Bomb Party


Ryuunosuke, Naru, Ryo

Date: October 31, 2012


Narusegawa leads a group on an emergency mission to defuse a bomb during a festival in Kadomai, after detecting the bomb they run into some enemy shinobi to make things more difficult…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bomb Party"

Kadomai Festival Square

Tonight a group of shinobi lead by Uchiha Narusegawa was on very delicate mission which could lead to catastrophe if things went out of hand. A spectacle of dance, food, and music was rampant through the festive streets of Kadomai, enjoying what appeared to be the seasonal "Bread" festival. It was here that many people could try different types of bread throughout the various lands. What others didn't know was that there was a bomb planted somewhere within this festival, tied up with a massive assortment of explosive tags and posed to be set off at midnight when the fire works were to go off… the team as of right now only had an hour to find this bomb, and possibly bring anyone else who might be involved in it's placement to justice… Right now Narusegawa remained high among st the buildings, overlooking the festival from afar, she leaned forward allowing her eyes to glance and observe around the area. "Nothing out of the ordinary right now… Just a bunch of party goers it seems…" Naru whispered quietly to the group, the place was literally packed with individuals at this point…

Ryuu taps his foot against the ground "Still nothing? Bah of course." He groans as he rubs his head. "Well where would be the best place to set off an explosion in a crowded square of party goers?" Ryuu thinks. "I'm not very good at this apparently. Need to start thinking like a psycho…" The young Senju was just a bit antsy with all that was at stake. Innocent lives, a bomb, and an hour time limit. Needless to say he felt the pressure. Ryuu had charged an ample amount of chakra just in case. He noticed Naru was using her sharingan and that she still couldn't find anything strange. Ryuu checks the time and doesn't like what he sees.

"So two Uchiha and a Senju walk into a bar…" Ryo states. He decides not to finish the joke. Perhaps there is no real punch line or he just has no desire to point out anything more than he has. It was odd company for Naru to be keeping, though Ryuu was actually his teammate. "The bomb could be anywhere. It really depends what the nut job wanted to accomplish with it. If he was looking for a death toll, he could have placed it under a structure. Then when it exploded, the structure would collapse and fall on people. If he wanted sheer terror, it would be placed somewhere above where everyone could see it's destruction and probably cause a stampede of people in flight. Maybe… just maybe someone joked about it and someone else took him seriously. I do not know." The boy's sharingan was actively scanning the area as he talked. "There is also the thought that the festival is a diversion from the true objective. With such a party, it would be hard for anyone to expect a bomb being placed on a dam or local jail wall."

"The bomb is definitely here, that is what intel has told us… If it is anywhere else I'm sure others who are looking out in other areas will be able to pay close attention to it… Only one way to find out though hmm? We can wait until Midnight you know," Naru spoke softly while her eyes narrowed down, attempting to get a stronger look at the area as her eyes sweeped for any abnormalities, it was already hard enough to see with so many people all lobed up together. Both Uchiha eventually would begin to notice some rather interesting threads, lines of chakra chakra which almost appeared to be some sort of trip wire. It lined off into another, more so secluded part of the area. "Do you see what I see…Ryo?"

"That's not funny Naru, those are innocent people. Hundreds of innocent people." he looks back out only seeing a number of people. Ryuu sighs "Well you two are the ones with the 'eyes'. If anyone has a shot of noticing anything out of the ordinary it's you." Ryuu growls feeling rather useless. "Fuse it. I'm going to go look for it." He states moving towards the town square. "If one of you spots it you can point me in the right direction?" Ryuu asks. "And if midnight comes before we find it I'll save as many lives as I can." His determination supplying in with strength. When Naru asks Ryo if he sees something Ryuu stops. "What? What is it?"

Ryo listened to a bit of the banter between Naru and Ryuu. His eyes had spotted the line but he was drawn from it by the actions of the Senju. "Ryuu, get back here."
"Yes, I see it Naru." the younger Uchiha states as he starts to make a move. "Keep an eye out for people on watch. We do not want someone detonating the bomb because we got too close and they spotted us." Ryo was not really certain whomever it was would be able to detonate it, but he was certain the person was still watching.
His attention turned back towards Ryuu. "All the heart in the world will not make up for information. Keep a level head and trust our eyes."

"It's definitely not funny, but it is also more the reason we need to take care of the situation as quickly and swiftly as possible," She nodded to Ryo as he spoke about possibly getting to close to the actual bomb. " We should be able to stay out of sight of the enemy if we tail from above… The bomb can't be too far away from here," Naru replied back and finally began to set off, her body moved across the tops of the roofs looming closer towards the the lining of chakra. At this point they would begin to see some shadows in the distance… 2 or three shifting and moving about before disappearing further along the trail of chakra.

Ryuu stops at Ryo's rations but still remained a bit agitated. "Fine." he grunts. When Naru takes off Ryuu follows after her wondering what is it that she saw. Ryuu can see a few shadows ahead and expected the worse. "I don't need special eyes to see that we might have company ahead." Ryuu checks the time once more. When he looks back ahead the figures seem to have vanished. He now arms himself with his trench knives "Please. No distractions." he mutters. "Well don't leave me in the dark now. What are we following?"

Ryo decided to hang back with Ryuu as he moved behind Naru as well. "Take a deep breath. It looks like people are moving the bomb, but we still do not know if they are the ones who placed the bomb." Ryo then looks up towards Naru. It was time to set up a plan.
"Hey Naru, think you can get infront of them and use your genjutsu to immobilize them? That would give Ryuu and I a chance to get the jump on them without detonating the bomb. That or we could at least inspect for pull wires." Ryo gives a form of a grin towards Ryuu. He was gaining more respect for him.

"We have to work with what we got and we don't have a whole lot of time either… These three wouldn't be snooping about the chakra wire without having something to do with this… I'll see if I can wrap them up swiftly as requested… I need one of you to go track down where the bomb might be and another to pin down any of these guys that might break out of my jutsu, good?" She perked an eyebrow at the both of them not giving them a moment to decide who was going to do what, instead she leaped down from the tops of the roof, her eyes flashing briefly while bearing down her jutsu open them, suddenly invisible wires of chakra form up like steel cables paralyzing 2 of the three individuals who they were tailing. " I wasn't able to stop that one right there!" she points to one of the grizzly cloaked men, they all appeard to be cloaked for that matter, faces hidden with ceremonial masks. Two of the men were down for the coat 'for now' however one of them began to break out into a run, inevitably towards the bomb that loomed off in the distance.

"I'll take all the deep breaths I need once we get rid of that bomb." As Ryo explains Ryuu starts to settle down a bit. The plan he's proposed to Naru seems legitimate. Ryuu finds himself becoming more level headed at the sound of all the good news. "I'll take out the thugs. Ryo you can go after the bomb. I wouldn't be able to see if there was a rig or something." When Naru alerts them that one of the men managed to evade the paralysis jutsu he springs into action. "Mine mine mine mine mine!" Ryuu dashes up quickly behind the man trying to strike him in the back of the head. Off his fist flows the force of the wind, should he hit it would send the man face first into the ground. Ryuu didn't want to kill him, they needed someone alive to question.

Despite the Senju's verbal defiance, he seems to respond to the actions and suggestions. Ryo decides to leave it at that. He even nods his head when Ryuu suggests he take off after the bomb. Ryo dashes along following the chakra lines towards the direction of the bomb. Both Naru and Ryuu would be able to handle the three. 'What was that jutsu she used?' That was not the first time Ryo had seen it with his Sharingan…

These guys obviously weren't the traditional small fry most shinobi would be sent to mop up. The individual that Ryuunosuke decided to strike against simply dodged away from his strike with a fluid motion, drawing a kunai of his own from the shadow of his cloak, rather than counter attacking him instead he continued his way towards Ryo, tossing two kunai in his direction embeded with wind chakra as well, both of them geared towards attempting to trip Ryo up as they went on hot pursuit, eventually the other shinobi began to break out of the temporary bindings, both of them brandishing their own blades, double slashing at Ryuunosuke and Narusegawa while pelting the arrow with a burst of bladed winds attempting to push them back away from the fight. As Ryo continued to move along he would notice the lines of chakra become more potent, and right up ahead was a blurring source of chakra…undoubtly where the bomb was to be set. No one else was around, they only had to worry about these three shinobi.

"They know ninjutsu!" Narusegawa called out as she rolled under the double slash and pushed herself out of the way from the barrage of wind jutsu, she struck back with her own follow up attack, drawning the blade by her side and sweeping it's edge at one of the cloaked men, a surgical strike towards the jugglar while she followed through with a electric sweep infused along the edge of the blade from shoulder to shoulder…

Ryuu was on the receiving end of both attacks first being slashed despite the wall of wind he aimed at one of them then pushed by wind. He's nearly flung from the rooftop. He managed to cling to the edge using tree walking and growls. "Damn it. Let my guard down." Ryuu gets himself together "Well at least I know now." Ryuu puts his trench knives away. "Not gonna need those." he exhales slowly while he cracks his knuckles. Ryuu gets back into the fray. He rushes one of the cloaked men and assaults him with a sweeping kick aided in it's spinning rotation by wind. The wind chakra Ryuu augmented his strike with would carry him into his next strike in which he launched an uppercut sending a cyclone of wind at his other foe.

Ryo dashed away from the two kunai. His eyes were allowing him to see them in nearly slow motion. Unfortunately his options were limited. The boy really did not feel that using firestyle with a BOMB was a good idea. In fact he was almost certain it was a very, very bad idea. So, he decided to leave it to the others. "Someone take care of him. I see the bomb!" he yelled towards the other two.
As he approached the bomb the boy slid towards it. His eyes scanned over the bomb. There were several wires. Wires with chakra running through them. "Crunch time…" he states. The boy pulls out a small knife. He looks for the biggest surge of chakra then cuts the wire. "Nitro.." the bomb was still going…

They were running on thin ice at the moment, especially once Ryo managed to successfully arrive at the bomb, and it was apparent that suddenly he was trying to disarm it…Something Naru would of felt better doing herself but she had some trust in her distant cousin. "You better make sure not to kill us all!" Naruseagawa called out to Ryo as she ducked and weaved her body away from the bladed gale and the blade strike. While not attempting to set off the wire herself with her own fire release and the possibility of her lightning arcing off violently in the direction of the bomb, she stuck to her kenjutsu as well as her coming release… With a pair of hand seals Narusegawa focused her attention on one combatant, attempting to take one completely out of the picture until moving to the next, she built up her chakra, focused on the moisture within the air and creating a large lance of water before power driving it in one of the shinobi's direction, slipping forward with a single arcing slash hopefully to connect with a shocking blade, increased in cutting power of the person managed to get doused…

Ryuunosuke at this point had to take on two combatants, the one from Ryo began to pull back, confident tha the kid wouldn't be able to disarm the bomb, instead they attempted to get the jump on the other younger genin, one of them falling victim to his cyclone strike, the invisible winds cutting into his flesh and breaking into his ribs in the process, he rolled away from the other attack however to regain their stance… At this point both converging on him as an attempt to cut him down with their wind infused kunai.

"Or anyone else!" Ryuu adds to Naru's quip at Ryo. He managed to get that out before he vanished from harm's way. He maneuvered himself around behind each of his foes. Ryuu is already midway in into a roundhouse kick aimed for the temple of one of the henchmen. At impact a burst of wind would be released. For the other gentleman Ryuu brought out a kunai and slashed at his side extending the edge of the blade to dig deeper into the body inflicting more damage. Seeing as Ryo found the bomb there was no reason to try and keep them alive. "Yo, how's it going over there with the bomb? You're not thinking about cutting the wrong wire are you? Because that would be bad…we'd all die." he added teasing Ryo a little bit.

Still sitting face to face with the bomb, Ryo hears the words of his fellow comrades. The situation starts to seem slightly more real to the young boy. "Thanks guys. I really appreciate the vote of confidence…" Ryo's eyes scan over the wires once more. It seemed the wire he previously cut was a dummy wire. The chakra then distributed into the others. Knowing full well that another cut wire could end with his body parts raining down over the festival, like angry, angry bricks, Ryo makes his second cut…
The bomb does not stop. Instead chakra starts to build up in the bomb. The chakra then starts to surge into a wire. It was the only wire that actually had a fluxuation. Without hesitation, Ryo's hand swipes past the wire severing it. Once more Ryo's eyes fall down upon the bomb.

Nothing happened.

A hand moves across Ryo's forehead, wiping the sweat from his brow. "Did either of you bring a change of underpants?" Ryo asks.

The enemy shinobi was easily swept off their feet with the onslaught of Narusegawa and Ryuu's attacks, and luckily for them they were more so damaged than dead at this point, each of theme eventually slummped to the ground in defeat, badly bleeding and leaking out bodily fluids on the ground right before them. Narusegawa let out a soft sigh, brushing the raven locks of hair out of her blood scarlet gaze and allowing the shimmer of her katana kiss against the edge of her sheath. " Good work… It looks we won't have to worry about anything exploding…and we haven't killed anyone so we can question these goons a little later to see just what exactly this is all about….Nice job on taking out those guys Ryuu-san…and Ryo… We might be able to get you some new underpants on the way back…"

Ryuu sighs as the enemies finally go down. At Ryo's request Ryuu smirks. "Oh I'm sure it was a piece of cake for you." he adds with a grin. Naru's compliment, as always caught Ryuunosuke off guard. "Uh thanks Naru-san. You were amazing…as always." He responds with a blush. His ego had just been stroked but he didn't want to let it show. "Well~ I was pretty awesome wasn't I hehe…." Ryuu moves over to one of the incapacitated goons. "So uh what should we do with them now?"

Ryo looks between the two and offers a partial laugh. "New is ok… clean is the important part." He then looks at the enemy shinobi. "We should probably get them to the hospital and then get anbu to interrogate them. Probably not a bad idea to take the bomb with us. We do not want anyone toying with it."

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