Bloody Justice


Shuuren, Kiku, Aoitsuki

Date: August 5, 2012


Shuuren hires a duo of Kirigakure shinobi to help dish out justice on one of his pirated cruise ships, Kiri-Style.

"Bloody Justice"

Land of Water - The middle of the Ocean

When Shuuren and Kiku arrived back from the latest mission she was sent on for him by the village, the Jounin heard some rather disturbing news. Apparently, the captain of the pirate crew he, Odo, Kiku, and Takeda recently took down had a brother that is the captain of his own vessel. In the name of revenge, this one has taken a cargo ship and a luxury travel ship of Shuuren's that is filled with passengers hostage in the middle of the ocean. They are demanding that Shuuren bring himself to them and pay double what they ransom was going to be for his head. However, this particular Medical Ninja isn't weak in compassion like some, and this course of action sailed him off, so he made a quick request to the Mizukage for shinobi backup and has been sent on his way with two Chuunin. The leaders of Kirigakure are probably pretty happy with how much money Shuuren's been bringing into their vilage lately through business and missions. He's quite the business relations expert.

Something most wouldn't expect of a guy who can pay people to do most things for him, Shuuren is actually at the helm of the ship he, Aoitsuki, and Kiku are riding toward the spot where the vessels are being held hostage and sailing like a professional. This is probably something he learned for business ventures and for occassions like this. "Bloody pirates," he grumbles out as their ship speeds away toward their destination, looking calm but definitely waved of right now.

Kiku had just returned when she got her summons. The girl blinks and sighs before heading back home, and getting her gear. Which isn't much anymore. The girl just grabbed a velvet shirt with the back cut out, and some fitted pants. She had to have Noriko tie the back of the shirt for her, as it only ties around the neck, and the waist.

What Kiku didn't expect was to see Aoi was assigned to the mission. THe girl blushes a bit, and sits on the completely opposite side of Shuuren. The girl does everything she can not to look at Shuuren, and act tough. Of course, there's a scroll of strawberries that she's quietly munching on as she waits. More pirates, but unlike last time…She has bones…

A mission like this was something Aoitsuki wouldn't hesitate to join in upon, it seemed to be her own personal preference as of late. As Shuuren sailed Aoitsuki simply stayed in her place at the foot of the boat legs crossed along one another and hands rested gently in her lap. As always her long locks of golden hair flowed down her cheeks and back, her body was adorned in a long beautiful spring time kimono, a lime green and orange sash tied along her waist, she was completely silent, not a word came from her as her eyes idly glanced along the skies above, she didn't seem all there, but then again lately she had been rather… distant, in terms of personality.

"How far are we from the location?" Aoitsuki suddenly asks, tilting her head to the side, fairly curious as to when it might be time to ready herself, her eyes moved from the sky, peering intently at both Kiku and Shuuren, things seemed… Off but it didn't much matter to her at the moment.

Though he notices Kiku purposely sitting opposite of Aoitsuki, Shuuren makes no effort to bring it up. Of course, that may be because he's in a pretty foul mood right now. If this matter isn't dealt with efficiently, it could severely screw up his reputation. When Aoitsuki speaks, he glances over to her before looking back to the horizon. His eyes narrow a bit as he spots three ships sitting in the water with their anchors down in the distance. "… Right up there. Get ready," he says, a bit of frustration clear in his normally smooth voice. He reaches into his coat and withdraws a food pill from a capsule, holding it up in front of him for a moment. The Roman Number 'II' is inscribed on it, its color a gold. Seems he's not planning on playing games with these pirates today. He takes the pill into his mouth swallows it, eyes widening slightly as chakra begins to flow more freely through his body. "Be sure not to harm any of my crewmen or passengers, but feel free to kill the pirates as painfully as you wish."

Kiku takes one last strawberry, and finishes it before getting up. She stretches and takes a deep breath. This is going to be a royal pain. Kiku henges herself into the guise of a regular passenager. AKA, she henges herself into a bikini…THe woman waits, and once they get close enough, she gets on the boat. She dispatches of two of the pirates before going inside, and then does something royally weird. She yells out to get the pirates to come to her! Hopefully this'll get her to where the hostages are much faster then just random slaughtering.

"I will have to make sure to leave the boat intact then…" Aoitsuki spoke softly, finally she began to rise to her feet, chakra flowed through her body as well, and at the notice of the golden pill, Aoitsuki also began to undergo a rather interesting transformation. The temperature within the boat would instantly begin to drop, a cold rush of chilling air sweeping about her, the brillant locks of golden hair had turnd a pale snowwhite, "Is that how you want to handle it? Unfortunately I don't think the pirates will be very forgiving of a stray passenger… Or if they haven't already seen us already… I can fog this area…To make it more difficult…"
When Kiku henges, Shuuren glances over to her and smirks slightly. "Nice look… But, you really think three ships worth of pirate guards aren't going to see us coming a mile away?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow. "Were we in a stealth vessel, you might be able to pull that off, but they're going to see us approaching. Our story is simple, you two were on a trip with me when we got the news about the ransom. They'll believe that without even a blink." Considering who he is and his wealth, most wouldn't consider it an uncommon sight for him to be traveling with beautiful women.

"Once we're on board and start the discussion of them letting the passengers go, you may infiltrate them as you wish. When I give the signal, kill them. Do what you must to separate the pirates from the passengers. This is not a mission of peace. This is punishment." Lookinng directly to Aoitsuki, he asks, "Create that gof, yes, and I'm sure you have an Ice Jutsu capable of putting holes in their ship large enough to sink it?"

Kiku looks away a little bit, and takes a deep breath. She unhenges. "Sorry. I don't plan well.", she says. THe woman takes a moment to let a bone grow out of her skin. Its got some blood on it, and the skin had ripped open slightly. She still needs a little bit of time to adjust to that. THe woman puts it back, and relaxes. Kiku looks at Aoi, and nods her head a little bit. Kiku tries to think for a moment, but then gives it up. Anyone with a weapon, kill. Anyone without, don't kill. And whenever possible, Genjutsu them into scuttling themselves and then kill them.

"That…shouldn't be a problem," Aoitsuki soon replies back to Shuuren it was a pretty straight forward mission, she didn't really understand the infilirtration process but at the same time it wasn't a matter to her either. "Lets just finish this as soon as possible," Briefly she glanced at her nails, brushing a hand along her cheek as she let out on tired sigh, her transformation toned down just alittle bit, as they began their approach to their destination.

"And that is why you follow a Jounin on a mission," Shuuren says, teasing her just a touch. He reaches into his jacket and grabs a scroll, unrolling it to summon his pearl-white cane with a golden lion's head on the handle with a puff of smoke. "You'll get better. It just takes experience to plan ahead well enough for some missions." He gives a nod to Aoitsuki in response before looking ahead as they approach the ships. Studying them over, he finds the captain standing on none other than the luxury travel ship. "What a dirtbag," he says with a snicker as he pulls the ship parrallel to that one, the other two right beside it, all tied off together by several large ropes and anchored down. "When they open the briefcase, that will be your signal."
"Hey, kid!" the captain's deep, arrogant voice rings out as he shouts across at Shuuren. "Sorry to interrupt your vacation. You better have brought my damn money!" A laugh is heard from most of the pirates on the decks, something they likely have to fake at times to stay on their captain's good side.
"Yes, I have it," the Jounin calls back, walking over on the deck of his ship and pulling up a hidden door to pull the briefcase from. Pretty elaborate for just fooling some pirates. "You'd best keep to your word and leave my ships when I hand it over," he says before leaping across the gap between the ships and landing directly in front of the captain. "Now, let's settle this."

Kiku sighs a little bit. She hasn't told Aoi about Shuu yet. The woman takes a moment to adjust herself, and moves to Shuuren's side. Kiku rolls her neck a little bit, and hops up onto the ladder leading up to the deck. She's not going to sit there, and give away what she is. A normal girl doesn't just hop from ship to ship…Kiku takes a few moments to adjust to whats going on, and counts the pirates. A quick check to see their positions as well. The woman looks back at Aoi, and waits to see where Aoi goes before Kiku decides on where she goes.

"Shuuren-sama! Wait for Us!" Aoi called out to him as he launched himself to the top of the boat, she offered Kiku an innocent glance, her serious and mostly expressionless face had turned suddenly into an innocent, worried young woman, she scrambled along the boat, almost as if she was slipping through some of the water and made her way towards the edge of the boat, with the rope tie connecting both of the boats together she climbed, or at least tried to, her legs and feet slip a few times, causing her to fall and slam back into the boat on the boat. "Ouch…" She hushed herself quietly, shaking her locks and trying to get up again, "Do you mind helping me up?" She asked Kiku, attempting once again to climb up the rope, and cling on to any pirate that might help her up as well to catch the situation… Aoi was playing her part, and surprisingly enough it wasn't killing her.

"Alright.. Just hand it over, and we'll let all your people go," the captain says with a chuckle, motioning for one of his men to take the briefcase from Shuuren. The man gives a nod and gleefully approaches Shuuren, knowing in moments, he'll have millions of ryo in his hand. He is handed the briefcase without resistance and steps back over to the captain.
Shuuren glances back to the girls as they pretend to be clumsy and slugging, a faint smile touching his lips before he looks back to the pirates with a serious look. "Now, hold up your part of the deal. Get the fleet off my ships."
"Not so fast, junior," the captain says with a chuckle. "The price went up. Maybe I'll demand a meal with your friends there, or maybe I want that cane you're holding." As he speaks, the man holding the briefcase holds it up and opens it with the other hand to look at the money. However, what he is greeted with is a mechanism that has struck flames on papers bombs… AN ENTIRE BRIEFCASE FULL OF THEM! The man yells out and runs toward the edge of the ship, intending to throw them over.
"You want it?" Shuuren asks with a chuckle. "Take it." With that, he drives the end of the cane into the captain's nose, breaking it and causing him to stumble back before the Jounin turns and throws a hard forward-thrust-kick to send the man with the briefcase flying off the side of the ship with it. As he falls far away form the ship, the tags explode, leaving little but bits and pieces of him of him falling into the sea as the counter-siege of the ship has begun.
In a panic, the pirates that were helping Aoi and Kiku start running toward them, intending to capture them and hold them hostage as leverage on Shuuren… They're likely about to be quite surprised.

Kiku normally calls out her blade from her shoulder, since its a large blade. This time though, as pirate helps her up on the ship, she looks at Aoi, and smiles as she offers a hand to the other girl. Her other hand is right at the pirate. Slowly the skin parts, and the pirate would see blood pouring out, and falling to the ship deck as a point comes out of her hand. Then SPLAT! THe pirate is impaled against the wall with a bloodied bone sword.
Kiku grabs the camellia blade, and goes into a dance, looking back at Aoi a bit, watching out for her partner. While her steps are heavy, her dancing is elegant. It seems that all that time in the armor kept her from moving the way she should move…Now that the Shikot has been activated….

Aoitsuki was finally helped up along the side of the deck, grasping tightly to Kiku's hand before finally setting herself up, she lightly brushed off her kimono as the fighting began to start, explosions and blood, It was a little bit on the gross sight even for aoi, but nevertheless she continued with the plan, wanter began to rush and rise from the side of the deck, needles and needles of bladed water motioning to impale into the various pirates on her side of the boat with a few hand sign gestures, the deck was becoming filled with water, from the amount of needles pelting the area, but finally she moved further along the deck, while Kiku and Shuuren did their worse she moved along to find out just where the hostages were being captured, swiftly, and hopefully successfully disappearing.

"You little rudder!" the captain yells out as he charges Shuuren with blood dripping from his nose. As he does so, a drop of blood flies from his nose and ends up on Shuuren's jacket. This draws a glance from the Jounin and then a look back up at the captain that says he just made the worst mistake of his shortly-to-be-ended life. In a flash, Shuuren's blade is unlocked and drawn, and he steps around the man, slicing his Achillles tendons and causing him to fall down on his face. Other pirates charge him, only to be met with quick slices of blade to their throats and the cane part to their chest to cause them to fall overboard while their captain lays on the deck screaming profanities at Shuuren.
On the girls' end, pirates are falling left and right. Really, their skill level is pretty pathetic. It's only their numbers that make them dangerous. Most of the ones in front of Aoitsuki are dispatched quite easily by her jutsu as she searches for the hostages. The fact that a little girl down the hall in what's likely the dining hall of the place is banging on the locked door and crying for them to be let out. On the cargo ship, the crew of the ship call out to Kiku for help, as pirates are beginning to attack them, and a few of them are already pretty sliced up and on the ground.
On the pirate ship, some commotion is seen as the anchor begins to be hoisted up from the sea. It seems some of them are planning on getting away. "Hey, Aoi, you forget something?" Shuuren calls out to her as he battles more of the pirates.

Kiku jumps over to the cargo ship, and then puts herself in place between the pirates and the crew. She raises her hand, and a symbol for fear comes out on a bone. THe first pirate drops down to his knees. The other pirates charge past him. Kiku quickly goes to work on mass slaughtering as blood rains down on her. Its not long before she gets before the pirate on his knees. There's this look of pure evil on Kiku's face right now. She grabs said pirate, and he gets dragged back, screaming, and pleading. Of course, Kiku made sure the cargo ship is nice, safe, and secured. For now, Kiku intends to show that Keisuke's bone maidan attack isn't the scariest thing a Kaguya can do to a person…Down into the bowels of the cargo hold disappears the Kiku, and her….Experiment…

The Hostage situation was undercontrol, people banging on one of the side doors asking for help, she placed a finger against her lips, attempting to shush them for now, after all they were completely safe all she had to do was open the door for them, though noting Shuuren's voice she turned her attention to the fleeing boat, nodding her head back to him. " I almost forgot…" Stepping to the side of the boat, she focused, her chakra emitting and suddenly to spiraling icy auras began to form around her, circling until finally they exploded forward, twisting and whirling around one another before spreading out towards the pirate boat, the cutting slicing push of ice slams into the hull of the pirate ship, from the side all the way to the bottom of the ship drilling two large holes within its base, it was enough to start flooding of the ship, and inevitably its down fall if they couldn't fill up the two massive holes somehow…

Continuing to fight the pirates, Shuuren looks around as takes them down by striking arteries and other important areas with his blade. As he notices Kiku going down in the ship with a pirate to torture him, he blinks and lifts an eyebrow. "… Aoi, did Kiku really just abandon her post in a mission to go torture some guy to death instead of sticking to the fight at hand?" he asks, finding that a bit odd and rather irresponsbile. As a pirate runs at him, he drives his blade into hit gut in a spinning motion then uses the casing of the blade to send him flying off the ship. Though a bit confused on what Kiku is thinking, he is glad to see the pirates' only way out sinking to the bottom of the sea.
Kiku made sure that the Cargo ship was clear of pirates before she won't down there. The woman takes several deep breathes and a few screams later, she comes back out. The woman looks around to see what all is left to do. The woman mutters a few times, trying to find another…experiment to play with. "…He died too fast…", she says. THere's a bit of a pout on her face. Well, Kiku does take after Keisuke a little bit, but she's also just starting to come into her own…

The Ship was coming down at a steady pace as her spiraling ice slammed true, leaving her to finish up with the rest of the pirates on her side and make sure the hostages was okay, she struck, shards of ice making way along deck to continue the impaling, stabbing even knocking a few of them over board. " She is a Kaguya," Aoi finally answered to Shuuren, her simple answer for why Kiku would do such of thing, " They don't react well with anothers blood sometimes," with that said she moved back to the hostage window, peering inside and finally giving it a pull to open it up, she kept her fingers close to her lips to keep them quiet, she only had one question in mind. "Is everyone okay?"

As Kiku comes back up, Shuuren shakes his head as another pirate is dispatched. "Kiku, why the sextant would you go kill a guy in a cargo hold of a ship that's carrying supplies /including food/ to your village? Now this is an even bigger loss than before because the entire load is going to have to be scrapped." Obviously rather irritated right now, the Jounin moves into a rapid series of strikes at a near blinding pace to kill almost all of the pirates on his side… All but one. The Medical Ninja walks over to the captain, who's still yelling out and looks down on him, shaking his head. "Congratulations. You managed to make a bloody example out of yourself and your entire crew, just like your brother. Your kind had best stay away from my shipments from now on." He doesn't strike the man just yet, letting him just lay there helpless for a few more moments.

Kiku looks at Shuuren. "…You never mentioned food…", she says. The woman kinda looks back at the cargo hold. "Meh, Takeshi will yell at me for this, that or laugh about it, but I think he'll cover for it.", she says. The woman looks at her hand, and sees about 3 ribs, an ankle bone, and a lower jaw in her hand. "And it wasn't that bloody. I think…", she says. The woman looks around a little bit, and carefully oopsies the bones off the ship…"I'll clean it up. I promise. Ummm, don't go down there for a bit though…"
"It's a cargo ship. If what it's carrying is important enough to be shipped on it, MAYBE you ought to think twice before spilling some jackass's blood down in the hold," Shuuren says, rolling his eyes before stabbing his blade directly through the back of the captain's neck. He then pulls it out and pulls a cloth from his coat to wipe the blade off, tossing the cloth into the ocean before putting it back in the cane casing and locking it. That done, he grabs the captain's body and tosses it overboard. "Cleaning it up is not going to help the fact that I'm now set back a week instead of just a couple days," he says, his tone showing his annoyance with her as he looks around at the carnage on this luxury ship. "Son of a…" Taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes for a moment to relax so he can give orders to his men on what to do to rectify the situation.

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