Bloody Mist Cup - Punching at Mist: Onimitsu vs. Tsun


Onimitsu, Tsun

Date: August 16, 2011


Tier 1 Round 2 Match of the Bloody Mist Cup

"Bloody Mist Cup - Punching at Mist: Onimitsu vs. Tsun"

Dammed Arena

Despite the thick mass of increasingly darkening gray clouds blocking out any chance of sunlight from reaching the ground, many still decided to risk the dangers of a potential heavy downpour in favor of watching what is hoped by all to be a very 'blood boiling' match! The first though not favored to win to enter in the arena (assuming a certain Kaguya arrived even earlier. >.>) is none other than one Onimitsu no Kiri. A man who in bearing only a few pieces of his infamous armor (gauntlets, pauldrons, and shin guard), instantly inspired excited chatter within the crowd.
Some of the more outspoken of which, dredge of feelings that has the former chunnin fidgeting and tugging at his underused tunic, trouser, mask, and nin-sandals assemble. "Why did I think this was a good idea?", He mutters darkly to himself before turning his gaze upon the referee. Some poor last minute stand-end who by all accounted appeared as if he was just dragged out of bed and could careless if any of the rules are broken!

Not really one for being a crowd favorite, Tsun has been the un-talk of the town seeing as most people don't even know she still existed until they saw her name on the tier board. Not making her presence really know beyond watching the fight between her current opponent and the previous member of their tier. Tsun had been quietly watching the previous fight through sleepless eyes, unintentionally brooding in the seats until her match was up. In a hiss and a spiral of bloody swirling mist, she was gone from her seat.
The stench of decay would hover about Onimitsu as the mist slips by him and settles right before him, swirling once more and clearing to reveal Kaguya Tsun. Her eyes didn't show much for excitement about her first ever tournament match, nor fear, nothing really beyond the fact that she was just plain tired. "Eh…"

One hand would lazily wave as she stops chewing her gum for a moment, "Hey…" With that, her hands slide back into her pockets and she gives a nod to the proctor to show that she was ready. "I saw that you were holding back in your last fight." The tired girl finds difficulty holding back a smirk, "You might not want to do it this time around. Despite her tiredness creating a false cool demeanor, the child had a strange blood lust boiling within her. 'What are you waiting for Tsun-chan~ Following the rules?' As the thought crosses her mind the smirk fades and her expression goes straight, 'Oh how cute…'
Onimitsu may notice her losing her cool, a sudden mood swing as she starts to creep towards being visib agitated.

Onimitsu, all to used to the scent of blood and death, barely gives the scent a passing thought at first. And yet, when the red mist slides into view before him and produces the a girl a decade younger than him, Onimitsu couldn't help but reflexively take a step back with a hand hovering over the hilt of his Katana. "You may be right…, B-but I know too little of you to afford going all out as well.", He replies. "… Still, you are free to enlighten this one as you see fit with the open--" "Huh-Wha-zat!?!", The referee interjects, and after a brief moment to clear his eyes and size up the two competitors he snorts. "Bout time you both freaking show up, now lets get this over with already." He clears his throat then cups his hands around his mouth, "Alrighty folks! The match between this here upstart Kaguya Tsun VERSUS Onimitsu will begin--"
In a poof of smoke he vanishes before reappearing on a higher platform. "NOW!!" Onimitsu… sweatdrops and shakes his head tiredly. "Now he becomes energetic."

The proctor would get glare from Tsun as he suddenly springs to life, "We've been… nevermind." When Onimitsu comments on the proctor, she shrugs her shoulders and gives him an 'I don't even know.' sort of look, her mood shifting back to normal it would appear. 'Tsun-chan~' Tsun looks up and over to where the proctor now positioned himself… 'Tsuuuuuuun-chaaaaaan.'

"Oh, right." Completely expecting to be bum rushed during that moment, Tsun is a bit surprised to find Onimitsu standing there still. "Well, if you're not going to try very hard. Neither am I, I guess… no need to over do it in my first match. I figured you'd be more eager… given this is your last." 'Was that good?' 'Yes Tsun-chan. That was good… your trash talk has been lacking lately.' 'I wonder why…' the thoughts causing tsun to roll her eyes and sigh.
No fireworks occur between the two just yet as the girl begins to gather chakra, breaking the usual barriers for a genin… at least, the usual for a Genin to so carelessly crank up to, her aura wasn't pleasant and neither was the bloody water that began to drip out of the coffin on her back.

She'd blow a large pink bubble with her gum and apparently waits for Onimitsu to make the first strike.

"…Perhaps." Onimitsu replies slyly, subtly shifting his stance for a quicker sword draw. "But my earlier explination suffices as an answer for that as well." He adds on. Unaware that he reflexively tightened his grip on Yoshimitsu's hilt in response to heavy increase in chakra pressure emitted. That is until his joints popped audibly enough to remind him to relax.
"….You really are different one than--" without warning Onimitsu fades from view for a split second to most eyes, and returns at Tsun's side. Blade already poised for a vertical strike intended to skin her back side as well as the cloth binding the container to her body. Regardless of if he succeeds or fail and ONLY if his weapon is forcefully taken with him does he follow up the strike with a second spinning horizontal one, then a penetrating back-fist to the head built up on the momentum generated from his slash.

When Onimitsu fades from view of most people, Tsun is included. Though she honestly made no effort to track him, her stance unmoving, her eyes only shift when Onimitsu actually strikes, to no avail. Each strike is caught within the crimson liquid's jelly like substance and pushed aside.
"Huh…" As his fist connects with her defense, it causes the water to rupture and explode outward. "Nori's attacks." Her hands shift a bit within her pockets as the coffin opens slightly more to allow more water usage. A torrent of bloodied water barreling out with the intent on blasting the taijutsu-ist away from her personal space.
The girl's body itself finally makes a move as she continues her assault. Pulling her right hand out of her pocket raising up so that her palm faces Onimitsu, fingers curling into a claw before a serious of complex movements would be made, anyone who has mastered one handed seals would know that his was not what Tsun was performing yet, it had the sam effect. With a few hand gestures the water would split and begin to assault the man from all directions until her hand crushes into a fist.

Onimitsu would not be the only one out to disable his opponents weaponry as with the closing of her fist the water then adjusts and attempts to forcefully combine onto his sword wielding hand to crush it.

"…Water then", the only words Onimitsu before accelerating his adrenaline levels and drinking a mouth full water as the temporary shield becomes a powerful torrent. Thankfully the linger effects of his jutsu allow for a swift recover with him rolling back onto his feet, and begining leaping to and fro outside the range of the water whips until being forced to adhere to the canyon wall. An instinctive last minute decision to run along the wall instead of attempting to maneuver 'through' the tendrils ultimately saves his hand from being crushed!
"Nori I do not know, but I must say you are the bane of Taijutsuist. But Still!", He calls out mid-run before leaping and continuing his circle around Tsun. "For every strength there is a weakness! And yours I name--" He tosses his sword a short distance away, granting him just enough time to form the hand seals. "Be they thought of numbers!?" Behind, above, and to the sides clones pop into existence to provide cover the shinobi as well as hopefully distract her focus with their constant weaving back and forth.
Once again he strikes along with his clones for disarming her of the main source of her power, by blade and by fist to the gut.

'This is getting boring Tsun-chan, stop toying with him…'
In all truth, Tsun was not toying with him, well not entirely they were somewhat fighting equally at their base strength, she just wanted a relaxed fight for a bit. "Maybe you're using a different type of attack." This wouldn't be the first time a blow did that to her water despite looking more or less harmless. The girl would finally turn her head, to quietly inspect him through her exhausted eyes. The man bugged her a bit as he seemed to be some sort of misplaced superhero through all this and, his next words try to pull out a weakness in the girl's defense. As he closes in she shakes her head, "That wouldn't be my weakness… at least not how you're attempting it."
Telling a clone apart from an actual person was relatively easy… if it was one clone and perhaps one clone that wasn't moving around so much. Tsun would focus on the ground below, looking for disturbances in the dust though, it mattered not if Tsun actually picked out which was real, the defense was not necessarily her own and it simply picked out what was real and what was fake on its own. Assaults from the clones would simply be ignored as they phase through Tsun, while the reall attacks are deflected once more until the finally one.
In the same mist she arrived in, she would wisp away again leaving Onimitsu to punch a hole in the mist cloud… that actually begin to wrap around. Soon he would find a steady red mist building up at an abnormal pace, a dark presence looming within each droplet as the demonic portion of Tsun's chakra begins to slip. The teen's voice travels all through the mist as it settles in, the stench of her past opponents filling the arena. "Let's speed this up a bit."

As calm as Onimitsu was in drawing back his hand from the temporary pocket in the bloody mist, the increasing chill in the ear was eating away at him. As if to make matters worse, Yoshimitsu was begining to quiver in his grip, weakening at his resolve at first until the whispers began to flit through his mind once he finally gather enough courage to risk glancing down at the blade. "…. I, didn't forget it all.. But I don't think it'll be enough for this one either." He openly replied before continuing in a less subdue tone "But it'll have to be enough for now."
"….As you wish Tsun-sann", He calls out into the mist before closing his eyes and tightening his grip on the hilt. Almost instantaneously in reponse to the pressure a crimson, though probably negligible in the mist, aura coalesces around the blade; bringing with it a burst of chakra strong enough to dispel the mist around him… if only for a moment.

Among the many whispers of Shukaku, a few words are dominant, choice words if you will for Tsun to focus on. 'This is all you're going to use? I see you plan on losing early Tsun-chan… How about, a little more.' There wasn't much hope in her truly acknowledging his words, it was just a ploy to give him more freedom or, so she initially thought. The mist around Onimitsu's person would get blasted away for just a moment as it soon after sucks itself back in.
It did not entirely unnerve Tsun, she would have to see what the end result of that spike in energy was before thinking she was in true danger. "Now then…" Tsun closes her eyes, sensing out Onimitsu's location within the mist as she raises her hand to reach out for him in the far distance. Onimitsu may begin to feel it was getting hotter around him, just a little warmer until suddenly. Tsun fingers slam into a fist once more, this time producing a different effect.

Onimitsu's environment goes from warm to boiling in a flash, the air hissing as it is burnt away. A cloud of steam rises from the point in the mist in which Onimitsu was located, leaving a clear spot that eventually spreads, clearing the arena of the mist so that Tsun… and the viewers, can inspect the change in the swordsman.

Onimitsu failed to sense the danger as he had hoped. Nor could he fully avoid the effects of the jutsu without skin, clothing, hair, and mask being corroded to the point that by the time the mist cleared, Onimitsu was left kneeling and breathing heavily over a pool of melted remains. "Mist and.. *gasp*.. U-unexpected.. without doubt.", He manages to force himself to admit between breaths, but without looking away from the ground at his feet.
After another moment of catching his breath, Onimitsu grudingly yet slowly pushes against Yoshimitsu to rise back to his feet. An attempt again only produces a wad flesh and blood to be spat out instead before the former chunnin has the sense to place a hand already alight with green chakra over his throat to begin mending some of the damage. Only after completely the task does he sheath his sword and bows at the waist. "I… I know when I'm beat Tsun-san.. so I ask that you.. *cough*.. accept, a surrender on my part." He looks back up and with a bemused eye smile adds on, "Before I lose any more skin and eye brows in this fight."

The armor was, indeed brilliant. It was a shame that Onimitsu's image was altered by the corrosive effects of the mist. Tsun gave a slight nod as things were appearing to finally heat up, both hands were out of her pockets and she looked ready for whatever he threw at her next. Yet.. he surrenders? Tsun would give him a bit of a scowl,wondering if it was some sort of joke. She was half ready to throw more crap out of him assuming it was a trick somehow but if it wasn't.
"I might as well not get myself booted out of the tournament." Tsun shrugs, guessing it was a good thing they held back neither of the two were severely injured or exhausted. "I accept your surrender I guess…" Tsun grumbles, disappointed that she didn't get to let loose completely but, that time would come for the next round in which… she is more or less outclassed by everyone that still exists in the tournament.

Unless hindered in some form, she would leave the arena without much more being said. She needed something to vent on, her calm leave hiding a much more irritated Tsun and Shukaku.

"Zzzzzzz-Huh-whaza!?", emitted the referee finally snapping back to the land of PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO THEIR JOB to witness Tsun walking away. Confused, but undaunted he cups his hands around mouth and begins to yell out "The winner is none other than--" but pauses to peer down at the incestant waving by Onimitsu who keeps jabbing in Tsun's direction. "…Kaguya Tsun.." Onimitsu nods tiredly. "YES! KAGUYA, TSUN!!……", He calls out illiciting all kinds of noise making from the stands (some of which border on the animalistic ~.~) before promptly muttering, "about freaking time too.." and vanishing in another poof of smoking.
Onimitsu in the meantime sighs and shakes his head in exasperation before turning his sights on Yoshimitsu.
Naturally, he winces at the sight of his reflection, and refuse ,except to make certain that he was going the right direction to the hospital, let his gaze linger on anything else except it. "…This is gonna take a bit of effort to heal.."

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