Bloody Mist Cup - Elemental Rondo: Koseitama vs. Onimitsu


Onimitsu, Koseitama, Tsun, Yuri

Date: August 13, 2011


Onimitsu and Koseitama's first battle in the Kirigakure Tournament.

"Bloody Mist Cup - Elemental Rondo: Koseitama vs. Onimitsu"

Dammed Arena - Floor [Kirigakure]

At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.

Time for another match, yay! This one's probably a bit less heavily attended by spectators, seeing as it's the lowest tier. The tournament organizers even scheduled it for around noon, as if to give the less-dedicated a chance to go eat lunch without missing too much. Still, there are always those, especially in Kirigakure, who are hungry enough for action to remain and watch even the scrubs squaring off. And for those in the know, this particular match holds the promise of being entertaining for…reasons largely unrelated to the fighting skill of the contestants.
Down in the arena, one of said contestants makes her entrance. Shirayuki Koseitama marches out to the center of the ring and stands at her mark. She straightens her clothing and clears her throat like a businessman about to give a presentation. "Historical data regarding first-quarter fight strategy indicates that a heavy investment in liquid chakra resources is a 73.4% effective tactic with a confidence level of 99," Koseitama says monotonously. "Therefore I would like to propose an immediate transfer of 30% of our capital toward the aggressive purchase of chakra assets. All in favor?" Koseitama stares blankly ahead of herself for a moment, then speaks again. "Motion passed."

Onimitsu hesitates only for a moment before reluctantly breaking away from the shadows of the archway in the side of the arena. As soon as his form fully comes into the light, the crimson armored man could barely resist flinching from the loud combination of boos and laughter that erupted from the small crowd. "…. *sigh*.. Should've figured that was gonna happen.", he muttered darkly before continuing towards the center of the arena "M-may we each enjoy a, uhm.. .", Onimitsu starts to say at first, but quickly goes into a short and simple head bow. It is only after releasing another tired sigh does he rises up then puts his hands together as if to pray. In reality subtily building up a small bit of chakra.
"…. Onimitsu no Kiri shall give you the first move." He continues with a half hearted chuckle before quickly sliding back into a typical academy grade defensive stance with his eyes narrowed and hand lightly gripping his katana.

The referee glances back and forth between the pair of oddballs he apparently has to oversee for this match. c.c Well, at least they seem to be ready to go. The man raises his hand. "Shirayuki Koseitama versus Onimitsu…fight!"
Koseitama's hands immediately start flying through seals, although the rest of her body seems largely unaware of this urgency. "Our company is poised to claim first-mover advantage in this field," she remarks. "I would like to propose a three-way partnership with similar firms to maximize leverage of this advantage." There is a shifting and condensing of air in front of Koseitama, and two clones pop into existence. "Seconded." "All in favor, say 'aye'." Koseitama nods while the clones lunge forward and kick at Onimitsu. "Motion carried."

"….Huh?..", Is all Onimitsu manage to emit, slightly canting his head. "Are you we--" The rest of his words dies in his throat with clones sudden burst into existence. And though he manages to duck below the first clone's strike, the second connects with his forehead and blast the man back in violent burst of wind.
Thankfully, as dizzying as hitting the ground rolling was, Onimitsu manages to maneuver himself back to his feet. "..*groans*…. So it is not madness that grips you then. Just, isolation." He states as he flashes through a short set of hand signs and creating ten clones of his own. The three immediately draw their swords and charge for the Shirayuki closest to Onimitsu, the rest accompany the armored man himself; masking the real strikes aimed for the back of the knee, armpit, and fingers.

Koseitama adjusts her spectacles. "Our competition has opted to expand rapidly for market dominance. Suggested response…" A small forest of clones envelop Koseitama. "…leverage expertise to outperform competition in same arena." The Koseitamas mill about calmly as though searching for something, and whether by luck or judgment, the real Koseitama manages to steer clear of the real Onimitsu. "Most advantageous market sector is unclear," Koseitama remarks. "Best strategy: moderate investment in multiple areas." Koseitama inhales sharply, then fires off several wind bullets through the crowd of clones. Only one of them will even have a chance of hitting the real Onimitsu, but at least she doesn't have to worry overmuch about figuring out where he is. :P

Dashing and Dicing, Stabbing and Slicing, Twisting and Turning! No matter what he tried or how much effort he placed into finding the 'real' Shirayuki, all his blade cleaves are the most rudimentary clones of the kunoichi… as well as a few of his own in the process. As if to make matters worse, the smoke from dispell clones makes it all the more harder for shinobi to get a read on where she'll attack from next. "… Hmm… Circle up!", He calls into the smoke before freeing up a hand from Yoshimitsu to grab a few shuriken.
Unfortunatly seconds after catching sight of the first clone to heed his calling, the appariation is dispelled! "no--" The words fly out just as Onimitsu instinctively leaps and twist back out of the second air bullet strike to face Koseitama. He needed not look around further to tell that the other popping noise he heard was the sound of the rest of his clones fading from existence. "Isolated and tatical minded as well… heh, makes one wonder if--", Onimitsu sways unsteadily, and in response to the feeling of something wet trailing along his forhead, he licks some of it up. "… Tch.. So be it." Without looking up the armored man lets fly the shuriken, a few aimed for the being who spoke while the rest went flying for any clones nearest her. Onimitsu is quick to follow up his attack with a punch to the sternum; forcing his way past ribs to strike the internal organs… assuming that is something that is, he's not being tricked again.

Koseitama clasps her hands in a seal. "Recommended defensive strategy, form a dummy corporation -- " Koseitama's eyes widen, and the shuriken finds her shoulder, followed by Onimitsu's punch. She flies back and lands in the gravel. "Ngh…post-mortem analysis…lack of appropriate materials…" Koseitama rolls over on her side and coughs up a little blood, then gets to her feet. She straightens up and…
Whips around suddenly and blows a streaking ball of flame at Onimitsu! "Aiyaiyai! Le's get this party moving! Dance for me, dance!" n.n Koseitama runs toward Onimitsu, breathing a steady stream of fire at his legs.

"Hmm… Even this needs work.", Onimitsu whispers as he peers at the fist used for the punch. For just the 'briefest' of seconds his mind wander to… less appropriate places that leaves him giggling creepily. The glaring approaching light and heat of the Shirayuki's Katon breaks the wierd change of thought, and forces leap out of range of the fireball. The more steady streams are done in much the same way though with the armored man relunctantly dancing away before leaping clear over the stream of fire.
The force of the leap propels Onimitsu just far enough to land behind Koseitama and begin to brutal hammer into the back of her head followed by a couple of kicks to the side. The first impacting deeper than the skin before the second strike goes for taking out her legs from under her.

Koseitama yips as Onimitsu's strikes come in, disappearing in a puff of flame. She rematerializes off to the side with a fancy spin. "Aiya! Faster, pick up ze bea -- " Unfortunately for Koseitama, she's not quite outside the reach of Onimitsu's sweeping leg. She falls back onto the gravel with a thud. A shocked look passes over her face, then it screws up as if she's about to cry…but instead she does some handseals, and the mist in the area gathers into a pair of clones. "You're a big meanie!" one of the clones shouts petulantly, swinging at Onimitsu's face for a slap. "Yeah, meanie!" the other agrees, kicking at his shin. >P

Tsun has been more or less non-existant for the tournament as the big time Tier 2 and 3 matches seemed to take up the opening spotlight, she had time to waste. Though, a match between her possible future opponents was enough to draw the introvert into the arena stands. High up and far into the back, Tsun slides the coffin off her back and drops it on the floor with a heavy thud. With a sigh of relief, the kunoichi rubs her pulsing shoulder and takes a seat, using the ice coffin as a foot rest, ice shifting to form grooves for her legs. "Looks like I'm late."
'Always so slow, you'd be dead by now if it wasn't for me Tsun-chan~'
"I wouldn't be a ninja if it weren't for you…" Tsun growls back, a set of words the two exchanged quite often. In the back of her mind, the other voice would begin listing the times it has saved its 'beloved' Tsun-chan, despite being aware of her completely ignoring her and eventually shutting off the voice completely. She honestly knew little of the two, so it was time to focus a little insight is always nice… so her arms slide into the jacket as she settles in and gets comfortable.

Onimitsu at first busy himself with brushing off some of the flames still licking his armor, but quickly falls into a back bend when one of Koseitama's clones actually tries to slap him! The nerve of the girl! However, no time can be spent immediatly reprimanding with the shin kick still comming.
With suprising agility, the armored man manages to push himself into a handstand then spring into the air. Well out of range of the clones strike. Then much like before with the hammer strike Onimitsu spins forward with blade extended with the intention of cleaving through one of Kosei's water clones by the time he hits the ground. "Katon, Suiton, Fuuton… Logical to erratic… Hmmm…", He mumbles after landing in a crouch. "… Your mind is divided, too much so to keep--"
Barely a hearbeat before he finishes speaking, Onimitsu disappears; kicking up debris in his wake. When next he appear his sword is raised right above the still downed kunoichi. "--For much longer--" He stabs down towards the shoulder. "please, just surrender"

The remaining water clone liquifies and streams towards Koseitama. It strikes Onimitsu's descending blade, causing it to miss Koseitama by centimeters. Koseitama glares up at Onimitsu from her prone position. "No! Don' wanna!" She swings a leg up to kick at his face. Meanwhile, another water clone forms behind Onimitsu and attempts to, well, kick him in the can. "Meanie-head tin man!"

While there is that nasty ol' head-voice bothering Tsun and making her respond to it out-loud, there are other people with head-voices present, and they are much more discrete about their conversations with themselves. Wearing a yellow, gauzy, >almost< see-through sundress, and a woven, white straw hat, Suzaku Yuri arrives late to this match and makes her way purposefully towards Tsun.
"Hello, Tsun-chan~!" Yuri lilts cheerfully, as she finds a seat next to Tsun and her icy coffin and gracefully places her rear upon the metal frame. Kirigakure stadium seating is generally not designed for comfort so much as practicality. The lack of cushions can be unpleasant sometimes -- especially in winter, when the metal is frigid -- but thankfully for Yuri a bit of hard metal is hardly something to dissuade her.
"Interesting match so far?" she asks casually as she spreads the knee-length skirts of her dress appropriately.

The kick hits and sends Onimit-whoa-wait a log flying away under the force of the kick. The real deal in actuality spins around the clone kick, and continues until he's able to get behind it and push forward. Hopefully blocking Kosei's view long enough run both clone and maker through with yoshimitsu. "I really need you to stop with the name calling and surrender.", He states as he begins to circle the young girl, intentionally giving her plenty of time to get back to her feet. "I, admittedly.. do not wish to harm you further."
Naturally someone fromt he stands decides to crack him upside the head with a half-chewed candy bar, but Onimitsu otherwise ignores the attack with a heavy sigh. "..Refuse.. and I will have to do something much worse to you then just a few knicks." He suggests eireely calmer than before as he sheathes his katana and began to dislodge his gauntlets.

Fighting all urges to cringe, Tsun would force a smile onto the half of her face that was showing when Yuri called out her name. Despite taking a liking to the woman, Tsun simply refused to accept that she had taken a liking to anyone new. This mentally would leave the smile short lived and make any eye contact during the short duration of the smile short-lived, pretending to be too focused on the match.
Yuri's question would be given a hesitated answer as Tsun fishes for the right words to properly describe the matches interest level, given she's only been here for the last bit she couldn't describe the entirety of it all. Which makes it much easier to come to the conclusion on how to respond, why was she thinking so hard on this just to say….
A moment of silence, then she finally continues. "H,m.. I know there's punishment for killing an opponent in this tournament. I'm sure te punishment would be even higher if it's someone from our own village but… I might like, totally do it by accident. You know?" Tsun tilts her head to the side, "I've never really been in a match up where the challenger was on even ground on me, usually out classed." There always seemed to be a significant lack of Genin out in missions and in the wars, yet Kirigakure always seemed to be throwing out Genin like they had some sort of factory.
"I have problems holding back sometimes… it's why I didn't join the Kusagakure tournament." Despite Tsun's gaining of maturity, she couldn't really fend off relying on the terrible tactics and combat mentality Mitsuo burned into her mind, just being in arena seats made a bit of bloodlust tingle within her. Neither of the were truly connecting hits with each other, all the more reason for her to want to make them bleed… it was like some sort of terrible tease.

The clone is indeed run through by the blade, but she twists her body sideways as she falls, directing the sword away from the real Koseitama. Koseitama herself just continues to lie there, sniffling every few seconds. Finally she sits up and looks over toward Onimitsu.
"Meanie. Nyeh!" :P Looks like she's not done being childish. X)

A simple flick of the wrist carries Onimitsu's last gauntlet to a ways behind him. "… Fine then continue to be that way--!..Heheheh.. Hmm.. just keep up that attitude and you'll never get treats I had waiting for you after this match.", He states casually with a soft sigh before removing and chucking his helmet as well. "Such a shame too because this one honestly does not think he can finish it all by himself." The armor bearing man adds on, then begins popping the joints in his fingers before folding his hands behind. "..Oh woe` such a shame indeed it be, most readily almost mean it be~"
Despite his seemingly careless and light new demeanor, Onimitsu senses remain attuned for an opening..

A small hand carefully trails over the railing as Yuuka takes each step with slow purpose, fully healed from her bout with Rin, she couldn't help but feel sore and stiff all over. She tries to mentally shrug it off as she makes her way down the stairs of the arena stands, passing by others cheering, booing, or laughing between Onimitsu and Koseitama when they react and counter-react to one another. The kunoichi shifts her bright gaze quickly before she's able to find a free seat in one of the rows, lowering herself to sit on what appears to be an oversized tusk.

As amusing as this match has been, some of the audience is starting to grow impatient with this lack of action. They start tossing random trash into the arena and shouting down at the contestants. "C'mon, do something already!" "Yeah, what'sa matter, y'got cold feet!?"
A small shard of ice embeds itself in the stones just in front of Onimitsu. Koseitama grins crookedly, and a crafty gleam shows up behind her glasses. "Hehehe. Cold feet. Heehee." More ice shards start forming from the foggy air and whistle at Onimitsu. "Heh. Cold feet. Cold hands. Cold nose. Cold belly. Heehee, heh." >}

The last to throw trash into the arena is met with a glare from the corner of Onimitsu eyes poweful enough to freeze them in place. "Enough of this.", Onimitsu whispers as he slowly turns his attention back onto Koseitama and begins approaching.
In and out of view he flickers like a ghost forwards, narrowly avoiding the shards without breaking his pace. If anything he actually fades from view all together as the last shard comes flying towards his face, then reappears once more to tower before the shirayuki. All traces of his early easy going demeanor has evaporated; but in its place a mask of barely contained fury has taken over. "Last, chance…. Surrender." He intones roughly.
The sound of metal rattling behind within another can just be barely heard comming from behind him… although this is probably ignored compared to red glow Onimitsu's eyes has taken with the transformation. "…Now."

Yuri watches the battle (such as it is) from her seat and listens to Tsun's delayed answer. Nothing interesting, hm? Then the younger kunoichi begins to open up a little bit or at least admit to some issues of hers. "Hmm… Is it related to that involuntary defense of yours? You can't control it constantly, as you told me in the Koumorite Village. But it doesn't just protect you does it? If it perceives a threat to you, does it try to eliminate that threat also?" She's making guesses based on extrapolations, but it seems like a logical line of inquiry.
"Sounds tricky. Nothing I have or use is dependent on factors I can't control… Relatively, at least. There are all kinds of things in a fight you can't predict or control. But my own skills and abilities are >mine<. And yours…" She turns her head and peers at Tsun with her grey-brown eyes. "…I don't know enough about your past or problems to give advice. I can give advice, but it would not be specific to you. Not unless I was totally arrogant and thought I could judge others or that I was better and able to look down my nose at them and say, 'You should do this instead'."
Shaking her head, Yuri leans back in her chair, abandoning the proper, straight-backed posture in favor of resting somewhat. She has quite a burden on the front of her torso to carry around all day. Resting her back is something she has to do when she can. "I can say, however, that control is often helpful and in many cases very important. If your life seems like it's not yours, or like there are others or even a specific individual who is trying to dominate you, overwhelm you, and make you a prisoner in your own shoes… Perhaps doing something to show that you will not be ground into the dirt and made to submit is necessary. Become the warden instead of the prisoner. Taking a stand sometimes, no matter how minor the issue may be nor how foolish it may seem to others, can be the difference between remaining as faceless and as easily forgotten as a single one of those Golems we once employed… Or being one of those looked upon as a champion or legend not only in your own time, but even long afterwards."
Yuri reaches one arm out carefully and without an attempt at concealing the movement, so that no auto-defense snaps her limb off, and attempts to place it around Tsun's shoulders -- even though she knows how cold the girl is. If successful, she attempts to one-arm hug Tsun somewhat, or at least squeeze the far shoulder, as she says, "Hero or villain, human or beast, savior or monster… They're all just words in some ways. But it's the >meaning< behind those words that matters. If you are praised as a beast or decried as a hero, does your existence not still have meaning to those people?" She shrugs.
The Swordswoman then moves away and pays attention to the fight again. Someone down there is changing into a new state of some kind, and if she succeeded in her hugging of Tsun, the chilly head of the teenager has likely made her a bit uncomfortable in certain areas. Best to warm up now.

Koseitama plucks an ice shard from the air and scratches amongst the pebbles with it, like a child with a stick. "Hm. Hmm-hmm. Cold fingers. Not cold feet. Fingers cold." Seeing a shadow approaching, Koseitama looks up. "Heh. Red eyes. Not very pretty. Red, red." Koseitama crosses her arms, then winces. She looks down and sees blood on her hand, from the shuriken wound earlier. "Oh. Red water. Red water bad. Go home now. Fix leak." And with that, Koseitama gets up…turns around…and hobbles off…
…And after a torturous minute of this, as it takes her a while at the rate she's going to reach the edge of the arena, the referee clears his throat. "Shirayuki Koseitama has left the ring and is thus disqualified. Winner, Onimitsu!" There is a smattering of introspective applause for the conclusion of a very unusual match. c.c Well, a win's a win!

Despite that she just settles onto the large ivory tusk that is her seat, a smile grows on her lips as Yuuka leans forward subtly, people all around her rising to her feet as they roar with the announcement of a winner. She chuckles to herself and begins clapping as well, pushing herself up to her feet with minor struggling to cheer with the crowd of Kirigakure shinobi and citizens.

When Yuri begins to speak, Tsun adjusts slightly in her seat. She wasn't going to try to speak until she was sure Yuri was done, so the woman would be met with nothing other than the shifting of facial expressions until all was settled. In the end, Tsun's face would be settled in a scowling pout. Disappointed that it took that long for nothing to happen down the low and a bit irritated with her re-realization of how much of a failure she truly is.
"The attacking portion, I can handle myself fine. Sometimes the fight gets to me, everytime I start to get interested in it they seem to run off or something cuts me off from fighting them. It's stressful enough as is and… once again, I'm going to have to hold off but, there's still someone I want to fight… two of those people are already disqualified. I feel as though the last one can get me where I want or… maybe one of the foreigners. I'm just want to get really and truly hurt, is that weird?" Rummmaging in her jacket, Tsun seems to not make much mention of what she wanted to be known as but, she finds a bit of comfort in the hug barely manging to stop herself from leaning into it.
"It would be nice to have a bit more self control and uh, don't answer that earlier question." Tsun rises up onto her feet and picks up the coffin, slinging it over her shoulder Tsun gets the vibe that Yuri would be one to not say it's weird but, for all the /wrong reasons/. "Er…" Giving a sideways glance to Yuri for a moment, a small smile would be offered as she hops off her seat and behind the risers. "Bye."
"Teeehehehehehe.' As she descends, Shukaku makes his presence know again with very childish giggling, in that terrible shrill voice of his while she tries to think things through, 'That was awkward… and you, stop giggling.'

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