Bloody Mist Cup - Trash Talk: Nori vs. Rin


Nori, Rin, Yuuka

Date: August 17, 2011


Nori and Rin fight it out.

"Bloody Mist Cup - Trash Talk: Nori vs. Rin"

Dammed Arena - Stands [Kirigakure]


Structures of aging wood and twisted bone sprawl over the sides of the canyon arena, connected by exposed staircases and a few stairwells hollowed into the rock face. The tiers and balconies potentially seat thousands of spectators to watch the bloody outcome. The most exclusive (and least precarious) seating is built right into the face of the dam itself.


From Dammed Arena - Floor,

The voice of the crowd is deafening as they call thirstily for their next match. Cat calls, boos, cheers, and screams echo about the arena. Yet when the announcer appears in the middle of the field, silence takes the place of sound as if death itself had been ushered in. The announcer clears his throat, and then his voice booms across the Arena, amplified by chakra, "Welcome all. The Second Round is about to begin for this bracket is about to begin! This match will be Kaguya Nori versus…. Onryou Rin!!!" As the announcer finishes his speel, the voice of the crowd finds its wind and if it was deafening before, the earth itself now quakes before the noise.

Nori appears from the entrance at the base of the Dam when his name is called. He looks annoyed by the crowds yammer as he takes his position near the center of the field and the announcer. He removes his vest, exposing his upper torso and the fresh scars from previous fights, and then grips the fang tooth from around his neck cutting his hand on its edge, blood drips from the wound onto his bare chest, and then he lets it run in a puddle onto the earth. "A sacrifice to the Abyss," he says, his voice rumbling like thunder through the arena. "To give him a taste of whats to come."

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

The mystery man that appeared with Maikeru on the shores to show the kill the two have brought was used to this kind of cheering. Crowds have called out like this before— but earlier, they only used to shout out his name. This was different. He was unknown here.

And yet, as Onryou Rin steps forwards into the ring, he cannot help but feel as if he is walking through the same hallway on the Northern Island where the Onryou mansion is— like a stranger, looking around to see the two statues of Maikeru and Rin, with the portrait of Kaede between them. Their shared kill. It felt the same- this cheering and that accomplishment.

But Rin intended to add one for himself, one he didn't want to share. Winning this tournament.

So as he stops near the announcer, he points one finger to Nori, "I'm not good at trash talk. And all the taunting and bullshit." He claps his hands together, focusing chakra. "However, I'll be fair."

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori grins, his teeth sharp and feral, his eyes narrow at Rin. "Yes, no trash talk," he says quietly. He claps his hands, a spatter of blood flicking through the air that seems to ignite with light. Electricity swirls around him, leaping between his hands as he pulls them apart, and then trailing up his arms and down his body. His blue eye flickers and glows, and he chuckles lightly. "No mercy," he says, taking up a tense fighting stance.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Chuckling, Rin takes a few steps back, dropping into a defensive stance. "You know, I was quite surprised with the short work you did of Takeshi." He says, hands reaching into a pouch under his trenchcoat— "I actually expected Takeshi to stand where you are right now. You got lucky, question is—" His hands return wielding kunai in both hands; "Are you gonna get lucky again?"

He throws the kunai in his right hand at Nori, as if testing him.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori watches as the attack comes in, he steps slowly to the side, the blade slicing across his arm and drawing bloody. The Kaguya's grin broadens slightly, as he watches Rin's retreat. "Staying out of my range? Not a bad plan," he says, leaving his stance to walk towards Rin, unhurried. His hand flicks out, in turn sending a Kunai back at the other shinobi. "We can play this game all night," he says, continuing to close the distance between them at a liesurely pace.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Rin can't see chakra- and he had no way to know that the kunai had some extra oomph behind it— causing the kunai to go straight through a barrier of earth and stab into Rin's shoulder. He takes the kunai out at a leisurly pace and looks over the earth wall. "Dayum. Looks like you learned something."

He chuckles darkly before slapping a hand on the wall of earth- which turns into a spiring spike- heading in Nori's direction. Another spire bursts out from behind Nori- and finally, at a simultaneous timing- the earth rumbles, and a reverse tidal wave heads in Nori's direction- the earth shooting up at the front of wave and it's apex.

Yuuka is quick to take the earthen steps two at a time down into the stands, her bright blue green eyes flicking up at the arena floor for a faction of a second before returning to the many rows of people. She is lucky enough to find a seat near the front, following the downwards slope and slipping past people to lower herself onto the the flat top of a giant ivory tuck of some oversized animal. Exhaling a quick breath, the smile lights in her eyes as Yuuka leans forward on her seat, intent on the match while Nori and Rin begin to test the waters.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori watches the earth approach and it seemingly blasts into him… Only to crumble away. Dust and rocks explode out from beneath Nori's feet as he gives up a pace to each of the attacks that crash into him, his grin changing to clenched teeth as he focuses each attack. "Ah, yes. I think I'm having flashbacks," he says. "So, lets get this fight started." He springs forward, covering the remaining distance between himself and Rin in a blink of the eye, and swings a barrage of punches towards the other shinobi.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

The more the fight progressed- the more Rin realized that something is wrong with him. His chakra to be precise. As Nori jumped into close quarters- earth moved to protect Rin- but it either succeeded, failed, or was on the 'meh' level. He idly wondered if the fight between Maikeru and Mune still bothered him. That last bit— Was there a 'cure' for him too? Freedom?

Thinking about it only pissed him off more- He jumped back, wiping the blood from his mouth and then focused his mind on the battle at hand. "You sure you don't want to see if I have any other weaknesses first?" He asks, though he may be grinning, the mask hides his features all too well.

"I sure am not satisfied with seeing only those of yours." He says as he kicks the ground with his foot, and a square 3 feet wide and long dislodges, turning into crystal and splitting in two- the two halves then launch themselves at Nori- aiming to crush him underneath.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori grins, springing up into the air flipping up and over the attacks. "Oi, oi," he says. "What weaknesses I have, I do not think you have the skills to exploit." He lands on the ground with his back to Rin. "So, this will be a fight between two men," he leaps and spins a chakra boosted roundhouse kick at Rin. "And the one left standing," he continues as he alights upon the ground, "will be victor. We have only to swing our fists until one of us falls." He grins, his eyes flickering with dangerous intent as he takes up his fighting stance once more in front of Rin.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Ducking under the roundhouse, Rin uses the kunai in his left hand to stab in Nori's direction- before using the same skill as before to crystallize the ground and launch it at his opponent.

"I don't think it's smart to underestimate an opponent- especially one who shows as little as I." He would jump back after all this, kicking dirt forwards, "But you fight as if you fought someone like me before. Quite amusing."

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori attempts to step aside from Rin, the blade slashing across his chest and spilling more blood to the earth. He grins, letting the crystal smash into him and bounce harmlessly away as yet more dust and stone explodes out from his heels. "Aye, I've fought many. Shinobi of all sects. I have a weakness, but I doubt you'll find it." He grins, and flickers forward, his fist swinging up and towards Rin's sternum, a blow intended to crush without remorse.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

The fist smashes into Rin's sternum- resulting in a mere poof of smoke as Rin skids on the ground, several feet away from that punch. "I'd disagree. You seem quite unable to block blows efficiently." He says as he begins making a long chain of seals. "As a Seishukuni I was taught many things. Useless things." Boar, Dog, Dragon, "But I gotta give it to Kaede. He had his mind on the game, and designed some nasty jutsu."

"Crystal Style:" His hands stop moving, held out in a single seal. "Impenetrable Cloud Formation."

The ground underneath Nori will erupt in a mass of crystal spikes, shooting upwards in a spiraling manner- from above it would look like a storm cloud. Their intent is to branch out and trap Nori— to leave him helpless. Just as the same Rin would be, had Nori's strike hit him for real.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori was at once in front of Rin, and in the next moment a few feet to the side. "I think it is time for us to move on to the next step," he says quietly, his voice low, and there is something unseemly in the flicker of his eyes, dangerous in the tenseness of his body. His arm reaches across his chest, and an ivory spike emerges from his shoulder. As he grips the spike a grotesque cracking of bones and tearing of flesh can be heard, and Nori wrenches the bone out of his flesh. Blood sprays like a fine mist, and a sword emerges from his shoulder as if drawn from a sheath. Broad as the palm of his hand, and sharp as death on one side, serrated on the other. He flicks it towards the ground, and the remaining few drops splash onto the earth.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Finally seeing the legendary Shikotsumyaku, Rin begins focusing more chakra.

"I was waiting for this." He says, "Now I won't feel guilty anymore." Guilty of what, someone might ask. Well, time to see.

After he is done focusing more stamina into chakra, he gestures to Nori. "If I may suggest, don't hold back. I am not like Takeshi."

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori grins. "I hope so," he says quietly. "But do not expect me to fight like my cousins." He laughs, and then throws the sword with a mighty blast of strength, running behind it, he flips into the air and spins, spraying the earth with a thousand needles as he spins. As he leaves the attack, he lands upon the ground, already moving again to close what little distance there was between him and Rin. "I hope you will prove more interesting," he says around a laugh.

Yuuka lets out a quick breath of relief as she watches Nori easily avoid the formation of crystals, knowing from experience the intent they have should they capture their target successfully. When the Kaguya finally activates his kekkei genkai and pulls free the length of the bone sword, the corners of her lips tugs faintly and she presses her lips together with growing tension, leaning forward in her seat to rest her arms against her legs in support. Already she was nearing the edge of her seat as the battle progressed. Yuuka barely hears the comment Rin makes to Nori against the roar of the crowd around her, but she does frown slightly at the mention of Takeshi, concern showing her vivid aquamarine eyes when her gaze shifts back and forth between them, gauging reactions.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

A wall of crystal raises to meet the sword— it cracks a bit, but that's about it, however, even that crack proves to be a crack big enough for the falling 'cherry blossoms'. Rin is pierced and stabbed, but it's a minor wound, or proves to be so in the end.

But his mind is equally on the game; His hands slap together, making more seals and finally his hand raises into the air.

"I offer thee this silent sacrifice." He said out loud, and then the hand came crashing down— right at the same time as a glowing lance materialized in the air; It pulsed oddly, and never seemed to move either— until it was a bit too close for comfort.

Should the lance hit, it will cause profuse bleeding. Possibly even tear muscles.

"I'm thinking now that my mentor died a bit too early. I guess from here on, I'm on my own." He says. Possibly refering to his meager skillset.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

As the spear launches towards him Nori clasps his hands in front of him. Waiting, waiting… Nori watches the lance approach, and then his blue eye flickers. Dust and sand, earth and stone, the very air itself seems to shiver with the force of his chakra exploding outwards, and yet the speed of the spear is devestating. It blows through his defense and plunges through his shoulder. "Ah," he says, staring at the gaping wound. "I suppose I should have expected something like that." He frowns, deep in thought for a moment as he considers Rin. With a shake of his head, he closes the short distance between himself and Rin. "Oi, that hurt," he says, as he swings his fist yet again towards his opponents abdomen, groaning in pain from the wound he'd been given even as he struggles to surpass it.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Rin was all fired up to end this quickly and brutally; But his lapse of judgement and focus for a moment leads to him getting a blow to the gut- causing him to double over in pain, momentarily; lips pressed together ferally.

On one hand, he wondered how bad this could be. Then again, on the other hand, he didn't really want to find out.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori steps back, his eyes narrowing, the glee gone from his face, the only thing left was a savage brutality that would soon be reflected in his fists. He whispers softly, "What I do now is going to hurt, but I will not crush your organs." One, two… the blows swing down, and in. One upon the soft flesh where stomach divides hip and ribs, and the other in similar style upon Rin's other side. Nori steps back and away, resuming his fighting stance, watching to see if Rin should be able to continue.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Punch, Punch; Rin is flying across the arena floor- layed flatly on his back, and staring upwards, towards the ceiling. The crowd's breath catches as he lays there for a long moment.

Was he beaten?

Did he in some dark corner of his mind want to get beaten? Afraid that the solution to the solution, yes, might be worse. But, what if it's better.

The proctor considers to call the match- and begins raising a hand— but then Rin too raises a hand.

"I will find a way." He whispers, "Maikeru found a way. I can too." He begins raising from the floor, still dizzy from the blows.

"Even if it means drinking the poison. But this is far as we go together."

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori watches Rin regain his feet. "What are you babbling about?" Theres some honest concern in his eyes, though his features still seem dangerous and unfriendly. He glances at the Ref, but sees that the man is not making an effort to stop the shinobi from continuing. Nori frowns, turning his attention back to Rin. "Alright," he says softly. Nori stills, his focus fully on Rin now, he forms a simple focusing seal, and begins staring at his opponent. Something cold lurks in his eyes, and he begins shifting to circle around and in towards his opponent.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Rin closes his eyes for a moment, coughing out blood; Maybe Nori wasn't such a weakling after all. Rin had misjudged him. Rin had made a mistake of not using his best jutsu. For what? He thought. He had thought many times that if he can't be his own, perhaps being dead was better. And now he finally thought that he had a way out. There was a obstacle though. Nori.

And if the ends justify the means, then so be it.

Nori may see Rin- scan him for weaknesses, the crowd may look upon him, pittifully in fact— though it may seem heroic that he attempts to stand on his feet even now— it is plain dumb. Or so it may seem. The fact remains that, as Rin begins making seals, and finishes them, nothing changes about him. Absolutely nothing. He appears still the same. Everything is the same. But his fighting spirit is different. It went through a metamorphosis. From ominous and mysterious— it became dark. Oppressive. Even the crowd could feel it. Something wrong about him. Something there— in the shadows. Yet there is nothing. It's like the boogeyman. You think it's under your bed, but you can't see it.

"There are secrets I learned I wished I could leave hidden." He simply offered to Nori as he became oddly silent.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori continues to focus, though something is telling him to be wary. "What are you up to, Rin?" He asks the question quietly as he circles closer to the younger man, his eyes narrowed. The veins along his arms are literally glowing, and his blue eye glows like a star. Its obvious hears nearing the peak of his charge, and his focus is entirely on Rin. He has already identified what he needs, two points where the muscles fold just so, and he draws within range, now would be the telltale moment…

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Rin's head sinks slowly, his gaze— through the white mask— focused on the floor. Then it lifts up, almost as if in confusion. He huffs as he looks upwards. People. Watching him. Did Nori hit him upside the head a bit too hard.

His hand reaches up towards his mask, innocently tracing a finger— and then he digs his nails into the white surface, etching a deep grovove into it.

Hands falling to his sides, he emits a chilling scream— and at that moment, the entire ground begins to crystallize all around him at a rapid pace. It was esoteric. Sudden. The very air hisses— like a sword parting silk; Rin's hands slam together- as his head is still tilted back, staring upwards- several seals are made at incredible speed- and as he stretches his arms out to his sides, and raises them into the air- so does the very ground and air errupt with so many crystal spikes the combatants would become invisible as their sheer number— thousands of them— fill the arena floor- all but hitting Rin who is miraculously, or perhaps purposely, missed by them.

Even though he can't be seen after this- Rin continues to scream.

Scream out of outrage.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

Nori forces his tattered body from the thousands of crystal spears and shards that dominate the area around him. Blood pours from his body from the myriad cuts and gouges. His teeth flash in a feral smile, and he looks about ready to feint, but yet his joy has returned. "Thats more like it," he says with a grin. Running forward, heedless of the crystal that cuts and scrapes him as he passes, he approaches the screaming Rin once more, delivering a pointed, and likely familiar, punch directed towards Rin's abdomen. "Here I thought this fight was going to be boring." He chuckles, knowing that the match came down to this.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

There's a crash of crystal after a blunt impact resounding through the arena. It's still. And then the crystal spires and spikes begin falling apart, and shatter upon impact with the ground- as loud as if a tower of glass was falling. All this amplified and echoed by the structural features of the arena; To say the least it is deafening.

But once all the crystal is down, Onryou Rin is on the ground, motionless. A bunch of medics stand up from their post, waiting on the proctors call.

"Kaguya Nori wins the match!" The Proctor is all too /happy/ to call out considering the close call earlier.

Rin is already standing up, held up by possibly only willpower— the medics have to resort to restraining methods to drag him out of the arena and give him much needed attention.

"Give up a round of applause for our victor!" The proctor shouts out as he turns to the crowd.

From Dammed Arena - Floor,

As Rin falls down, Nori looks about, unsure of what the outcome was. "Ah," he says, looking at the med-nins swarming around. He looks around and finds his ivory swords, half burried in the remains of the crystal, and uses it to prop himself up as he waves at the cheering crowd. He gives another wary glance towards Rin, and then limps back towards the door at the bottom of the dam.

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