood. While she focused on reinforcing
the wood, it was leaking into her thoughts, twisting her emotions, trying
to crush her under the weight of hopelessness.
With her Will of Fire, she resisted. She resisted through strength of
will instead of the experience that Amuro had needed to gain to do the
same even temporarily. She fought against that fragment and resisted its
corrupting tendrils, but the more Chakra she used, the more the monster
salivated over the prospect of consuming her. It wasn't even physical to
begin with. While she thought she was containing it, it was free to boil
up out of the ground and engulf her. It tried, and she fought still.
Earth, Water, Wood, Sealing Techniques, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, the powers of
the First Hokage that were unique to her, all wielded against the
Yin-Beast. The Seals worked better than the rest, but even those were
bypassed simply because it was already in her head before she performed
her Fuuinjutsu.
The thing that worked as it chased her down tunnels both real and
illusionary, seemingly twisting reality more and more the longer the
battle carried on, was to use Genjutsu. It was thwarted by Genjutsu.
Genjutsu being the use of 'Genjutsu Chakra' invading another and
manipulating his or her senses via such, the Beast of Blood, made of pure
Chakra — and the same Yin aspect that Genjutsu uses at that — gave her a
degree of control over the Beast. Its carefully-crafted, hellish version
of an entire universe of blood, smoke, flayed flesh, barbed wire, spikes,
screams, madness, despair, pain everywhere, and a Killing Intent so great
that it felt like the entire planet wanted the Hokage dead, all began to
Then she sealed it while it was weakened. The World Tree was going to
start dying almost immediately, but that would take awhile, and the
fragment was sealed away for now. There would be time to figure out what
to do with it as that wicked Chakra, the very essence of human malice,
gradually spread and corrupted the tree.
However… That left the issue of where Amuro had gotten to.

The man identifying himself as 'Fuu Ka' had been busy while the First
Hokage was battling that fraction of the Beast's essence. What had
probably felt like it went on for days only lasted a couple hours. If the
Beast's influence had extended beyond the World-Tree's boundaries, it
would have made others experience the same passage of time. Instead, as
Hashiramako battled it, Amuro managed to make his way through the
World-Tree mainly by blowing up anything that got in his way. He smashed
through the Chakra-infused wood produced by Hashiramako's Wood Release, he
burned away vines and creepers that tried to hinder him by releasing a
river of lava from the seal on his hand, he even managed to fight off the
frustrating pollen being released that was gradually paralyzing him. He
couldn't recall the name of this technique she had used, so he probably
hadn't copied memories from anyone who had seen it used before. What a
high praise it was for the Hokage to be breaking out high-level jutsu like
this for the first time on his acccount.
However, he got over the pollen. He activated a Seal in his mask that
made it air-tight followed by opening a spatial link between his mouth and
clean air in one of his sanctums. He didn't even need to use his hands to
activate this seal. He could do it with tongue if he had to. He learned to
prepare for the possibility of air-borne chemical agents after a Shadow
Clone of his was captured by Akuu Goh and held prisoner inside of a
Salamander's belly where its numbing fumes kept it incapacitated. After he
dispersed the Shadow Clone, he learned what had happened to it. He would
have to thank Goh for that lesson if ever they met again. It sure came in
handy here. Speaking of hands, his Hand of Lore was tearing apart the
World Tree, and yet the Hokage's Lookout was no closer to him. Then, he
felt it. The terrible despair, the weight of negativity, the nightmare
visions of real evils that should never leave the realm of bad dreams
being brought directly from where they really occurred throughout history
and put around for everyone to see… It lifted. The fragment had been
Amuro began swearing in a mix of languages, and more than a few of them
were dead languages that didn't even exist in recorded form anymore.

Amuro found the Hokage's Lookout, and he began to smash through into
Hashiramako's office, only for her to come out of nowhere and impale him
through the shoulder with a spear of wood. That was a mistake on her part.
If she had aimed to kill, she might have slowed him down a bit. Instead,
she missed the metal plates that lay underneath Amuro's skin to guard his
organs, and simply tore off his left arm.
The arm made out of Nothing.
The arm didn't fall away, just stayed where it was and began sucking in
everything around it as Amuro was sent hurtling away from his lost
appendage. It looked like Senju Hashiramako wanted to capture the man she
knew as 'Fuu Ka', to question him. That's why she tried to wound instead
of kill.
Amuro would not allow such a thing to occur. After all, he still had his

make her forget the recent past and simply 'space out' for awhile. He
dispersed his left arm before it could eat him along with everything else,
smashed the floorboards, took the Stone of Yin-Yang, and teleported right
the hell out of there. The Stone was consuming his very life force from
the moment he touched it bare-handed. His Munashiigan tearing open a hole
between worlds for him to 'skip' himself across the surface of did not
help. It was always draining to use the Void Eye for this particular
ability, and this time was no different. He appeared in Mountains'
Graveyard once more, in his private lair, and managed to stagger towards
an empty pedestal. There, he places the Stone of Yin-Yang, the Sage Stone
that could control life and death, reality and illusion. No one was around
to see, but he tried not to collapse from exhaustion anyway and instead
regally move towards a chair and sit down carefully.
He hadn't known that the First Hokage had such strong life force. He
hadn't known she could do battle with even a fragment of the Beast and
then come for him afterwards. He hadn't known. And it had almost cost him.
He didn't know what came over him. The Beast… Was it influencing him
somehow? Such a reckless course of action… It wasn't like him.
He spoke to the air, expecting his wife's ghost to respond. "It is done
then. Only two Sage Stones remain." Uzumaki Natsu said nothing. Amuro
looked inwards, to the mind that was as much a part of him as the mind he
had >before< he absorbed her memories.
The woman who had been in his head for over one-hundred years…
…Was gone.

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