Bloodline Haunting Past - Part 1


Kitaru, Luna (emitter)

Date: July 24, 2012


While Kitaru was training for taijutsu, a hunter nin of the Gansao clan caught up to him

"Bloodline Haunting Past - Part 1"

Blood Pits of Kirigakure

Kitaru was smart. Now that he figured out the proper chakra required for that detection seal, any time he was anywhere for a length of time, the spheres with the seal on it were rolled out. Afterall, who would notice small beads sitting in the corner of a room or by a tree? Either way, the path a short distance up to the pit were seeded with them while Kitaru continued his training within the pit. It was getting dark, other than the purple glow from his chakra flowing about him as he went through different manuvers. It seems he was trying to expand his capabilities, grow into the tai part that the Gansao are famous for mastering all three. In the end, it was hard work and he prefered to be alone.

Alone was merely preference for today his fate was to be interrupted. Someone had been searching for Kitaru, long ago when he had left from the Land of Rice, it had been years now long enough to erase Kitaru from the history of the clan, though there were still those that remembered him… For better or for worse. The detection seal flickered silently, alerting Kitaru that someone was nearby and approaching. It was still quite dark, and as the figure stepped in only a shadow could be seen. "Gansao Kitaru?" A voice called out to him, it was a sweet, calm voice, feminine but vert stern, only moments later he would also notice something interesting, a thick black aura creeping along the mouth of the cave swallowing the light, A gansao herself, but who?

Alerted as he was with the detection seals, those spheres were already set with the needed seals to cause explosions, depending on who showed up. Indeed, he had reached out with that dark cloak to hide himself with his genjutsu. However that aura was.. familiar. It wasn't his.. but.. a Gansao? Even more on alert, he'd finally speak up from across the pit, watching the person at the entrance. "Before I answer one way or another, can I ask who is seeking Gansao Kitaru?"

"You only state the obvious with a comment like that, Kitaru-san," Her eyes remained quite still, though the purple aura that gave way soon revealed that she wasn't just a shadow, she was a beautiful young woman with long locks of thick caramel, and her eyes glistened a soft hazel despite her menacing surroundings. " Its been years… and you probably don't even remember me… Neverthe less," I need to know what you have been doing all this time, i have spent quite a bit of months even close to a year to figure out where you have been hiding all this time… You will never be able to run away from your past, especially your own blood," Her cloak bellowed lightly, despite being a hunter she didn't wear a mask over her face, instead the cloak began to cover along her body, covering her face and rushing down to her finger tips, if his memory was intact he would notice she also looked familiar, student from the academy… Gansao Arinko.

Kitaru frowned as the cloak worked over her. A slow shake of his head was given as he lifted both hands up. One held the spheres, the other his mirror. "I have been making my life because you and yours didn't want anything to do with me. You aren't going to drag me back now." Eyes narrowed on his enemy across the pit, completely oblivious to who it was from way back then. "Leave. Run. Now. Or you're going to be buried in Kiri's soil."

"I never said I was going to draw you back," Arinko spoke boldly, she emotioned into a quick fighting stance, the cloak dancing around her form. The spheres had thrown her off just a little bit, and his aura was something she wasn't expecting. " Its a surprise as to how someone like you can walk around with that cloak… How someone like you can even wield it, with a vicious growl she lunged forward, her hands induced with chakra, attempting to smash a tightly curled fist right into his chest, followed through with a matching powerful strike right into the stomach, the cloak wraps in, and even attempts to invade his flesh and into his body, she was testing him…Testing to see just how much stronger he had gotten on his own. "You are going to be buried here…"

She attacked at that image, the strikes impacting.. and going right through as the image gleamed then faded away. His voice was dark as it echoed within the pit. "Fine. I guess we're about to find out who buries who." Attempting to catch her with his mirror when she'd look around for him, the stillness of the mirror would reach out via that illusion to pin her down, force her to be still. Even as the mirror attempted to latch on to his target, both spheres were launched at her, one to each side and as they rolled in the air, that explosive tag was shown right before twin explosions erupted around her.

it seemed as though he truly was attempting to bury here within the cave, with a fist smashing into nothing but air, the hunter was annoyed, quickly turning around to look at him only to catch her own reflection in the mirror, she couldn't move, not even an inch. "Genjutsu…" Arinko whispered quietly under her breath, knowing fully well what Kitaru might indeed be capable of, he was on the path of genjutsu with his cloak, rather than her own taijutsu. Caught in a single explosion, the second was danced around, and her speed amplified to catch up with him while she attempted a ninjutsu. " Water Release! Water Prison technique!" A gulf of water risen from the springs surging in Kitaru's direction, hopefully to place him in a bubble of water chakra, only for the dark cloaked woman to slam a fist right into his chest smashing him against the walling of the cave. "You need to give up now…"

Kitaru stepped back as the water came flowing at him, that mirror enlarging before him as the reflection of the attack was shown within that image. Both would impact in midair, causing the water to flow into the pit while Arinko had to chase Kitaru off to the side with her attack. Once again he caught her image in it, her fist matching her own as that one brief moment it felt like she punched herself. The next instance, he was gone again to the side. Shaking his head solemnly, those spheres would start orbiting over Arinko's head, two, then four of them circling above her as the reflections caught her every detail from above. Once they locked in, those images warped, twisting out of the small mirrors to reach down, locking on to Arinko, pushing her towards the water below, stressing her body with that forced work just to take a simple breath. "This is the last time. Leave. You leave now, I don't have to kill you. I don't have to report you to Kirigakure. I don't shred your soul."

Arinko was quickly forced down into the waters, as her *selves* began to pull her down, though she knew very well what was going on now, and she could feel it in her cloak. " Kai!" She exclaims, disrupting the chakra in her body, his genjutsu hold over her as she let out a quiet stutter. " This has nothing to do with Kirigakure you imbecile," "This has everything to do with either killing you or bringing you back to the village… Dead or alive," From above another Arinko came down, the cloak bellowing about her body as she attempts to slam him down right into the waters, a simple kick to the shoulder blade followed by the inducing chakra to penetrate his flesh.

Kitaru didn't expect the attack from above so was way too slow to get out of the way of that attack. Smashed down to a knee, he'd growl softly. A sphere thrown through the shadow clone at where Arinko was held in the water, it'd once again roll to show that explosive tag. As the explosion erupted, dispersing the water into a small shower in the cave, Kitaru was going through a set of hand seals. Suddenly from all around Arinko mirrors started to develop, forming out of the darkness around them to enclose her within a cylinder of mirrors. As soon as one caught her eyes, it'd lock her much like the brief reflection had before. All of the mirrors forced that stillness, fighting her very body to keep her stuck within that control of the illusion.

Catching Arinko with that entrapment he'd go through more hand seals. The dark malice that flowed with his chakra dripped in his words. "Mirror Edge: Void Mirror." That mirror that had Arinko's attention would expand, drawing her mental state within the mirror's world. She was held suspended, a diminutive dot within the mirror's reflection. The mirror itself would darken, the dark malice that was only hinted out within the chakra was a living thing within this world that would tear into Arinko, shredding her soul itself, ripping her apart into painful fragments before she'd snap back to her body, something definitely lost of her essance within the mirror itself.

Arinko was completely crushed, though she did finally manage an attack of her clone it wasn't enough, and she soon lost control over it as the explosive tag set off right by her feet and her body was entraped once again witin the mirrors. "What is this…?" Arinko spoke softly, feeling her body become engulfed as an even larger mirror began to fill the area infront of her, it was a wide reflection of herself until it had turned black, and her soul quickly began to get ripped into shreds right before her eyes, it was merely an instance but as the attack finalized she drop to her knee, her powerful cloak was rendered down into what seemed to be just a foggy aura… She was getting weaker and it was showing.

"Kitaru-san…" Arinko quietly looked back up at him, her body was pained but there wasn't really remorse on that face of hers, there was a hint of content intstead. " You have become… a powerful shinobi, you need to come back to the village…" She paused lightly, still keeping up wit the trauma that had lapsed her. " I was told to kill you or bring you back by force…But maybe, maybe if you come back they will understand just how strong you've actually become.."

Kit palmed three spheres, staring at Arinko. "They throw me out. They put me on a boat and hope I die. Then.. then when I survive. When I become stronger than they think I could be.. Then they want me back?" Kit would glare, those three spheres thrown for the explosions to erupt around her as he'd shout. "I am not going back!! They turned on me, so I turn on them! If they want me, tell them to send someone that can actually do the job!!"

Explosion after explosion and deep irritation, it was becoming more difficult for her to even think about getting away from Kitaru, she took in the explosions though finally managing to dodge away, she was running out of time and painfully beat, "If that is the way you want it…Then that is the way it will be," Her voice was harsh and so was her irritation, her cloak began to disspitate and she merely put a hand in her pocket, taking out what seemed to be a golden pill and popping it into her mouth, her body began to react accordingly, Her cloak was starting to kick back up again, with her hands slipping into her pouch she also chucked a barrage of kunai, letting off a large barrage of explosive tags to coat the area and send the springs slightly rocking with all the explosions that had occured already.

Annoyance was one way to put it. That seal used from the mirror had him able to stop the first set of explosions. As that second couplet of kunai came at where he was at, they'd erupt about Kitaru. The image would fall like he was hit, drawing her attention there for a moment as he worked on his own attacks. Once again he went through those seals, the area before Arinko having a massive mirror expand to fill the whole area. Her reflection was once more a diminutive spec within the center of it. That instant of swapping her mind to the mirror's world as the dark malice shredded her soul once more that would tear at her essance itself. Kitaru once again stood across the pit from her as the attack would fade, small mirror in one hand, two spheres in the other. He stood, staring at Arinko. What could of been and will never be.

Her spirit was torn yet again, and she could feel her energy slipping away, not even a bit of chakra was left for her to be able to push on her strikes… She attempted to Kai but it didnt quite work and instead impaled herself deeply with the edge of her kunai, it didn't work… She cringed, almost feelign her heart slipping as it became incredibly difficult to breath, she was heaving rather than panting, hand pressing against the cold springs, "Then you have declared war against your clan…" Arinko suddenly speaks out, she tosses a kunai infront of Kitaru, a blinding flash soon ensued to keep him at bay…She couldn't stick around and risk death. If all went well she began to slip out from the mouth of the cave… Quickly returning from wince she came… If she even had to the strength to do that.

"I have no clan! They refused to assist me, so now I refuse to assist them!" That seal flared to life on his mirror as the flashbang went off, the pulse of sound bouncing from the seal about him. By the time he was able to contact those detection seals however, she was gone. He cursed softly, his shoulders drooping as he'd stare at the pool of water that had been left behind in the pits. Great. Now the Gansao are going to be after him.. Clenching his hands tighter about the spheres and the mirror, he'd get a determined look on his face. Fine. If they want to come after him, then it was going to be war.. just like Arinko said.

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