Bloodied Waters


Eremi, Zankuro, Chiasa, Etsu

Date: November 27, 2015


The group is called out to check on how a village held up after a possible flood. Not so well and not because of the flood.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bloodied Waters"

Bloodied Waters

At the entrance to Konohagakure, Eremi waited patiently for the others to arrive as he leaned against one of the columns that stood at the gates of the village. In one hand was an open scroll, face buried in what was written within. A broken seal with the mark 'from the desk of the Hokage' plastered on the front. In the other was a small gourd, still corked.
The day had been rather uneventful thus far, the weather fair. Seemed like another boring day until suddenly receiving an assignment that was to be completed the same day. What was interesting is that the request was to go back to the village that was almost ravaged by flood waters had Eremi and Chiasa not shown up just a few days ago. To have to go back so soon seemed like a surprise.
Naturally, Eremi would request Chiasa to be present once again as she had been there before, but at the vague information offered with the assignment, he'd request additional help from Zankuro as well. Someone he wanted to get to know a bit more outside there…other activities.

She's been getting herself up earlier lately, not wanting to continue being a late klutz or a disappointment. Her disorganization and tardiness on the last mission, not to mention her lack of ability, has bothered her a great deal. For whatever reason, she doesn't want Eremi to think badly of her in any regard. Sometimes, she feels as though she must measure up to the girl from his past, and that girl, to Chiasa at least, is perfect.
Chiasa arrives after some time, a small pack upon her back with a few supplies within. She thought to bring some simples, bandages, a few snacks, a few extra tools, just in case they might have need of it. She stands on the other side of the paper Eremi is absorbed in, squinting at the broken seal. After a moment, she just says "Eremi.." real quiet like in case he hasn't noticed that she arrived. The last thing she wants if for a surprised Satonezu to knock her out by accident.

There was a small moment of hesitation on Zankuro's part, though it had nothing to do with the mission or request. Fortunately, the not-so-rotund Chuunin is able to circumvent his sister's watchful eye long enough to make it to the gate, out of breath and disorganized, but otherwise whole and well. In his haste to recover, the Sarutobi doesn't hesitate to try and wrap an arm over Chiasa's shoulders, using the poor girl as a stand.
That is of course assuming she doesn't immediatly slip out of his hold. With any luck, she won't however, what with Eremi standing right there. Because like, what if he takes it as a sign of her not showing her comrades proper care! Yeah, something like that. "Sarutobi… Zankuro… 'porting… for duuuty~" He said breathless.

Almost entirely absorbed in the scroll in front of him, Eremi is unaware Chiasa had managed to get so close without his notice. The call of his name comes to a surprise, but not enough to startle him. Slowly pulling the scroll away, Eremi would gaze at the woman before him with a mix of disappointment and sorrow that quickly faded the moment he realized what he was doing. Thankfully upon Zankuro's arrival he wouldn't have to explain himself and how not too long ago he learned the fate of Renai. The girl he thought was still alive and standing before him now, only not.
"You ok, Zankuro? You going to be able to accompany us? We've got a bit of distance to travel, but unlike last time we aren't necessarily in a rush, but we should at least try to be prompt." Rolling the scroll up, he'd tuck it into his waist before uncorking the gourd and taking a drink. The gourd would fall from his fingers and hang at his waist with the attached cord that kept it in place. "Are you ok as well, Chiasa? Didn't catch a cold or anything did you?" Though talking to her, his eyes looked off into the forest and what awaited the group.

Chiasa allows this… leaning, folding her arms over her chest and bearing up to support Zankuro. Her cheeks do start to turn slightly pink though. People don't touch her a lot. So it's just tainted weird. After Eremi addresses them, she looks to Zankuro and then back to Eremi and shakes her head. "No, I'm good. I thought I might have been getting sick, then I drank some tea and ate some hot soup and was better the next day. You look healthy too." She smiles to Eremi, but his distant expression cause the smile to fade. Something is bothering him. Perhaps she'll ask him about it later.
With a sudden burst of air, she sticks her arms up in the air, stretching and then folding them behind her head. "So! What's the plan? I guess if we need to travel we should head out, no?" She seems quite oblivous as to whether or not Zankuro managed to dodge her block or if he falls over.

Still attempting to catch his breath, Zankuro can only raise a thumb in answer before letting the limb fall to the wayside. What passes between the two more familiar shinobi is mostly lost to the young man during the recovery process. He was sort of haunched over and what not. When at last he felt ready enough to stand up on his own two feet, the strangest of things happen!
In one moment, Zankuro was straightening out while brushing back his bangs, and then in the next he is on the ground, bent out of shape thanks to the giant scroll he landed on. "Ow…" He pauses, then lifts up a hand. "A little help…"

"Well…" Turning back to glance at Chiasa and Zankuro. "The plan is to get there." Frowning slightly upon his words, "This was kind of sprung upon us and the details could not be more vague. I thought it might have been code of some sort, but I think there is just no information to it." Sighing a bit, "Go back to the village. See what happened.'" Eremi shrugged slightly waiting to see if the other could make anything out of it. "We might just be going back as a curteousy to see how they waited out the flood. Either way, if there's no objections…" Pausing to watch Zankuro's awkward display of peacocking. "…we'll head out." Not stopping to offer help to the turtled Zankuro, figuring Chiasa could do it, he turned upon his heels with chains rattling as he moved and started to walk along the path into the forest.

Chiasa nods and starts to take off behind him, but is paused by seeing Zankuro. She looks down at the man and lifts an eyebrow. "Why are you lying down.. This is not a time for naps." Seeing that he is having some sort of difficulty, she doesn't reach down to help him. Instead she would press her foot against his side and flip him with a swift kick. It wouldn't be damaging. Just enough to turn him over so he can get up. "You're like a turtle." Chiasa just shakes her head and follows after Eremi, jogging a bit to catch up to him.

"None here cap'n!" He calls out enthusiastically. Such enthusiasm however is destined to die after CHiasa speaks up. Zankuro sighs heavily and lets the hand fall flat on his face. "Everyone always got try to steal my stchik." He groans out before dragging the hand partially down his face. He stops midway however, confused by Chiasa's positioning at his side. Hope for one fleeting instance lights up his eyes, only to dashed by an uplifting kick to the side. While the blow itself wasn't exactly painful, to say he wasn't prepared for the whole thing would be an understatement. "Mmm… Non minshy." He says with his face virtually flat against the ground. Afterwards, he works himself back up to his feet, spitting out dirt and dusting himself along the way. Then, it is off after the others with a frown on his face and air of defeat.

Voices rang out and gave Etsu some alert to who was nearby. She couldn't identify it at this distance, but she believed there was some familiarity to them. She was only a short distance away, out in the forest seeking out more insects to document. She received a tip that there was something new out here and she intended to find it. Still, she's certain she's documented everything around here, including the invasive species. Is there really another one she needs to worry about? So far, there's no report from her insects and admittedly, it was only one person that spoke about it.
Maybe she can search later… Yeah, later is good. So she packs it in and moves up into the trees to get a view of the pathway and see who was out here. Turns out, it was people she knew. Time to drop in.

"Like last time, I doubt we'll come across anything too challenging. The rain let up days ago, so unless more of their cattle got loose and destroyed the barricades we put up, the village should still be safe." Eremi offered to the two as he wanted to fill them in on as much as he could gather. "Though we should still probably remain on the look out. That one cattle that got free packs quite a wallop or so I imagine." A wayward glance given to Chiasa before his focus is returned on the path ahead. "Anyways, assuming we come across anything, Zankuro I'd like you to take point and Chiasa stay close to him. He'll protect you I'm sure. Other than that I'll be there to fill in the void where needed."

Chiasa listens to Eremi as they walk. Her attention is on him, her eyes watching his behaviors. Something is just off. It makes her worry. Did her performance last time really let him down so much? She looks over to Zankuro when Eremi says that she is to stay close to him because he will .. protect her. Her lips draw into a line. Hopefully, in the case of Zankuro, looks are deceiving. "Hai, Eremi-san," She confirms that she will obey his orders regardless. That's something… she really ought to get better at.

Zankuro winks, flashes a grin, and offers Chiasa a thumbs up. "Don't worry Chi-chi! Ol' Zankuro here will keep you nice and safe, and that's a promise you can count on. Ain't that right Cap'n?!" He exclaims boisterously while striding forward to take his position. In passing, Zankuro would try to pat Eremi's shoulders a couple of times, as well as deliver one last wink back at Chiase before turning forward. During that brief span of time Chiasa might catch hints of a change in the Sarutobi's expression. An uncharacteristic seriousness about the young man…

Etsu watches the trio closely as they move closer. Eventually, she drops down from the trees and off to the side of the path they were traveling. "I heard something about an escaped cow," she remarked. "I will join you all in attempting to capture it." She stepped towards the group. "By the way, has anyone heard about any new insect around here? I've been told there's somethin new in these parts, but haven't turned up any clues. Maybe you all might have heard about something?"

Eremi tried his best to not show an inclination one way or another each time Zankuro refered to him as 'Cap'n'. Hoping that it was merely a reference to him being the mission leader and not that he was ANBU Captain…The latter being a secret to civilians and shinobi alike. "Oh, well, I didn't mean now, but…whatever" Commenting on Zankuro taking point so suddenly. "Just keep on north a few hundred yards then head east." If Zankuro was going to lead he should at least know where they're going.
Etsu's sudden arrival was unexpected, not unwelcomed, but worrisome depending on the girls mood. "Sure, no harm in adding another. We aren't after a cow though. It's more…Well… We're just going to check on a village that we visited recently to help protect it from a flood. Chiasa and myself that is. It's strange to be called to go back so soon so we're not really sure what to expect." Not having heard anything about insects Eremi left the question alone.

Chiasa watches Zankuro with a straight face as he calls her 'Chi-chi' and Eremi 'Cap'n.' She honestly just doesn't know what to think of him yet. She thinks she might be able to grow to like him, but he is unlike any person she has ever met before. He'll take some getting used to.
She pauses in her steps when Etsu appears. Alright, so the gang's all here! Hurrying a bit, she catches up again, trying to keep pace with Zankuro. "I haven't heard anything about that," she responds to Etsu's query. And, of course, she wouldn't, being the outsider that she is. People just don't gossip with her. Which is just fine in Chiasa's book, really.

Try as he might, the Sarutobi just can't help but stumble over his own foot after Eremi speaks of the error. Thankfully, he recovers, though he made a point of keeping his eyes set completely forward to avoid letting the two see his embarrassment shine through. As for Etsu, well, Zankuro doesn't so much as visibly start at Aburame's sudden arrival, though his heart certainly skipped a beat or two from the surprise. She also gave him that much more of a reason not to look back, or comment. Her timely arrival was like… the ultimate distraction!
"Yeeah…" Zankuro murmurs, stroking his chin and nodding slyly to himiself. "So, what can we expect cyclops-san if not fleeing cows and floods? Bandits? Undead zombies? Ancient rivals from our previous lives seeking to lure us into the perfect position to enact some totally dastardly plan to finally not only defeat us, but—" He sucks in a deep breath. "-alsocontinuetheirquestforworlddomination!?!"

"Checking on a village. Sounds important," Etsu remarked. "It's unfortunate that you haven't heard anything about the insect or insects. I'll have to keep a look out. I've only been told about this once," she shrugged at Chiasa. "Continuing a quest for world domination is my idea. I haven't started it yet, so…they stole my idea." She fell in line with the rest of the group. "So, how far away is this village?"

"Maybe…" Eremi replies, "But more likely we'll find a bunch of villagers going on about their day. This should just be a simple check up." Should be…Eremi thought. There had never been a reason to go back to check on a contract that was already completed. It didn't feel right and while he was greatful to add Zankuro to the group, it was rather lucky to have Etsu along as well in case something like Bandits or Undead Zombies showed up. "It's a few hours, not too far."
The group would continue on the path and with no sense of urgency would eventually arrive just before sunrise. The village itself was rather calm with the same look to it as when Chiasa and Eremi had left it. The cattle still caged and the sandbags still propped up. There weren't any people around, perhaps all inside. "Alright, Zankuro, now is where you can truly take point. Though I don't see any issues. Maybe knock on some doors see if every thing is ok. Chiasa stay close and Etsu…" He paused to look at the Aburame, "Just do what feels natural."

Chiasa looks around the village, her eyes squinting slightly. She stays close to Zankuro as Eremi instructs her to do, not wanting to cause any problems should something occur. She follows him, allowing Zankuro to do all the talking. She stays a few feet of way, looking out as he might interact with people.
At one point, however, she does stop and kneel on the ground, her eyes closing as she places a hand against it. It might cause her to distance herself slightly should Zankuro continue on, but the woman really just can't stand to feel so blind.

Zankuro looks back at Eremi in surprise. Out of everyone in the group, he expected the great captain to at least call him on the undead zombie suggestion. Sure, it sort of happened before in Konoha, and speaking of it now was sort of in bad taste. But that point aside, what was said made no freaking sense by any stretch of the imagination.
Zombies /are/ undead. So, how can there be an undead undead? Is it instead alive? Does it instead not exist yet exist?
The more Zankuro puzzled over the confusing line of thought, the more red in the face and simply confused in expression. Eventually, the young man's head is hanging to the side as smoke pours out of his ears. Fortunately, at a word from Eremi the Sarutobi not only manages to regain his facilities, but is also back to look all serious and fierce again. "Hai! And do not worry Cap'n. I'll be sure to make sure we stay plenty enough ahead so you and the blue beauty can make with the banana pie!" He exclaims, and without missing a beat steadily picks up the pace to begin knocking on doors and looking out for trouble. Chiasa is left behind just long enough for her to do her work before the Chuunin is back at her side, taking her hand (hopefully), and trying to usher her along with him.
ALL of this he does without breaking that completely straight face.

"Alright. I'm patient," Etsu states, hands slipped into her pockets in a relaxed fashion. The time along their way to the village passes and she's still attempting to seek out any new insects along the way. Nothing turned up, sadly so now her attention is dedicated to the mission at hand upon their arrival. With the instructions she received, she nodded and decided to do what's natural. For h

Eremi stood at the edge of the village as he watched Zankuro and Chiasa approach the first house. The knock on the door went unanswered and while that wasn't troubling, it was suspicious. "Did they all leave?" A glance was given to Etsu knowing she would be able to detect more than possibly anyone else in the group with the help of her kikaichu. He wanted an answer, but turned toward the village as he briefly thought on what a banana pie had to do with anything.

Chiasa rises when she feels Zankuro take her hand. She opens her eyes as he tugs her along, stumbling a few steps as her link with the earth is severed. She didn't sense anything too out of the ordinary, not from the ground anyways. Pulling her mind into focus, she gets back in pace with Zankuro, staying a few steps away, but close to him. She murmurs to Zankuro quietly as they move between houses. "I wonder why the aren't answering." She moves to the door once Zankuro is done knocking and tries to just simply open it, knowing people are within. Her posture is quite relaxed for someone breaking and entering. Chiasa, for whatever reason, likely ignorance, doesn't think anyone is waiting to club her over the head.

The door handle would jiggle and at the same moment it starts to open from Chiasa pushing on it someone on the other side rips it open. Dressed in shinobi gear and an unidentifiable headband the shinobi takes a swing at Chiasa with the blunt end of his blade before attempting to grab a hold of the girl. Doors from around the village would fling open and several more shinobi would pour into the dirt covered streets; some brandishing blades or other weapons while the rest raised their fists. "Give us the girl and no one else has to die!" Which girl wasn't clear, but considering the piles of dead villager bodies that could be seen within each house it was obvious no one was leaving alive.

More by accident then intention, Zankuro spies the skid marks leading to the first house while awaiting an answer. After crouching down for a closer look, a leap in intuition led the chuunin to look over the other houses more closely. "Hmm…. Wait, did you say something?" He asked, pausing mid-chin rub just in time to see the girl brazenly open the door and step inside. It is a face palm worthy moment without a doubt, and if not for the individual standing on the otherside, he may have done just that!
Instead, the Sarutobi found his body moving on its own in an intercept course, and the flesh and bone along the back of his forearm soon stinging from the blow. "Hmph!" Zankuro simulataneously flexes and snaps his arm away, hoping to knock the assasiliant at least a little off balance and creating an opening. Two kunai flung from his free hand would bury themselves in the shinobi's neck with any luck. Regardless of success, Zankuro risks a glance back to investigate the command and other noises from outside.

"Hmm." There didn't seem to be much…going on here. "There's bodies…some lying down and others standing," she repeats the mesage of her kikaichu for the team to hear. "It doesn't appear that people have left. As it turns out, what was seen are bodies. It appears this place is still inhabited, so to speak," she remarked. "If I had to guess, the ones not answering are bodies lying down," she admitted. "Try one of these homes," she pointed out to ones where bodies were seen to be standing.
No sooner than she spoke that, there was an attack against one of their own. Now there's a new problem on their hands. "Looks like Zankuro has the right idea. I imagine that these other homes may contain enemies as well if this is the case." So, she seeks out the homes where there are standing bodies and performs a break in by letting out the floors beneath their feet. At the very least, it shouldn't cause them much damage, but on other hand, it should keep them busy for a bit.

The first shinobi at the door would deftly dodge one of the kunai's hurled at his neck though the second would still manage to graze the skin. Quickly a hand would go up to put pressure against the wound before moving out after the two. Within the homes as more mysterious shinobi began to pour out into the streets one would pause to look back as the floor behind them suddenly opened up, taking bodies of the villagers with them. Two other shinobi weren't as lucky as they're sucked into the foundation, struggling to climb free as bodies fall on top of them.
"Enough!" One of the shinobi's would shout with hands extended. The individual was dressed in brightly colored, red leather armor from head to two. His hands are empty, but two katanas are strapped to his back. "Give us the girl… Now!" This time a hand would be pointing at Chiasa. The rest of the shinobi would find their way to this man, this leader and wait for the signal to strike.

Eremi, curiously, had still done next to nothing as all of this unfolded before him. Simply watching the scene with mild amusement. A popping would be heard within the silent awkward tension, as the cork from his gourd comes undone and he takes a slow swig. Once he's had his fill, he'd glance at those gathered before focusing his eyes on the 'leader.' "No, the girls with us. She's part of Konoha now. You're too late. You take her away. You take on the entire Leaf Village…And that's not something you're prepared for."

Chiasa's eyes widen as a person comes into view with a weapon, aiming to strike her. She doesn't have much time to respond to the blow, but then Zankuro is there. She lets out a breath of relief and takes a few steps back from the doorway, bewildered. Hearing the words being called, 'Give us the girl…' Chiasa looks to Etsu, wondering who they're talking about, but she has a feeling it isn't the Aburame. Chiasa keeps backing away from the house a few steps and forms a hand seal, focusing. Her hand reaches down to the pocket on her leg, pulling free a scroll. She simply holds onto it for now, waiting to see what the others will do before she decides to use it to get herself out of Dodge. If she can at least get away from the other Konoha nin, at least they won't get hurt. Chiasa really hasn't picked up on this whole teamwork thing yet.
Eremi's words stop her from running off though. It's as if they clue her in on a vital part of accepting the hitai-ate that she had been missing. She looks to him, her expression serious. Would they really do that? She stays there motionless, waiting for something in the silence to break.

Zankuro can only spare the man in red so much of his immediate attention before it jerks from Eremi to Chiasa. The wounded shinobi from before is only spared notice once he clears the threshold, still rearing to go by the Sarutobi's account. He was not so fool hardy as to make the first move, but made a point instead to keep shifting just enough to always remain in the most direct path to Chiasa.
"Well, you heard the boss. Though after what you've done to these people-…" Zankuro pauses there for a moment, clenching his hands into tight fists. "I would suggest that you all cut your losses now. Or we…" Zankuro latches back onto the shinobi he wounded, and narrows his eyes. "Or will cut you." A few more centimeters. If the pain did not make it obvious how close the man had come to death, Zankuro hoped the threat would nail it in. And on that note, chakra begins to rapidly surge up within Zankuro, visibly distorting the air to the point that loose bits of clothing and hair danced for a short while.

"I did't think it would have to go this far, but seeing as how serious this has become…" Etsu's cloak burst forth with insects to surround her. "There will be no releasing of any girls. You will leave us with no other option but to take action against you. I suggest you consider what you're up against and think again," she states. "We're ready, but are you?"

"So be it. Your threats are meaningless to us. Once we have that girl in our possession, no one will be able to stand in our way. Not you and not your precious leaf village." During the whole exchange the leader never bothered a glance at the shinobi caught within Zankuro's clutches. His focus remained on the girl. "Attack!" In droves the shinobi swarmed out, jumping into the sky, practically blotting out the sun with their large numbers as they fell upon the Konoha shinobi. Looking to use their numbers to take them out.

The gourd fell from Eremi's hands and before the cord that was tied to his waist became taught, Eremi had already moved. Shifting across the battle field to avoid the first attack quite easily, though the numbers were more than he was prepared for and while most were missed, the blades still managed to find their marks as they cut into his flesh. It stung, bleeding down his side, but he didn't focus on it. Instead continuing to move toward the biggest collection before jumping into the air and delivering a powerful spinning kick with enough force that a miniature whirlwind springs up and races into the mysterious shinobi.

Chiasa looks between all of them, her cheeks flushing slightly. Her hand tightens around the scroll, gently crinkling the outer layer of paper. "Thank you… all." She reaches up to gently wipe a tear from her eye. Her gaze lifts to see the numbers coming down on them. She'll never understand why they won't just let her go.
With a flick of her hand, she unravels the scroll and releases it. Sand pours from the paper, spilling all around her. She releases the scroll and forms her hands into seals. The sand quickly takes shape, resembling the woman. All of the attacks aimed at her hit sand that bursts and begins to reform. Chiasa doesn't attack, but decides to let the others handle that and instead uses her abilities to defend herself and confuse any that might wish to sneak in and grab her.

As their enemies took to the sky, Zankuro spares Chiasa the briefest of glances, catching the flushed cheeks. It is enough to put a cocky smile on the young man's face before his gaze cuts back to the descending hoard. In a matter of seconds, a pattern in their loose formation is not only discerned, but exploited with but the tiniest shifts forward. Zankuro weaves through the gaps with nary a direct glance at his opponents, seemingly dancing while sliding a hand along the scrolls in his bandolier. A bad call and the summoning of a buckler leaves him bleedin from the arm.
Undaunted, the young man casts aside the buckler without a second thought and flashes through seals. The weak-willed would fall beneath the weight of his gaze. It is the closest thing Zankuro gives to mercy, because those that assualted Chiasa first would find themselves having to deal with bullets of oil and flame and street justice!.*

Etsu sighed to herself. This is despicable. She lifted her head to observe all the shinobi that were beginning to converge on the team. As they fell down near her, she lifted up insects to block their descent and push them aside. Though, one managed to break through and cut her with his blade. She hissed, though she found favor in this situation as he was now near enough to be one of the first to have the insects converge on his body and attack every part of his body.
From him a large cloud arose and extended out to attack all the other enemy shinobi that were in the way in the same fashion.

The mysterious shinobi would continue their assault, some keeping their distance while others lunged forward. Where the whirlwind raced across the field, the baddies found themselves sucked inside, spun around and tossed aside. Those surrounding Zankuro would suddenly drop to their hands and knees as if fighting some invisible force pushing them further and further into the ground.
Those that had converged on Chiasa would only strengthen their resolve upon seeing the girls abilities first hand. Though some screamed in agony as they strained to reach for their backs where flames had suddenly splattered against them, searing into the flesh. The same high pitched scream emanating from a few that found themselves covered in swarms of kikaichu unable to react.
The 'leader' that hadn't moved yet suddenly streaked through the streets, racing toward Chiasa with one hand extended in hopes of grasping onto the girls strawberry blond hair. If a handful is grabbed the 'leader' would not stop, simply use his momentum to drag the girl behind him as he hurried out the village and into the forest beyond while leaving the mysterious shinobi behind to press the attack.
Eremi dealing with his own problems can only see the leader take off and hope that Zankuro is able to step in assuming Chiasa isn't able to hanlde the mess herself. Not wanting to be too far behind though, Eremi pushes back harder with a flurry of kicks and fists aimed at those closest to him.

Chiasa and her clones all take a defensive posture, staying put where she is and letting the others fight the shinobi around her. If she stays put, it will allow them to know where the attacks are coming from. However, eventually, anyone observing will be able to figure out which shape isn't a clone since she has no walls or trees to hide and weave in and out of the create confusion. She bites her lip, wishing she had the ability to do more.
Seeing the others get hurt tears her up inside. She hates for others to endure pain because of her, but she'll not waste their effort by trying to run away and just making the situation worse. That would just be an insult to the Konoha shinobi.
Someone attempts to punch her and meets sand, but then she is caught off-guard. Her eyes turn toward the leader in red and she feels her body suddenly yanked backward. She shrieks at the pain coursing through her scalp, her hands fluttering over her body in search of something. After a moment, she produces a kunai and reaches back to slice through her hair. He would feel her burden suddenly become light, holding only the pale strands between his fingers. The kunai drops to the ground and she turns to face him, fury in her eyes.

He made her cut her own hair.

It's really just a frivolous thing and in any other circumstances, she wouldn't care. But this is just the icing on the cake and Chiasa just.. can't stand it any longer.
Her hands fold into seals and the clones rise up once more and rush the man, aiming to explode against him.

The screams of agony elicits no joy in the Sarutobi, but neither does he regret his actions. If you mess with Konoha, you better be prepared to get raked! 'Oh… oh, I gotta remember that!' A grinning Zankuro thought, lowering his guard for just a moment to long. Chiasa's shriek cuts through the other mental self-praises like a hot knife through butter.
"Chiasa-chan!" He whips around and calls out, relaxing his guard. The first to try and take advantage of the situation finds a kunai in his spine or back after Zankuro sweeps behind in him in a few a few elegant steps. "I'm coming!" He calls out before instinctively stepping to the side to avoid another swipe. The new attacker is not given even a passing glance by the Sarutobi. Zankuro only had eyes for those between him and at then kneeling(?) Chiasa. In seconds, a course is set, hand seals are formed, and a barrage of well-timed fireballs unleashed on that path. With the exception of the last two meant for the far off leader, the rest were mostly meant to clear the way for the Sarutobi.
He doesn't hesitate for a moment mid-dash to unleash the gates, pushing himself to the point of becoming a blur on the battle field. "OoooooriaaaaAAAAHHH!!" He calls out at the last moment, delivering a high-speed elbow strike hopefully at the leaders throat!

Etsu heard the screech ring out from Chiasa and turned her attention away to see where she was at. She nearly had another blade come for her, but it became trapped in the thick wall of kikaichu along with others headed for her. She decided to clear the area before her by gathering up nano insects and lifting her hands to her face. When the column of insects lowered, she blew on the small sphere to send out a jet of them across the landscape and clear a path for her to draw closer to Chiasa. "We should draw nearer to her so we can provide better support!"

One by one the mysterious shinobi that once darkened the skies would instead fill the streets with their lifeless bodies as they succumbed to their wounds be it from sand, fire, poison or blunt force trauma. The few remaining stragglers that weren't caught up in the poisonous mists would scurry over toward their 'leader' that was dealing with his own frustrations and expecting a call to retreat.
No such would be given however as the man in red freed the clump of hair only to unsheathe both katanas strapped to his back. "We can not give up. This is why we need the girl!" Exclaiming as he cut effortlessly through the sand clone only to be overpowered by the next until it dissipated back into sand. The flames that followed from Zankuro appeared to ricochet off the mans armor. Not because the armor was too strong or the attack was too weak, but because the leader shifted enough for the flames to barely lick against the leather before continuing on behind him. Positioning himself in time to bring up the flat of the blade to block against the charging elbow.
"Attack!" The leader shouted and simultaneously the remaining mysterious shinobi charged forward with blades at the ready swinging at whomever was closest.

Catching sight of Zankuro rush forward, unleashing the gates as they did, Eremi wanted to reprimand the other, but it wasn't his place to do so and especially not now. Instead the Satonezu would run wide around the poisonous mist, coughing instinctively as he did until he got a clear shot. His target was the leader and as Eremi suddenly vanished from where he was, he reappeared beneath the leader with a heel direct at the mans chin. Considering Zankuro knew the gates, hopefully he knew some powerful moves to go with it…

As the others rush to her defense, Chiasa is overwhelmed with gratitude. Though the situation has become serious, she can't help but grin. So this is what it means to have people that you don't know care for you, just because of who you are. Family, yes that's one thing. But this is different. They don't owe her any of this support. In fact, it likely would have been a lot safer for them to just hand her over to the man.
She backs off of the leader as Etsu, Zankuro, and Eremi close in to defend her, letting them handle fighting him. He seems skilled and she doesn't want to flounder and get in their way. Instead, she defends herself. It's easy to tell her apart from the clones now that the back of her hair is a mess. It sticks out in every direction, looking wild. Her clones still maintain the normal appearance though since she simply can't visualize how she looks now. As a result the attackers are getting more accurate in pinpointing the girl. A blade sticks into her back rather suddenly, causing Chiasa to emit a pained groan. She growls then, reforming her clones as she turns and sending her clones at whoever is behind her. A hand reaches back to jerk the kunai out of her ribs, the metal clanking to the ground as she releases it. For now, she ignores the wound, letting it bleed as it will. Her body is amped up with too much adrenaline to feel the pain.

Never once before has the Sarutobi pushed himself so far. So, it came as some surprise as pain shoots through him just from impacting the blade. The worse of it however would not come until he landed on his feet. He stumbles for a moment, but recovers quickly enough to evade one of the shinobi and the leader, if only by the narrowest margins.
"Guess… heheh… I see why now… these gates… are forbidden." He says between ragged breathes. Gritting his teeth, the red-skinned chuunin forces himself back into a more defensible position before taking a deep solid breath. "Submit!" He cries out while slamming his hands together into a seal. All those within his gaze would feel an intense pressure battering their mind, demanding that they kneeled or face far worser consequences.

Etsu continued with her assault on the shinobi here. The bodies were piling up, but it wasn't enough. She had to do more. She called forth more kikaichu and used them to cover Chiasa saying, "My apologies, but I'm going to try and hide your presence from the enemy," she spoke, sending them towarard her. They'd help her to blend into the environment and hopefully in the chaos, they'd assume she escaped. The rest of her concentration was focused on attacking and ensuring the enemies felt the worst pain imaginable in their lives.

The kick to the chin would connect, sending the 'leader' high into the sky with no chance of recovering. Though with Zankuro exhausted from the use of the Gates the leader simply crashed back into the ground with a thud, blades knocking free from his hands and skidding several feet away.
"Come with us or you'll die." Random mysterious shinobi #8 would exclaim moments before being jumped by two sand clones that while one managed to tackle the other dispersed, covering the man from head to toe with the gritty, granular substance.
As for the remaining shinobi they'd drop to the ground beside their leader as an invisible force once again comes from no where, pushing them into the dirt. They'd fight against the pressure, but to no avail and too late to do so as the poisonous cloud blows in, filling their lungs and entering their blood stream. The force and poison too much, they'd cough their final breath until there was nothing but silence from them.

The 'leader', also inahling the mist would struggle to breath, finding the task much harder with Eremi's foot pressed down against the mans chest. "I…" Pausing briefly simply to grab at the gourd and drink from its short neck, paying no heed to the convulsions beneath him. "I don't care what your reasons for hunting Chiasa might be, but she's a Konoha shinobi and we stick together no matter what. Even if you managed to get away with her and succeed in your goals, we would have hunted you down and extinguished every last one of you…It doesn't matter though, the poison has filled your lungs and without proper treatment, you're dead, and I doubt any one among us has the sympathy to help you survive.." A brief glance would be given around the village, catching sight of the dead bodies within each house as he did so. "If you're lucky though, maybe one of them has enough sympathy to end you quickly from your suffering…" Picking his foot up, Eremi turned about and started to walk away. "I surely don't."

Chiasa falls still as the bugs cover her, her sand becoming motionless and inert. Her eyes linger on Etsu as she is shielded in the mass, not wanting to move because… head lice. While she appreciates what Etsu is doing, Chiasa is just that creeped out by being covered in bugs.
She watches as the rest of the shinobi are consumed in .. some weird form of mind control and bugs and and poison and death and blood. Her eyes fall on Eremi at the end of it all watching him as he drinks with his foot on the man. While she does feel sympathy for them and didn't actually try to kill anyone through the whole ordeal herself, she won't offer to help. He has caused to much pain and suffering for what? For her? Not worth it at all.
Chiasa waits until Eremi passes her. She lingers for a moment, watching the leader and then turns to follow him, murmuring, "Drinks are on me when we get back…. Thank you for.." Her words trail off, not really sure how anything she could say would equate to what gratitude she has. Words just feel short somehow.
Hopefully, at some point during these proceedings, Etsu will take her lice back.

Zankuro felt a leg give out the moment the illusion settled into the minds of his victim. Though the crashing kneel sends another mind numbing shock to the brain, he held on to his focus long enough to begin resealing the gates. Even with one burden gone the lingering effects kept the Sarutobi on the ground, but alert to the changes in the battle ground. Belatedly, he catches sight of the fallen leader. Righterous spured him into forming the first few seals he hoped would put an end to the fight, but seeing what followed closely after… well, there wasn't much point then.
Zankuro eventually found the strength to rise again, and expand his search until he found Chiasa. "Whew… That was… *double blinks*… Wait… Aww, Chi-chi! That wound!" With a wince, Zankuro rushes towards her. "Just hold on a sec and let me treat it!" He is already in the midst of summoning a supply kit from a scroll, completely ignoring the still suffering leader along the way.

Etsu called back the insects to her and cleared the village of their presence. This is what she considers a proper bug extermination. These were pests that needed to be extinguished from this village they infested. Such a bother… "My kikaichu told me of how uncomfortable you were when they cloaked you. I can assure you, they were just as uncomfortable having to cover a body they weren't accustomed to. At the very least, they were outside of you and not inside," she joked blandly about Chiasa's condition.
"Where's my treatment? Don't chase after the option that's the shiniest. I got cut three different times," she pointed out her wounds in mock insult to Zankuro. "You can heal me along the way."

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