Struggle with no reward - Bloody valentine


Satomi, Daisuke

Date: April 11, 2013


Daisuke tags along with Satomi to take care of a group of terrorists who arose during the dissidence and rising rebellion in the land of fire.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle with no reward - Bloody valentine"

Land of fire

As you walk the street near the gate you can actually notice it's a turmoil. Chuunin and jounin coming and going, some of them carrying wounded villagers, others carefully carrying children away. You know it's because of the rising dissidence and unrest. And things seem to be escalating. "Daisuke-san!" Yells a jounin who you likely recognice for the peace of wheat he always has lodged between his teeth.

"Oh thank the spirits you're here. We're lacking man-power and there's a situation not far from here. A bunch of villagers started their own independent terror squad, and are taking payments to indiscriminantly terrorize and murder villagers who are loyal to Konoha and the Daimo." He explains, while pointing at Satomi, who's urgently drawing something up on a piece of paper stuck to a cartboard holder, flicking the inc-clad feather about a little before passing it off, clearly tagging names and handling logistics. "She has the details, I'll arrange for someone to tag names, you talk to her and get going… handle this because we're getting more and more calls. The attacks are far more frequent now!" He then nods again, before dashing off, bringing a villager who's slumped over his shoulder towards the hospital. A second inspection show an ugly gash in his back.

Satomi has her back turned towards Daisuke and seems to be handling things fine, volunteering to help get villagers to safety. More and more wounded people flow in, men women and children indescriminantly wounded … or worse. "Murake… yes he's in wing 2C, set up a tent for four, they have two children who are left five clicks from the village in a cabin. Take Inuzuka Setho with you to track them down!" She says to a chuunin who nods and body flickers out of there. Satomi in charge of making these split second decisions over and over, someone already walking up to her to take over, another Nara it seems.

Here Daisuke was walking by the front gate towards the Ramen shop when all of a sudden he was tagged by a fellow jounin into a mission. The situation sounded grim for the villagers, which appealed to Daisuke's sense of justice. This sense was luckily able to over ride his sense of hunger. "I was ju- … ok then." he says, finally able to get a word in but the jounin had already run off. A bit confused, Daisuke walked over to where he was pointed, spotting Satomi with her back to him. As with every opportunity, Daisuke would approach silently and slide his arms around her waist, propping his chin onto her shoulder as he whispers, "What are you working on, beautiful? I just got drafted to go help some villagers and I'm reporting for duty."

Satomi had just passed off the list when she gets hugged from behind, flinching for a moment before relaxing, recognizing Daisuke by his hands, touch and smell. She smiles, though tries to hide it from everyone.. not really appropriate to smile when wounded people get carried in every ten minutes or so. "Hey sexy.." She whispers back while turning her head to kiss, kissing him if she gets the opportunity to.

"Ehm, jeez I don't know, I just recently got a collection of reports, but from what I read it seems a terror group of different villages has formed and try to squeeze some cash out of the rebellion, doing horrible things to innocent people who are simply neutral or loyal to us." She sighs, it clearly bothers her. "And the reports seem to indicate there is one person there who isn't from around here… a Shinobi with a strange ability. They say he looks like a clown with a scythe."

"So it seems we're on our first mission together." She concludes while nodding, quickly reaching into her belt to check her equipment. "Alright, well lets not waste any time. They seem to be moving east at about three kilometers per hours, but they should be slowed down by the terrain there, so lets try cutting them off." She says, nodding in a general direction… she got all that from a big stack of handwritten notes, a quick lookover seems their witness reports written up by her, must be like fifty. She filtered all of those and concluded this? Who knows…

She shifts a bit, actually not wanting to stop the hug, reluctantly stepping towards the gate. "Now come on, before they see us slacking on the job. You ready?" She asks, while turning around a little, her arm sliding along Daisuke's… hands connecting, her fingers trailing over his palm.

Daisuke gives her that much needed quick kiss before he removes his arms from her waist and stands beside her, listening to what she has to say for this situation. The scythe man sounded interesting, probably the mastermind behind the rebellion as it sounded like most of the rest were just angry villagers and bandits. "Shouldn't be too bad. Oh I have been assigned with you? What a pleasant surprise. I wonder if someone knows something.." he says, looking around at all that people scrambling around them to help injured and keep order. "I'm ready to go, I pack light." he says as she checks her equipment. Relying on that brain of hers, Daisuke would let her lead on. He was, afterall, the muscle.

Daisuke looks down at his hand in hers, and nods his head, "Just be careful. You never know what can happen and I'm not going to be too pleased if you take any unnecessary risks." he says, wondering himself how he would react in such a situation. "Let's go." he says in a cheery tone, urging Satomi along in the direction she had nodded in. "Bad guys await and people are getting hurt."

Satomi nods while he lets go, turning towards the gate. "Risks are part of the job, you'll have to deal with me taking them as well!" She remarks, smiling while turning her head. "But I'll be the last one to take an unnecasery one, it takes someone who can't really think on their toes to take those!" She then jumps up into the first tree outside of the village, disregarding the trail and instead cutting straight through the forest, assuming Daisuke can keep up.

They're going for a few moments, sometimes Daisuke can see her hands come together to make a seal, instead of focussing on branches and working harder to reach those, Satomi occasionally jumps on a lighter branch that would snap under normal circumstances, but closer inspection shows that her shadow actually rolls up and bolsters the wood before her foot hits it, which leaves them just as sturdy as any thick branch. She truely mixes in her ninjutsu through her movement flawlessly, which allows her to move suprisingly fast..or rather, suprisingly efficiently.

"Two minutes out before we clear the forest." She says, while looking to her side, giving Daisuke a gaze. "My turn to tell you to be careful. Lets both come back alive." She remarks, before suddenly lifting up her fist, stopping at the edge of the treeline, completely silent, gazing outwards.

There, about 80 meters away lays a wheelbarrow, a few bodies of men and children inside… blood-clad and dead, a big circle drawn over their bodies in blood, along with an inverted triangle. Satomi looks around, trying to see if the area is clear. While also trying to keep her stomach from emptying at seeing the horrors.

"Lets look a bit closer." She whispers while it seems the coast is somewhat clear, making a seal to send a clone out to check, and good thing she did, the clone stepping onto the dirt causes something to shift.. and then BOOM. Shrapnel of a clay mine flying around, also towards Satomi and Daisuke who quickly reacted by setting up her shadow skin, trying to deflect the sharp shrapnel flying towards her.

The shadow skin causing the the shrapnel to simply bounce off her body, while she quickly turns her head to see if Daisuke is doing alright.

"Glad to hear it." Daisuke says as he follows Satomi out into the forest, having no problem catching up. He actually has a bit of fun, feeling good about this being the first mission they were on. Occasionally, he would catch a higher branch with his hands, swinging forward to catch up to Satomi before falling behind some again and repeating. He didn't have the directions so moving ahead of her would mostly just be childish and would get him lost and looking stupid.

Daisuke nods his head as he continues to move through the trees, being given the two minute warning. "You won't have to worry about me." he says as he chuckles, nice to have someone care. One finally swing from a branch allows Daisuke to land on the branch opposite Satomi, the trunk of the cedar in between them. He looks out over the area to see what she sees, making out a wagon and what looks like people laying on the ground. Satomi is the first one to move without Daisuke able to protest, her clone setting off a mine that sends debris their way. Daisuke is able to move his body out of the way of the shrapnel by swinging down under the branch to a lower one using both his feet and hands, looking like some kind of monkey. "You ok?" he asks Satomi. "We will probably have company soon." he adds, knowing the explosion of the mine wasn't just to hurt any trespassers. "Maybe we should move positions and keep an eye on this place for anyone who comes to check it out."

"Good call." She whispers while making a seal, slowly moving along the tree-line to a well concealed location. Keeping her eye on the terrain. "Think you can use your earth jutsu to set off the rest of the mines before we leave either way? I don't want anyone to get hurt, and mines are rarely alone." She whispers while then finding her own concealed spot, within range to send Daisuke hand signals, though far enough apart to not give eachother away.

And sure enough two men in jackets show up. One carries a big axe clumsily over his shoulder. The other seems to wield a sword, holding it like a sort-of-trained swordsman. But Satomi already sees enough openings and mistakes. She just waits, while the two scan the treeline and surrounding area, carefully stepping, clearly scared of their own mines. "We should capture them and find out where the rest is." Satomi whispers, nodding at the two men who showed up, carefully sitting in the shadows, completely still.

Daisuke nods his head as they move through the trees, remaining hidden in the leaves (no pun intended). He quickly scans the area but without some kind of sensory earth skill he won't be able to find the mines easy and while remaining hidden. He sets up position so that he is able to see Satomi and the area they blew up. Sure enough, two show up to investigate and Daisuke is able to notice where one of them avoid stepping. With the intent to stun or wound them, Daisuke clasps his hands together in a small series of seals before he places his hand on the ground, sending chakra through it. The place where the man had just avoided stepping would rumble for but a moment as the clay mine would be struck by his earth spike and explode right next to the duo. If it failed there would be no way to tell that one of the two didn't just step on one. Daisuke can strategize too sometimes!

Satomi looks at Daisuke getting into action, smiling while noticing what he's doing, waiting for the bang which does indeed come, the two men noticing late and trying to jump out of the way, only noticing they're too late, both of them getting tagged by different pieces of shrapnel and blown to the ground.

Satomi takes the cue and gets up, jumping straight up in the sky, memorizing where the mines went off flawlessly, using her extended shadow (because of the way she jumped in corrolation to the sun) to immidiatly tag the two with a shadow imitation, landing and sitting down on her knees to make the pair so the same, crossing her arms behind her back before making a new set of seals, her shadows changing, curling around the two men into strong binds, which also wraps their wrists together. Bound and on their knees, bleeding from shrapnel stuck in several places. "There.." She whispers while only hoping Daisuke is smart enough to avoid potential mines as well.

"What the!" The men say while being stuck like that…"It's shadow-manipulation Manee, that's a Nara from Konoha!" The tall guy says who previously held the sword, both of them effectively disarmed now. "Uh oh.." The fatter one only manages to blurt out, gazing at Satomi who just smirks, sitting there…holding them down with little to no effort.

"Try something and I'll turn those binds into spikes I use to pin you to the ground.." She hisses, while gazing at the cart she's so close to now, looking away and wincing immidiatly.

Daisuke walks over the opening towards Satomi and the two men, explosions going off left right and center. He figured that even if the guys wouldn't tell them where the others were, the sound of explosions would call some more over. All Satomi would see would be explosions going off around Daisuke as he walks, dust making it unclear as to what had happened and the continuing explosions never let the dust settle. Finally after the walk towards the forest from where they were was clear, Daisuke would appear after a long pause to add some dramatics behind it, the earth that had taken the blows crumbling to the ground off his body like a layer of thick skin. "Well that was fun." he says as he looks at the two bound up. "They tell you anything yet?" he asks as he smiles down at the two, retrieving a kunai that he idly plays with in front of them as if he were itching to use it.

"Oh please madam not that, please let us go!" Says the smaller one, eyes wide in pain. "Not yet.. but they will." She says, they seem to completely ignore Daisuke, a quick peek shows that behind their backs the shadows are pulling their fingers apart, nearly breaking their hands in several places. "PLEASE ma'am PLEASE STOP!" The small one says. "We had to do it, we were forced!" Says the chubby one, his back arching in pain. "Where's the rest?" She asks while the two look at each other.

"I… I can't say, he'll be smeared!" Says the fat one, after which the other looks at him. "SHUT UP MAN!" He says, while a soft crack can be heard, followed by him screaming in tears. "That's one fingers, want me to do the rest?" Satomi asks, completely cold and remorseless. "Where - is - the - rest." She asks very slowly, the shadows curling around their throats, about to tighten. "She's going to KILL US!" Says the fat one, who then nods his head east.

"A ten minute walk there is a village… most of them are supporters of Konoha…. They…they HE's going to do some ritual that's all I know I swear!" The chubby one moans, before Satomi nods, relaxing the shadows on them. "Good…" She says while gazing at Daisuke. "Mind knocking them good night and tying them up?" She asks him, the thin one still crying over his broken middle finger, which literally snapped.

Daisuke listens as Satomi tortures the duo and gets the information out of them that they need. Almost disappointed that it was so easy, the Senju nods his head to Satomi and leans down to use the back of the kunai in his hand to knock both of them out cold, tying them up good and dragging them into the treeline. "Sounds like we are dealing with some odd cult. And if it is a shinobi it could be anything." he says as he finishes, motioning for them to go and waiting for Satomi to be ready before he heads off in the eastern direction that they were given.
Daisuke sticks to the trees for now, finding it both faster and less challenging when mines were potentially all over the ground. "Watch out for any tripwires or tags, I don't think mines are the only thing they have up their sleeve." he says to Satomi as they move. He was on the look out for traps and tags, of course, as anyone warding against real shinobi would know they would come by any method possible. He seriously doubted the mines were thought of as any kind of shinobi deterrent for whomever was running this show and he wanted to get this over with fast before anyone else innocent got hurt.

Satomi sighs for a moment before nodding, following Daisuke at a quick pace, looking out for tags herself. It seems they're in luck, the band was on the move more quickly and nothing was found on the way to the small village. Once they come near you could already hear the crying. "HELP US PLEASE!" Yells a man as loud as he can before a muffled groan of pain follows. Satomi hiding and sliding along the shadows of the treeline to get a closer look.

A man who's wearing a very wide blood-red mixed with orange pants, held up by thick ropes around his waist… probably not older than twenty stands there with a scythe hatched onto his back. "Sir when do we kill them?" Asks another "regular" terrorist, there seems to be a group of five, all holding weapons clumsily. Nothing proffesional about those. Though the Shinobi who's holding his arms up with his eyes closed, wearing these odd clothings. His chest is naked and on top of another one of those symbols drawn in blood. "I need to finish praying first." He remarks, while a second observation shows he has some wooden spike dug deeply into his arm, bleeding slightly. Satomi winces while seeing it, having absolutely no clue what they're up against. "You see it?" She asks, the villages are all tied up against a post in the middle of he village, in a circle, trembling in fear. About thirty of them, lambs getting ready for slaughter.

"What's that Jashin?" He says, while slowly turning around. "Oh is that so?" He says slowly… he used a sensory ability, but attributed it to his god.. Because that's how the Jashin are. "Oh their blood will be flowing in your honor!" He says while licking his lips. "Come out little lambs!" He yells towards the treeline. Satomi flinching while she notices they got spotted. "How the daub." She whispers, looking at Daisuke to see if he has a plan.

Daisuke can hear the cries of pain as they get close, staying in the shadows of the treeline as he observes the situation. The man in the odd clothing with the large scythe gets his full attention, fitting the description Satomi had told him earlier in Konoha. He was standing there in front of all the villagers with blood dripping from a wound in his arm that Daisuke doubted anyone inflicted on him. Shit was getting weird.

Seems that worked for now, the Jashinist smiling. "You will do as a sacrifice." He says softly, while pulling the wood out of his arm, letting the blood flow. "Ah.." he moans, as if enjoying that. Chuckling while grabbing his scythe, as Satomi uses the distraction to slip through the trees, grabbing thee shuriken. One…two..three.. They all fly out while the poor five men aren't even paying proper attention, two of them struck right on their windpipes, falling down lifeless, the other gets his in the face, the metal digging deeply into his skull while he screams. A second distraction. The remaining two just drop their weapons and start running.

"As I thought.." Satomi whispers to herself while reminding herself to shut up during a stealth mission. Waiting for Daisuke to distract the Jashinist properly, who only seem amused now, his eyes trailing towards Satomi her location. Before he suddenly tenses, grabbing the scythe and … while standing exactly where he started reaching out for Daisuke's clone. Even if he dodges the scythe just extends and follows him, steered by a jutsu to try and pierce his skin.

As the man turns around Daisuke narrows his eyes, wondering if somehow they were found out. As it turns out to be true, Daisuke slides his fingers together in a cross shaped sign and out POOFs a Shadow clone who lays a hand on Satomi. "I'll handle the surprise if you can work on somehow immobilizing him." he says from behind his clone as he jumps down to the ground, sinking below it to move closer. His shadow clone drops down from the treeline to the open area, giving the man with the scythe a cocky look. "I've never been called a lamb before. Should I take it as an insult or a compliment?"

Seems that worked for now, the Jashinist smiling. "You will do as a sacrifice." He says softly, while pulling the wood out of his arm, letting the bloow flow. "Ah.." he moans, as if enjoying that. Chuckling while grabbing his scythe, as Satomi uses the distraction to slip through the trees, grabbing thee shuriken. One…two..three.. They all fly out while the poor five men aren't even paying proper attention, two of them struck right on their windpipes, falling down lifeless, the other gets his in the face, the metal digging deeply into his skull while he screams. A second distraction. The remaining two just drop their weapons and start running.

"As I thought.." Satomi whispers to herself while reminding herself to shut up during a stealth mission. Waiting for Daisuke to distract the Jashinist properly, who only seem amused now, his eyes trailing towards Satomi her location. Before he suddenly tenses, grabbing the scythe and … while standing exactly where he started reaching out for Daisuke's clone. Even if he dodges the scythe just extends and follows him, steered by a jutsu to try and pierce his skin.

Daisuke clone focuses on the man as he pulls out the wood from his arm, his face showing a bit of distaste for the actions of the man. "You are quite the sicko, aren't you?" his shadow clone says to the man, watching that scythe of his carefully as he figures what ever was coming it would be something to do with it. Daisuke clone jumps back as the scythe swings at him, realizing that the role extended the scythes reach and having to flicker out of range at the last minute. One of the many reasons why Daisuke enjoyed the technique was the ability they had to use techniques and relay information to Daisuke, who was sitting underground waiting for the right time while building his chakra.

The Daisuke clone successfully dodges the scythe and looks at the man, wondering if that was all he had. "Is that the extent of your threat? I see why you would be going after villagers instead of shinobi, then. You are probably weaker than those lackeys of yours that just ran off scared, which means you probably just used intimidation and your sick masochistic ways to order them around." The clone pulls out a kunai and sets himself into the ready position, continuing to draw the focus.

"You might be fast…" He whispers, while Satomi quickly shifts through the treeline, keeping her distance but staying within range to be able to react when the time is right. "But maybe your girlfriend isn't!" He yells, body flickering himself, appearing right behind Satomi who gasps and instinctively ducks, the scythe cutting clean through the tree next to Satomi, it falling over in another direction. Satomi lifting her hands to make a seal, instead she has to dodge again, this time turning her body to avoid the man's fist going for her stomach, which misses by an inch.

Satomi retaliates with her own heel digging into his stomach, followed by a Kunai to his shoulder, both hit, but he didn't even flinch. "Ahh." He moans again in pure pleasure while grabbing her kunai, holding his hand over hers.

She lets go in fear while he pulls the kunai out. She rolls out of the way to create some distance, a mistake… as the scythe races towards her. She gasps while noticing she's out of balance, quickly making the seal for a shadow skin, trying to make it as thick as she can. The scythe going for her at tremendous speed, she realizes the shell isn't going to make it.

ShadowDaisuke looks towards Satomi as the man seems to have spotted her, swearing a bit under his breath. He moves towards the both of them, Satomi's attacks giving him time to get there. Because of his perspective, the shadow clone is able to see the scythe make its way towards Satomi as she tries to put distance between them. ShadowDaisuke pushes off from the ground, throwing himself in front of the scythe to block it, his arms up to brace himself as he gets slices through.

His image poofs after a moment, the shadow clone dispersing but having enough of an impact against the scythe to stop it from reaching Satomi. If this was the clone then where was the real thing? Daisuke remained underground for now, following the battle, not counting on having to use the shadow clone so quickly. It was time to use the momentary confusion of ShadowDaisuke suddenly poofing to his advantage, appearing from within the earth below where the man stood in the tree. He reaches up and, with a tiger seal, blows a torrent of flame upwards at the man, completely surrounding his body and the branch he was standing on in a white hot flame.

Satomi phews while that got deflected. "Thank you.." she whispers under her breath while she sees the opponent being engulved in flames. Smirking. "That's it!" She says while making a set of seals for good measure. Her shadows flowing out to capture whatever's left of the Jashinist. "That hurt!" He muses while his hairs are still in fickle and flame, most of his pants seems to have survived the heat. Some of his skin is scorged. But he seems to just enjoy it. "Hello!" He yells while his scythe comes down to slash at Daisuke's arm. And then again, only this time he gets stopped, being wrapped in by shadows.

"Oh…?" He whispers while trying to move. Satomi grinning, trying to maintain the bind before she suddenly groans. Getting on one knee. "What the coat!" She says, as the opponent is moving through her shadow bind. She gives it some more chakra, which only gets answered by a grin while he takes a step. "I smell death! Or is it… burning human skin." He jokes while defying her shadow bind, Satomi working as hard as she can to try and maintain it. It does slow him down, but at this rate he'll break free any minute.

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