Struggle with no reward - Bloody valentine part 2


Satomi, Daisuke

Date: April 12, 2013


The fight continues against the Jashinist

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle with no reward - Bloody valentine part 2"

Land of fire

Satomi phews while that got deflected. "Thank you.." she whispers under her breath while she sees the opponent being engulved in flames. Smirking. "That's it!" She says while making a set of seals for good measure. Her shadows flowing out to capture whatever's left of the Jashinist. "That hurt!" He muses while his hairs are still in fickle and flame, most of his pants seems to have survived the heat. Some of his skin is scorged. But he seems to just enjoy it. "Hello!" He yells while his scythe comes down to slash at Daisuke's arm. And then again, only this time he gets stopped, being wrapped in by shadows.

"Oh…?" He whispers while trying to move. Satomi grinning, trying to maintain the bind before she suddenly groans. Getting on one knee. "What the chocolate!" She says, as the opponent is moving through her shadow bind. She gives it some more chakra, which only gets answered by a grin while he takes a step. "I smell death! Or is it… burning human skin." He jokes while defying her shadow bind, Satomi working as hard as she can to try and maintain it. It does slow him down, but at this rate he'll break free any minute.

Daisuke blinks as the guy seems as chipper as ever despite being burned all over. "What kind of monster are you." he says as he hops back from the scythe again, this time having to spend considerably less effort thanks to Satomi's shadow. He looks up, expecting Satomi to have him bound tight, only to see the man moving through her shadow, albeit slowly. This guy was seriously messed up.

Daisuke leaps up behind the man who was slowly lumbering towards Satomi. With a long bladed hunting knife in his hand, he aims for the neck, attempting to end this fast by simple decapitation while Satomi had his attention and was slowing him down.

Satomi cringes while he keeps moving through her lock. It does put immense pressure on her chakra and she isn't liking that. "Can't… Hold…" She says while the Jashinist lifts up his scythe to block Daisuke, that move did seem to worry him slightly. He lunges out with his scythe towards Daisuke, the shadows retracting from him as Satomi plants her fist into the ground. "Darn…" She whispers, while the Jaishinist carefully starts jumping back and retreating so he's forming a triangle with Satomi near the villagers, him across the village and Daisuke by the treeline.

He slowly plants his foot in the ground while drawing a circle around him. Taking his time. He grins while keeping his eyes on Daisuke, Satomi using the moment of distraction to pull out a kunai, throwing it off towards her opponent, which digs into his arm. But doesn't seem to slow it down at all. "Is that all, little girl?" He says while laughing wickedly. "It's been a while since I had this much fun! You'll be a worthy sacrifice indeed!"

Daisuke doesn't waste any time as the man uses his scythe to block. With the blade less than ideal against his scythe, he leaps back from the impending strike before lifting the cover on his back pouch, something he usually doesn't touch too much unless called for. Retrieving what looks to be a metal cylinder, Daisuke grips it with both hands and twists in opposite directions. The metal cylinder extends and snaps as it reveals itself to be an extendable metal staff. Daisuke spins the staff around for a brief moment to get the feel for the weight and length he set it at before feeling confident enough to engage again.

Daisuke leaps off the tree branch and heads out into the open towards the Jashinist, as he runs he drags his staff along the ground. As he gets close enough, the staff literally rips a chunk from the earth, connected to the end of the staff, and Daisuke swings it in a downward arc towards the man, intending to smash him with the earth.

The Jashinist just completed the circle when Daisuke reaches him, turning his own scythe upwards to meet the downward smack, which hits so hard earth flies up in all directions, the Jashinist trembling under the pressure of the hit. The sharp blade of his scythe curled around the staff though, something they both notice at the same time, while the Zashinist immidiatly slides his weapon down along the staff, intending to cut off Daisuke's fingers.

Satomi quickly turns around, letting the two of them fight while running off towards the villagers. "I'd be in the way anyways." She says while quickly and quietly untieing them, before urging the group to run off in the other direction. "Go there and find the next village. Hide untill we come to get you, got it?" She orders them, after which they all begin running.

Meanwhile the Jashinist brings his hands together on his staff. "Foton: image of the almighty!" He says, while breathing in, before exhaling, a big broad face that looks much like a horror mask made of flames rushing Daisuke's way. While the Jaishinist turns his head towards Satomi. Pulling her kunai from his arm and throwing it back at her.

She however is prepared this time, blocking it with relative ease.

Daisuke drops the grip on his staff and quickly sends out a kick towards the man to remove his scythe before grabbing it again at a higher point and swinging around it to strike him with a roundhouse kick. Daisuke was quite practiced with his staff, able to unleash a continuous set of strikes one after the other in succession to keep the opponent on the defense. After his roundhouse he picks up the staff and, using the momentum from the swing, spins around, using the back end of it to try to trip the man with his staff to get him on the ground and pinned. The Jashinist is able to step away and unleashes an odd technique, but Daisuke has no intention of getting hit so easily, flickering from his position to appear behind the man and try to drive his staff downward in a powerful arc to the back of the man's head. He can't remember the last time he had been in such a hand to hand fight before, but he definitely needed to work a bit on securing an opponent quickly.

The Jashinist is completely suprised by Daisuke's fighting style, not having expected such aethleticism. Getting hit on the jaw with the roundhouse kick which send saliva and blood flying. After he recuperates and sends the flames after Daisuke he blinks. "Ha… one down!" He says before being smacked into the ground, again with earth flying all over.

Pinned by the staff on the back of his head on the ground, world spinning. "Ehaahhh." You can almost see the yellow birds tweeting around his head. "Now.." Satomi makes more seals, her shadows quickly wrapping around the Jashinist, before Satomi gets engulved in shadows. "Not going to get away so easy this time!" She hisses while even Daisuke can feel the chakra building, shadows from all over the place pull towards her and strengthen the tight grip, which leaves the man bound tightly on the ground. "Quick… secure him before." *POOF*

A log!? The Jashinist is completely gone. "Nice shot.." The familiar voice says from the treeline, Satomi utterly exausted from the move she just did, so pulling back tactically, jumping so she's well behind Daisuke. "Back up.." The Jashinist orders while he holds a fourteen year old boy from the village who had ran off. "Look who I found lurking, looking at the fight!" He hisses with a smile, a wicked looking dagger by the boy's throat. His scythe lodged onto his back again. "Back up.." He orders again, while slowly walking back into his circle.

Satomi cringes while seeing they're in a pickle. Trying to think… The boy is bleeding lightly from the knife by his throat, and the Jashinist leans down to … lick it up? "Ieuw..?" Satomi says while spotting that, as the scythe wielding man steps back into his circle. Drawing something that looks like a pentagram inside. "Hidenjutsu, shared pain technique." He says, while half his body turns black and white in odd patterns, before he kicks the boy Daisuke's way, who stumbles right at Daisuke. "Hahaha!" the Jashinist laughs as he grabs the knife and slowly stabs his own arm where he was stabbed before, the boy screaming in pain as his flesh bursts open and he starts bleeding. "AHH!" He groans while dropping onto his knees, Satomi immidiatly running up to him, covering the wound with her hand. "You're going to be okay!" She whispers, patting the boy on his head. The Jashinist just laughs.

"What sort of sick perversed Jutsu is this!?" She bites at the Jashinist who just laughs. "I need thousands more sacrifices to perfect it.. but here is the jist of it… whatever happends to me… happened to that boy!" He says with a smirk. Note: He's NOT immortal. Merely the pain duplicates. Satomi bites her lower lip while noticing him in that circle. "But HOW?" She whispers to herself, closing her eyes while trying to work it out.

Daisuke has the guy pinned until the man uses a simple replacement technique to get out of it. He looks around for a brief moment before the man's voice rings out from the treeline. Daisuke narrows his eyes at the man who has taken a hostage, readying a strike from underground again. He stops as he notices the man do something completely unusual, his body changing color as he steps back into the circle he had drawn earlier. It was clear that the circle and the symbol were important to the man, as some kind of sacrificial sealing jutsu. but how would it get interrupted.

Daisuke looks back to Satomi and the boy, "I thought everyone was long gone." he says quietly to himself, not pleased to be put in this situation. He turns his head back to the Jashinist and says, "This will play out one of two ways. One, you can release the boy from your jutsu and you may live. Or two…do whatever it is you do to the boy. Sacrifice one to save many, right? Because once that boy is hit, you are dead." he says as he steps forward, making sure he is out of range of Satomi as he does. His brow darkens as he walks slowly towards the man, his eyes suddenly glowing golden with rage in an effective intimidation method, knowing the man was a sensor nin as he pulses his demonic chakra from within as a warning. "And believe me, I'm talking you will be ripped to shreds."

The Jashinist looks at Daisuke, perking an eyebrow as he feels that chakra. "Oh?" He says curiously, pulling the knife from his arm. "But you are a Konoha nin!" He says, while looking right at Daisuke, smirking while he spreads his arms. "Oh strike me down-almighty! For you shall bring Jashin the ultimate sacrifice!" He laughs loudly while looking up into the sky, waiting to be killed, as he counts on Daisuke bluffing.

Satomi looks at Daisuke. "He's not planning too.." She whispers, calming the boy down. "Don't worry… you're going to be okay… You have my word." She says while looking away. It's hard to give someone your word when you shouldn't. The boy is crying and trembling in fear. "Don't worry… we're Konoha nin." She says while faking a smile, looking at Daisuke. We'll figure it out."

Satomi then looks up while noticing the shift in Daisuke… he's not planning too… "DAISUKE!" She says loudly, glancing at the man. "I have it figured out!" She nods at the circle. "It's the circle! He needs it!" She says while standing up, leg shaking while she's running very low on juice. "She breaths in and out slowly, before putting the boy down on the ground, making one seal. "Fade." She whispers, while it seems she just got swallowed by thin air.

"Hmm, genjutsu?" He says, while Satomi reappears behind him, making the seals for a shadow imitation. "Please hold.." She says to herself while sweat trickle down her forehead, her shadow speeding off towards their opponent.

Daisuke walks forward, saying "Well if you insist." He is right up close to him now, the man acting all high and mighty. "It wasn't nice knowing you." he says as he takes his staff, twisting the middle again as one of the edges on the top sharpens. Despite Satomi's cries, he would still be acting his part, hoping Satomi comes up with something before he has to sacrifice the boy.

His hope came true as he notices Satomi appear behind the man, using her shadow to bind him in his circle. Daisuke brings his staff down towards the man, looking like he was going to cut him but instead aiming for the circle. As the staff connects with the blood circle on the ground it breaks the symbol, and just to be sure, Daisuke uses his earth technique to literally pull the earth underneath the man up, sending it high into the air stuck on his staff, crumbling all around him. With the symbol basically unrecognizable and the man on the ground on his card, Daisuke brings down the very earth that threatened them prior towards the man's head.

"What.." He says while looking down despite Satomi her bind, who's eyes twitch. Reaching with his arm to try and block the stones, but too late, literaily being buried and broken, remaining motionless under the rampage of rocks… dead.

Satomi who held him in place throughout the entire thing poored every last bit of chakra into that, completely drained now, losing her balance and about to fall over as he consiousness falters. Blood slowly streaming out of the onslaught of rocks Daisuke just send out at the now dead Jashinist. The boy is softly wheeping, still trembling in fear. But he knew the moment the spell got dispelled, sighing out the fear and stress, just after-trembling now.

Daisuke leaves the rocks as they were, his staff released from holding them together and placed back in his holster as he lets out a long sigh of relief. He was pooped, having done a lot more taijutsu than he was used to. He moves over to Satomi as she wobbles, holding her up to steady her. "You ok?" he asks her, turning his head to the boy, his face noticeably unpleasant. "Go join your family, kid, and never get in the way of the affairs of ninja. We are here to save you guys, not corral you together and babysit you like children." With that, his attention turns back to Satomi as he smiles and says, "We made a pretty good team, huh?"

Wether she protested or not, Daisuke would lift her over his shoulder, giving her bottom a pat before taking off towards the village to make sure everyone was safe and everything was ok before heading home. He was given a herbal medicine as thanks for the protection and told it would help Satomi recover and sleep soundly. With that Daisuke would walk off into the sunset with Satomi slung over his shoulder, protesting or not, as he lifts his hand in a wave to all the villagers watching them go.

Daisuke manages to keep her from passing out, catching her in his arms which makes her smile. "Yea I'm okay." She says, sighing while he gives the boy a reprimand. "Let him be, he's been through enough." She says while softly caressing his face. "And yes… we DO make a pretty good team." She says with a lovely chuckle, abolutely loving the moment. However, the soon ends when he lifts her up. "What!" She says while being slung over her shoulder, blushing as he flower get a pat. "Come on you don't need to!" Ugh… She sighs while squirming a bit, before stopping to resist… she's far too tired to resist, in fact passing out halfway through to the next village.

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