Bloody Mist Cup - Round 2 Roster



Date: August 15, 2011


None given.

"Bloody Mist Cup - Round 2 Roster"

Unknown location

Standing in the center of the ring, Onryou Maikeru stands with a scroll in
hand. Once the crowd quietens down, he says, "Alright, this is the roster
for Round 2. The matches in this round are no longer random. They are as

Bracket 1.
Kaguya Tsun vs. Onimitsu no Kiri

Bracket 2.
Kaguya Nori vs. Onryou Rin

Bracket 3.
Kishi Mune vs. Onryou Maikeru
Due to the odd number of contestants, Seishino Kanami has been given a
pass into Round 3.

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