Boiling Point


Itami, Imota, Rika, Hayato

Date: July 19, 2010


Itami's anger against her mother drives a wedge between friends and fellow ninja creating strain and emotional discord amongst her peers. Her lashing out has gone too far and turned matters from simmer up to a boiling point.

"Boiling Point"

Kazekage Administration Dome

The day seemed a bit odd. Clouds didn't often grace these skies, but it wasn't clouds at all that were above. It just happened to be dust particles that had gathered in the sky above, making the sky appear slightly off color. Things were a pale pink and didn't help to alleviate the heat, perhaps trap it more so.
Itami was in the admin dome today, facing her desk while writing out a few things. Everything was dead quiet, even the fans of the office weren't operational. Perhaps she forgot to turn them on? At least the windows were open, but the change of weather was barely noticable. Once she finished the paper, she placed it to the side and started on something else. She was behind and had to catch up, but it didn't look like she was doing anything important. Just like the day, something was off about what she was doing as well.

And who wouldn't be at the office with her, besides Imota, who had been at it again as the woman's inhouse office assistant. He had been around for what had been the quiet which had been this day, working quite well, despite the heat for which had seemed to pervay the day so thoroughly. It had been a question upon his mind for why Itami had been not been doing anything about it. She was always the one to complain about the heat, even to often order Imota to do all he could to keep it out, even remebering times in which he would, literally, fan the woman. It was unusual, but for some reason, the Sasaki would not question such. He had a mind to not bother Itami, when she actually /did/ work at the office. As long as she was working, and getting things done, Imota, didn't have to work double time, in making sure they both didn't have extra work due to procrastination.

It would be for a while though, that something inside the small genin's mind, would cause him to question Itami's solemn mood. Observation proved only fruitful, in discovering that the work she had been doing, files in all, had no need in being done at this point. Most of it was easy requistitions, and surveys, that only needed reading and a signature. This would only prod even more questions in his mind. Imota would chinrub, as he would finish placing the latest of forms into file, and when he would look around, he would see the ventilation vent, closed. He would look to Itami, with a quick glance, and soon walk over to the vent, to conduct his first experiment. Opening of the vent, to see what Itami's reaction would be.

Itami didn't say anything, deciding to remain quiet while she continued the papers until they were finished. Now that they were all placed neatly in a stack, she rose up from her seat and temporarily glanced at the vent before going on to retrieve a glass of water. She was still a little weak from her fight with her mother, and her scar often reminded her of it, that or the bandages that were present in the area where she was stricken.
Upon returning with the water, she took her seat and sipped of the contents of the glass, still in silence. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of her gulping the water. That and the faint sound of activity going through the vents. Setting the empty glass down, she sighed softly and leaned back in her chair. "Open the rest if you're going to open that one…"

Seeing the woman only do the simple things of getting water, would cause Imota more curiousity. Maybe it had been something alot more simple. At least it had not been here being angry. Just forgetful. He would not react much to this, but still go on to probably do something else. Then Itami would instruct him to open the others. He would nod, and say, "At once.", before he would proceed to open each vent, turning on the fans as he would then return to his chores. Just as he would past the desk, something would make him blink once. A bandaging. And it seemed to be from a recent injury. Training related? Or perhaps a mission. Well, being that Itami had been a Jounin, it was not common for her to actually go on such. But she had never came back with any injuries, especially like odd ones he would see.

On top the head… and it seemed to be from behind. Imota knew that in some ways, Itami could be careless, and unattentive. But one thing he knew of her, was that she could never be caught from behind. Her Taijutsu, was legendary from what he had heard and researched about her. For her to get caught with an attack in that spot, had meant that she had totally, either been outclassed, or the situation had been an odd one. He would peer at the woman for a moment, and only think of one odd factor that could cause Itami to behave in anyway other than herself. Then it would hit him. "Itami-no-Kimi… This nin has not noticed Diyah-san's presence since the festival.. does she function appropiately?"

"She functions appropriately just fine…" Itami replies to Imota slowly. She functioned enough to give her the scar that she has. Just thinking about it causes the scar to throb softly. Closing her eyes tightly, she lifts her hand to her head and sighs. "Where is that…medication…" She wonders as she begins checking around her desk for it. "Imota…did you move any medicine?" Lack of an honorific. She continues to search waiting for his answer, though she's not sure how long she can wait.

Not the response that he expected at all. Imota, usually noticed how embarrassed Itami gets, even fearful, at the mere speaking of Diyah's name. It was almost as if Diyah's very presence alone, caused the Jounin grief. Imota was now even more curious. She would not have been even the slightest bit nervous, or even annoyed about the woman being asked about by Imota. Imota would pretend like the question meant nothing to him, and nod, as she would make her statement. But the question would be mentioned, of the medication, and Imota's name, would be left honorificless. Imota would quirk an eyebrow. This was wierd indeed. Being that Itami had been around Imota for a while, teaching him jutsu, and working him to the bone in the office, Imota was kind of accustomed to Itami's refering to him as -kun, or even san, from time to time. Imota had looked into various uses of such titles, in a book he had been reading of recent.

The use of such, often gave a person a title, as well as determined a relevance or relationship between people. San, as formal, and uses in respect. Kun, more informal, and yet still showing sign of buddy, or even good playful friend. It went on like that for a number of expressions, Imota himself even using No-kimi, as a deep sign of reverance for not only his master, and sensei, but his boss, who Itami had been for almost the total his genin career. Imota would not like this. He would attempt to shake this off, as he would be asked about the medicine, only to notice it quickly on a nearby counter. He would look to the woman, and for a split second, have a choice. Give her the medicine, and see what happens, or hide it from her and see what happens. A sleight of the hand, would be made, indicating the choice he had made. "This nin has not. The importance of said medicine, Itami-no-kimi? Perhaps a pain reliever." The Sasaki would wonder if it had worked, having known that he would be the person who had known the wearabouts, especially since he himself, had picked it up from the Tenrai.

Itami's search began to grow a bit more frantic. "Yes, it is a pain reliever…" She pauses and winces. "How would you not know unless you'd seen it somewhere…" Leaning forward on her desk, she asks, "Where is it?" She wanted to know, but the question was a little weird. Seems she was still unstable. "I need it so I can alleviate this pain. Especially in this heat. It's not something I necessarily want to deal with." In the meantime, she goes to get some water so that she would be able to take the medicine.

Looking to the injury on her head, Imota would say, "Analysis of you condition, based upon the injury made obvious upon the head, led to my conclusion, Itami-no-kimi." He would look to the woman as she would search frequently, before he would then see that her mind, had seemed to be sort of, well, confused, and oddly overwhelmed. Imota would look to the woamn, gripping the vial of medicine, as he would hide is upon his person, and then after waiting for a moment, he would ask finally, "That injury. This nin inquires about how it had been sustained, Itami-no-kimi. It does not seem accidental, and by the looks of you behavior, it seems to be quite painful."

"It's not important right now!" Itami shouts at Imota only to grunt and lift her hand to her head once more and shut her eyes tightly. "I just need the medicine. And yes, it is quite painful. I'm glad your deductive skills are functioning appropriately. Now, do you know where it is or not?" She questions, voice raised at him. There isn't much of a change in her behavior, it appears. The last thing she wanted to think about was her injury. It wasn't going to help take the pain away considering how it did the exact opposite.

The vial, would be dropped behind him, and kicked, across the room, in the brief second that Itami had been screaming her head off. Luckily, the sound of her own voice would seem to muffle the clicking and rattling of pills in the jar. He would look to the woman, and say, "This nin is not aware of where the pills are, however, Itami-no-kimi's urgency is well noted. This nin shall began a search." He would then began his false search, moving well around the room, until finally, he would move to where he kicked the pills… Beneath first vent. He would look to Itami, and say, "These are the pills, in question, Itami-no-kimi?" He would dangle the pills before he, before handing her the vial, watching her every move.

It seems it was time to make an entrance! No subtle Ghostwind this time, nope. This time it is the more dramatic Firewind! The tornado of wind and fire that coalesces into Rika. "Itami-senpai." She says, guardedly. "Kidnapping now? Really?" She looks over towards Imota for a moment, taking note of the Genin, though not quite being sure if she thinks he should be told to leave in case things get bad so he doesn't get hurt, or step aside for the same reasons, or remain there in hopes his presence may help moderate this. Because it really comes down to it…
So here she is, goggles up - implying she's at least not completely in combat mode - and looking towards Itami with a disappointed look on her face. "Is this really you? Are you really so changed? Really so full of spite? Kidnapping? Attacking me? You're lucky I haven't talked to the Kage or other Councilmembers first. And that no one saw what you did to me." Seems Rika is not happy, and possibly determined that this will be resolved. "It's time to stop acting like a selfish Student and start acting like a Jounin, especially a Councilmember!"

Itami snatches the pills from Imota's hand and grumbles as she returns to her seat. Popping to top off, she starts to pour a couple out until Rika enters via flaming tornado. "Rika!" She chimes, "How nice to see you!" she continues with a twisted smiling grimmace upon her face. "Kidnapping? I've done no such thing!" She denies. Of course she did do something of the sort, but there was no 'kid' involved.
With her pills in hand, she continued pouring, perhaps distracted with what else Rika had to say. When she finished, she slammed the near empty bottle on the desk and blinked a few times. "I have some medicine to take and your yeling is giving me a headache. I'd suggest that you remain quiet while I try to take these things…" Rika wasn't actually yelling, but the headache made it sound that way. In the meantime, her demanor changes from some sort of happy go lucky to serious in an instant while she dumps the pills out of her hand until two are left to take.

Finally, just when Imota thought he had been uncovering something important, well, at least to him, there presnresnt even more confusion to cause him to blink, several times. Rika's showing up, in her trademark flash and bravado, would be accompanied by launched accusations to the nin he had called sensei. He would look to the woman, and bow suddenly, before looking to her, as she would pass him completely up, and then firing words at the other woman like jutsu. He would look on, face never changing expression, yet eyes, seeming to travel between the two with some slight confusion. Attacked? Kidnapped? What exactly had been going on that such accusations would arise. These things, were rather serious, almost in a way that if they ever got out, then Itami, could probably be penalized greatly!

Imota, would experience some some kind of relief, when Itami would refuse to take such. But this would all change, once the kid got a good look at what had been the twisted smile upon the woman's face. Something told Imota, that this was probably true. He would not like this one bit. "Itami-no-kimi. What does Rika-sama mean, by these charges? If pressed, this may lead to rather serious consequences on your behalf." He would look to her his face reactionless, yet his words, expressed within reason of worry. He would look to the woman as she would take the medicine, and remark her personality. He would move to Rika, and whisper, "Itami no kimi, presents a multiple manner of switching, in manners of mood, temperment, activity, as well as function. This nin has only read of such as symptoms of an acute psychosis, almost quite similiar, to having multiple personalities. It seems the cause of this is known by yourself."

"You're as bad a liar as your mother." Rika says, "Especially doing it in public. You might be able to claim your mother is a threat to the village, but you know as well as I she isn't. The only threat to it is your own self destruction." Rika is pointing at Itami. Yep, Dramatic is the name of the thing tonight! Tough love being about the only thing left! "Worse, she presents you with a way to possibly help strengthen our village by bringing your clan under its aegis, and you resist that too?" And for Rika, that's the real Rub! She's a true patriot of this village, and any Ninja clan is a big deal (tm) for a Ninja Village. "We're the smallest of all the major villages, you know as well as I how important manpower like that could be. The other Councilmembers may be gone, the Kage in seclusion for meditations. But you… I can't believe you could let yourself sink to these depths. That you would shame yourself as much as you have."
Then, and only then does Rika use her hand to guide Imota behind herself. "Be on your guard. And be ready to run if you need to."

"She means nothing…" Itami doesn't go beyond to explain what that could mean. Could mean literally or she could actually be referencing Imota's question. Perhaps both. Setting the cup down on her desk she looked between Rika and Imota, watching as she pushed him behind her to protect him from her. The action alone makes her chuckle. "I…don't care for my clan anymore…much less her. I was abandoned by them long ago. Why should I try and assist them with matters they obviously don't need help with? She's wasting her time being here and is in grave danger if she returns…" She leans back in her seat while waiting for the medicine to kick in.
"Of course, she's just in as much danger now as she is there. Stuck between a rock and a hard place." She grins. "So, how long are you going to shield her from her fate? It's bound to happen eventually. She knew the dangers of coming here, but didn't expect the danger waiting for her inside." She laughs.

This whole time frame in which things were happening around Imota, feelings in the boy were developing in the boy which caused him to feel emotions he had never seemed to encounter, or at least hadn't encountered in years. Fear, had been felt, the moment Itami's personality seemed to grow darker, ever to the point at which she would have even considered her mother, as merely nothing. Sympathy, at the fact that he had, deep down inside, had feelings similiar, if not, at least close, about his clan, as she did her own. Surprise, at the fact that the words Kidnapping, and Attacking, especially of her mother, and even Rika, would be mentioned in a sentence with Itami's name. Then resentment, at the mere moment at which Rika, would seem to guide him behind her.

Why had Rika been coming at his sensei this way? Sure, her behavior, to him, had been seeming irrational, but Itami was worth more than this. Wait, had Imota really been thinking this? He would slap himself, as he would find himself, confused! He had the deepest of bonds, with Itami, and yet, Rika's efforts, had every sense of logic, and sensibility. Sure, an entire clan, meant soldiers for Sunagakure, to add to an army, and if any of Watanabe Itami's clan, had been as strong as Itami herself, it could present a strategic advantage, in any scenario. However, for some reason, Itami's sadness, anger, and frustration, had a reason, one for which he truly felt that Rika, had not being sensitive too.

These things, seemed to make his head hurt more and more, with a throbbing pain, his chakra seeming to fluctuate, and well up inside him, as he would moan in pain. Itami's words, of her mother being in trouble upon return, would cause him to question even her stability. "Killing…of… parent?", would be said, in a voice of a kid fighting pain. It was not that drab sounding personality from Imota, but a confused kid that had no idea what to think. His sensei. A trusted superior. The choice between the two seemed to way on him, enough where the questions in his mind would just keep growing, along with a pain at a spot that hadn't been touched since he was a kid. His Paths Seal. It was glowing.. and it was burning…

"Then you're an idiot." Rika says, "Because she came to ask, so obviously they do need your help." Rika starts to turn around, "And obviously you're a coward, needing to bully your own mother, one of the most unfilial things I can imagine. All because your village brainwashed you there. You're not the woman I respected. You're not worthy of being my Senpai. Or Imota-san's sensei. You couldn't win once, so you back off again." Needless to say Rika is not impressed. When the one you have a schoolgirl 'senpai' crush on turns out to not be so great, well, that's a big deal! Quite disillusioning. "Someone who would kill their own parent when the parent is reaching out with an olive branch… someone like that… someone like that isn't worthy of respect." Yep, tough love indeed. She makes sure to keep herself between Itami and Imota now, presuming he lets her. She knows the card she just played. Of course, she knows where it was played too. Guards would presumably be here much more quickly than anywhere else in the village but the gates now.

Appearing suddenly in the doorway, a man in loose robes and a conical hat leans casually upon the frame, a single bright eye glinting from the shadow of the cap. "It seems the tension is thick enough to cut with a kunai," he rumbles as he tilts the conical hat over at a jaunty angle, revealing the monk Hayato and his flushed cheeks, the sweet smell of honey mead permeates the air with his coming. "Though given the subject, I can only expect that to be so." He chuckles lightly, leading on that he may have been listening in from the hallway for some time now. He turns his sharp eyes on Rika, and follows with, "However, I doubt that anyone who sits in a council seat could be considered an idiot, and I think you'd do best to calm your tongue. Perhaps you'd like a sip of my special brew to help with that?" He offers a corked mason jar in her direction.

Itami's grin disappeared from her face and was replaced with a frown while her hands begin to bleed from the claws extending from the tips. "And there's something wrong with that? It is these kind of decisions that we are faced with as ninja all the time. What makes my situation any different from other ninja? Just because a parent is involved, it makes it less likely?" She shakes her head. "I don't think I agree with that…" Her focus then lands on Imota who appears to be shaken up by the situation. He was a rather stoic person, but it was difficult to hide body language.
"Is something wrong Imota-san?" She used the honorific. "You know, maybe I should show some good will here. Some…sense. He shouldn't be in here. Witnessing all of this. Feel free to take him out and…who is this?" She asks when she sees the man appearing in the doorway. She was about to address him before he made mention to Rika calming her tongue. "She does seem to have a sharp one, doesn't she?"
Itami stares at Rika. "You still have the chance to tell me where she's hiding, Rika. What I do with her is hers and my business alone. You really shouldn't be involved…Not anymore."

Eyes would widen, at the calling of Itami to be an idiot, by Rika, and within seconds, Rika, and Itami would feel a strong wind shift in the room. Imota's head had been throbbing now… as he would listen to every single word that had been being said by the woman. Imota, would look to the back of Rika, his face seeming to twitch, in between the reactionless mask that he often wore, to an enraged glare. The words, "Take…it…back..", would be mumbled quietly, as Imota would hold hands at the sides of his head. He would listen a moment more, Itami's face now being in his head, with more and more moments of good memories, from the times of which they had spent. Itami, could not be seen in his head, as anymore than a saint, despite how Rika seemed to insult her more and more. Imota could not understand that this insulting, had been part of Rika's strategy. His instability wouldn't allow that.

But as much as Rika had been talking to Itami roughly, he could not help but see the logic in her statements. This confusion, was starting to cause the Imota's chakra, to far exceed anything that had been usually matched, under more controlled conditions. His concentration, had always been well practiced, enough where things like this just could not, and did not happen. But this was getting to him. His choice in believing what was good for the village, and what was good for maintaining the belief, in one of the strongest bonds that he had ever developed, was being weighed sharply. This was causing Imota, to literally, emotional overload. Meanwhile, as the churning of wind would grow stronger, the seal on his shoulder blade, the Seal Paths, would seem to burn and bubble in his skin. Itami's concern, had been well founded at this point.

"The time is long past, stranger-san." Rika says to Hayato. "Things have changed, and now I merely make my last attempt to have her see reason before the Kage and the rest of the council is spoken to. This is an internal matter. Not for outsiders to intervene in."
And then Rika closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, preparing herself. When they open it is a grave, never wavering squint. Presuming she didn't do something alreadly. "Filial piety is important even in the Ninja World." The young woman says, noticing what Itami is doing and squinting slightly. "Your own chance is now. I'm involved to save lives in this village. Possibly including your own. And to try and prevent a friend from doing something she'll regret the rest of her life. If you don't listen to reason though, then I will go to the Kage and the rest of the council over this." Rika is both threatening, and imploring now. "Look at yourself! You're not being yourself! Your own mother told me of the brainwashing techniques your father and clan used on you. And you're slipping into them!" And thus the threats, but things are getting truly tense now. So she's ready, at least as much as she can be.
"Imota, stand down. Run, get any Chuunin and Jounin you can find." They might well be needed. "Sousa-sama too, if he's around."

Hayato snorts, his own chakra surging through the room as he matches everyones mood. "Seriously, its like you kids are fighting over a lollipop," he says derisively. "I have business with the councilwoman, and last I checked…," he pulls a bingo book out of his pocket, and flips to Rika's picture. "You fall under her governance, not the other way around…," he glances at the picture again, "Rika-sensei, and more imporantly, you're interfering with clan business." He chuckles lightly. "I'm sorry but I'll have to defend Itami-sama in this case." He takes a swig on his jug, now uncorked, and offers it out. "SO, what say we all calm down and enjoy each others company instead of make this room all messy. Can you imagine picking up all this paperwork?" He smiles, but theres a hard glint to his eye.

"Filial piety. How I hate that term…" Itami hisses. "I don't need to look at myself. All of this means nothing! It all could have been prevented if you'd just hand her over to me, but no, you've decided to protect her. Protect the village, protect me. Protect everything. How about protecting yourself?" Seems Itami has had it with all this respect and honor business. She lost all of that and doesn't quite care what happens whether she has it or not.
The rising wind in the room begins to draw her attention and she's wondering what its source is until she targets Imota. She doesn't understand at first until it dawns on her and a wicked grin spreads across her face. "Imota…-kun." She starts. "I need your help…" A glance goes to Rika. "She's imposed upon my schedule that you so meticulously keep up. Do you think you can make a few changes to erase her from it?" She figures he'd know what that meant. Whether or not he knew Itami was placing him in danger due to her own instability was another.
"I don't think there's much we can do to calm down at this point… Imota has some business to tend to here…" She comments to Hayato.

The ceaseless amount of adults arguing, combined with the fact that Imota's own emotions, and feelings, had been both uncontrolled, and bottled, for the longest time, had been both an ignored, yet, deadly combination, for a long time. Of course, how would many know they were ignoring something, if the problem had never been revealed. This argument, had been becoming a three way tossing of points, information, and all out logical, and illogical argument. Imota, had compiled, in his head, over 20 different ways, just to solve this entire conumdrum, of ceaseless accusations, and drama. It was getting to the point, where the more his thoughts seemed to be uncontrolled, and confused, the more it would seem that the nin, was begining to descend, into delirium. Imota, was losing focus, as he would stumble from behind Rika, to a position between the her and Itami. Hunched over, and holding the sides of his head, his face would twitch, and wince with ever pain, and emotion he would feel, almost as if he had been drifting between control, and loss thereof.

Rika's commands, were at a lost to him. He would hear nothing beyond the endless argument. Hayato's points, though logical, would only incline more hate towards in Rika's motive, an emotion right now, that the small nin, or anyone else, just did not need. It soon seemed that the smaller, younger nin of the four present, would not even feel any pain. His face would began to show one of bliss, as arms would fall to his side, limp, while he would remain in his hunched over manner. But then the weirdest thing would began to happen. Though Imota, had seemed to not be moving at all, the wind in the room, had now been reaching a fevered pitch. It was as if a storm, had been brewing outside, and even withing. The reason? Well, unbeknownst to everyone, Imota's will, though his mind had seemed gone, had still be withing the currents of the wind itself.

Blades of wind chakra, had been forming, one, by one, by one, in the air outside of the dome, seeming still, and inactive for the most part. It was as if they had been waiting form something, that they just would not get. Then it would happen. Itami, had requested Imota's services. Imota body would stand straight up, suddenly, almost in a way that had been practically spastic. And with a loud, and piercing scream on his part, a formation of blades, of chakra, would converge upon everyone in the dome, uncontrolled, and aimed, by a boy drive upon the verge of insanity.

"No, I'm accomplishing a matter of village security. Which you have no business in." The blades of Imota's assault pass right through her body even as she is saying that, there is not even a hesitation. She may be young, but the fact remains she IS a Jounin, and it seems she was ready for this. It is hard to even say where the real her is, only this seeming mirage of her is really right there. At least now. "But it seems that is it. Itami-san." No more senpai, the respect has been lost now. How does she deal with the fact one she loved has done this? She looks sad. And sounds even worse. "I trusted you…" And already the voice seems to be getting further away, maybe even outside the window… maybe!

Wind explodes around him, even as Hayato is taking another sip from his jug. However, he seems unphased by the attack from the miscreant Kyubi, simply raising the jug and peering into it. "Drat," he states and shakes the jug a little before crumbling to dust. A second Hayato appears on the other side of the room, this one also taking a swig from the jug. "I suppose it wasn't fair for us to gang up on her like that… not that I actually did anything." He peers at the thrashed room, the paperwork everywhere. "See, this is exactly what I was talking about." He sighs, a frown on his face, but then he shrugs.

Itami began to open her mouth in protest, both angered that Imota missed her and the fact that this jutsu had yet again be successfully used on her. That lingering voice in her ear drove her mad. Her rage had been building, but it'd be canceled out with the fact that she'd been struck with a blade of wind and effectively knocked out of her seat. The slash was great enough to cut through her clothes completely and leave her bleeding from it. Perhaps another show of payment for her lack of reasoning with Rika. Although, this only manages to strengthen her hatred.
Rising up from the ground, she looked around at the destruction of the office, but she didn't care for that much. She'd walk over to Imota and wrap her hand around his neck, "You…you need to learn more control…" She growled at him. "I didn't think you'd hit /me/ in the process!"

With raised eyebrows, Hayato edges towards the door. "Maybe I'll just wait for one of the other council to be in their office." He smiles, and waves, seeming to disappear as suddenly as he'd arrived.

Meanwhile Itami, would be just talking to the limp body of a passed out kid. Poor boy had been using to much chakra at once, overwhelming his senses, along with everything else that seemed causing his mind to go. How will Imota cope with this one? Will this all seem to be a bad dream, or will it just end up being his worst nightmare? Frankly folks, this player is just to damn clueless on where its going to go.

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