Blowing The Pop Stand


Hiei, Misaki, Hiroyasu

Date: November 16, 2013


While on night patrol, Hiei, Misaki, and Hiroyasu discover a small group of Yakuza attempting to blow up the vendor stands in Kumo. To send a pointed message to the Raikage

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Blowing The Pop Stand"

Village Center-Kumogakure

It's a dark and cloudy night. The streets of Kumogakure are empty, save for a few shinobi that happen to be on night duty. Hiei is standing on the rooftop of one of the buildings in the square, his hands clasped behind his back while he surveys the now empty shops and vendors. He'd been assigned to night duty lately and to be honest he didn't mind. It was quiet and it gave him time to think about things. Such as his life and what direction it might be going in. He is clad in his usual shinobi work attire, his swords in the sheath harness on his back. It's been several hours and the chuunin had begun to feel a little sleepy. He shakes his head to keep himself awake. It should be illegal to be up at this hour.
A small group makes their way to the front gates of Kumogakure. They stick to the shadows as best they can as they make their way along the back alleys and less traveled areas while making their way towards the village center. These shinobi had ruined everything. They had much preferred things when there wasn't a Raikage. Now it was getting harder and harder for a self-respecting bandit to make a living.

Misaki soon joins Hiei on his rooftop after he had his chance to think. "My sector is clear." She says. They were on patrol together, and she actually took it seriously this time! She had to check the mountainside of Kumo, making sure nobody tried to scale them to launch a surprise attack from the angle nobody expects a thing. Truely, militaristic Kumo had all bases covered concerning their defense.

- Hiroyasu had been at home rolling around for the good part of the night. Restless and desk-sour, he decided to go out and catch up with the nightcrew out tonight. One of the advantages of making the rotation schedule is knowing who is on it. Putting on his usual attire and heading out the door he went to look for them, it shouldn't be that hard. He leaps from rooftop to rooftop in a simple search pattern.. if only there weren't hundreds of signatures around making it difficult to just pinpoint the two he wanted.. Good exercise however, as skids to a halt.. "There is one" it was easier to find the one person who had two distinct signatures with awkward characteristics and he approaches their location at a ginger pace to not raise any alarm. "Yo~ How goes the patrols for the night?" he asks Hiei. -

Hiei turns to Misaki. "Good. We'll move on to the next sector, then." And then someone shows up he never expected to see. "Hey, Hiro." He takes a couple of steps towards the edge of the roof he's standing on. "Ah, patrols are going well. And by well, I mean boring. But boring is good, right?" He looks between Misaki and Hiroyasu for a moment before turning to look around the village center again.
The small group take a roundabout route while making their way towards the very area that the shinobi are currently looking over. The leader almost gives the order to wait and lay low until they left, but with the sun coming up in a couple hours, it was a risk that he couldn't take. Passing out makeshift devices to his two cohorts, he motions quietly towards the vendors and then grins. The two people with him nod and then they all move in that direction.

Misaki scans her surroundings but then gets distracted by Hiro showing up. "Oh hey Hiro!" She mentions. Reaching out to give him a hug." My sector is clear, so I guess you could say things are going a-ok…" She peers towards the food vendors suddenly. "Hey!" She says, pausing then… A steel impression coming over her face while she turns back to face Hiro. "Must have been a rat.." She says in an Elder-Scrolls-esque voice.

- Hiro half-frowns to the statement about boring "Depends on whether your behind the desk when its boring or running around rooftops.. I don't get out from under the paperwork", he returns to the hug to Misaki "A rat?" he says looking at where she was looking, like he could see a rat in the pitch black but maybe he could hear something.. "Eh.." he shrugs before looking at Hiei and Misaki "What sector is next?" he asks putting a hand on his hip. -

Hiei turns to look in the same direction that Misaki does when she exclaims. He peers and then shrugs back towards her. "Must have been. I don't see anything." He smirks at Hiroyasu. "Hey, you took the job of being the Raikage's assistant. You knew that means having a desk job, man. Course, you can still assign yourself to our night shift group every so often. It's nothing great, but it'll give you an excuse to get out." He looks at Misaki and then at Hiro. "Next sector is the residential area. Let's go." He hops down from the roof and begins to walk towards that way.

Misaki lingers a moment longer, but then she shakes her head, following Hiei when satisfied she didn't see anymore more. "Hiei is right, you should join us more often!" She wanted to add 'afterall we're still team Ogo…' But decided not to. "I just wish we had more lights in the streets. Would make our jobs much easier!

- Hiroyasu nods his head, before shaking it "It was an honor I was bestowed and I wouldn't trade it.. but it does not do much for the reflexes or senses.. and assigning oneself choice assignments is how the last group acted.. Believe it or not nightshift is pretty highly coveted especially by those seeking covert ops or special squad assignments." it was about then that something glints in the shimmer of some light below.. There is no shush or noise but he holds out his hand and runs it across his neck, holding up 3 fingers and pointing to the ground.. "3 suspicious cloaked individuals, planting something on the carts.." he says before leaping to the ground by springing between the two walls of the alley hitting the ground and fading in obscurity to get a closer look. -

Misaki joins Hiro downwards, slipping into a shadow across the street, counting on Hiro for that look so she can remain more concealed, limiting their exposure.

Hiei nods at Hiroyasu when he talks about choice assignments. "I commend that, actually. You're willing to stick it out even though you have the power to change it to suit you. Not everyone would do that." Hiei pauses while walking when he sees the familiar hand signal from Hiro. He crouches, though he makes no move to draw a weapon just yet. He looks at Misaki and places a finger to his lips while he prepares his body for possible battle.
The men continue to work as silently as they can. From their point of view, they haven't been spotted yet. They heard voices earlier and then heard someone say they were going towards the residential sector. So, they aren't looking for a cloaked Hiroyasu. But what he sees are them planting explosive devices on the carts and vendor stands. Your basic hit and run tactics. The larger guy of the three finishes his task and stands up straight, looking around to see if anyone is approaching.

Misaki joins Hiro downwards, slipping into a shadow across the street, counting on Hiro for that look so she can remain more concealed, limiting their exposure. She shuts up when Hiei motions for her to be silent. She permits herself a peek though, before shooting back into cover so she isn't seen.

- Hiroyasu watches as they do their deed, and seeing that it is definitely nefarious.. he attempts to make it as quiet as possible and not set off the explosives with collateral jutsu.. Throwing three small seals at each of the cloaked figures trying to snare them in a barrier of chakra giving his team the ability to follow it up. -

Hiei rushes out of cover as soon as Hiroyasu throws his seals. This is the type of team based tactics that they were known for. He launches himself skywards, extending his leg for a flying kick towards the only one that wasn't captured by the barrier.
The Yakuza Boss saw movement at the very last moment and performed a tuck and roll manuver so Hiro's paper seal only just missed him. Popping back up to his feet, he brings up both arms and swats Hiei's attack away as he spins out. Reaching under his cloak, he withdraws twin axes. "Syrupy shinobi.." A quick check would allow him to see that the other two were captured, though they did at least manage to set their bombs. He swings his axe at Hiei and then launches himself into the air, flipping until he lands in front of Hiro, attacking him with both axes at once. "Release them before I end you, monk."

Misaki's turn, she rushes at the guy heading for Hiro. "Get the stick away from him!" She says, while a bone forms around her arm, trying to nail the man in his face!

- The swing of an axe was about to be meet with a barrier, but there is a interruption to this plan which was fortuitous as he could move to disable the devices they were planting, how hard can it be right… !~What did they do put this together with string, tree resin and a prayer~! his thoughts were terse as he pulls out a kunai and snips a part of the timing mechanism and pulls out the primer with ease.. Hiroyasu rubs the bead of the sweat escaping from under his headband as he moves to the next one.. Unlike the first one this was completely different configuration.. its like they bargain barreled these at some black market.. He traces a wire and gives it a little tug and something clicks but doesn't do anything else… "that was close" he groans stopping to gather his thoughts. -

When the yakuza attacks Hiei with his axe, it embeds itself deep into his shoulder. The Chuunin doesn't cry out, but it does elects a loud hiss from him. He had tried to simply step out of the way, but the attack came too fast for him to avoid. He retaliates by aiming an open palmed strike towards the yakuza's abdomen, followed up with a close quarters lightning technique towards his shoulder. "Avoid using jutsu as much as possible. The bombs could go off." He says this mostly for Misaki's benefit after seeing her use her chakra cloak to defend Hiroyasu.
The Yakuza Boss blocks the attack from Misaki with his weapon and then does the same thing to Hiei's attacks as he hops backwards to create separation. He attacks Hiei again with his axe before spinning around in a circle and attacking Misaki, aiming for her lower legs. "You may be shinobi, but you aren't the only ones with training."

Misaki gasps and tries to crudely dodge the following attack. She gets nailed in the stomach though, ripping both clothing and skin, some blood flies out and Misaki gets launched into a few crates of apples. Looking at dancing birds for a few moments. "Ouch.." She grumbles while rubbing her forehead.

- There is that warm burn in the back of his skull as the stress of taking a blast to the face is ever present as he traces a different mechanism and the will of Kunai slices from it with little fanfare as the primer is ripped out making the device rather inert. Moving to the next cart, looking over his shoulder to the side as Misaki goes flying by, that meant he didn't have much time to continue without being attacked or blown up.. Lucky for him this bomb seem to come from the same maker as the last one as easier to track down the primer and pull it out.. "Bombs Rendered Inert.. but they are still live.." he says before leaping up from the cart preparing to join the fray. -

Hiei saw the axe coming for him again and this time he tried to evade while backflipping. Blood sprays out again as he's slashed along the leg, causing him to go down to a knee with a groan. From where he is, he glances over at Hiroyasu and nods. "Excellent." He makes several hand seals before withdrawing a kunai. He aims the kunai at the yakuza leader. "Lightning Release: Lightning Strike!" A powerful bolt of lightning lances off the end of the kunai towards the yakuza boss.
The Yakuza Boss tucks and rolls again, diving off to the side just in time to dodge Hiei's lightning strike. "You'll have to do better than that, kid." He comments before spinning around to attack Hiei yet again. Meanwhile, Hiroyasu's capture seal has worn off, and his two henchmen withdraw tonfa and come after Misaki and Hiro respectively.

Misaki just got out of the crates. "Good, where were we…." *Thunk* … Great, right when she got up she got nailed again, she quickly retreats with another cut to sport. "That dripping hurt!" She says this time! "Freezeit!" She clenches her fist, flying down at the pair, aiming to nail one with her negative fire bind, followed by an uppercut with another chakra bone!

- As the tonfa comes flying at him, he raises a small circular barrier like a buckler which is utterly shattered by the blunt force of the strike and catches him right in the chest sending out a resounding meaty ~thunk~, there is a gasp and cough as Hiroyasu shuffles backwards weaving the seals and from the ground his earthy counterpart attempts to attack in very un-Hiro like manuver of punches and kicks at the henchmen. -

Hiei performs a horizontal flip, spinning in midair, to avoid the strike from the Yakuza Boss' axe. Drawing his katana finally, Hiei channels lightning through it, casuing a high pitched whine to come from the blade with each little movement he made. Taking a two handed grip on his sword he delivers a powerful swing, cutting through both the axe and severing the shoulder of the Yakuza Boss.
The Boss collapses onto his knees as Hiei holds his blade against his throat. "Stay down.." Hiei states before glancing over at Misaki and Hiroyasu to see how they were doing. The henchman that Misaki was fighting backflips out of the way of her blue fire attack and then skirts to the side to avoid the uppercut. He counters with a one-two combo with his tonfas. Hiroyasu's earth clone's attack is dodge completely by his opponent and he counter-attacks, striking the clone in the gut before it crumbles. He then waves the bald shinobi forwards with a grin.

Misaki takes one slash but dodges the second! She wants to counter but is going to bleed out this way. Usually she was too stubborn to ask. She regenerates right? But she noticed…

- She needs help… - … "Hiro.." She grunts, clearly in pain as that sword cut dangerously deep into her stomach. She drops through trembling knees and lays on her back. She isn't used to this kind of damage, but Matatabi's holding back his regenerating chakra to preserve the seal. She's as mortal as everybody else now, and it takes this for her to realize.

Misaki takes one bash but dodges the second! That bash made her stumble back now though. She wants to counter but is going to bleed out this way. Usually she was too stubborn to ask. She regenerates right? But she noticed…

- She needs help… - … "Hiro.." She grunts, clearly in pain as that axe earlier cut dangerously deep into her stomach. She drops through trembling knees and lays on her back. She isn't used to this kind of damage, but Matatabi's holding back his regenerating chakra to preserve the seal. She's as mortal as everybody else now, and it takes this for her to realize.

- The clone is smashed by the tonfa and crumbles to the ground, before reforming back into its ravishly handsome form.. The henchmen thinking it had been dispatched is unaware as the spikes of hollow bullets begin to spew out of its chest using up all its body, falling to the ground as a small pile of moved earth. Hiroyasu moves assist misaki throwing his body between her and her attacker using his hands to heal her wounds as quickly as he can without regard for his own body. -

Hiei saw Misaki fall and then heard her cry for help. He watches as Hiroyasu leaps in to save her. Actually, he can't believe he did it, but the shock wears off as Hiei plants a foot into the back of the Yakuza Boss, kicking him face first into the dirt before he aims his sword at the back of the henchman that was about to attack Misaki and Hiro again. "Lightning Strike!" A bolt of lightning lances from the tip of Hiei's sword, impacting him in the back and coming out of the center of his chest as the man then falls over dead.
Hiroyasu's earth clone uses parts of it's own body to form earth bullets and shoots the second henchman in the back, riddling him with holes. He falls down, face first. He's not dead, but he is definitely seriously wounded.

Misaki opens her eyes and clenches Hiro's hand. "Ack… It-hurts-…. It never hurts like this!" That's because it heals straight away! ~Relax, let him help~ … Misaki tries to calm down, breathing out deeply and throwing Hiro a thankful nod. "Thank you… Nee-san…"

- Hiro mmmhms "It sure does.." yeah not exactly great bedside manor, but you want that see a doctor not a combat medic.. His hands continue to seal up the wounds to the best of his ability with for clean cuts and bruises like these was almost enough. "All done.. You should still make a trip to the hospital, I'm a medic we do what we can to keep your insides inside.. its their job to sort it all afterwards".. Before looking over his shoulder hearing and feeling the boom and sizzle.. "You know if we kill them all, we have no one to arrest.." he says standing up dusting off his hands. -

Before Hiroyasu finishes his last sentence, Hiei makes a quick movement with his sword and the Boss' head goes rolling away from his body. He flicks his sword to get rid of the blood before sheathing it on his back. He walks over to where Misaki and Hiroyasu are and looks down at them. He looks at Misaki. "Why are you not healing?" He then looks at Hiroyasu and points at his shoulder and his leg. "Me next? Though I can visit Amani at the hospital when I take Misaki over there."

Misaki sits up a bit and looks at Hiro and then Hiei. "I decided with Matatabi it would be best if he held back even the most basic of his abilities to preserve the seal until we can find my Uzumaki uncle." She pauses. "Hiei and I are going to try and find him anyways. My other uncle had a lead…" She smiles at Hiei. "Hiei pulled some favors."

- Hiroyasu sighs putting two fingers under his glasses.. "Alive Hiei.. If we could have had them all, the interrogation core could have practice and maybe out of them 1 of them knows something.. " he chides him as he continues to the healing spree on the next, "You need to stop thinking of yourself as the executioner" as he finishes up, a lot less wounds to deal with. -

Hiei gives Hiroyasu a sheepish look. "Oh gosh, Hiro. I'm sorry. I thought you were serious.." He runs a hand over his face and then exhales softly when Hiro heals him up. His flesh knits together right before his eyes. He never got used to seeing it. He blinks at Misaki. "I could have sworn you used that blue fire technique. But he won't let you heal? The flaming cat has his priorities mixed up." He leans down and picks Misaki up in his arms, holding her close to his chest. "I'm gonna take her to the hospital, and then send someone over to clean up here."

Misaki tries to sit up. "He's right Hiei.." She smiles though. "It's sweet you try to protect us this way. But if we keep chopping eachother's heads off.. who's going to be the first to stop?"

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