Bloody Mist Cup - Hunter x Hunter: Maikeru vs. Sastukiyami


Maikeru, Satsukiyami

Date: July 29, 2011


Onryou Maikeru fights Kyoumen Satsukiyami in the Bloody Mist Cup

"Bloody Mist Cup - Hunter x Hunter: Maikeru vs. Sastukiyami"

Dammed Arena - Floor

As anticipation builds for the next match, the Bloody Mist Cup organizer himself appears in the center of the ring. The crowd roars as he looks around at them. "I see you're all enjoying yourselves," he calls out. "As good as this has turned out so far, I'll make sure it won't be too long before you see another one." The referee walks up beside him, giving a nod. "I'll be announcing the next match personally," he says, the crowd coming to a hush. After waiting a few moments for anticipation to build, he calls out, "Kyoumen Satsukiyami versus… Onryou Maikeru!"
As the crowd roars again in anticipation of blood spilled by the slayer of Kaede, the Jounin removes his trenchcoat and tosses it into the locker rooms. He takes a few steps away from the referee and then faces in toward him. A dark grin shows on his face as the crowd cheers for blood. The blood red glow of his possessed arm intensifies, a burst of power coming out from around him, sending dust flying out. Bringing his hands together, he pops his knuckles and stands waiting for his opponent to appear.

Anticipation was one thing, reasons were another. Of course he only entered it for one thing. He just felt it was a hassle anyway to make himself public when he's supposed to keep under the radar. Fun was fun however.
So many people though will make it hard, Satsukiyami himself suddenly walks up into the arena as Maikeru's busy appeasing the crowd that has grown. An arm lifts up to block his eyes a moment, annoying lights. He simply turns his head a bit to look at Maikeru as his chakra builds. That was impressive yes, but Satsukiyami's more subtle.
"A moment to gather myself."
He would reach behind him, flicking both hands to the umbrellas on his back and simply sticks both of their handles in the ground. He'd then bring up his hands, forming a small string of handsigns before closing his eyes. His own chakra would pulse once, causing a barely noticeable movement in the dirt around him.
The fact is, those with eyes other than down in the ring should have noticed by now the sun wasn't coming through as well as it had been earlier, and the mist around the arena was rising a bit to the sky. A few sounds of protest soon follow…

…as a soft rain begins to fall on the battleground and arena.

That felt so much better.
As Satsukiyami appears, Maikeru gives a nod. "Be my guest," he says as watches his opponent prepare. When the umbrellas appear, he quirks an eyebrow. As the mist and storm clouds roll in, his dark grin widens a bit. The incoming rain begins to drench the Jounin and his clothes and hair, but he doesn't seem to really be paying attention to that. Instead, his dark blue eyes focus directly on his opponent, like a wolf stalking a sheep.
"The ground's thirst for water is quenched," he says as he brings his possessed hand up. "Now, let's quench its thirst for blood." He vanishes into thin air, a split second later appearing to attempt to drive his knee directly into the skull of his opponent before vanishing again. This time, he reappears to drive his elbow directly toward the man's spine.

As fast as Maikeru's knee was there, something was in the way and feels similar to hitting a solid piece of cement. It's not seen though until the elbow is slamming towards Satsu's back. A single, broad limb of water is coming out of Satsukiyami's robe by his collar. He isn't even looking at Maikeru, he's staring straight ahead. An arm would lift, and three tendrils would slide out of his sleeve and outward. They would coil around one of the umbrellas, and bring it up to his hand. He'd lean it on his shoulder.
At that moment, some as thin as wire while some thicker than trunks of broad trees, the ground puddles around Satsukiyami simply erupt upwards. Satsukiyami's on the attack…and immediately Maikeru would begin to see he's about to get overwhelmed as the whip-like tendrils lash out at his ankles and legs.
"You're going to have to sit still."

As the tendrils come to surround him, Maikeru forms a seal with his hands, and an orb of blood red chakra forms around him, turning the tendrils into nothing more than a big splash. "If an S-Rank Criminal can't make me sit still, I highly doubt you will," he says with a chuckle. "But I like your style." His eyes stay locked on the man, that same look of a predator stalking its prey still there. It's as if he's only making toying strikes at the man, testing him before he breaks him.
As the orb fades away, the blood red glow of the arm intensifies again, this time his eyes even taking on that same glow as he punches the wet ground, causing a splash of water around his fist. "Gates of Hell!.. Open to me!" he calls out, and several black wraiths suddenly rise up from the water around Satsukiyami. A blood-curdling shriek rings out from all the wraiths, a bit of shock from the crowd. The wraiths all dive in on Satsukiyami, most going to punch and kick him mercilessly as one dives toward his legs to try and trip him for the others to swarm.
The wraiths suddenly find out that it's not the puddles the tendrils seem to erupt from. From Satsukiyami's sleeves and robes they erupt, flying in every direction in a wicked net of impaling spikes. The tendrils slide through, stabbing and wrapping around anything within reach as they immediately seize and stab at the wraiths…some quickly flying at Maikeru all the same.
"I hunt S-rank Criminals. I think that makes me a worry…but I'm not really that good."
As he says that, he turns a bit to watch Maikeru as the torrent of whipping tendrils fly in his direction to seize and slam him flat on the wet ground.

As the tendrils come toward him, Maikeru seems to stands completely still. When the tendrils hit him, he turns blood red and dissipates… A clone. Standing on the other side of Satsukiyami, the Jounin chuckles a bit. "You are an impressive shinobi. I'd like to speak with you later once the tournament is over actually," he says as he brings his possessed hand up in a fist. "But I think I'm done playing now. It's been fun, but I've got other opponents to save my strength for in the coming rounds."
He moves his hands through a couple seals, and three of the seals on his possessed arm suddenly disappear, the ground around him seeming to begin to quake as power erupts around him, a blood red aura forming around his body. His voice is now doubled with a much darker voice as he says, "And now you'll get to see just a taste of how Kaede fell." He thrusts his the possessed hand forward, sending an enormous form of it flying as Satsukiyami to literally punch his entire body.

Satsukiyami would have already been channeling. His hands in a series of seals when suddenly that hand slams straight into him. His body almost goes flat as for the first time he's knocked flying off of his feet. He cartwheels, his feet hitting the ground each time and then a second later his head before he ends up slamming into one of the bone walls…cracking it with his head. His body hangs there limply a moment before simply he falls out of the hole, and stands upright a moment. A pair of tendrils coming from either side of his neck, from his own skin, recoil back into his body.
He just tosses his now broken umbrella to the side, the rain slowly stopping.
"That was very painful."
He would then begin to form the seals again, eyes focusing a moment before they cease…catching the last rainfall mid-air as it begins to swirl and spin into the large twisting shape of a dragon.
"Water Dragon Bullet Technique."
Of course…the torrent alone spirals high, but that mouth aims right for Maikeru.

"Lot more than that came from," Maikeru says with a chuckle. He watches the dragon form and come directly for him. Most people would try to dodge such a titan, but he's rather confident. Deciding to try his luck, he pulls out a tag and holds it toward the incoming beast. Several startled sounds come from many of the people in the crowd. A spiraling gate opens in front of the tag, sucking the dragon in and absorbing it. With a wink, he tosses the tag down into the water. As the crowd realizes what just happened, another cheer rings out.
"My apologies… This is going to get a lot more painful," he says in his doubled voice, a dark grin crossing his face. He streches the possessed hand forward once more, and the ground underneath Satsukiyami's feet glows blood red, trying to trap him in. Giant sheets of chakra fly from every direction to latch onto his target and strangle him to take away his physical energy as they drain a large amount of chakra from him.

Satsukiyami himself would narrow his eyes, still slightly spent from using such a technique earlier. He would barely get a second handseal off again before he's suddenly slammed and wrapped in the webbings. The chakra eating his own away, but it has a visible odd effect. His skin seems sucked into the webs, almost an acidic looking effect as wounds literally appear where the nets touched him, and his clothes seem to wither as he drops down to the ground, quite caught up as any tendrils still formed quickly quiver into nothingness and fall into their own puddles.

Watching his opponent go down, Maikeru chuckles a bit. The possessed hand stays directed at Satsukiyami, the blood red glow intensifying yet again. An enormous form of the hand forms again, flying at him. This time, however, it detaches and flies at the man on its own in an enormous wave of blood red chakra. Upon impact, it will create an enormous explosion that will seem to shake the arena, though kept contained so as not to harm any of the spectators.
Engulfed in the explosion, Satsukiyami is still down and bound. On impact, his entire left half liquifies. It is at least hidden from the sudden blast, and he's sent flying backwards into the wall one more time. The body of the nin is barely holding together, and a few moments later draws back in on itself gradually but his left sleeve is left empty. The webs prevent him from fully reforming. His eyes close a bit, knowing at least what he must do.
He lies there, playing dead as he's done countless times before as if he has already been defeated.
Well, actually he has.

After Satsukiyami's crash and burn, the referee jumps in between him and Maikeru. "That's… Well, I guess it's a knockout if that guy's body can form back together! The winner is Onryou Maikeru!" A cheer comes from the part of the crowd that is not gawking at Satsukiyami's body.

Releasing the web around his downed opponent, the untouched Jounin smirks. "Remember, come talk to me later," he says as he turns toward the crowd. He raises his possessed fist into the air, and another cheer rings out from the crowd. A wave of power shoots out from around him before he vanishes into thin air, leaving the Medical Ninja to pick Satsukiyami up and carry him away from the arena floor to tend to him.

Once the web is gone, and the medics have Satsukiyami on a stretcher…His body liquifies completely. A replacement the moment he was able to. He had to at least, he couldn't really show the fact there was no blood other than burns from the impact. Satsukiyami himself? He was in one of the viewing alleys and walking out fast. Albeit limping. He was holding where his left arm was, grumbling in frustration.
That one annoyance as always, but it's nothing new now for the unsuccessful wanderer.

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