Bloody Mist Cup - The Tournament Begins



Date: August 9, 2011


None given.

"Bloody Mist Cup - The Tournament Begins"

Unknown location

As people crowd into the Dammed Arena Stands, a man adorned in a white
trenchcoat and a black shirt and pants stands in the center of the arena.
He holds a scroll in his hand, simply waiting for the right time to unfold

When people finally settle into their seats and quiet down, he calls out
loudly enough for them to hear, "Welcome to Kirigakure. I am Onryou
Maikeru, Jounin of Kirigakure and slayer of the criminal Kaede."

"I thank you all for your attendance, foreign and those who live here. We
have quite a roster for this tournament from Genin to Jounin, and those
without rank. Those who did not provide a rank were placed into a bracket.
You will find the brackets posted up all around the area. Who fights who
each round will be chosen at random to keep fighters and spectators on
their toes. The first round, all fighters will fight someone within their
bracket. However, since there are an odd number of Genin, one Genin may be
seeded, or we may allow all three to fight each other in the same match."

"The roster is as follows:

Bracket 1:
Shirayuki Koseitama, Onimitsu no Kiri, Kaguya Tsun

Bracket 2:
Onryou Rin, Kaguya Yuuka, Kaguya Odori Takeshi, Kaguya Nori

Bracket 3:
Saito Jon, Kyoumen Satsukiyami, Kishi Mune, Nagayama Amaya, Seishino
Kanami, Onryou Maikeru"

"There will be no fighting between contestants outside the tournament,
and all matches will be contained inside the arena. Anyone caught creating
a disturbance will be dealt with accordingly. The fights are NOT to the
death. If a fighter kills his or her opponent, he or she will be
disqualified… Again, I welcome you to Kirigakure. Enjoy the tournament."
With that, he turns and walks into the locker area for the fighters to

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