First Promotion Exams - Body Jacked: Tsun vs. Daisuke


Tsun, Daisuke

Date: January 27, 2012


The One Tailed Beast takes control of its host and prepares to take over the world, only to abruptly be put in his place.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - Body Jacked: Tsun vs. Daisuke"

South Shiren Caverns [Land of Wind]


This is the place where the caverns all lead down to eventually. It's a large open cave area, with an actual lake of groundwater. The lake is shallow and not terribly big, but it hosts amphibious life and even some bulge-eyed fish. Other creatures often come here to drink as well.


The Exams were nearing its end, the few that were still alive were generally injured, those who were uninjured were simply waiting things out, generally healthy individuals who thought this whole thing was a breeze. Sadly, Tsun was not one of these people, on top of her usual inability to sleep, she has been unable to eat. Her health rapidly slipping as the child started to become confused and delusional.
Terrifying images kept filling the corners of her eyes as she stumbled through the dim caverns, covered in a cold sweat, the rapidly paling child's hair and clothes disheveled. "Hah… almost…" Her hand presses up against a wall to keep herself upright, panting for air, knowing she should probably stay still but, something was telling her not to. In fact. Her eyes lower in thought it has almost felt like her subconscious has been telling her to do all the wrong things since she's gotten sick. That and, Shukaku had been oddly silent. As soon as this thought hits her, Shukaku's voice rolls through audible throughout her mind.

'Hah! I knew you'd miss me Tsun-chan~ You really need to work on that whole having friends thing, people may start to think you're crazy.'

Tsun pauses, starting to think back to Shukaku but his words make her realize something, "Why exactly would anyone think I'm crazy if I have n-" Tsun pauses, noticing her mouth was running but, her intent was to simply think those things.
'Poor Tsun-chan… you've been talking to yourself this whole time! You know why everyone has flat out avoided you? You've got that crazy look child, all mumbling to yourself about not killing them. You're looking pretty… off, hmm? You should let ol' Shushu take care of you?'
Tsun ignores him and continues walking along the cavern, that subtle third voice prodding the back of her mind. She was hating that voice, she couldn't hear it but, knew for a fact that it was icing her off. Without realizing it, Tsun starts to mumble incoherent things to herself, gripping her head as she shuffles through the caverns.

Daisuke was one of those people waiting on the end of the exam, occasionally passing and chatting with other participants but for the most part staked out near the hot springs to keep up with his hygiene. It helped that he always had a companion around to talk to, to pass the time with, something not everyone had the luxury to have in these caves. He wouldn't be surprised if some people when a little batty down here for so long, it had been almost a month he figured. It was hard to tell day and night, so Daisuke just slept when he felt tired and moved when he felt the energy.
Moving along one of the passage ways to the southern caverns and the lake, Daisuke's ears picked up the sound of someone else nearby. Not exactly wanting to have a confrontation today, he figured he best slip into a more perceptive role and figure out who was around and why. And so the chuunin sank into the ground of the tunnel, moving through the rocks and earth to a good spot to observe.

Too many thoughts, it was terrible stressful most of these thoughts could not get out all at once verbally which led to incomplete and jumbled up sentences, attempting some mental exercises she taught herself but, it was not helping at all.

'You know what you want Tsun-chan. What you came for, yet you seem so hesitant bored already? Perhaps a Chuunin would be a bit more fun, ooo maybe was should seek out another group of ninja.' Shukaku's tone caused her to grit her teeth, the shrill voice backed up by that teasing tone of his, "Shut up, I'm trying to think. Trying to…" Tsun pauses, what was she trying to do?
'I'm sure you are. Hehehehehehe.' As Shukaku giggles, Tsun could just see his smirking, idiotic face peering down at her. "Just one more day. You can shut up for one day can't you? I'm not in the mood for this…" Tsun takes a few slouched steps forward as Shukaku comments 'I know. That's exactly why I'm bugging you. It's the perfect time!'
"Bleh… Tsun gives up and drops to one knee before deciding to finally take a seat, everything telling her to get back up and keep searching for someone to fight. Her head swayed a bit as she looked left and right. 'Besides, you're the one asked about me. Entertain me or I'll keep nagging~'
An unnecessary chain of giggling follows, obviously forced and Tsun eventually joins in, giggling out loud at nothing at all.

Daisuke popped his head up from a corner of the cavern wall, scanning the area for any sign of whomever he had just heard. It wasn't until giggling started to echo through the caverns that he pinpointed the location of the other person. It was strange, the eerie giggling sending a bit of a shiver down his spine from watching too many horror movies and reading too many manga, but somehow he felt the voice that was talking aloud in the caves sounded familiar. Moving up the wall to the side to get a better vantage point, Daisuke pops out on a ledge up near the roof, crouched and silent, looking for the person the voice belonged to.
From down a small tunnel to the east came the sound of talking. Entering the large cavern came two other genin from the exams that seemed to be talking to one another. Daisuke kept out of sight for now to see what would happen.

Tsun's head snaps to the right, staring down into the caverns. Without a second thought she was up on her feet and already within the cavern opening. Quickly scanning the area, she pops up in front of the two genin, her body still slouched. "Hello." Smirking, she stares them down with one crazed visible eye. 'We're hungry Tsun-chan. Just remember the good old days. If I can't eat… neither can you, simple as that. 'You're hungry aren't you?'
"So… hungry." Tsun mumbles, the Genin confused look to each other a bit confused before one smirks, seeing how sick and pathetic Tsun's condition was, he strikes a deal.

"Alright. We'll give you food if you give us your scrolls." He eyes the scrolls, hanging from Tsun's neck by a thin line like some sort of taunting manner. The Genin wait, hand extended and waiting for the scroll for a while, though Tsun just continues to stare until eventually… one of the poor kids snap and rush at the girl with a kunai in hand. Only for it to suddenly be stopped, caught in a foul smelling geltinous glop.

"It's been too long since we had a proper meal." The lone eye shifts to the boy as he cries out, cracks echoing throughout the caverns as his hand suddenly gets disfigured in the strange liquid it was trapped in. Before the other genin knew it, water had crawled up his leg. Tsun did not check for their affiliation, she did not care if they were Mist, Leaf, anything for that matter. She was simply going to enjoy this.
Relishing in the cries of pain and the sound of crushing bone, something she thought she put behind her long ago.

Daisuke frowns as Tsun begins to use her chakra, the gelatinous goop giving off an odd feeling. Suddenly both he and his companion were awake and, even though it was too late to stop anyone from dying, the fiery Senju from Konoha leaped down to the ground behind Tsun and her gory scene. "Enough of this. This is not a place for people to live out their sick fantasies without repercussions." he says in a loud, demanding tone of voice, still not able to see Tsun's face just yet so he can't quite believe that it was the same girl who owed him dinner back when he was visiting the outskirts of the Land of Water. "Those who hold power to kill others and cannot restrain such temptation to use the power have no place in this examination."

Tsun halts as another force pops up, needless to say she was completely unaware of his presence until now, the whole tunnel vision thing going on now. Though Shukaku was no surprised, instead, he was delighted. 'Ah Tsun-chan! I believe that's one of your friends, no?' Tsun does not respond, 'Oh, right!' She instead goes back to crushing each limb before letting loose, slowly turning to Daisuke. The sole visible eye now tainted with Shukaku's influence.

"Do not deserve to be in this exam? Funny. People who lecture me on what I can and can't do with my power, have no place in my world." Tsun turns around, the moisture in the air crystallizing. "Oh it's you. She liked you.. sort of… hmm, that's saying a lot!" Tsun pauses for a moment, "Daisuke… you should leave." Her mind seems to shock her and she grabs her head, "Guh…" She grits her teeth, a smirk slowly riding.
"Nonsense, stay around! I haven't tasted blood in so long, I have a feeling your will be above and beyond theirs." Pointing over her shoulder to the two cripples, "Now. Do I get the pleasure of hunting you?" The gel melts into a normal liquid form, seeping away from the Genin and inching towards Daisuke.

It was all too familiar for Daisuke, something, whatever it was, felt off. This wasn't the first time that he had met her, or else perhaps nothing would seem off to Daisuke and this would just be one of those odd types of ninja that were out in the world. When she starts talking in a third person type of voice, thoughts begin to whirl around in his head and a discussion is started. When Tsun's actual voice breaks free for but a moment, Daisuke's thoughts are all but confirmed. "Tsun.. are you…" he starts to say before he hops away from the liquid. "Whomever you are right now, Tsun is clearly not into this. Why don't you introduce yourself properly and perhaps I will do the same." the boy says as he stands tall, his hands clenched at each side.

"Oh, hmm? You do not know me? Odd, ah well perhaps I should fix that. Today."
Tsun starts to slide off her jacket, "I am, the greatest thing ever to grace this planet to be honest. I only stay within this girl because it amuses me for, I am a being of absolute power… slaughtering all of my opposition becomes, tiring. Some simply refer to me as the Demon Tanuki, others call me Shukaku."

The jacket is discared, Tsun cracks her neck with a sharp tilt. "Most know me as the One Tailed Beast. One, for being the greatest the most powerful of the tailed beast." The casual smirk being worn goes to a frown as a look of pure hatred crosses her, "AND I'LL BE DAMNED OF KURAMA SAYS OTHERWISE!" Tsun's fist slams into her palm, an explosion of chakra occurs. Ice crystals beginning to stick to her body, fangs and claws forming, the transformation still not complete.
"I'll start with you, and then this village, then I'll tear that bastard into pieces. To think he can mock me, THE GREAT SHUKAKU?! KRAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Tsun's own voice shifts into the shrill laughter of Shukaku as her arms spread wide, water spewing out from the gourd and spreading throughout the area in a thin mist. It struggles to thicken which causes Tsun to put on an angered face.
"Stupid child stop trying to cling on…" Tsun looks at Daisuke seriously, not sure if he can fufill her request but, "Destroy me now. If I die, so does he… I'm too weak to-- STUPID STUPID TSUN CHAN LISTEN TO ME!"

Shukaku is it? Funny, I always thought the ranks went from 1 upwards. It seems you have gained quiet an ego heckling a poor child." Daisuke says with a smirk, a smirk when faced with a revelation that would send most fleeing the other way. "You've picked the wrong person to mess with today, I-chibi." he says, stressing the chibi(small) part of his name. "3 leagues ahead of your own and tag team champions of the world, you have met up with the next Hokage of Konohagakure and his companion…" Daisuke says before he closes his eyes, reopening them suddenly with his deep cerulean irides now replaced by stark yellow ones. He continues to speak but his voice has changed, much deeper than before. "Presenting for the second time in these dank tunnels, the Handsome Monkey King of the Water Screen Cave, the King of the Sage Monkeys, bestowed with the Dharma name of Son by the Sage of the Six Paths. The Great Sage Equalling Heaven, SON GOKU!"
Upon speaking his name Daisuke erupts in a fiery flash of chakra, his reddish orange cloak surrounding him in an instant as his body begins to change. His arms and legs bulk up and extend, as if he were growing and aging right before Tsun's eyes. Reddish fur begins to grow over both extremities and, after having ripped off his shirt due to his expanding chest, up the sides of his chest, leaving the front bare. His canine teeth begin to elongate down well passed his lower lip as two large spikes protrude from what looks like a bone diadem on his forehead. His bright red hair grows fast, falling down his back to his knee level. Moments after he had finished introducing himself, Daisuke stands there with an almost completely merged form of Yonbi and Daisuke, four thick tails with pointed spikes swinging behind him.

Tsun was unamused by Daisuke's first comment, "Hah, as if some mere child would know anything of me." As Daisuke's speech continues, with apparently an ego to match Shukaku's own, Tsun frowns, "Son of a--"
The rest is cut off by the sudden explosion of chakra as Tsun's arm reaches up to cover her face. Shukaku letting out angered swears as the sounds of Daisuke's increasing power douses them away but, when everything is said and done. Tsun appears rather calm, arms crossing, "Impressive, the might Son Goku subdued by some brat? You expect me to be intimidated?! ARE YOU STUPID? PATHETIC HAIRY---" Shukaku paused, he lacked a good insult so he just broke off into laughter before starting to scream out again, more or less pointlessly shouting as… it was rather quiet in this area minus Shukaku's own shouting. "ACT HOW YOU LIKE! I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS DAY! Do you do you know~" Shukaku begins in a sing songy voice before pointing up, "What lies outside these cavern roofs? In all its glorious splendor! one of the many great things left behind from our creator." Tsun giggles and hops around, "Oooo~ I was bestowed a gift such a wonderful gift."

As Tsun dances around, the mist thickens hiding the dancing child away or, at least attempting to, the red mist filled with the foul beasts chakra in an attempt to disorient his powerful opponent.

Daisuke watches through the shared vision as Shukaku just goes nuts, trying to insult his companion and failing. "You always were a crazy S O B Shukaku, it's no wonder you have become so weak. If you truly wanted power you would work with your Jinchuriki, like I have. If you don't believe me then just come at me and see how many leagues apart we are from one another. You aren't the only one that wanted to set the rest of the beasts in their place. You will be my second meetings and second time I have exerted my dominance as the Alpha Beast." Son says from within Daisuke as they let the mist surround the area, blocking out the sight of ShukaTsun for now. "Now come, you coward, and stop your hiding." Daisuke calls out, goading the crazy raccoon dog on.

Chattering echoes from every direction within the mists, "Siding with her, hah. So weak, so fragile, my precious Tsun-chan. If only you would listen to me, if only you would! Foolish girl she was, I will no longer live within her, she will live within me! The true ABSOLUTE POWER! SKRRRAAAHAHAHAHAHA!" The area begins to shake, as Tsun's voice delves deep into Shukaku's own, the miniature transformation was complete. His full form would require more time and a bit of assistance of whatever he claimed to be in the sky.
"Goku-tan… I didn't hate you as much as the rest but, you're in my way so in my way. Talking crazy talk, this is the time for me to become greater. You're nothing, NOTHING. Though it will make me something… yes… yes. HAHAHA!" Shukaku's brain was working in its usual way, in fact he seemed more coherent than usual sadly.


With that, the mist goes up in a hissing mess, if those Genin were still functioning it was over for them now. In their current state they could hold no resistance and were more or less spirited away within the demonic mists.

Daisuke stands there listening to the madman before him in poor Tsun's body, getting more and more squared off at how the beast was taking advantage of her and belittling her. He quickly thanked Son for never going insane like that with him, even if he did try to kill him a few times, before he focused on the battle. As the mist begins to heat up and sizzle, Daisuke continues to stand there, almost chuckling with his companion, the master of Heated situations. The mist hits the cloak surrounding Daisuke and burns up, a mere annoyance for the duo. "Our turn." says Daisuke as his cloak bubbles. He jumps up into the air as the cloak around his body erupts into many sharp spears of reddish chakra, shooting out towards the Shukaku incarnation to puncture the ice armor. Spear after spear after spear seems to streak from Daisuke's cloak towards Shukaku as the fight begins to heat up. Landing on the ground Daisuke is not finished, the cloak around his tail reaching forward in an attempt to wrap up and pin Shukaku for the count.

"COWARD TEAMING UP!" Shukaku punches the ground in a rage as Daisuke fails to be felled by his first attack, he actually seemed a bit too riled up by this fact, maybe he really did think he was all powerful. "SO PATHETHIC. KRAAAAAAA!" He just starts to screech, perhaps preparing something else, mostly caught up in his idiotic psychotic rage.

"I'm going to shred you into pieces little itty, bitty, delicious pieces."

The tiny Shukaku slowly makes his way towards Daisuke, grinning and smacking the oncoming limbs away with the use of his own. His wild grin growing as drool just oozes down beneath him, there would be a slow lick of his lips just as he gets caught up by Daisuke's tail. "What is that supposed to do? Hah! Very well then, I'll give you a free shot, to show you just how weak you are."
While this would be a bluff for most, Shukaku was filled with the true belief that he had a handle on this situation. Boldly laughing at Daisuke while caught up.

Daisuke stands there with a firm grip on Shukaku, Son urging him to knock the sucker out before this got really out of control and he loses Tsun forever. "Enough of this, you have done your damage and picked on the weak for long enough. If you do not see the might of the tag team duo then you are blinded by your own madness. It was nice to briefly meet you Shukaku." says Daisuke as he lifts a hand up, biting his arm and letting it drip blood. The blood catches within the cloak instead of hitting the ground, swirling around inside it as it makes its way up towards Daisuke's mouth. There, the blood becomes black, mixing in with the red chakra and his own blue chakra. Daisuke takes the hardening mass after it comepresses into the size of a pill, and eats it.
A moment of silence passes as Shukaku probably knows what is coming next. Daisuke's yellow irises blaze with heated energy as both he and Son stare down Shukaku. Two simple words are spoken in the silence of the darkening cave. "Wake. Up."
With that the stomach of Daisuke expands, causing him to open his mouth and literally look like he is going to throw up. A bright flash illuminates the cave as a massive ball of chakra literally explodes out of his mouth in a wave of energy that causes the lakewater to bubble and boil and a massive wave of heat to expand up through the tunnels. The blast of chakra hits Shukaku straight on and continues on, vaporizing the wall and heading up through the earth towards daylight.

Shukaku tilts his head, "Briefly? Are YOU looking forward to your death so MUCH!" Shukaku rolls his eyes, "Obviously you are the mad one, my glorious reign will be for ETERNITY, hehehehehe. You'll see I I I I I I I I I MEEEEE!" Sanity rapidly slipped away as he started to go into a small panic, he did not like what was going to happen next, he felt something terrible was coming up and after the boy tells him to wake up, his eyes go wide.
The chakra is observed for a moment as he tries to remain cool about the entire situation, then he starts name calling again, insulting Daisuke the entire time with words that should probably be kept away from the ears of innocent children like Tsun! Soon he is silenced by the blast and when all is said and done, Shukaku is gone from the caverns, a hole left in the cavern's ceiling.

The dust begins to clear and slowly light would creep in, a nice, cool, moonlight. Shukaku continues to soar away, eventually landing a good distance away on the lands above, his entire body blown sideways. "Grah…" His thick fatty form keeping Tsun mostly intact but, a good bit of the blast managed to seep through his unintentional defense of the girl. Still living off of Tsun, he starts to slowly pull himself together. "Smelly little ape…" His body begins to shift, attempting to mold back into its original form, having trouble recovering from such a hefty blow.

Daisuke knew the rules, he wasn't going to leave the cave, and he didn't want Tsun to get loose up on the land above. Shukaku was still in control and that wasn't ok with Daisuke nor was it ok with Son. While recovering above the massive hole caused by Daisuke, Shukaku would suddenly be assaulted by a massive amount of chakra spears that soar high into the air before arching down to surround Shukaku as Daisuke begins to attack from the hole he created, attempting to grab and pull Shukaku back into the cave to beat him down.

Shukaku lost in his own hatred, could not draw on any other defenses, he just started flailing around trying to smack the oncoming limbs away in a frenzied state, "HATE HATE HATE!" It almost sounded like he was on the verge of crying as he stumbled around, the regeneration process happening far slower than the rate he was being chipped off of Tsun, now the girl was taking the brunt of the attacks.

"DIE GRAAAH!" The drool would turn blood red as he drags Tsun's body over the opening. "Hah….HAHA….HAH." Looming over the new entrance, with the last bit of power he held over her, he'd make Tsun's body lurch a few times, the action looking quite painful until she spews out a torrent of water down into the hole below, attempting some make shift attack. It doesn't really do much and is probably something they could easily side step from.
Shukaku looks up to the full moon, the main reason for him attempting a take over tonight but, it appears he did it in front of the wrong person. "No… NO.. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOW!" The girl starts to shudder before diving down and in a blind rage, Shukaku attempts another go at Daisuke, soaring into the cavern, swinging at him with Tsun's natural limbs. 'Help me… Tsun…. help'
IT was obvious he didn't know how to fight as limbs just seemed to be going out all over the place until well, Tsun just pauses, staring at Daisuke. The wild eye looking defeated but, it did not depart just yet. "Know this…."

Daisuke feels sorrow, not for the beast, but for how it was treating Tsun's body. Son seemed to think it was over for now as Daisuke looks up, taking a few attacks with his arm raised, blocking the last attempt. The cut from his wound sizzles as it begins to heal up, Daisuke continuing to watch Tsun. "Enough of this, you have lost. It is evident to even me that you have lost what respect you had with that display of novice actions when on a battlefield. You have fallen from glory Shukaku, and you are dragging Tsun down with you. Retreat to the safety of your 'cage' already." he calls out from within the tunnel, getting really impatient. His last words gain Daisuke's ear, "I am not so uncouth as to deny someone their last words, no matter who they are."

"I… me… Shukaku." The eye widens, "How could I… just you. Weak Son Goku… three tails. Three." Contradicting himself, there seems to be a short moment of belief that tails equal power, yet he refused to accept that. "Below me. Hah…hahah… next time." The eye fades back to Tsun's own, the girl nearly glowing with how pale she had become within the moonlight.

The remaining chunks of ice clinging to her body fall away and shatter on the floor before Tsun herself falls forward, clothes tattered, multiple burn wounds still being eaten away by the chakra. It was obvious she was out of commission as her eyes stare on lifelessly ahead.
A rather lame plop comes from the soggy, small girl as she hits the floor. Well at least she finally got to take a nap!

Daisuke's cloak reaches out with two hands to catch Tsun and bring her to him, examining her for a moment. Who knew that there was another one out there like him, and he had met her at least twice already without realizing. Daisuke brushes some of the bloodied hair away from her face and sighs, looking around the mess of a cavern. He remembers Sora's words about the Sunagakure jinchuuriki, how he would never know if there was another like him even if he were best friends with them, and today they proved at least somewhat true. He looked at her eyes, the dark circles around each one, wondering if she got any sleep at all. It was then that he made up his mind on what to do. He walks over to the lake, which was cooling down but still around bath temperature, and places Tsun down near the side, beginning to treat her burn wounds. He had given each one of his opponents burn bandages with ointment his uncle had made to deal with the corrosion of his lava, at least momentarily, but he had no doubt that Tsun would heal up from this if she were anything like him. His thoughts are that of his aunt, struggling with his training from when he was little and juggling being the Hokage as well. He owed her a lot for what she had done for him, especially now that he has seen how Tsun had lived. His aunt had taught him and now it was his turn to be the teacher.
Once Tsun was treated Daisuke lifts her over his shoulder and walks out from the southern caverns, heading east, his last words were "I'll teach you what to do."

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