Bloody Pursuit - Freedom for Bonds


Kiji, Kiyoshi (emitter)

Date: June 3, 2015


Kiji & Sorako's imprisonment comes to an end. However, the price of that freedom is a different sort of cage.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bloody Pursuit - Freedom for Bonds"

Land of Water - Hidden Compound

"Are you sure that—"

"Yes, I am. Now if you—"

"But alone? That's too big of a risk, Ko. What—"

"-If I'm overpowered? Please. Neither of them have enough chakra left between them to put up of a fight."

Instead of the pain and aches of sleeping in some kind of uncomfortable position, it is two voices — familiar, but not in the pleasant way — that may be the first things Kiji registers before consciousness fully returns to her. The careless opening of eyes would reveal nothing at first except a blinding white light. A painful treat, but not without its worth. The sooner one can adjust to its intensity, the sooner shapes become clear. Ko and Nobu. Their backs were to her, and focus purely on some table in the corner; mobile considering the wheels. A door can just be seen from out of the corner of her eyes, but looking for anything more would prove difficult.
They didn't stop at simply binding her limbs physically, but also her neck and waist, leaving her suspended on a wall. It seems the back scratching from last time warranted further precautions being set in place. Even without her eyes, her sensor abilities would reveal roughly about the same information. That, and the fact that the signature belonging to Nobu is… agitated, to say the least.

"You can't know that for certain." Nobu speaks up again, only to be met by Ko's flippant response of, "It doesn't matter. Once they return, I will have what I need to keep them secured. Besides, its not as if they can just walk out of here." Nobu's chakra spikes for a moment, reaching well above that of his counterpart. But once that moment passes, he settles down, and just scoffs at Ko. "At least don't forget the medicine." Nobu doesn't wait for an answer before storming away, leaving his companion to glare halfheartedly at his backside.
"Baka.." She murmurs, attention returning to the table.

Kiji furrowed her brow as she tried to open her eyes, only to be met by a blinding glare. Throat and waist and arms and feet bound against the wall. She gathered herself and tugged just enough to test the bonds, though remained silent. She could make out the figures by forcing her eyes to darken just a little. When they moved she closed her eyes and played dead, biding her time and using her sensor abilities to watch the situation. She couldn't quite make out what waso n the table just yet.. But the fact they had fallen out over something was a plus… Finally as Nobu left the room, leaving Ko and Kiji alone, the Shimizu made a small groaning sound as if she had just woken up, acting like she couldn't see anything. Her eyes were close to white, giving nothing away just yet. She seemed aware of her vulnerability as well. For good measure she pushed a small bit of blood out of her wrist only to allow it to drip down her arm as though she wasn't in full control.

Ko takes no notice of Kiji's groaning. Not at first, at least, though after scribbling something down, the girl spins on her heels to face Kiji, smiling brightly. "Ohayo, Kiji~ Did you sleep well these past few days?" She asks, lieing smoothly in tone and expression. Before an answer can be given, Ko seems to start at the sight of blood. "Oh dear! You're bleeding. I could've sworn that — nevermind. I have something just for that." She turns away only briefly enough to snatch up a syringe already filled with some peculiar liquid. Kiji might recognize some of the properties of it only because of a similar consistency to a drug used to help suppress a Shimizu's abilities. It wouldn't be for all that long, or at least… it normally is not.
"Now, just hold still a moment, and all will be well." She giggles. "Not that there's much you can do." Ko adds during the finally approach to Kiji's side.

Kiji eyed Ko as she came forward, pretending to be concerned for the blood. Kiji shook her head what little she could move it. The girl bothered Kiji, though apparently Nobu might be talked to… When the syringe was brought out Kiji narrowed her eyes. If that was what she thought it was… She would have to try and avoid getting drugged again… She was weak, probably fro lack of food and movement for the days she had been unconscious… But that wouldn't stop her from trying to use her blood to break the shackles.
Blood swirled under the bonds making it a tighter fit but then suddenly expanding, trying to snap the bindings. It was a weak attempt but perhaps it would buy her time to break that syringe.. in fact that was a good idea. A small tendril reached out and tied to wrap around the syringe, tightening to snap it in half if it worked, but the effort left her breathing quickly…. "I told you …. You can't do what I did."

The bindings are by no means brittle. Even so, signs of metal and blood-soaked cloth inner lining do begin to show. Ko is no fool, but the 'distraction' provided by Kiji's blood tendril snaking its way to the syringe proves a strong enough distraction. Unfortunately for Kiji, said syringe is yanked away from the tendril before it can wrap about it. Even if Kiji made a second or third attempt on the thing, now that Ko was aware, the woman paid special mind of them. The price, as she belatedly came to realize, meant retreating.
Scowling, Ko set aside the drug and started pulling off her gloves. "Wrong or right, You won't stop me from doing everything I can to find out." As those words left her mouth the last glove falls, revealing a set of seals on the girl's hands. Ko only hesitates for a moment. Then, she charges forward, left hand shooting out at the last minute towards Kiji's midsection.

Kiji made a face as she missed the syringe. At least she'd tried. The blood circled her wrists again as she tried to pull herself together. How could she get this girl to understand that Kiji and Sorako were a special case without giving away secrets? The shackles kept her fast against the wall so when Ko came charging Kiji couldn't defend herself. Air left her in a rush and she felt even more of her chakra draining from her. Her head sagged a little and she tried to look at Ko once more. M..Meruin-dono's going to kill you."

Once assured that the seal's work being successful, Ko redirected her hand to Kiji's cheek and caressed it gently. "Mayhaps… but this forbidden fruit is just to juicy to ignore. You can understand that much, can't you?" She ends on that note, patting Kiji's check before retreating from the girl. Ko knew slip well the seal paled in comparison to the one set up in the other rooms, and that all too soon, her test subjects strength would return. The thought elicits a smile so wide that it split her features.
"Now, we do have those one or two tests left, but it seems those supplies are gonna take forever and a day." Ko sighs mockingly and shakes her head. "Guess I'll take a look into that. Do be a good dear and stay. I'd hate to have to treat you unwell again~" Ko skips on out of the room, allowing for another but brief few moments for Kiji to sense beyond her current room. Her 'reach' does not extend beyond the next room, but within it, she can pick up the familiar signature of Sorako and a faint impression of Ko's chakra suppressing seals surrounding the room.
Then the door closes, muting the world again…

Kiji froze when Ko touched her cheek, certain something more sinister was comming. The fact that she was only petting her made the gesture somehow even more creepy. But Kiji simply waited silently as Ko spoke, lowering her eyes, perhaps tired, perhaps avoiding the girl's gaze.. She waited and caught that sense of Sorako in the next room. So they had her as well.. Not a good sign… Kiji gathered herself and her charka once more, trying to once again break tose chains, she strained and wriggled and tried to pry them open with her blood…

Beneath Kiji's clothing the seal flares up and siphons away chakra. It is nowhere near enough to stop Kiji from inevitably obtaining freedom, but an already difficult struggle becomes near impossible for most to endure. However, if she can manage to hold out for long enough, the seal seems to eventually reach the point it does not drain more. A flaw? A boon? A limit? No matter what the case may be, Kiji can breathe a little easier after making the sacrifice. But only the Kami know how long Ko might be away…

The seal's siphoning of her chakra was something that the chuunin exams had uniquely prepared her to endure. After the whole test in the cave this was similar. And she pushed and tried until she sensed that weakness.. at which point she pushed even further and the seal faded from her body. Panting, Kiji turned her attention back to the shackles holding her, once more bunching the blood to shatter the mechanism keeping them closed.
n she fell to the ground, panting once more, heavily. She might have been unaware for the last few days but her body must have been through something strenuous. It didn't matter. As much as she disliked Sorako.. She couldn't let these people take her and find out her secrets…. So, forcing herself to her feet, Kiji ignored the pain and exhaustion, eyes a deep grey tone as she headed for the only door n the room, gathering her chakra and her whips around her protectively… Slowly she opened the door to the next room where Sorako was being kept….

The next room is an almost exact replica of the same room Kiji found herself in. Ko is nowhere around, nor does there appear to be any lab equipment about. Although invisible to normal sight, Kiji may also sense that an active version of the seal used upon her early covers the only other door available. This aside, the Shimizu that imprisoned Sorako and Kiji seemed to not have consider the former much of a threat.
She is bound to the wall, but only by chains and bands attached to her limbs, limiting movement. Granted, the state they left Sorako in once more suggests that the one small boon isn't something the young woman can take advantage of any time soon. Shallow, rhythmic breathing can just barely be heard emanating from Sorako, back turned away from the rest of the room, and body curled up into a tight ball.

Kiji halted when she spotted Sorako. The woman didn't look very good, and Kiji could tell she was tired, possibly exhaisted. That seal on the door Kiji wasn't sure how to break, but perhaps Sorako… But would the woman help her? She should.. Considering her own circumstances…
Still Kiji hesitated..
Could she manage to heal Sorako enough to travel and fight AND have enough chakra left over to defend herself? Kiji chewed on her bottom lip before slipping closer to Sorako and silently focusing her chakra into her blood. A thin tendril split from her wrist and entered Sorako's body through her arm, hopefully giving her strength. Whispering, Kiji began work on the chains… "We need to get out of here…. How much do you know about seals?"

The moment Sorako felt her strength begin to return, the woman awakens, lashing out using a fist with all the technique and grace of an inch worm. In other words, not unlike her copy? Even if successful in striking Kiji the woman doesn't put nearly enough power behind it to do more than annoy her 'younger' self. The chains, on the other hand, might do a little more if Kiji is not careful. Regardless, unless hindered in some way, Sorako's flailing subsides only after scrambling until she sat curled up into a nearby corner, hand outstretched, and drawn eyes peering out from just over her knees.
She says not a word at first, recognition slow to come to her. If allowed to try and reach a conclusion on her own, a full two minutes of silence passes. Far too much time to waste perhaps…

"… Where… wha….. How did you get free?" She licks her lips nervously and kept glancing between Kiji and the door.

Kiji put up her hands with a confused expression on her face as Sorako lashed out but missed her. Square she did not have the time to babysit her 'mother'…. "I'm good. Now be quiet and maybe I can get you loose too. We have to get out of here. Now do you know how to break that granny seal or not?" Kiji reached up and infiltrated Sorako's chains with blood before ripping apart the mechanisms, effectively setting her loose. "Neither of us is safe right now and we have a secret to protect. Now let's go… don't make me force you…." She held out a hand for Sorako to use to help get back on her feet.

Despite the hold fear had on her spirit, being talked down to by an 'insignificant copy' helps her push past it. One last furtive look is cast between Kiji and the door before resolve solidifies in her eyes. As for Kiji's offer, the hand gets quickly slapped away Sorako. "I don't need your pity." She murmurs caustically under breath while gradually forcing herself to rise. She clung to the walls for support along the way, but at the price of straining herself to the point of being winded.
"… I know how.. to break it." Sorako admitted, forcing herself now to stand up more rigidly, confident and strong, even though she felt anything but the latter. "Either we overpower the seal…. or we get a hold of her blood."

Kiji showed no reaction as her hand was slapped away. She'd half expected that from the woman. But as Sorako moved it was clear she was on her last bit of energy as well.. For them to overpower the seal…. Perhaps if they worked together. Kiji finally nodded and took position by the door, gathering her chakra, preparing to push energy into the seal.
She couldn't think about Sorako at this point. It was too strange to be working with her rather than fighting against her…. Still, together they should be able to overpower one seal, right? At Sorako's motion to start, Kiji stepped forward just as she had in the caves, pushing chakra into the seal looking to overload it.

As Sorako drew closer to the door, the spark of defiance kindled by Kiji begins to wane severely. At any moment her tormentors could return with tools that plagued both waking and sleeping self. Maybe if Ko was there and vulnerable then….
'No!' After standing there leaning away slowly from the door, the young woman shook her head fiercely, then planted her feet firmly on the ground. Far too much was riding on her escaping, and she would be /hitched/ before allowing Ko a second chance at her. A simple nod had been the motion to start, and as one, both stepped forward and began pushing chakra into the door.
Much like its lesser cousins, the seal flares to life from the touch of chakra, greedily consuming as much as it could. Between the two Shimizu, the seal array could only handle so much before going dark again; leaving the duo free to exit. But there was more to it there. A moment during the process which something pushed into the duo before retreating back into the array.
As exhausted as she was, Sorako possessed enough strength to rip the door open and practically throw herself into a run, blissfully unaware of the differences to the room that made it more akin to a doctor's office than the labs. It had at least two other exits on the other hand. One off to the left of their entrance, and another more hidden one towards the back of the room.
"Oh my my~ Here I was thinking one of you might just sacrifice the other to escape. Hmm… I guess this means I owe Nobu too." Sorako didn't even need to look at the girl seated behind the desk in front of the door to feel fear consume her heart, freezing her in place. Ko pays it no mind. She merely took another sip from her cup before motioning for one of her nearby clone to pour more in.

Kiji could feel the seal array as is consumed power and then slowly overloaded itelf. When Sorako flung the door open and bolted, Kiji hung back.. She was not the type to rush headlong into the unknown like that and surely they would run into resistance somewhere… Kiji was preparing for battle as much as trying to escape. So when she moved out into th next room he wasn't surprised to ee Ko sitting there. The various doors were noted one by one and then Kiji's eyes turned to consider Ko.
What was the girl playing at? A weak seal on Kiji and an array that two exhausted women could overload on a door… only to fnd her waiting for them. Kiji moved warily, watching everyone's movements closely. Sorako, on the other hand was letting her fear control her.. That wasn't good. "Sorako-san, calm down." It was an order, yes, but Kiji's attention was on Ko. "What you seek cannot be attained by you. I suggest you allow us to leave." But even as she spoke, vines wrapped up around her arms, a sign that she would fight if ned be…

The order fell on virtually death ears. Rank did not matter to her in the face of terror, nor even past humiliations. Sweat began to form from a struggle her subconscious was losing against defeat. From the corner of her eyes, Ko drank in the sight and smiled cheerily in delight. Then, Kiji spoke, drawing the girl's full attention to the white-haired twin. She is silent for all of a minute after Kiji spoke, eyes distant during this time as if again seriously considering Kiji's words.
"So you keep saying Kiji, and so I'll keep countering with perhaps or maybe…. Honestly, I don't care what you think at this point regarding that. I… do however wonder if you would accept another agreement." Ko rises from her seat, prompting her clone to back off a ways, head bowed submissively. "In exchange for terminating our previous deal early, you two must agree to having your memories of these events sealed. After all, why would anyone want to hold onto to such unpleasantness?"

Kiji narrowed her eyes at Ko as she started speaking. The a look of sardonic annoyance crossed Kiji's face. "You're just afraid of your own punishment. Smart…" Though they hadn't had a deal before, Kiji took a moment to consider Sorako… Kiji closed her eyes, breathing slowly, steadily, and trying to think through this whole situation. It was a tough call. the end, however, Kiji doubted her ability at her current strength to fight all of them and escape with Sorako in tow let along unharmed. It was a fool's errand. Especially with Sorako so frightened.
Opening her eyes again Kiji slowly nodded. "Fine. I will allow you to cover your tracks."

Ko doesn't refute Kiji's assessment despite the mocking tone. She takes it, smiling all the brighter while Kiji consider her options.
Wait for back up that might never come…
Fight her way out with a wigging out Sorako…
Continue the experiments, and hope her cousins kept their word…

In the end, the more 'sensible' option is accepted, earning Kiji a short-lived applause from ko. "Excellent~ Just what I wanted to here. Not that it mattered one way or another. Even if you managed to kill me or escaped somehow, we have more than a enough contingencies to deal with any aftermath~" Ko pauses, averts her gaze, and gives her chin a few taps. "Well, most of them, anyways. Either way, this really is best for all…. Now, are there any last words you want to say before it all goes… poof?"

Kiji was far from happy with the solution but considering her options… She sighed softly, knowing that if something happened to her Meruin would not be please and would investigate thoroughly so there was a bit of insurance there for her.. Sorako.. well she apparently was not as tough as her 'daughter'…. Or so Kiji thought. She sighed and shook her head silently, eyes going a blank white. She would not offer them a clue or a hint or a plea. Nothing. She let out a breath and then coldly looked at Ko as she waited.

Ko waits, smile waning until only a shadow of it remains in place. When it becomes clear Kiji intended not to speak, the young girl motions to her blood clone. Wordlessly, the entity approached the duo, non-existant joints popping in its hands before they are pulled together to begin forming hand signs. "For what it is worth, Kiji, I really do wish it did not come to this. Progress should be shared!" She exclaimed, happy once more. The clone did not wait for Kiji to give an answer. With three finger tips lit up by fire-like chakra, she pressed them into Kiji's forehead.
An instant of intense pain, and then… nothing.

Hours later, Kiji would awaken back in the very same spot she began feeling drained instead of rested from having dozed off again, alone, and feeling strangely light-headed. There are no hints in the area to explain why, so maybe it is just her imagination.

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