Bloody Mist Cup - Rin Vs. Yuuka, Bracket 2


Rin, Yuuka

Date: August 8, 2011


Rin and Yuuka in their first battle in the Kirigakure Tournament.

"Bloody Mist Cup - Rin Vs. Yuuka, Bracket 2"

Dammed Arena - Floor [Kirigakure]


At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.


The sun beats down into the Kirigakure Dammed Arena from above with the heat of summer, making the air feel muggy as thin streams of water throughout the arena floor gives the surroundings a familiar swamp-like environment. A low and even murmur of conversation emits from the crowd as they wait in anxious anticipation before a shadow of a figure steps lightly the darkened, open archway in the side of arena's walls. Though the moment that Yuuka emerges, a cheer rises with growing excitement for the blood that will come. The kunoichi pauses just once as her eyes adjust to the strong daylight, vivid aquamarine eyes blinking a few times as she looks up at the crowd, the tail of her snow white hair flowing behind her with the lightest movement.

Rin on the other hand is not met with cheers of excitement or anything of the sort. The crowd just stares at the outsider who, rumors claim, has fought Takeshi in a friendly match and ended up pretty even. Rumors also say that he will at one point take on a band of bandits single-handedly. But rumors are rumors, and Onryou Rin has done nothing so far to warrant an cheer- save for a few that shout "Beat him to hell and back!"; but those don't count.

Maikeru's right hand, Onryou Rin, wears the same white trenchcoat like Maikeru does, with black pants and a baggy white shirt— the only difference. As he steps into the arena, he nods to Yuuka and focuses a small amount of chakra.

"Don't go easy on me." Is all he says.

Yuuka narrowing her gaze faintly at the crowd as they give Rin a different sort of welcoming to the arena, though no less excited for the battle that will come. She silently watches them for a quiet pause before lowering her gaze, focusing on him several yards away as he emerges on the other side of the Kirigakure arena. The corner of her soft lips tugs faintly as she hears his comment, even from this distance. "I would not show such disrespect as to underestimate you, Onryou-san." the kunoichi murmurs lightly in reply. Her steps slow as she nears the center of the arena and her hands reach up to the collar of her dark summer kimono, focusing on her chakra while her fingertips lightly dip underneath to begin sliding the fabric away from her pale skin.

Whistling and howling in approval emits from the crowd as the Kaguya kunoichi slides the long sleeves of her kimono from her arms, exposing more of her flesh and revealing the stark white of bone that encases her chest, the fabric draping from the curves of her waist. Ignoring the crowd, the corner of her lips tugs faintly as Yuuka keeps her gaze on Rin, her hands moving to either side while her fingers lightly flick against her thumbs. Already she was spreading shards of bone out around her in preparation of the battle.

A moment passes as Rin stands still before leaping backwards, jamming his hands into the two pouches that are held at his thighs by a series of belts. He waits for just long enough for the crowd to wonder what kind of fighter is he. At last, he draws three shuriken and throws them towards Yuuka, as if testing her response time or something.

Following that, he'd drop into a defensive stance, arms held out in front of him, ready to anticipate an attack, or maybe perform seals.

The first of the thrown shuriken chips her shoulder, a thin stream of blood spilling behind her with it, though the kunoichi doesn't seem to notice. Dropping her other shoulder, Yuuka moves fluidly backwards a step, avoiding being struck by the other two shuriken as they pass by her within inches. With a slow exhale, her right hand reaches up to her left shoulder, fingertips dipping slightly into her flesh as she begins to pull out a long, stark white bone, hiltless and pointed with the deadly point of a masterly crafted blade. "That is not going to be enough." Yuuka murmurs lightly. Already the flesh where the single shuriken had struck her has begin to heal, visibly knitting itself together.

"Didn't think it would." Rin replies, his white spirit mask, which among other things looked plain scary, distorted his voice into a deep bass. He watches the blade, considering its length and how quickly Yuuka could swing it before he takes one and a half step back, claps his hands together- and suddenly earth spires are erupting from the canyon walls and the ground, aimed at torso and limbs.

Just as he claps his hands together, Yuuka smoothly takes a light step to the side in a gentle spin, dancing gracefully as she seems to narrowly avoid each of his attacks in turn. Using the momentum, her foot presses firmly against the soft ground as the kunoichi pushes off in a sudden hard leap, blurring with speed as she barely flicks her wrist. The bone blade slashes at him with practiced precision.

Rin was muttering something under his breath. It sounded like he was saying, "Damn, I should go above D rank!" But the only ones likely to hear this are Yuuka and some in the audience with sharp senses. Which, in the shinobi world, is pretty much everyone.

As Yuuka comes in close, the previously carefully calculated distance, and swinging speed comes in handy, as the first slash is met with a earth barrier, and then Rin steps forward to stab at Yuuka's hand with a kunai and push the sword away, only to catch the same sword in his shoulder;

Muttering under his breath, he takes a step back, freeing himself from the blade, and then taps the wall of earth, which suddenly turns into two spikes of earth- and then the kunai used for stabbing is thrown at Yuuka from nearly point blank range.

Yuuka keeps her focused gaze on her opponent, the red markings of her clan vivid against her pale skin and snow white hair as it swirls around her with every movement. The first slash at him strikes against a thin shield of earth before Rin counterstrikes, stabbing at her hand with a small rupture of thick crimson. She doesn't flinch, doesn't drop her blade as the kunoichi flicks her wrist and slashes at his shoulder, getting a solid strike. Yuuka exhales an even breath just before she blurs again, dancing around the spikes of earth as they seem to emerge seconds from where she had stepped. Using the momentum of her dancing, she drops her shoulder to pull back into a spin, the needle flying pass the side of her head the speed blurs the blade in her hand. The spray of needles that came from the blade itself almost unseen.

Rin's hand extends forward- earth rising up above to meet it, just a few moments later the bone needles stick themselves into the wall. Almost comically, Rin leans forwards to inspect the wall, chuckling.

"Funny thing, that." He looks to Yuuka. "Well, I was trying hide it, but now Nori and Takeshi know. I guess there's no point to it anymore." He claps his hands together making seals, "I came to Maikeru- offered him to corner Kaede. Why? Because who else is better at it than Kaede's own student. That's right."

Suddenly, crystals explode from the ground, trying to trap Yuuka in their firm hold;

"I'm a Seishukuni too. And the one that put the first nails into Kaede's coffin. I'm upping the game now."

Yuuka doesn't seem surprised when the needles are easily deflected, her aquamarine focused on him only to quirk a pale brow when Rin begins talking again. Something moves at the edge of her senses, just beneath her feet, dividing her attention between that and Rin, suspecting that he is up to something. "Funny thing, that." the kunoichi replies as the crystals suddenly explode from the ground around her, dirt flying around her. As fast as she is, Yuuka can't escape it as they begin to curl around her like a cyclone. Still, the corner of her lips tugs with a faint smirk, "I do not remember asking."

"It's true." Rin says as his hands fall to his side, staring at Yuuka's trapped form from behind the white spirit mask. "But it's a explanation to what is about to come. Kaede has taught me two of his favorite jutsu. The first one was that," He points to the Impenetrable Cloud Formation, "And this is the other one."

His hands clap together and suddenly the Impenetrable Cloud Formation's top explodes- and then the middle, and then the lowest part;

"Let's see you regenerate /that/."

Thousands of crystal shards of all sizes suddenly explode around her all at once, creating shallow scratches to deep wounds as some embed themselves deep into her flesh. Yuuka winces as she tries to mentally shrug off the pain, the corner of her lips tugging faintly as she tightens her slender fingers on her hiltless blade. "Heh, that was a good move. I may have to work on something like that for myself." she murmurs lightly.

Rin's teeth grind audibly, "I guess that doesn't mean you surrender," His hand raises forward slightly as the earlier spikes of earth begin crystallizing, "Maybe you need more convincing."

Then his hands come together to create several seals- and he channels chakra into the crystallized spikes, causing them to break off, and launch at Yuuka.

Yuuka chuckles once as she straightens slightly, "Well, you /did/ want to see if I could regenerate from it. Or was that sarcastic?" The light smirk grows on her lips, "I thought you knew that Kirigakure shinobi do not go down that easily. But do not think that I am not impressed, regardless." The first of the crystal spikes strikes her shoulder, though Yuuka smoothly dips back to spin and dodge the second spike, pushing off in a hard sprint straight towards Rin to openly strike at him again with full force.

Raising once again a wall of earth, Maikeru's second in command doesn't manage to block the sword and it cuts him across his forearm, gouging him; But despite that, Rin draws his kunai once again, and slashes at Yuuka— and then slices twice in her direction, trying to get her to get away from him.

"I know you don't go down easily, Takeshi proved that." He says, holding the kunai at the ready to block whatever is incoming. "You don't look so good."

Yuuka uses her blade to defend herself from his kunai, pushing it away from her while slashing at him in counterattack. "I do not know what Takeshi-sama proved to you, but you should really experience another's fighting style first hand instead." What deep wounds that Rin has made earlier are already beginning to close up slowly.

Rin jumps back from Yuuka as she slashes at him, gouging him once again across his shoulder and his hip; "Tch." He says as he rubs at his shoulder, his black gloved hands getting smeared with blood.

"If you won't surrender, then I guess I'll have to make you." He says as he begins making seals.

It takes him a long while as he tries to recreate the seals needed for the jutsu, suddenly he stops, in a dilemma. "Dragon or dog?" He asks, suddenly, possibly referring to which seal he needs. He goes with dog.

The earlier wall of earth crystallizes, sprouting a single flower, before that same flower begins to rotate, twisting up- its radius decreasing until it becomes a fine shaft- with a forked spearhead.

The spear then launches at Yuuka.

Yuuka chuckles only once before she suddenly blurs with fluid speed, sprinting across the soft ground as the core of her weight shifts, flipping once, twice, three times as the crystallized spear launches itself at her and missing completely. When the kunoichi lands on her feet, several things happen all at once. Planting her feet in the ground beneath her, she uses the momentum to throw her arm with much more force than she normally would have, launching the sword in a blur of speed. Unseen to the crowd, the bone sword morphs into something else, longer with a sharp razored edge.

Rin is chuckling as the spear misses Yuuka, and at her counter attack- To Rin it all seemed pointless. Any moment now, Yuuka should be asking for mercy. Or something. At least that's what he thought.

So why delay it any more?

Where the spear landed and shattered, another one was in the making— this one too throwing itself at Yuuka, now (hopefully) at even greater speeds than the one before. As if it was all a game to Rin.

When the sword hits Rin hard, Yuuka narrows her deep blue green eyes on him with growing focus as she pushes off into a hard sprint, the bone blade whipping through the air like a boomerang as a second crystal spear begins to form. It flies straight at her, slamming into the kunoichi and sending hundreds of shards blooming in the air around her. Yuuka's eyes widen for a short moment as she is taken from her feet, sailing for several short moments. She instinctively curls to land in a cushioned roll, preventing herself from getting even more injuries from a bad landing as she finally skids to an eventual stop, a light cloud of dust picked up in her wake. Wincing faintly, the Kaguya kunoichi shudders a few times as she places her hands on the soft ground beneath her, struggling to push herself up while blood streams from her wounds. And from behind Rin, the blade from before spins as it hovers in the air, moving seemingly on its own accord as it suddenly blurs to slash at him, "If I am going to lose, then I am going to go down fighting." Yuuka murmurs to herself.

Rin growls under his breath, as only the second strike gets through the earth barrier; Leaping back, Rin examines his wound, muttering something unintelligible under his breath as his hands clap together.

"Alright, end of the show." He says as he performs some quick handseals- and just like before, a pattern of crystal spikes emerges from the ground in a spiraling manner, attempting once again to trap Yuuka in the same prison that she failed to evade once before.

Her senses catch the movement beneath her feet once more, feeling as it had the last time Rin used this jutsu. Yuuka firms her jaw as she pushes herself to her feet with more determined force, but with the accumulative wounds and her energy draining fast, she barely makes it to her feet before the more than a dozen spike crystals shoot from ground around her to begin swirling around her again. Breathing labored, the kunoichi lifts her vivid aquamarine eyes to narrow darkly on Rin several yards away. The crowd's hushed and murmured tones of anticipation ignored in the background. "If you are going to do it, then do it already!"

Rin observes in a manner that is both calm and predatorial- he didn't need the crowd's hushed demeanor, with possibly an invisible undertone of excitement of what is to come, nor Yuuka's words to encourage him.

"Crystal Style: Crystal Barrage." He said, hands clapping together possibly for the last time as the crystal prison around Yuuka explodes once more, with sharp crystal shrapnel spraying on all sides.

Rin releases the jutsu with murmured words, shards of crystal blasting around her in a explosion of pain. The breath catching in her chest, Yuuka's bright eyes widen as her whole body tenses, time melding and blending together as it stretches into eternity. Then, her eyes roll into her head, her whole body becoming limp as falls forward to collapse in the center of the arena, thick crimson blood spilling around her. "Match goes to Onryou Rin!" cries the announcer. The roar of the crowd becomes deafening as they cheer hard, several mednin dressed in matching white uniforms suddenly blurring and appearing right next to Yuuka's limp form as they quickly move into action.

Rin watches, watches, watches— and then shivers in relief when he sees Yuuka falling over. "For a moment I thought she might fight on."

He seems to untense then, turning around to head back to the fighter's area where he can have his wounds checked, what crystal there was on the battlefield now reduced to dust and earth.

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